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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Amanda's Teasing (A Special Kind Of Torture)

fetish naughtymikey 2018-10-30

Amanda squeezed and massaged all around his butt, thighs, moving her hands as close as she could without actually touching his penis. “Wow these feel extra heavy, hun!” Amanda exclaimed, cupping his balls and lifting slightly, “That's good!” she continued to rub, squeezing gently, and lifting. I thought they would be aching for sure..." There was a short pause before she said, "Well maybe it's time to stop then." she moved her hand off his testicles, watching in delight as his penis twitched and bobbed up and down. Amanda rubbed just a tiny bit, waiting for his penis to get erect again, tugging on his testicles gently but firmly and steadily as he did.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

fetish sprite 2018-10-30

I tried to think of safe thoughts, but was unable to come up with any, so I quickly gave up and enjoyed the sight of her adjusting her lush breasts in the mirror, her ass swaying erotically with her every movement, stray thoughts of peeling her bikini briefs down her thighs, my head under her dress, exploring her cunt with my tongue, my face smeared with her beautiful nectar… I became so lost in the feeling that I barely even noticed Kay stroking my hair tenderly, leaning over and whispering in my ear, calling me a good girl and promising all sorts of things if I came for her.

A new level

fetish smiler77 2018-10-30

You straddle my face backwards and order me to lick your ass, I’m so fucking horny I am hungry for it, and my tongue hard like a bullet, laps at your ass hole and makes me feel, like the dirty little bitch you want me to be. I reach my hands around because I need to feel your cock I need to touch it and feel it’s hardness. You pull yourself out of my mouth, and you wank hot cum over my face, my mouth is open and with my tongue I try to catch some, you grab my hair and rub my face all over your cock and your balls, until your pleasure subsides and I look like the whore you always wanted.

I am the slut, you are my slave

fetish DanielleX 2018-10-30

I turn around and begin to undo the top button of my blouse as your eyes gaze longingly at my panties and the sexy mound of pussy that’s packed inside the skimpy gusset. Looking back, my eyes meet yours and I lick the end of my thumb, turning my bottom lip down and running my thumb along the damp edge of my mouth. I stroke you with the palm of my hand and make a circular motion, teasing you, until your cock begins to pump, the spunk rising from the base of your balls and you know it’s nearly done. I kiss my index finger and place it on your lips as I ease you into my soaking wet pussy.

A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-30

Dianne and Jason, both in their 20s, had low-paying jobs so they had been subjected by their mother to being ruled at home by the 35-year-old Grace. "However," she went on quickly, "your mother has told me about something she just experienced that will result in her being disciplined." With that sentence unleashing a torrent of anticipation in Dianne and Jason, and now well-justified fear on the part of Samantha, Grace turned to her employer. "You apparently were unable to hold your pee until you reached the toilet," Grace lectured Samantha as all could now see the large yellow stain in the gusset of the white panties.

Angela Gets Gangbanged– (Part 18 of the Angela series)

fetish adele 2018-10-30

After getting the call from the officer in the morning and seeing what had happened to Angela, Carly knew two things. At least Angela made a few sales, but every time she walked anywhere near the office, she saw her Master watching her and scowling. Bill stood up, walked over to his clothes and got dressed, removed the collar, said thank you master then left the office. After a minute Bambi stood up over Angela and told her to tilt her head back and open her mouth. Bambi came out of the bathroom right about then and Angela grabbed her things, went in and got herself together as quickly as she could.

Sweet Desire

fetish dark4u 2018-10-30

Now there are two fingers working in and out of her ass, the muscles squeezing tight around them, and she feels his thumb sliding into her pussy with the other fingers. The muscles in her ass squeeze the fingers that are deep inside her there as well and she feels like she is going to split open. He pulls her back with his hands and she slowly pushes the head inside of her tight little hole while she buries her fingers deeper inside her. The head pushes its way inside of her and she feels her own wetness running down her fingers as she moans as she slips a third one inside.

My friends and I fuck my hammered wife!

fetish tcg 2018-10-30

I guess the combination of drinks and pot had the same effect on the guys, because Danny began to stare intently at my wife's curled up stocking clad legs and round ass. Danny, being the ass man, was between the wife's spread-eagled legs, pulled her thong panties aside and was gently licking and slurping away at her trimmed pussy. Danny took the initiative by positioning himself between my wife's spread-eagled legs and slowly plowed his cock past her black satin thong and into her hot wet cunt. I guess we were all pretty excited that night, because it only took about 1 minute of sliding in and out of her slippery cunt before Bobby tensed and shot load after load into my wife's well lubed pussy.

