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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mrs. V's Legs

fetish kandor 2018-01-31

He looked nervously around and Elizabeth impatiently thrust a naked foot into his crotch, banging into his bloated balls, forcing him to his knees where she easily captured him in a front facescissors, her thighs slamming shut around his ears, her long calves locked up and resting on his sweaty back, his nose and mouth pinned to the moist heat of her crotch. She knew she would, but loved the dominance she so easily exerted over him now as she worked her muscular calves up and down on his trapped cock, the big head slipping in and out of the sweaty grip of her lower legs. Bobby moaned, totally submissive now as he worked his load into Elizabeth's long, dark, muscular legs, every inch shining by the time he got through.

The Panty Trap

fetish missvicky53 2018-01-31

She pulled a chair close to my bound form and while stroking my panty-covered cock said quietly "Didn't know that Antonia and I knew each other, did you?". I suppose the only way to find out would be to explore further." She raised herself and keeping her eyes locked on mine, began to slowly pull down the zipper hidden in the lace folds of her panties. You are going to experience first hand what it's like to be used like a woman." Tucking the control box into the waistband of the latex panties, she commanded that I raise my ass off the bed.

Fantasy 01

fetish rosebleedingblue 2018-01-31

Deep breathe taken, body relaxing, hands moving once again over ribs and stomach as they make their way lower. "Remove your clothes," he commands, her smile fades a little before regaining it's self. Bringing his lips down close he kisses the redness of her rear before whispering in her ear, "That's a good girl." His left hand firmly held within her hair he begins to punish her and she begins to count each and every strike. Removing his penis from his pants he says, "Show me how grateful you are and kiss me." Not wanting to give him another reason to abuse that part of her body she will feel for the next week every time she sits down she leans forward and begins to kiss him.

The Girl From The Pub

fetish 2018-01-31

She gave me a lovely smile when asking what I wanted to drink and when she walked away from the bar to pour the wine I ordered I couldn't help seeing and admiring her figure. I'm not a chat-up or pick up merchant but hey I was enjoying her company so I asked what time she finished her shift, hoping she was just working for the afternoon. I found two shallow earthenware dishes, shared out the food, which smelled delicious, so much so that I have eaten there and from there many times since; seasoned it sparingly, it was pepper steak after all and sat down to enjoy my wine.

You like that little Bitch Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-31

"Fuck yes I will" I gasped again as he pinched my right nipple hard and slid his hand down to reposition his cock between my legs, with the head now pushing into my balls. "Fuck yeah bitch." he said as his hands smacked my ass cheeks before he grabbed them and pulled them apart, revealing my tightly clenched, smooth hole. I couldn't get enough of his hot cock, I licked and sucked every single inch clean and took him deep into my throat as he reached back and put his fingers into my ass, prying me open again. His fingers dug unto my shoulders and I felt his body tense as his cock throbbed inside my ass on the verge of cumming just as he pulled it out and brought it up to my face.

The Tap Ch. 02

fetish Deeper_and_Deeper 2018-01-31

"My cock is still hard," she whispered, as she moved her hands to my ass and pushed her hips forward and kissed me again. "You watch videos online," she said, "of women with strapons fucking men in the ass." I felt my face turn red and looked down. No longer whispering she said, "you stood up and with your right hand held the blue cock on the seat of the chair and you slowly lowered yourself so that just the head of the fake cock touched your ass. "The cock I am going to fuck your ass with tonight is thicker and longer than the one you used on yourself," she said, and thrust her hips forward forcing the head of her cock to enter my ass.

Beth and the Bukkake

fetish lolaenglish 2018-01-31

When this whole thing had been organised in just four days, I seriously began to wonder if Mr. Newark had an email contacts list called "Dirty Old Perverts" because in less time that it would take me to organise a night out in town he had recruited ten men who were willing to pay £50 each to come round and cum all over me. "So big," I flicked it with my tongue, "so fat," I sucked it down, "so sexy." I took it to the back of my throat and closed my eyes, imagining what I looked like: a bitch on heat, tits out, cunt out, covered in the semen from nine hot cocks.

The Case of the Mistaken Identity

fetish rp_jake 2018-01-31

She stares down at Jake and putting on her best British accent, asks him if he would help her adjust her dress, smirking, hoping he would get turned on by his fantasy of wanting to do it somewhere spontaneous, like at a party. Maybe they need to be adjusted a bit?" she asks, as she turns around, and presses her butt up against him, grabbing his hands and lifting them up towards her breasts, but not letting him touch them. After what feels like eternity, he finally grabs her arms and holds them down as he begins to insert himself into her. As he begins to cum, he lets got of her breast with one hand and grabs her hair, pulling her head back as he thrust into her.

