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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kelly's Release Ch. 02

fetish Harrowborg 2018-01-31

Kelly crouched helplessly, exposed completely to this woman, feeling her shit moving down, ready to pop out. She felt the woman pull her warm cheeks apart and screamed, pushing the large shit out of her body, waiting to hear it drop down onto the dirt. After nearly five minutes of orgasm's, the woman pulled her fisted hand clear, now dripping with mud, shit and Kelly's cum. The woman mounted her body, moving her hands slowly over Kelly's tits, grinning her horrible smile as her open mouth exposed the gap's in her mouth. The woman rolled onto the wet mud beside Kelly, panting heavily as Kelly felt her tired body start to cool, the mountain air moving over her hot, bruised vagina.

Stoned S****r

fetish drew1207 2018-01-31

I pulled my arm from around her waist and pushed it between her legs from behind, lifting her ass into the air roughly with my palm covering her soaking wet mound, having to press with the tips of my fingers above her pussy somewhat hard to keep my hand from slipping off. Her eyes rolled back, her whole body shuttering, I could easily feel the goosebumps pop out over her hips, ass, and the back of her thighs as I ran my hands downward, I slapped her ass almost as hard as I could, "Good girl." I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as she pulled off of it for a moment, immediately reaching back between her legs and shoving it back in.

The Corner Office Ch. 07

fetish tom6432 2018-01-31

"Elizabeth have you been a good girl this week?" I knew the answer to that question as I had to spank her yesterday for disobeying my orders at work. "Now go over to your Mother and ask her for the hairbrush, tell her why you want it and make sure you are very polite," I was determined she would remember this punishment for a long time. "Okay young lady, across my lap and let's get started." Cassie slowly came around to my right side and bent herself over my lap. "Across my knee young lady you want to act like a spoiled little girl you are going to be treated like one," Cassie sniffled as she bent at the knees and lowered herself over my lap.

Chicago Girl Gets a Spanking

fetish luvsvraj 2018-01-31

Your face is very close to mine, I look into your eyes and I notice they are darker than I had remembered, and you are still smiling like the world is a super happy place. I love to joke, and you are laughing and finally it gets ridiculously hard to keep me going, so you throw me over your shoulder like a fireman, and I try to keep my sundress from blowing up in the breeze and exposing my tanned hoo-haw to the neighbors. Let me suck on this, I need to have my mouth on something, I want to lick this finger.

Lana's Van

fetish papadog 2018-01-31

Her eyes narrowed to slits as she spoke, I want us to be connected while we pleasure ourselves," she whispered. She lubricated the short end of the tube, spread her legs and deftly parted her labia, exposing her urethral opening. He was half erect and wanting her to stroke and stimulate him more when she announced, "We are connected and it's time for balance to be between us." She gently removed his hand from the hemostat and clicked it open. He watched her eyes go from barely open slits of intensity to wide eyed sightlessness as a gurgling moan rolled out of her throat. Her eyes closed slowly and a smile of serenity spread across her face.

Everybody Say Merry Christmas Ch. 01

fetish Davion 2018-01-31

Kelly knew that she had been forced to tighten Corrine's a bit for the lock to fit properly, but Jim had tightened hers to the point where it crossed the line into slightly uncomfortable. Unlike her trying to help Corrine into the sleeves of her stand, and having a lot of trouble, Jim simply lifted Kelly up, and waited for her to fold her arms and legs appropriately before guiding her into the sleeves. She knew that no lube was needed here, and Jim must have guessed because he was next to her quick enough and had slid the dildo into her pussy and had it screwed down and locked in before she even realized what had happened.

Enslaved by Marilyn Ch. 02

fetish Philnominal 2018-01-31

She then produced a pair of slinky black panties and told me I was to undress and put these on for the art session. "Yes I really love it Your Highness" I replied." "Yes today I shall let you kiss my feet." "When I taught I used to take two boys across to the Girls School for a Biology lesson to show them the difference between an uncut and circumcised penis." Marilyn told me with a sense of pride. Since I gave naked spankings I knew what boys would be good models but they were very nervous. "Right time for you to give my feet some much needed attention" said Marilyn.

The strip club and later

fetish redunder 2018-01-30

As my nose was pressed between the cleavage of her naked breasts my wife asked if I would like to fuck this woman. My cock was struggling to break out of the chastity cage as this woman was fondling my balls. I wanted to get away but this naked woman, kneeling before me, had my ball sac in her mouth and she was biting down real hard. The other dancer standing slapped my face hard and said I told you to come. My key holder knows about this and has said she will be by after breakfast to relieve me of my chastity cage.

