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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish SafeSexting 2018-01-29

I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. I watched as the guy in the back rammed her ass with his dick of my sweet little Jeni. "fuck your cunt, this is your little bitchy cunt, fuck it good" I took a risk and pulled out of her pussy and slipped in her ass all at once, she gasped and then started moaning "fuck your little asswhore" she said, I kept fucking her and looked up and it was my girlfriend!! Jeni then asked me on the way to the car "did you like watching your slutty girlfriend fuck the frat guys?"

Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy Ch. 03

fetish 64park 2018-01-29

Jennifer, her face still gooey with two loads of her boyfriend's jizz, and Chris with his mouth sopping wet with his girlfriend's cum juices as he finished eating her to completion, began to kiss and caress, warm lips on soft skin. "But when was the first time you literally asked a guy to sperm on your face?" asked Chris as he continued to probe Jennifer's sopping, cum gooey cunt with his fingers while she masturbated him. "I was at my friend's house...I had broken up with my boyfriend, so this guy took me in for a week, and we were getting drunk one night and I was horny..." Jennifer grabbed Chris' dick even more firmly with one hand, as she grabbed his cunt-fingering hand with the other and whispered..." finger fuck me 'til I cum, baby!"

New Year Relief

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-29

Brian had gone off to follow the hunt which traditionally met in the Market Place on a New Year's morning, whilst Barnaby and Adam had left early for a non-league football match up in Yorkshire. She had it in mind to take a toilet roll and drive to the woods outside Woodchester where she'd find a favourite clearing, drop her jeans and squat down for an amazing alfresco poo. Still cutting smelly farts, Anne was now in no doubt that the pleasant feeling of being overdue for a poo had turned to desperation – desperation which increased by the minute as she drove through the commercial heart of lower Woodchester, up past the Cathedral, Prison, Hospital and finally the University where, in her younger days, she'd lectured.

Charming Neighborhood 04

fetish DoctorS 2018-01-29

While Rick danced with Mrs. Wilkins, Mr. Wilkins wrapped his arms around Melinda's waist pulling her close to him. Melinda reached behind her with both hands and pulled up the back of the dress exposing her rear. With the curtain closed, Melinda stood up and, with her hands on her hips, looked back over her shoulder at Rick. This time Rick jumped on the opportunity to fuck the woman who looked like a porn star. You look delicious tonight." Walt said over the roar of Rick's car pulling away. As she saw Rick bend down to look up her dress, Melinda expanded his view by slowly pulling up the hem exposing the tops of her thighs and then the bright prize underneath.

Another Naked Foot Day at the Beach

fetish SusanJillParker 2018-01-29

"You spend all your time staring at women's breasts and undressing them with their eyes, while the worst that I do is compliment them on their shoes and/or ask them if they'd like a foot massage," said Josh, while clutching his hands to his chest, as if he was about to have an orgasm. "I told my Mom that he cured my foot fetish, which is why I'm telling her that I'm going downtown with you to see naked and semi-naked women for Nude Day and to watch the Nude Day parade, instead of going to the beach to see feet. I suspect she knows that I'm aroused massaging her feet, because she rests her heel against my throbbing cock and subtly wiggles it around, as if giving me a foot hand job," said Josh with a laugh.

The Farmer's Daughter

fetish Joseki Ko 2018-01-29

He sent the other girls home with the promise that he would be talking to their parents, loaded Colleens bike in the truck and took her back to the store to apologize, and pay for the cigarettes even though she hadn't stolen them. Then came a ride home in which he let her know as soon as she got home her bare bottom was going to get the paddling of her young life. He took the paddle from Colleen as she came back and just pointed at the rack. She squeezed me tight for a few seconds and then told me to go because if Rhu caught us he'd probably paddle her again.

Weekend Fun

fetish mugs101 2018-01-29

When I told my wife we had an admirer she took her right foot and rubbed the head of my cock covering her toe in my pre cum and brought it to my lips. Straddling her right leg my cock and balls resting on her nylon thigh I held her tiny 3" vibrator against her pussy as I leaned forward and started to suck her nipples. Her hips we moving about on the bed like she had an itch she couldn't scratch I was now smelling her foot right under her toes. Returning it to her dripping pussy was easy and I slid down and proceeded to suck and lick her clit while again rubbing my balls on her hose covered foot.