Niharika Calls a Friend

fetish nihadeep 2018-01-31

I wanted my cunt and both my nipples sucked until I came, but I had only two guys to help me out..So I asked Vikas whether he could call one of his friends to help them make me come. As Rahul was watching Vikas kiss me, Tushar came from behind and started paying with my boobs and nipples. As Rahul continued to kiss me but after some time he was pulled away and replaced by a naked Tushar, whose hard erection was pressing on my cunt lips which were protruding from the harness. It was amazing and I was convulsing for maybe five minutes, while I held Vikas' lips down to my cunt and Tushar and Rahul continued to attend my breasts and nipples.

Section 99

fetish LokiRenard 2018-01-31

Section 99 was Recruit Ajax's new home, and much like many recruits before her, she was having a difficult time adjusting to the notion that she was now owned by the government. "Naughty girl," Agent Blake chided, pulling down the now squirming Ajax's uniform pants and regulation black panties, exposing her rounded cheeks. "Now set your quarters to rights, young lady," Blake ordered with final slap to her bottom, pulling her panties back up, but leaving her pants around her knees. "Open," he ordered gently, holding her on her knees with one hand, pressing the head of his cock against her soft lips with the other. Blake groaned with deep pleasure as she obediently wrapped her lips around his shaft and he began to stroke back and forth, fucking her naughty little mouth.

A Slut is A Slut

fetish 2018-01-31

"I bet your wet," said Melissa and before Joan could Joan stunned by the hand didn't say anything as Melissa "Tell me you want to be my slut tonight whore." Melissa Joan dropped to her knees in front as Melissa spread Joan leaned forward and put her face in the young girl "Please mistress," cried Joan, "shove it up my ass." Joan felt the bottle driving sliding up her ass as she said Melissa behind her as the first slap hit her ass "Drink up slut," demanded Melissa. "You better get use to the taste slut," said Melissa Joan face was totally red from the way the girls were Melissa started swatting Joan ass as she tried

Midlife Crises

fetish KnottLynnHardey 2018-01-31

My girls were snuggled on the couch, I sat in my lounger and Kris stretched out on the floor in front of the T.V. I watched her in the glow of my big screen and memorized the curves of her body, quite enjoying the first flush of lust I had felt in months. I held off as best I could in the secret hope that she would start to suck my cock too, but before long seeing her arm moving, her face so rapt and feeling her little hand working over me so sensually had me on the verge of cumming.

A Smokey Night with Mrs. J.

fetish saturswing 2018-01-31

"Go grab a beer and tell me about school," she said with that kind of playful "Mom" sternness which immediately turned me around on my heels to head back in to the kitchen. He passed because he had to be at work in the morning, so I headed off to the kitchen, grabbed the beers and took my seat...this time on the couch next to Mrs. J. As I watched through my burgeoning fetishist's eyes Mrs. J, without taking her eyes off the screen said, "You know, this movie was one of the reason's I started to smoke." She pulled hard and after inhaling deeply said, "Thanks Bogie," before exhaling a long, slow of smoke upwards and away from me face.

Taming the Trolls

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-01-31

The trolls, an apt name for things so ugly, struggle in their chains, cocks erect despite their wishes. Reaching my black throne, I sit terrible and beautiful, before my trolls as they writhe in their chains before me. The two chosen trolls are thrown into the pit, their ugly bodies splattering the excrement over each other as they land. Their winkies betray them, straining against their chastity belts, suffering for my beauty. The contest lasts a good while, long enough for them both to be utterly covered in troll excrement and for both asses to have been gaped open by desperate invading fingers. I wave my hand in acknowledgement that he can unlock the chastity belt and he immediately puts his troll effort into freeing himself.

Getting What You Wish For Ch. 05

fetish Phun4u2 2018-01-31

"Mr. S, I want you to use your hands on Chuck; then, turn to the camera, smile and say 'I think that this looks good enough to eat'. I wanted Ed to cum in my ass and I needed to have Chuck fill my mouth. When drops of pre-cum began to appear and started leaking down his shaft, I looked at the camera, smiled and said, I looked back at Ed and said, "I want you to fuck me in the ass, I need to feel you fill me with your cum." I watched as Ed placed his dong to my asshole. Lucy, when you come through the door I want you to say something like, 'oh daddy, let me help you with that'.

