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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Fun Night With My Wife

fetish fistme 2018-01-30

As the wax began to build up on my balls the new drops stopped feeling so hot. The warm wax began to feel so good and my erection returned to its rock hard state. Just as I began to relax again, a cold ice cube was applied to the tip of my dick. As she laughed, the next drops of hot wax fell on my dick head. The clothes pins made my nipples tingle and my dick get rock hard again. She then took her other hand and began to rub a finger all over the tip of my dick. We were right back where she stopped earlier with four fingers working my ass and her rubbing my dick.

Peeing on the Peeper Ch. 03

fetish adoration 2018-01-30

"Now thank us, Peeper," Helga ordered, and I raised my piss-perfumed face from the trampoline and traced my tongue from her lovely cunt, across her steaming piss flaps to her clit, then across to the matted, steamy thatch of Ro's brown hair, running over her thick labia, before dipping into her weeping cunt. "Now for his cock and balls, then we can face sit him some more," said Helga after my second passage across the pussies of the double-domme team. Barbara walked to the head of the trampoline and called out: "Hold his cock so you can direct his stream, Keisha!" Then, filmed by my wife, Keisha jetted a strong stream of piss into the funnel's bowl.

Pegging Fantasies

fetish the_shires 2018-01-30

Jill, her eyes peering at his reflection, tilted her head in a gesture that he knew meant she was considering something. His stomach fluttered and his eyes widened as a gorgeous redhead dressed in a slinky, skintight latex dress came out of a room near the back and gave them a long smile. Jill slid the harness over her hips, her brow furrowing as she looked at the harness and then the cock she held in her hand. Just the sight of Jill, her blonde pubic hair and lean hips, full breasts and the hard cock, was enough to take him close to the brink of an orgasm. His eyes closed and his hands tangled into her hair, his hips thrusting forward while a groan burst from his mouth.

My Husband!!!!!

fetish laff1 2018-01-30

Love dressing like a slut at work showing off my shapely legs in black stockings, open toe fuck me pumps with a short skirt with out any panties on and a tight low cut top showing off my huge tits!!! I sometimes brush up against his huge cock trying to get by him in the hall way and when I am at the copy machine I like to bend over so he can get a good view up my skirt and my wet dripping pussy as I can’t wait to get home and tell my husband what a naughty little slut I was today oh he’s going to be so excited when I tell him how hot I made Harry and what a tent he had in his tight slacks.

The First Time - Slick & tyg

fetish tygress77 2018-01-30

I was still too scared to remove my jeans and he hadn't repeated that command so I got off the bed, a little unsteady and slid onto the chair. "I was going to make your first spanking a nice, long, comfortable otk, first on your panties, then when I got you warmed up, some gentle, bare strokes." At this point his words were lulling me, exciting me, purring straight to my pussy, making it wet, but then he went on "But I will not have you disobeying and calling the shots all weekend.

Restrained by her own Hand

fetish whybea10 2018-01-30

She took several deep breaths to oxygenate her bl**d, and then held her breath while she pulled back hard on the padlock at the back of her neck collar, slipped the end of the micro-switch-equipped chain through it, and latched it shut. Her wrists were locked together at the front of the waist belt (with her hands now unable to reach anything farther away than her belly button), her elbows tightly strapped behind, her head encased in leather, her mouth filled, and her vision limited to the view of herself in the mirror ahead, through the small eyeholes in the helmet.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 4

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-01-30

Mistress Carolyn Found the biggest cock she could find. Mistress told me she would not make me try to swallow his big cock, but it would be visiting my asshole that night. Big Max slowly pressed his massive tool into my waiting hole. None since sissy no cock is to big for that asshole of yours. She suggested that max carry me to the couch and have me sit on his cock while we had some drinks. Carolyn I want to fuck her likes a woman can I carry her to the bedroom> Sure Max. Guys you can fuck her mouth while I work this little asshole over. Sissy I can cum now if you like, but if you say yes, I will be using your mouth as my toilet.

Laura's Moment Ch. 02

fetish cottonballs 2018-01-30

It lasted a fleeting moment, the material barely touching her tongue before it was taken out, thrown away in to a corner of the room in disgust and then Laura, in an attempted to wash away her revulsion, ran to the shower to cleanse the filth from her body and her mind whilst bloodying her bottom with deep nail impressions and torn skin. Angela moved to sit on the side of the bed, her fat belly and breasts sagging as she sat round shouldered, head slightly down looking at Laura. Laura felt a deep sense of intimacy, of being open and in a way 'at peace' with Angela -- a feeling of knowing that she had found both something and someone rather special.