Old Friends - New Lovers

fetish SlowlyWalkingWalter 2018-01-30

I just knew that I was going to get that sniff of her womanly scent today, and while I wanted to get out of the pool that instant and head to the changing room, I knew that I couldn't. As more time passed I think Sarah knew her pussy hairs were showing and didn't care, She sat opposite me at one point and spread her legs a little. After a short while, Sarah asked me "So, did you like how my panties smelled?" I immediately turned beet red, and began to stammer with an embarrassed look on my face.

First time with my new Daddy

fetish 2018-01-30

After my actual father walked out Rich helped my f****y out quite a bit. He would brush his hand against my breast or I would "accidentally" Push my body against his from time to time, making sure I brushed against his cock. My warm wet pussy pulses under my hand as I rub it, making more cum drip down my legs and all over my hand. I've even caught you and ended up jerking my big cock, watching you fit four fingers into your amazingly tight pussy. You'll be fine, sexy." He says before pushing his cock into my little 18 year old, virgin pussy. I groan and pull Rich against my body. He pulls his cock out and watches my body shake.

Modeling Her New Toy for Him

fetish escriterra 2018-01-30

Along the way, Jenelle's search engine inquiries turned up deliciously arousing stories and fantasies of man-fucking, and she indulged herself on multiple evenings in front of her computer, her legs splayed apart comfortably in the padded leather chair at her desk at home as she stroked her clit while her favorite dildo with the twisting, squirming motion was inside her pussy and feeling divinely wonderful as it nudged against her G-spot. Stories of lustful women who savored the erotic delight of fucking their men in the ass with dildos strapped to their crotches were artfully told by these authors because their narratives teased the reader, built up the anticipation, and drew out the sexy situation as skillfully with their words as Jenelle did with her fingers when she had Duncan over her lap, petting and teasing his proffered and eager asshole.

The Il-lustrated Woman

fetish eudemon42 2018-01-30

He was experienced and taught me things I had only read about or heard in whispers and with each new piece of body art his lust for me increased, He was tender and held my hand when the Dragon's nose was tattooed on my clitoris, it is a little larger than usual and the tattooist thought it a pity to waste the opportunity. When I looked at myself in the mirror it seemed that only my eyes were human.I can't remember how many times we made love that night, Bruno fed the dragon, I took his penis into my mouth and stimulated it with my tongue studs and I think the highlight for him was fucking the dragon's arse.


Tips for Public Jerkers

fetish SSthe3rd 2018-01-30

You won't have fun doing it in a place too safe where there's no chance of getting caught or being seen. And depending on your advanced years as a public jerker, and based upon your sheer guts, you will find what feels right to you. Now I've seen vids of people jerking in stores before but that shit is way too dangerous for me to get-up for. 7) Determine A Good Time: I know I'm getting down the little details here but you may want to set up a time in your town or city where you feel the best about jerking in public. No. In my city I feel that the best time to do some real public jerking is between 2am and 4am.

The Summer of Losing My Virginity - Part II

fetish xcitu 2018-01-30

After losing my virginity to my dad's long time girlfriend/step mom when I turned 18 years old, my newly devirginized cock was constantly hungry for Susan's mature hairy pussy. As I listened in the darkness of my bedroom, I smiled because I knew what Susan's pussy felt like on my own cock thrusting in and out of it in those moments. She senses as I get closer to orgasm, and says "fill my pussy up with your seed, I want your seed inside me." As hot as that sounded, I always felt that the hottest part is that I was 18 years old, and I was fucking my petite step mom's 38 year old hairy horny pussy.

Frankie goes to Coffee Shop

fetish flirtyforties 2018-01-30

Bob’s head jerked back with the suddenness of it as Frankie got to work on his cock, licking up and down, his cock rock hard and pre cum already evident, she massaged his shaft, as he moaned quietly her tongue beat out a rhythm on his tip and circled the head, cupping his balls, he pulled her onto him as slowly he started to fuck her mouth, she tasted him, sucked at his pre cum and worked his shaft, Bob could feel his cum starting to move up as she pulled her mouth away, she turned round in front of him, bent over and lifted her skirt up, reaching behind her with her hand she guided him into her pussy.

My Gym Teacher

fetish Julie20 2018-01-30

Every second I felt that my body could not stand any more but still it went on until eventually, with my mind completely knocked out by endorphins, I found myself slumping to my knees and then slipping sideways with my back still half against the wooden bars at his feet. My feeling of vulnerability and helplessness multiplied when I felt my right leg pulled to the side and bound to one of the upright bars then his hands were on my bare left foot and he pulled it off to the side so that I was standing spread wide open and knowing that my most intimate secrets were open to be viewed and whatever else he may want to do.

