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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Impregnation Hotel

fetish MilkyTits 2018-02-01

There was one guy there, named Mark, who was listed at 6'2", 200 pounds, wonderfully tanned all over--they must live in the nude there--with thick black hair, a thick black mustache, broad shoulders, furry chest, lean stomach with a line of softer looking fur that led down to his wonderfully thick cock, springing forth from a full scrotal sac, surrounded by springy black hair that continued down his firm thighs, strong legs and rather bony long feet. Her stud had met her at the door to her room at the hotel, stark naked, cock erect, took her bags, helped her strip out of her clothes, which she never donned again until she checked out days later, bent down to suck her nipples, massage her moist love hole, then hoisted her onto the bed, spread her thighs and with one firm long deep stroke delved into her depths and began a thorough fucking to make her pregnant.

It's Barely Theatre Ch. 02

fetish clipperdreams 2018-02-01

Alden starts in the front, and runs the clippers over the top of my head towards the back. Alden gets a soft brush and brushes the hair off my neck, finishing with a lingering brush of his hand. The clipper, so close to my pussy, is totally turning me on. My breathing increases and I suddenly feel the clippers back on my pubes, right above my clit, pressing the vibrations into me. He puts the clippers on the table and comes back with a soft cloth to wipe away the hair. The first thing we bought together was an old-fashioned 1950s barber chair and we relive that day very often, as well as make up new games with clippers.

This Pig Visits the Bath House

fetish Mike_in_Mass 2018-02-01

"Oh yeah pig, work that cock." I can feel his balls tightening up. My nose is buriedo in his shit hole My cock is rock hard at this point. I sallow but his piss keeps coming, overflowing out of my mouth and covering my chest and down to my hard cock. As his stands up he asks, "How's that pig?" My head is tilted back a little with my mouth wide opened. Using his fingers he points his thick, hard cock towards my shit filled mouth. My eyes open wide as I watch him dip his cock into the shit he deposited only a few seconds ago. He pulls his feces covered cock out of my mouth and slide it around my face.

sissy, slut chat

fetish sissyteri 2018-02-01

Candy: I m going to toilet for licking piss like a dog ..u want pics?? Candy: I will whip u and Fuck u until u give a glass full of cum and piss for me... Candy: I want u beg everytime bec.then I piss all over lick it like a bitch piss licker Candy: My dick is hard and wish I had ur slut mouth Candy: I wish u piss in dog bowl so lick it while u suck and eat cum from my asshole .. Candy: Pee in a bowl and put it in toilet and lick like me...while spank ur ass and say what I told u before u need to do that...piss is only drink a fag sissy like u deserve

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 01-03

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-02-01

Also in this short period of time since meeting Ken, Donna voluntarily became involved in several other fetishes, including nipple training, corsets, garters, exotic bras, and starting her own induced lactation program! After meeting Donna at the law office, Linda Chatsworth went to the shoe shop 'Stilettos and Beyond' and met Ken to reinforce her desire to have both Donna and him come to their house when Donna brought over the legal papers for her and her husband to sign. The friends that Linda and Paul Chatsworth wanted Ken and Donna to meet were members of an exclusive and private fetish club or fraternity/sorority that was devoted to a variety of fetishes including a requirement that the women wear at all times their ultra high stiletto heels during their occasional meetings or events!

Nancy Meets Monte

fetish sub_nancy_cd 2018-02-01

I held him tight and kissed him again,,,this time I let my tongue linger along his lips till his came out to meet mine,,,I took his tongue in my mouth and sucked on it like a little cock as his hands fell to my sides ,to my ass,,he squeeze my cheeks as he pulled me in tighter to him, I felt his cock pressing against my tummy,,,as I was kissing him I let my hands fall to his belt and I unbuckled it, unsnapping his pants, letting them slide to the floor, I knelt down ,,I kissed his cock through his briefs,,,I heard Monte moan a little as he ran his fingers through my hair,,,I pulled his briefs down and as I did his beautiful cock sprang up and slapped me lightly in the nose,,,I giggled and took hold of his cock in my hand,,,I kissed the tip ,,I notice there was a little dew forming on the head so I licked it off before putting his cock in my mouth,

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-01-31

"What a lovely surprise for you sissy Amy, you are about to meet a sexy friend of yours," said Belinda in a teasing voice. You are so pretty and sweet, yes you are Amy. My forty eight year old kinky pervert, who just loves being humiliated," squealed Belinda. You will be looking even prettier in Katy George's pretty, baby clothes,my kinky Amy Beynon. "You disgusting pervert, Your a dirty, kinky cunt sissy Amy Beynon, but Nanny Pat Beynon loves you so much." yes you will meet my sister Joanne and fuck her like you did your Nanny, but first its down the social club to see Sue George again.She is going to love you, dressed in her daughter's clothes," Said Belinda in a kinky voice.