Katie's Red Wagon

fetish meatloaf90 2018-01-30

The moment Katie Bingham opened her purse to pay for lunch, "Thanks," Katie said, giving her friend's hand a pat. He said he was going to paint my red wagon or something "What?" Katie said, wanting to be in on the joke. Katie displayed her best fake smile and gave Rachel a listen," Katie started, her mouth going dry as she spoke. "Oh, yeah." Katie said, her knees going week at the thought "Well, I think it's time you got that spanking." Bill said, "Yes, Sir." Katie heard herself say as she placed her purse on "Okay, now stand up." he said, giving Katie a pinch to grow on. Katie pushed herself from Bill's lap and reached back to grab

The Undress Event

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-01-30

"The government has come up with the idea of creating small industrial centers - something like industrial parks - near a number of the outlying towns and villages. Some of these people just like the small town way of life, and the see the Terranova plan as bringing them an influx of strangers, a lot of congestion, and, in short, big city problems." You will not be going to what the government has called Terranova, as the People's Committee does not recognize the government's plan, which would disrupt our town and our way of life. Unfortunately, you were sent here by the government ministry that is planning the Terranovas, and your companies are those which might come into our area to build factories we do not want.

Denied Lunch

fetish caldenied 2018-01-30

Now I'm going to pump your cock until you either cum or ask me to stop." Also, I will not stop pumping even after you have cum until it is time to drive back," and with that you start sliding your hand over my hard throbbing cock and my hips buck in response. My cock just throbs as I close my eyes, happy that I had the willpower to ask you to stop and thinking it was over. You look over at me with a scolding stare, "Carl, I wanted you to cum but you made me stop six times!" You roughly grab and stuff my engorged, red, and angry looking cock back into my pants zip me up and drive me back to work.

A Beautiful Delivery

fetish 4SWEETCHEEKS 2018-01-30

She placed her finger of his lips and whispered, "You might want to re-think making that kind of noise." As his head reeled in confusion, she quickly unzipped his pants and slid them and his briefs to the floor, exposing his rock hard member. Without warning, she wrenched her foot free from his grip and slid from the box, turning to slide her drenched pussy onto his steel hard cock."Fuck me NOW, slave!!!" she screamed. For a brief moment he was startled back to reality, his heart, head and cock throbbing as he glanced at the open door of the truck wondering if anyone had heard her scream.

The Bar

fetish vampkatt 2018-01-30

He knows what to do next he slowly runs the vibrater over her bra to find her nipples watching how they became harder underneath the thin lace of her bra watching her eyes go big with pleasure as she moans even loader and starts shaking her head. He slips the bra off of her breasts and brings his moth to the nipple pulling it into his mouth and sucking first gently then roughly taking it between his teeth and gently nipping at them with the vibrater he traces up her leg slowly inching his way to the wet spot he knows is starting to grow bigger in her undies.

A Night of Surprises

fetish matthais 2018-01-30

With a grin, he slips into the car and begins driving towards thier first destination of the evening. Opening the door and hitting the switch on the remote again, she slowly stands up from her car seat. His lips drift closer to her ear and he whispers, "Are you feeling pleased yet?" With a grin, he pulls his head back to look her deep into her eyes. The young man's timing corrected by her hands, she begins to dance closer to him. With a grin, he looks at her and says, "Do you think you will be ready again when we get home?" An impish flash twinkles in his eyes.

Basement Playtoy

fetish Your_Messiah 2018-01-30

To pull his throbbing head into my mouth and suck it until he exploded against my tongue. I stroked the base of his cock quickly, moaning with an unbearable combination of emotions and pleasures as I felt him twitch inside my mouth. Master gripped my hair tightly and started pulling my head up and down his cock faster. He gasped and I moaned and cried out as I felt a strong spurt of cum against my tongue. Master shoved my face back against his cock and ordered, "Suck it all up, you little slut. Master started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, fucking my cum-covered little face. Master pulled his cock from my mouth and shoved it back into his boxers.

New Year, New Experience

fetish Mr James 2018-01-30

My fingers were already sliding over the bare skin around her pussy lips and Alice was rocking her hips forward, pressing her pussy against my hand. I parted the lips of Alice's sticky pussy and I slipped two fingers inside her, pushing slowly and deeply. Taking hold of the base of my shaft, I rubbed the head of my cock along the crack of her pussy, smearing her hot slippery blood over the swollen knob. Reaching between us with my fingers, I slowly worked them along her pussy lips, feeling them getting wetter and wetter, as I played with her hard clit. Sliding my hand from between us, I stroked my bloodied fingertip over her lips and watched as Alice touched the tip of her tongue to the fresh blood.