A Cuckold Marriage Evolves Ch. 02

fetish wants2bsub 2018-01-30

Kim turned her neck for only a minute to catch my reaction and then quickly giving Clark a knowing smile. Clark reached down and pulled at Kim's tight-fitting t-shirt, removing it in a single motion which only caused Kim to take a break from sucking his cock long enough to catch her breath. He locked his gaze on me as his cock pushed aside the tight lips of Kim's pussy. He put Kim down on the bed and kept pushing his cock in and out of her body. He pulled his cock out and a thick flow of white cum began to ooze from Kim's pussy. Sabrina kissed me on the cheek as she headed off to work, leaving only Kim and I sitting there together.

Marinah One

fetish Alla 2018-01-30

Will that be ok?" "OK" Marinah clipped off the phone and wondered what numbered account this Wahab is opening at the Swiss bank this time. "Miss Marinah, Good evening, Tan Sri Wahab is waiting " and the captain led her to a dimmed private dining room. At the bedroom, Marinah jabbed the leather tong at Wahab's solar plexus at the same time pushing the duck egg into his mouth. Wahab's dick went into one of the loops and as Marinah straightened her body, the double crissed loop moved in like a double guillotine on the cock. Marinah lay on the bed with her legs wide open and boobs jutting up, while Wahab took off his pants and trousers.

Fun at Work (part 7)

fetish bootyliciousvxen 2018-01-30

Tom and I are going out this weekend," Shereen, my close friend from work, told me. Why don't you come along?" If there's one word to describe Shereen, it's persistent. There's this one time when she "innocently" brought a guy during our girls' night out. We were at my doorstep when he pulled me close to his chest and kissed me. They feel good but I gotta get inside." I said. That night, Peter texted me to meet him upstairs. I could feel his fingers through my hair, he was holding it away from my face so he could see how I devour his dick, how hungry I was for him. I, too, was surprised but I continued sucking his dick up to the last drop.)

Fun with hubby and some random guys 1

fetish frenchmagalie 2018-01-30

On Saturday I got Andi ready for his role he is a rugby-player and is very well built a contrast to my slim size 8 cute body I dressed him in stockings and suspenders and matching black panties I have a big selection of lingerie to suit guys.....I also laid out a nice pair of 4inch heels for him...I must admit he looked sexy I applied some lipstick to his lips the wrote COCK-SUCKER in lipstick on his face.....he was ready to sell as my little slut.

Best Friend ? part 3

fetish loopylinda 2018-01-30

i said was it that good she replied oh yes, and the thing that made it good was he told me he is comeing to you later, so dont forget you dont know about him and me.i was a bit shocked as i wasnt sure that this would happen, linda then said you need to have tights panties a bra and slip on under your clothes, i have left them out for you on the bed so go and get ready i am not sure when he will be there, i did as i was told and went up stairs where i found that linda had laid out sheer black tights and a very lacy bra and panty set along with a full slip, i quickly stripped and put the underwear on, i also put a tiny amount of perfume on the slipped my slacks and tshirt on i left my socks off and put a pair of slip on shoes on.

The Arrow of Desire

fetish abrank2 2018-01-30

As he passed the target tree he realized that he was no longer overcome by the strange sexual attraction that Desire had been exerting on him, but now was only thinking of locating the source of the scream. She rubbed her wrists and then scratched her arms saying, "God, I like to tie that maggot up and let him get bitten by the mozzies." She reached behind her neck and undid the gag strap and said, "I'm very thirsty, do you have any water?" "How come it's lying on the ground if it hit you?" Logan said, unwilling to admit that he had shot the arrow. Logan was worried about encountering Billy and anxiously watched the trail ahead as he walked, but reached his car without meeting anyone. "My car's that way," Logan said pointing towards the target tree.

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 04

fetish TConcord18 2018-01-30

Rob hasn't even won the match to become the number 1 contender, so we can't worry about the Little Terror just yet." Clark said. Hello, Rob. Looking forward to your match this week." Ms. Wallace said with a smile. "Yes, you are still wrestling her, but I thought there is something you should know about her." Clark for the first time sounded a little different. "I know you will Rob. Now let's get to work!" Clark was a little more motivated after sharing his story of his match with Lindsey. The P.A. announcer called out my name, "Coming to the ring, with a shot to win a title match, with a record of 2-1: ROB THE ROCKET!"

How I Eat My Own Cum

fetish eatwithhelp 2018-01-30

As many other men with this fantasy, I have struggled in achieving the final destination, which is my cum covered fingers being sucked clean by my own tongue and mouth. We have talked during foreplay about it, I have talked to her about licking my cum off her beautiful breasts, I have made deals with her that if I cum before her I will gladly finish her orgasm by eating my cum from inside her, and I have told her that I would love to make out after a blowjob, trading my cum between her mouth and mine. She smiled at me, reached down to my quickly shriveling penis, scooped up the cum we had spilled, brought her finger between our mouths and asked if I wanted to lick it with her.