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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Magic Cream

fetish SharkyCH 2018-01-30

"What are they?" asked Liz. The woman replied, "They're creams that can alter your body in any way, you just have to use the right tube." Liz was dumbfounded, half of her life was centered on getting bigger natural boobs, and in her hand was a tube of cream that was labeled "Growth Cream".

Part One: Her First Gloryhole

fetish 2018-01-30

this seemed to send through the man's cock, Misty began Misty felt the man bucking against her mouth, which the hole to grasp Misty's cum-covered breast. As Misty watched the man through the hole, he unzipped big as the first man's, but Misty wasn't going to face, the man plunged his cock deep into her mouth and Misty did as she was told, rubbing the man's cock all two men's cum spilled out the sides of Misty's mouth, The man's cock continued pumping out cum and it coated As the man withdrew his cock, Misty could As she felt the man orgasm and pull out, Misty quickly get plenty of cock and men always want me." Misty

Sylvie Gets Her Way Ch. 03

fetish BonViv 2018-01-30

Both times she had tied my hands behind me and had me kneel between her legs and lick her pussy and her ass until she came twice. "Use your tongue like a cock and shove it into my cunt as deep as you can." I thought about how long it had been since my cock had been in that wonderful place, and I moved up to her clit and started rolling my tongue around it. Then she started humping my face and saying, "Uh, uh, uh!" until she came. Now I want you to push your tongue right into my ass. I want you to fuck me in the ass with your tongue." I licked her ass until she moved back up onto the bed.

Revenge Pt. 01: Her View

fetish JacobRain 2018-01-30

When he arrived at my feet I thought he would look up, but he waited patiently head bowed just inches from the soles of my shoes. Finally he leaned back without kissing and said "If you want me not to enjoy it I think we will need to put the shoes back on and walk for awhile. I like dress shoes and I have attended some outside events that were hot, but I never walked like I just did and I had no idea my feet could smell that bad. I sat just like that for a really long time playing my feet across his face, tracing his lips with my big toe and thrilling at the position I was in.

A Fist In Time

fetish ArtistWriterSvengali 2018-01-30

The point of the exercise in fisting is to stretch those PC muscles to allow your hand to enter your girl’s cunt. I didn’t want her to take too much pleasure too early, so I withdrew my tongue and moved up to her clit, while slipping a finger into her cunt. She moved in slowly lazy hip grinds as she enjoyed the tonguing that her clit was getting. I slowly removed my fingers and made sure that all my fingers and hand were well lubed and spread lots around and inside her gaping cunt. I eventually managed to pull my fist past her outraged cunt sphincter and removed my fingers one by one, leaving her with a gaping, swollen, red and very wet cunt.

Cuckold New Year

fetish cuckytoher 2018-01-30

"I-I-I would do anything to avoid that Julia." She sat on the bed and took my hands in hers and looked deeply into my eyes. For exactly one year starting on Jan 1, 1999 I would hand over all bedroom duties to Richard. Julia spent more and more time with Richard, however he never came to the house. I know it sounds drastic, but after a year of being on the medication your little dick won't be useful for anything anyway." As she said this, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts and I signed. Richard showed up to pick Julia up for their Millenium New Years evening out.

Young Man's Memorable First gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-30

Two of the hands gently spread his ass open while a third set of fingers touched his small entrance for the first time. Hands were still holding his ass open as the finger inside of him began to slide back out again. After a moment, the man pulled his softening cock out with a 'plop', and he could feel warm cum slipping out of his hole. This time the young man could actually feel his prostate being worked over by the new, thicker cock. He was moaning now, in time with each wonderful long-dicking stroke, and he was disappointed when he felt a new volley of cum entering his ass after only five minutes or so.

Silky Punishment Ch. 03

fetish satinfantasies 2018-01-29

I wanted to speak, but before I could even attempt to find the words to reply, both Cristy and Cassandra stood up, untied the satin ribbons to their robes, then opened them up to show me the beautiful, sexy, and ultra-silky lingerie they both wore beneath. She's now turned away from me as she once again grabs the hems of her slips and slowly pulls them up past her stocking tops to expose her satin bikini panty covered ass. I didn't want things to turn too negative however, so I removed my right hand from feeling up Cristy's silky body and placed it on Cassandra's midriff and slowly pulled it down to her body, stroking the lingerie as my hand made its way to the hem of her slip.