The Humiliation of Brenda Powers

fetish hairysurfer 2018-10-30

As the rest of the family crowded round, Mary, Sara and Gina dragged Brenda over to an empty table, set aside from the rest, and held her firm. In short, I would wank to my imaginings of what Brenda looked like naked, displaying her colourful hairy genitals and tiny breasts to me. Gina and Mary took Brenda firmly by the shoulders and forced her down over the picnic table whilst Sara and Jess grabbed hold of her ankles. "You filthy, horrible despicable pervert..." Brenda's voice cracked and her violent protests started to turn to sobs as I started to stretch open her anus for a closer look in her actual hole.

friend fucks susan

fetish theninja 2018-10-30

he offered to make us all a drink and went out to the kitchen to make the drinks on his return to the front room he gave susan her drink which he said was a special cocktail. susan downed her drink pretty quickly, and asked for another one, my friend replied that she could have another one once we had finished our drinks. my friend laughed and said to me that he had put a sl**ping draught into her drink and she would be out cold for several hours, he soon had her naked and we the spent the next cople of hours fucking her and using her toys on her,


fetish mistyfdfa 2018-10-30

While away from screen, she missed that her avatar had gotten a bit bustier and the game was loading stage one by time she got back. The second time through, she got to a screen with so many enemies that the game started to lag a little. Again she got up after applying her level up points and missed the changes to her avatar's bustline caused by picking HP seven times. The game makes you change." When Kelly just rolled her eyes, June pulled her over to sit on the edge of the bed. Kelly hit start and the game opened the new character screen. Not even looking at what the selections would change about her stats, Kelly split the twelve points between her hips, shoulders, and waist then hit accept.

Tied up with nylons

fetish DanielleX 2018-10-30

Kayleigh made as if to climb on the chair, but she turned and took an opaque bottle from the small chest of drawers and handed it to Amy. The spellbound captive of the girls’ game watched, almost unable to believe his eyes as Amy poured little rivers of baby oil onto Kayleigh’s body. “I want you to cum in me, Max. I want you to fill my pussy with your cream,” said Amy. “But not before I’ve watched Kayleigh take you in her mouth,” she added. Amy stood facing Max, fingering her molten wet pussy as she watched her friend give him the slowest blowjob it was possible for a girl to bestow on a man.

Under Tori's Butt

fetish bryanll 2018-10-30

Tori Rollins was a cute and popular girl with short brunette hair, bright brown eyes, and a compact gymnast-like body which included a very round, compact gymnast-like butt. She just sat on my face with her skirt like it would be if she was sitting at her desk at school. Her round butt was inches from my face and I gained a greater understanding of the importance of kissing a girls' asses. Tori sat on my face another two-dozen times before the end of the school year. I was the one who had become so lost in her ass that I had ignored common sense and the probability that the day would come when her butt wouldn't be in my face.

OHGirl & Velvet's Seduction

fetish ohgirl1 2018-10-29

Velvet and I spent two full days, staying at the condo with my ex-husband and his new wife, enjoying our time with our c***dren and my grandc***dren. Mikey flipped me over onto my stomach and was deep in my asshole before I knew it and I bit my lip as he ass fucked me just like old times. My gaping holes oozed with spunk at the end of the shoot and my ass, legs and thighs were covered in wet and drying semen from the large amount of splooge that had dripped and been fucked out of me by each alternating male partner. Mikey then joined in, sliding his long, white cock into her tight bum and I licked and sucked on his balls while he ass fucked her.

Project Sister Pt. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-10-29

Not knowing how much that turns me on I grabbed her pulling her in close as I stuck my tongue in her cum filled mouth. She drew in a little smoke exhaling almost immediately.With my sister's help she caught on fairly quickly. As they got up to leave my sister informed me they were heading to the mall to return some things. They took up there same positions as Siobhan lit a cig taking a few drags and passing it to Cindy. The girls went out the door and my sister was smoking when there English teacher walked out. Watching these two beauties smoking high as hell gave me the biggest hard on I had to keep the game controller on my lap.

Wet Passion 2

fetish NicolasSix 2018-10-29

I started to stroke her pussy too, and she realised I was awake; she smiled and said good morning. As I started to lick the other, she said "Like I say, you must tell me if you want to me to stop. Then she started gently brushing her pussy against my face, not hard at all, but letting me smell her juices. I could feel her pants getting wet, and thought she had already started to pee but it was her pussy juices. She was so turned on, her pussy was dripping wet and soaking her pants. She immediately knelt in her own piss, and started wanking my cock with her small hands, occasionally licking the tip.