The Sales Conference Heats Up

fetish Michael_J 2018-01-30

She wasn't to know that he'd loved stockings since he was a teenager - not just the look of them, but the feel of them, both on a woman's legs and, long before he experienced that, on his own. "Just how crazy about them are you...?" She allowed her coat to fall open, revealing herself to be wearing black lace top hold up stockings, black cami knickers and a black strapless bra. So I thought you might like a mutual masturbation session...?" She pulled his dressing gown apart and looked down at his cock, now standing rigid. Michael suddenly let go of his cock, and for a moment Laura was worried she'd offended him; but then she saw in his eyes a mixture of panic and intense horniness.

Another Surprise for Vinny

fetish vinceh23 2018-01-30

Will was masturbating with a pair of my mothers panties wrapped around his penis. There was my friend, Sue, who even said she had helped her brother masturbate and when he did this white stuff just shot out of his penis. The girls all talked about the different ways they would sometimes masturbate. I'll even masturbate in some panties to make them smell a little more like a woman for you. In a very sexy voice Sue says "you look rather embarrassed Vinny. I can see through the leg holes at my mother and sue standing there. My mother opens her top and lets Sue feel her bare tit under her bra. My mother is now feeling Sue's tits and they kiss.

Meet and Fuck: Tuesday Night

fetish rhyze 2018-01-30

"Well not to take anything away from that, but I'm pretty sure there's only three other people in the bar besides us." I said in reply, gazing at her legs as her skirt began to hike up. She began to moan slightly, her eyes closed and a look of deep relaxation on her face; most likely a combination of the beer and massage. She leaned in, kissed me on the cheek, then whispered into my ear, "I'll see you next Tuesday, kind sir." She turned on the spot and began walking to the door, turning her head back just in time to catch me watch her ass sway with each step.

Jazz Jones

fetish anonymous3 2018-01-30

Jade turned her back and dropped her jeans and panties, and I saw her huge, rounded set of cheeks. I feel you watching me," Alex said, laying things bare once again. "And," she added, "I want to know about this thing with Jade and the bathroom." She pointed a finger. Then I started thinking about having them pee on me, the proverbial 'golden shower.' Then, anytime I saw a woman I thought was attractive, I morphed into wondering what it was like when she shit. "Then, because big turds were a turn on, I started thinking a lot about heavy women, because they had big butts, and there's an ongoing myth in my mind that big women can shit big turds, more so than fit or skinny women." That was it.

Unplugging Sandy

fetish Grey Beard 2018-01-30

She just purred and said " Oh, My God, Bob, if you had done that the first time we played doctor, I would have been after you every night of the week." As I started to add KY to my throbbing penis, I thought to myself that if that had happened we might never have found time to graduate from high school. " It took a couple false starts, and I could see from Sandy's reflection in the mirror that she was a little uncomfortable, but finally the head popped past the tight opening.

GFS Bestfriend pt.4

fetish 2018-01-30

Looking at him with beautiful brown eyes, Liz's tongue snaked out and gathered the drop of cum off the end of his dick and pull it into her mouth. Gasping for breath, Liz watched as her best friend's boyfriend undid the button on her jeans and slowly slid down the zipper, gradually exposing her white cotton panties. Pressing her hard against the door, he began to slide in and out of her, her left foot caressed his leg as she stood with the toes of her other foot barely touching the floor, he had her lifted up as he fucked her. Holding her shoulders for momentum, Danny began to fuck Liz for all he was worth, slamming his cock deep into her hungry cunt as hard as he could.

My Pee Dream

fetish SunnyJohansen 2018-01-30

Blue laid her body on top of mine and slid all over me, covering herself in all my sweat and oil...I raised my ass for her and she pressed her hips hard on it, then slid up a little and opened her mouth on my neck, biting me softly... I started cumming right body going crazy from her pee hitting between my ass cheeks, flooding my opening! FINALLY, we stopped peeing and our oily bodies relaxed in the cum-and-pee puddle in the grass...we spend the next hour, rubbing and caressing our bodies, sliding them on each other...we came many, many times, kissing deeply while screaming into each others mouths...pussies fucking hard against thighs or fingers buried deeply while rubbing incredibly swollen clits...

Only Us

fetish Wildfire8470 2018-01-30

"Lil Bit, I think we need to talk about the way you woke me this morning!" Swooosh!! I fought the urge to rub my stinging cheeks but then a smart-ass remark tumbled from my lips before I could stop it. "WHAT - WAS - THAT?" Your voice was barely controlled anger and I bit my lower lip. Without a word, you wrestled my arm behind me as you brought the jar opener down over my cheeks in rapid succession. You paused to still my legs and brought the opener up between my thighs, raking it lightly over my hot pussy lips while you spoke, You dropped the opener and rubbed my fiery ass cheeks, running your fingers over me teasingly, while you watched me do battle with my internal dilemma.