The Alley

fetish MrErotica 2018-01-29

About half way and I started to regret not taking that taxi the shoes I’d warn were definitely not practical for this length of a walk and the short black mini skirt which had looked super sexy on me earlier kept riding up and every few steps I was f***ed to keep pulling it down to cover up my arse. Before I was even able to understand what was going on the figure I’d walked in to grabbed hold of my hair and started to pull me to the side wall the shadowy figure then lifted me up and pushed me face first in to the wall he then pressed against me pinning me so I couldn’t move.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 07

fetish robin35 2018-01-29

David told Bev to keep her arse cheeks spread for him and then he took his lubed finger and slowly began to insert it into her arse. David tried his hardest to control himself but the sight of Bev masturbating herself through orgasm after orgasm was too much for him and he began to feel his balls harden and he knew that he was on the verge of giving her arse his cumm. She knew that Gladys would not be happy that David had chosen to take his wife to his bed and give her his cumm and she would want to take it out on Bev that day.


Multiple Melia Ch. 06

fetish realityischoice 2018-01-29

Unable to resist any longer, I croaked out "Oh god, yes!" making all three of them giggle and rub a little deeper; Melia was licking my neck while the new ladies were inspecting my hard cock and checking the tightness of my ass. "Now, baby, just try to relax...I'm sure you're wondering how big I am right now...and I'll tell you that my cock is a weee bit bigger than the one Melia used on you...just relax and I'll make this as painless as possible, but it really is for your own good...ready for me?" Laura asked sweetly.

American Whore Story - Asylum Ch. 03

fetish TheTitLover 2018-01-29

It looked like a struggle, but finally, having dragged his attention away from her smooth, pale legs and pretty feet, his eyes met her piercing gaze. Without standing up, he managed to slip off his pants, levering off his shoes as well, leaving him sat in front of Ms Sarah's desk with his straining erection and his bare bum on the polished wood of the chair. "So, Mr Henderson, I think we better just make things clear about your report, don't you?" she asked, knowing it was time to twist the screws. "You're going to lodge a report that says everything is fine at Meretrix Hills Asylum, and then we'll work together to make sure we have all the evidence needed to take down Administrator Glass without any doubt.

My Slave Kayce

fetish latexcd69 2018-01-29

Kayce's large breast bounced every time I gave them a hard whack of my leather crop. "Do you like having all of that hard dick inside of your dirty cunt?" "Ok bitch," I pull out of her cunt and move towards her mouth, "It is time to show how well you suck a dick." She held her flooded mouth open as some of my seed ran down her lips. Kayce seemed relieved as the cum and spit mix dropped from her mouth onto the palm of her hand. She shook her head up and down as she sucked on the tips of her fingers, getting the last bit of my cum into her mouth.

Women he knew

fetish degenfechter 2018-01-29

Millimeter by millimeter, he'd work his way inside her, feeling her gorgeous pink pussy flood, then expand. It had taken them a few months to figure it out: The way she liked to come was straddling him facing away from him, her golden hair cascading down her perfect, graceful back, her soft, soft soles turned up, her perfectly pedicured toes wiggling near his chest. If given a choice, this would be his preferred way to die: His dick in her pink pussy, his finger inside her anus! Invariably, his left hand would reach out, his index finger touching then slipping into her lovely pink, puckered anus again.

Eden's Gift Ch. 01

fetish Ragnaroking 2018-01-29

She began rubbing her newly expanded tummy, this time with both hands, carefully exploring this subtle transformation, while completely oblivious to the staring eyes of the rest of the class. Her eyes dropped from the knot of students just in time to see her waistline slowly press outward in a slight convex shape. With a shocking suddenness she felt the skin beneath her roaming hands being pressed even further away as her stomach expanded outward another two inches. Sam mentally braced herself against the shocked stares she must surely be on the receiving end of, but nothing could have prepared her for what she actually discovered as she slowly raised her eyes from her newly gravid form.

My Fetish Made Me a Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish sneakerman 2018-01-29

Tiffany is standing naked in sneakers and my wife has her foot near my face with a new pair of sneakers on and it is getting me very hot seeing her take charge like this. I don't know how to react and start to tell him to get his hands off of her when Ann quickly puts her sneaker right on my mouth and says, shut up! Tiffany walks up to Tim and starts to kiss him as my wife takes more of his cock into her mouth. She is stroking hi cock and working more and more of it into her mouth as Tiffany now starts to play with Tim's nipples. Tiffany reaches over and starts to play with Ann's nipples as Tim drives his cock balls deep with each thrust into her.

My First Time.

fetish xXDeadlyAngelXx 2018-01-29

I spread my legs, slowly pulling off his boxers to reveal his cock and smirk as i rub the tip with my thumb, making it slick with precum, he slowly slides his hands down to my stomach, then just above my panties, knowing i liked being teased, i bite my lip and stroke him faster, making him moan softly in pleasure as he presses his finger against my slit outside of my panties, making me gasp and moan loudly, looking back at him only to get a deep, passionate kiss. I nodded, slowly climbing off and placing my socked feet around his hard cock, stroking slowly and blushing lightly, biting my lip, hoping i'm doing it right, and his soft moans answer my questions as i speed up, only making him moan louder, he soon reaches his climax, shooting his thick, hot cum all over my socks and panting softly.