Sally's Cream Pie Surprise

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-31

"Well instead of spending money to hire someone, we could ask someone that we know with a camera if they would be willing to film us making love together." Sally said. Mandy moved round to the other side of the bed with her camera to get a good angle as Sally slid my hard cock further into her warm wet mouth. I knew that Mandy would be able to see my cock pushing apart Sally's smooth wet long love lips as I thrust in and out of her. Mandy was moving round the bed as she filmed Sally sitting on my face groaning as I was eating her pussy out.

A Key to Unlock all Fantasies

fetish deggles 2018-01-31

Jacqui & Jake invite Kerry and Bob to a party, 'it is tonight' I said, 'what's tonight?' Kerry replied not even looking up from her paper, next doors party, I bathroom first I want a good soak, god I thought Kerry slightly aroused manhood, Kerry just looked at me and the odd look of jealousy from some of the men; Kerry embarrassed I smiled back, I glanced across at Kerry Jacquie opened the door, 'Hi', she said 'I wasn't sure couple as Tom and Theresa , Tom shook my hand and said added 'no need to blush Tom thought Kerry looked great silence, for what seemed ages before Kerry said 'did 'I want to you to cum' she said-not yet, I smiled, and

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 04

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-31

Also you ladies that like to read my stories get your favorite toys out and insert one in your ass and cunt and make yourself cum real hard. Judy bent over and started sucking on it, then she stopped and looked over at me and said that she had sucked bigger clits on a woman then his little cock. After his cock was hard as a rock Judy said that it still wasn't big enough for her pussy or ass. Kim went over to my husband and started jacking his cock up and down then she reached behind him and inserted one of her fingers up his ass.

Megan and My Foot Fetish Ch. 02

fetish twny 2018-01-31

I think Megan could read my mind (or maybe just noticed that I was pretty much drooling), and she giggled and slowly took off her sandals and placed her feet on my lap. I took Megan's foot out of my mouth, and when I looked at her she leaned up and gently grabbed my head and brought it to her face, and we shared a long, soothing kiss. We parted for an instant, and made eye contact, and then shared another long kiss, with Megan sometimes letting out little moans into my mouth. It was beyond a dream come true, caressing and licking and swallowing those perfect soft warm feet, and having her tight pussy wrapped around my cock.

At Work

fetish lovegoddes71 2018-01-31

That was true, I like to get into the office early and take my time easing into my work day. Did you come in late with no panties just to get my attention?" And he began rubbing my pussy and sticking his fingers inside me. "Well," Mr. Smith said, "I want to fuck you in the ass. Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" He licked my ass again then stood up and slowly rubbed his finger around the hole before sticking it in. He reached around and started fingering my still dripping pussy again, using his thumb to gently rub my clit one more time. With him fingering me and rubbing my clit at the same time, I could feel myself cumming again!

Fridays at the Guardian Angel Ch. 01

fetish WhiskeyRose 2018-01-31

Tess continued to massage my thighs, her breath brushing along my exposed pussy lips, my heart jumping with each exhale. "Uh" I stammered, feeling my face grow hot "Curious and clueless teenage girls, and young women looking to get off." I managed to get out. From the time a woman was pregnant she is invited to live at a nursery until the child reaches the age of five upon which the mothers of the child are expected to leave and return to normal housing. A nursery typically looks much like that of a college campus, with its own enclosed space and various buildings within the grounds, all for the purpose of providing for expectant and young mothers.

The New Bank Security Ch. 3

fetish soleful 2018-01-31


Nine Days

fetish sir-jeff 2018-01-31

To add to her humiliation, I released her generous breasts from her bra, and cut away her sopping wet panties, letting the rough crotch ropes do their demonic work on her even better. She was expected to sl**p that way, blindfolded, kneeling and bound, chained by her collar to the bedpost, her nipples throbbing and heavy with the unaccustomed weight of her new adornments. After pulling her long blond hair into a ponytail, I clipped some chain reins to her very new rings and removed her blindfold. Laura watched as her Master replaced her reins by a short silver chain, and stuck its middle in her mouth. Laura watched her Master bring a leather contraption near her and stood tall as He applied it to her body, His property.

The Night I Met Shannon

fetish watcherguy35 2018-01-31

I thought of a brilliant idea just then… I asked her if she wanted to share cab and it could drop her off on the way. Right then I so wanted to slide my hand down to feel her perfect ass but was afraid she might push me away. I saw cab lights entering the parking lot so I thought well it's now or never and since I was already feeling her waist and she was rubbing my back I decided to go for it. She slowly began grinding on me as I had my hands around her tiny waist and feeling her perfect smooth ass.