My Heels

fetish shoeslayer 2018-01-31

and his husky voice had a lot of feeling when he said,"Oh Sally, what would you say if I told you that those dress heels you wear at times, the black glossy ones with the bows, that they look so sexy and dressy on you, that somehow they turn me on?" Gus made a remark a short time ago about my black patent heels looking nice on me but that a newer pair would look much better as what I was wearing was starting to show their many years of good use. I laid in bed for awhile thinking about my new role as a dominatrix and what could be done to Gus. Yeah tying him up to the headboard and footboard as he is wearing my clothes, teasing him with my heels.

Simone and Karla

fetish steve25805 2018-01-31

One of the guys still waiting took his cue from us, got his dick out, and started pissing on the floor too right in front of us. But Simone didn't want to risk being seen peeing in public, especially if there was any chance of being seen, arrested, and prosecuted by the police for urinating in a public place. And then we both just started to pee right there all over the pub carpet under the table, both of us grinning at each other. "Well, Karla, if you think that carpet looks in a bad way now, it's going to look a whole lot worse by the time we leave, haha."

At Suki's Ch. 01

fetish So drained 2018-01-31

And she was wearing a shirt like none I’d ever seen, it fit her snuggly across her breasts, emphasizing their roundness and fullness for a woman so small, but it hung loosely around her arms and waist, and had a curious collar, slightly but intentionally asymmetrical, provocative, as it exposed a sliver of her beautiful porcelain shoulder. Everything about me seemed to scream a sexual availability: the way my breasts were thrust out and compartmentalized in their silk pouches, the way the short skirt draped barely over my bare ass, which I couldn't help but stick out lewdly, like a monkey in heat, and the slashes of white, creamy thigh that showed beneath the tiny skirt and above the stockings I wore, little flashes of flesh, and my legs, perfectly sleek and long in the black nylon encasement.

kate Tuesday night Wednesday

fetish sissychris 2018-01-31

She reached into the bag and took out a vibrator, she turned it on , it buzzed into life , she the knelt on the edge of the bed and lent forward, I stepped behind her and slipped my cock inside her wet, warm fanny , I held her hips and pushed deeper, I took my fingers out and withdrew my cock , a mixture of her juices and my cum oozed out of her, I knelt down and licked it up as it trickled down over her Clit, as my tongue , she sighed oh don't plead stop she whispered,but pushed back onto my face,

Discovering Hannah's Secret Ch. 02

fetish karlosfandango 2018-01-31

An enormously stressed Gordon wasted no time telling me that a few hours before, one of our most influential customers Lord Arthur Haynes-Whyte had come into the gun room looking for me as he needed one of his shotguns serviced prior to a shoot this coming Sunday. I told a now ashen Gordon I needed just two things, uninterrupted time to try and rectify this disaster and I asked that a specific member of staff from our garden centre, Melanie, be sent over immediately to open up and run the gun room for me before we started to lose more customers and sales.

the cuckold fun

fetish leo11169 2018-01-31

Craig has stretched me out and Wendell's little wiener has come to "Well, Wendell said that anything women care about, anything they like other Fridays, maybe also to introduce Wendell to the gay scene. Friday before that it was clipping a bra onto his boobs the way girls "Your so-called man wants to be a sissy," Craig muttered under his He needs to take one more step and learn to love men the way most women "Craig, way back, even before I knew you, Wendell confessed to me that began helping my lovely man learn to be a woman, my best girlfriend, order to fuck a real man!" Craig said, staring possessively at me. "Speaking of real men, Craig, you remember how you've been wanting me

Sister Mary

fetish MaryR 2018-01-31

He smiled "Well anything is possible Mrs Marlow, but you must know that Father Peter and Sister Mary will be there as well." He looked at his watch and said "Sister Mary will want us back in the Church House shortly Mrs Marlow. We knocked cautiously and Sister Mary let us in with a broad welcoming smile and announced with a chuckle "Mr and Mrs Marlow have come over for a few minutes Fathers." Although it didn't bother Sister Mary I could see that Derek almost went goggle eyed as he couldn't help looking up the Nuns dress. Sister Mary knew it was exciting me and teased him even more for my benefit "She's a fucking dirty cunt Derek.

Hands-on Experience Ch. 02

fetish inchXinch 2018-01-31

I closed my eyes to enjoy the handjob, but opened them when Daniella pulled her hand away and wiped the excess cream on my chest. Her hand that wasn't supporting her weight made its way across the short distance to my nipple causing me to grunt and shoot my pent-up load across my lower belly, thigh and the blanket beneath our towels where my towel had been pulled askew. After making me fully hard and pleasuring me for a couple of minutes, she pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me she wanted to show me something and, not waiting for a response from my foggy brain, padded barefoot into the bedroom.