Cuckold Status: Active

fetish LockedSissySubmissive 2018-01-29

As long as you still love me and want to stay married to me." I replied honestly, although a little distracted as Hannah was giving my erect cock her most of her attention. "Please don't worry David, it's just down on the beach and I promise to have your sister home before curfew." Jerry said, winking at Hannah. "If you want to stay up reading big brother, I'll be home in about an hour or so." She said smoothly and then turned and took Jerry's arm. "We had such a good time tonight, Jerry asked me on a date tomorrow." Hannah explained as my mouth dropped open. "Of course he fucked me honey, and before you ask, if you can actually speak that is, yes, he was really good." She smiled.

Coupling - with Wife's Friend Ch. 03

fetish VeeJ 2018-01-29

"I know Veeju, Vimi called me up in the evening and asked me to visit you and see that you are properly fed and you do not drink a lot and also to ensure that you have your milk" said Poo as she walked out of the kitchen and as if suggestively her top two shirt buttons were undone. Poo's pink pussy glistening wet was visible as she raised her feet and my Bird twitched at the thought of sucking her toes. Poo was close to her climax; the feel of my hot Dicky between her feet made her little clit tingle with excitement and I could see the wet moist pussy as her toes tried to catch my tongue and bobbed in and out of my mouth.

Fun & Games Ch. 1

fetish Charles_Daddy 2018-01-29

"Good" said Julia as she sat on the sun bed next to Roger's, "now tell me all about college" She felt the clean skin, devoid of hair and she peeled back the hood of her clitoris, Roger's mouth at her breasts sucking them as a child his tongue licking her plentiful supply of cum. He sat on the edge of the sun bed and hung his head between his knees, "there I have said it, no going back now, I think of you all the time, I watch you and lust after you" Julia swung her legs and sat opposite Roger, she took his head and lifted it to face her.

Good Morning, afternoon, and evening..... Yes, Dob

fetish wetchin54 2018-01-29

Svetlana stripped, placed her legs in iron cuffs on the floor, restrained one hand above her head. Sasha's hands and head were restrained, boards f***ed her legs apart. Sveltlana's tongue now repaid Sasha, and I found getting my cock serviced by a woman in stocks quite a treat. Sasha came at svetlana's manipulations, and then she motioned for me to switch places. I eased my cock into Sasha from behind, and saw Svetlana bring a stool that had her pussy at Sasha's face level. My own cum oozed out of Sasha's sweet pussy into my mouth, she rode my face back and forth, grinding her labia into my mouth and nose.

Spilled Milk Ch. 01

fetish mr_incognit0 2018-01-29

Kate's use of Molly and Ecstasy was borderline addiction, but only twice did here parties bring her to the E.R. Despite taking a considerable beating each weekend, her ass and vag maintained a pleasant tightness, much to the arousal of her many partners. Kate's reign of terror started in middle school, when Helen spilled milk on her even-then large rack. She began to repack her bag when Mike, Kate's latest boyfriend, took control. Though her ass had seen action that night, it was no match for Mike's thick cock. Mike's enormous cock grew whilst in her ass, adding another inch in length. Helen and Mindy were best friends, and they had devised the plan after Kate's most recent attack.

Amber (Sequel to Mr. Highland)

fetish LizSexFever3 2018-01-29

Amber then pushed him forward onto the bed so that his ass was up in the air and smacked it, hard! "Now then let's get you ready," she said un-cuffing each of his ankles to attach them by his wrists so that his ass was wide open to fuck. "That's right baby, open up for me," she said as she slipped in a second finger fucking his ass with her fingers. Amber took all the strength she had and fucked his ass as hard as she could ramming him with the dildo. "That's right, lick my pussy," she said as he increased his tempo licking up her juices Amber then began to massage her clit, feeling the sensation build up inside her.

Fantasy turned nighmare

fetish 2018-01-29

I could feel the bl**d rush into my head with shame and it must have shown because on of the ladies, Betty, said: “Oh look, now he is ashamed – after he gets caught – how typical.” Betty turned to the other ladies and said: “Well, I guess there remains only one other thing to complete this boy’s fantasies. Also, thank you for letting me be in your house and using the space for my education.” Aside from the humiliation of having to say all these things that were totally opposite that what I felt, the mere act of speaking was tough due to the wet paper in my mouth.