A Jewish Dominatrix 4 Muslims

fetish Samuelx 2018-10-29

I had a rather enlightening encounter with Mohammed, the arrogant Black Muslim guy from Somalia. My father is totally white and my mother is an Arab Christian woman from Lebanon who converted to Judaism so my unique looks enable me to pass for all kinds of things. I shoved the dildo up Mohammed's ass and the big Muslim man howled. Man, had I known that shoving a strap-on dildo up a Muslim guy's ass would change his attitude so rapidly and so drastically, I would have done it a long time ago. You should have seen the look on Mohammed's face when he realized that a big Muslim guy like him just got strap-on fucked by a Jewish woman.


Elsie's letting go

fetish edgy 2018-10-29

She covers her eyes with her left hand, still trying to hide from him, in vain, the vast expanse of hair he had only glimpsed the edges of in the bathroom. Both hands slide from her ankles to the instep of her long feet where he squeezes gently, transfixed. The answer he prefers, never having attempted to confirm or deny it, is that, pubic hair is like, well, landing lights at an airport. Be that as it may, the feel of her feet in his hands overcomes his mind, though not his eyes. He wants to abuse her feet, to send a signal all the way through that long frame to the worried mind so he kneads and twists, pulls and jabs.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-10-29

The Ex wasn't answering my calls so I decided to say screw it and go to the gym despite my chastity situation. Then, as if by some sixth sense, I began to notice each and every female in visible distance, especially the hot brunette in the row in front of me wearing only tight spandex shorts and sports bra "Can I get you anything?" I asked approaching her table, my cock instantly trying to produce a spontaneous erection that was hindered by my tight little cage. You look like you just got punched in the balls," Kara said. I didn't realize wearing a chastity device would mean no longer standing up to pee unless my cock was aligned just right with the opening at the end.

My blindfold fetish

fetish PetiteWife 2018-10-29

I'd been dating this guy named Rich, and we had pretty typical sex several times a week. So back with Rich, we had been having sex a few times a week like I said, and whenever he would get close to cuming, if I had my eyes open he would tell me to close them and keep them closed until he was finished ejaculating. So one time as we kissed I asked him straight up if he would like me to wear one. As I lay there glowing and musing, Rich soon after came inside me once again, moaning beastily, like a man getting sex after spending years on a desert island.

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-10-29

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school's principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, "Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that." Irene affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, "I'm quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions." Valerie merely smiled at the principal's somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

Steph's Descent Ch.08

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-10-29

Phil had no idea what was in store for him when Steph took him, fully sissified, to Fitz’s tattoo parlour. Fitz had thought it a great idea and took delight in doing the tattoos. Steph and Amanda took Phil home. Later that day Steph called Fitz and Steve to come over. She loved the pain of the needles, but Amanda took every opportunity to play with her too. Steph’s life now consisted of visiting Fitz at the tattoo parlour each day to get her dragon coloured in, followed by steamy sex with one or all of her new big-cocked boyfriends. He took great delight playing with Phil, telling him he looked really pretty with his tattooed lingerie and make up.

Black on Black Pegging is Cruel!

fetish Samuelx 2018-10-29

The tall, slim and dark-skinned young Black man squealed as I worked my nine-inch strap-on dildo into his tight asshole. Lazy Black dudes like Heinrich are usually good in bed, although they suck at everything else. Like so many young Black men living in the United States of America and the Confederation of Canada, Heinrich wants to be a rapper or some shit like that. I smack Heinrich's Black ass and squeeze his balls really hard as I continue sodomizing him with my strap-on dildo. I hate lazy Black Canadians like Heinrich most of all. I wanted to look into this lazy Black fool's eyes as I banged him in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I thought lazy Black freaks like Heinrich loved anything ass related?

Trip To The Store - Part 4

fetish mikedatech2 2018-10-29

By the time we got to the door, my dessert had started to poke through her visible toe cleavage, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed. I heard Marisa moaning as I continued to lick the remnants of my dessert and as I finished her left foot I looked up to see that Marisa was gently rubbing her mound. Marisa stood back up on the counter, stepped into the pumps, and I heard the pickles crunch some more as she said, "Help me down, please." She leaned forward, making eye contact and said, "Don’t come in my mouth." She then started her descent to me, with her knees on the mat squeezing my ribcage, and she dropped her flats on my thighs when her hands landed next to my hips.