Working at Tammy's - Part 3

fetish ahsleymills 2018-01-31

I watched her perfectly shaped, panty covered ass slide up and down on my cock, feeling her hot pussy against me. Tammy let out a soft cry and reached back sliding her hand into the panties, stroking my cock feverishly. I was trying to decide if I should take a pic of my ass with the lace around the legs, or maybe from the front… “I want to see your hard cock in your panties”, Tammy texted again before I could decide. “Feel it for me.” She said then added, “Do you like feeling your hard cock in your sexy panties?” “Uh huh.” I texted back.

Sex With My EX Blacken

fetish 425olds 2018-01-31

He started to moan as she pushed the tip of her tongue deep into his anus, but then pulled away before another black guy took his place and she started to lick him. "A pregnant white slut who loves being fucked by big black cock." She smiled at the camera as the video came to an end. As he pulled away you could see his wet cock slipped from her pussy, the second lad quickly took his place and began to fuck her. "Did you enjoy watching your ex-wife, getting fucked by all that big black cock?" She kept on using the tip of her tongue, barely touching me as she continued.

My Panties

fetish iser21 2018-01-31

I knew, from looking in the mirror that Mary could see right through them. I'm going to pull them away from my pussy and I want you to cum in them as I have them on." As she told me this she was jacking me off. Her hand pull her panties away from her pussy and I jacked off looking at it. Let me fill your panties with my cum and then suck them, sucking my cum out of them." I have never talked like that to Mary. Suck my pussy and lick my panties clean of your cum. She also loves when I cum in my panties so she can suck them clean.

My Secret Life Ch. 04

fetish TonyDowse 2018-01-31

And the fact that my absolutely all-time favourite piece of body decoration - Vida’s fine-pointed arrow-head of pubic hair - had been re-created, in itself ensured that I would be more than eager for any opportunity to both see, and get intimately close to it! The combination of those, plus the thoughts of what Vida might actually be wearing beneath her dress had kept me in an almost permanent state of excited semi-arousal for much of the time it took us to have dinner, and with the prospect of the unveiling being only minutes away, as we returned to our room I felt the crotch of my panties stretching as my cock began further lengthening and stiffening itself.

The New House Ch. 03

fetish perrybroom 2018-01-31

Afterwards I would sometimes be ordered to insert his penis inside my wife's vagina, Mr Bailey remarking one day that it must make a change to have a decent sized cock in my hand instead of my own little thing. Eric's comment provoked peals of laughter from all 3 of them and, actually revelling in my humiliation, I groaned, "Of course you're right I can't expect Irene to put up with my little penis any more and I'll gladly serve you in any way if you make her happy, and yes I want to lick and suck your cocks clean after you've pleasured her."

How I meet slut Miem

fetish 2018-01-31

She said yes, her accent drove my cock hard from the start! I knew i was going to fuck this bitch up! Miem was going to make a good slut salve. I yanked her out of the car by her hair, twisted her face to look up at me. miem was licking her lips and drooling like a dog. Ask me if you can suck my cock bitch? she looked up with red eyes, still breathing hard. Now would you enjoy the pleasure of sucking my cock slut miem? I looked into her eyes saw the terror when she realized this was going all the way! Miem happy that she was happy being the slut she knew deep inside she was.

My Dream Girl

fetish rosewall 2018-01-31

After all where is a guy going to find a girl with hairy under arms and a nice crop of hair on her legs. Watching her, I started wondering what she looked like naked with hairy legs. Finding the trail of hair leading from her naval to her pussy, I started licking and moving towards her pussy. Looking up, I enjoyed seeing all the hair around her pussy. Breaking the kiss, I looked down at her hairy arm pits and went to suck her tits. While we rinsed and relaxed in the water, I enjoyed watching the water run off her long pussy hair on it's way to the shower floor. We moved in and I still enjoy making love to her, and feeling all of her hair.

A Story for Tammy

fetish shynnasty 2018-01-31

The tip of my finger resting against her lips as she slowly took it inside her wet hot mouth. I slid my hand down her belly to her cock and felt the head hard and wet under my fingers. I looked up into her eyes and slowly slid my tongue up the entire length of her cock. I slipped my tongue out and slid my finger in, her body convulsed as I quickly slid back under her thighs and took her cock into my mouth, just as she started to spurt a huge load that dripped partially from my chin. The head of my cock rested against her hot little hole and I watched the mirror as she looked into my eyes.

Fag Boys Suck

fetish pospanost 2018-01-31

Weeks of conditioning, only allowed to touch it when my mouth was filled with silicone replica of his penis and my eyes covered with his cum cloth made sure I became aroused at the mere thought of his proud pole. The headphones filled my dreams with his silky voice tirelessly repeating: "I will become a weak fag boy for Master, I kneel before him, I eat his lifegiving seed." I remembered my mantra and became even crazier with lust, but the sound of his real voice pulled me back to the here and now: "I am going to make you a real fag boy now. My body felt as it was floating as I tightened my collar, kneeling and watching him: "Make me your bitch."