I'll Shave You Then...

fetish PeterR 2018-01-29

We both showered together, as usual, lathering each other, especially in the crotch areas and I washed her breasts for an extra long time. I carefully began to shave from the outside toward the luscious lips. I marveled at my great job....rinsed the area and kissed her smack on the lips.....not the ones with teeth either. Then, she kissed my shaft...for it was still very hard....she then started to shave me, and each time she would kiss the head...almost as to reward me for staying erect. Carefully she shaved me around each ball...and nibbled on them as she finished. She rinsed me off and kissed and nibbled on my shaft and started deep-throating me.

Story of a Sissy

fetish hyperpress 2018-01-29

I draw your left foot up to my mouth and run the tip of my tongue along the tips of each toe as lightly as I possibly can imagine doing—then I try to be more delicate. Your eyes close, your mouth opens, and from within you escapes a moan that sounds as if it's coming from inside my mind, the moan itself is like a guiding hand, telling me what to do next, how to lick and suck your toes and you are turned on but you can't touch yourself because your nails are still wet but your urgency is immediately clear as you thrust your hips up and your feet deep into my mouth.

Charlotte's Job

fetish toocold 2018-01-29

I cannot imagine that you think I would be happy for you to walk the corridors of my business, where my guests could see you, looking like that!" She hissed the last word, and Charlotte flinched but still said nothing in her defence. Although Jane had suspicions about her maid's lesbian inclinations from the way she'd seen her looking at her breasts, she did not know where Charlotte's desires lay. Whatever she did, she made sure it was a firm spank, and she noted that at no point did Charlotte try to escape – she wriggled and winced and cried out and kicked her legs, but she stayed in place, taking the stern punishment.

Amanda's Neighbourly Feet Ch. 01

fetish Vincey 2018-01-29

I might be a little rusty, but I can promise you that you'll feel better in no time." The truth is I had only taken an introductory reflexology course as an elective back when I was studying for my undergraduate studies, and the latter had not only taught me a few basics of massaging feet, but was finally paying off as the perfect clutch. Once the gentle kneading started, though, she gave in and let out a barely audible purr, her body sinking slightly deeper into the couch and her face showing subtle relief. A couple of minutes later, Amanda pulled back her feet and gingerly started sitting back up. Alternating between light tickles on her soles, caressing her silky insteps and running my fingers between her dainty toes, every touch brought out a giggle or squirm, as she twitched, pointed and flexed her feet.

Becky’s New Toy

fetish acman 2018-01-29

I got on there and sent my wife a new dildo with a harness and some other toys. First she would suck on the dildo and play with her pussy for about 5 minutes or so. She would fuck her self with that dildo for about 5 minutes or so pulling it out to suck of her juices and then shove it back in. She did this until she had orgasms about 10 times Then she did something strange. With some lube she lubed up her ass and started sitting on the dildo working it in her asshole. She fucked her ass for about 10 minutes jumping up and down on the dildo. When she got up she started sucking on the dildo.

Donald and Abby

fetish jsragmanus 2018-01-29

"Well, if you don't mind I'd like to have you come to my house for dinner and spend the night." I explained. We got the terms negotiated, and she liked my suggested dinner menu and agreed to meet that evening at my house. My place was kind of a mess and I was going to have to make a grocery store run to get things for dinner. The oil from the foot massage had made my hands warm and more tender than normal, and I could tell she was starting to enjoy herself. I'd like to do some job hunting and look for apartments, and I don't have internet access at the moment."

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 02

fetish Davie46 2018-01-29

I usually took John's load, and didn't swallow, and one night, rather than my spitting the jizz into a towel, he asked me, "Please, drool out my cum all over your tits, and I will lick it up. Be sure to look me in the eye when you are doing this, as an open mouth full of cum, has to be the biggest turn-on for me." So he usually takes the cum-swap into his own mouth, then wipes it away with his hand, only eating a small part of the load. He sheepishly looked up at me, nodded, and whispered, "Yes, I want you to fuck me in the ass, treat me like your cum-slut, and make me eat every load of cum."

Mr. Allen

fetish moterhead74 2018-01-29

She said "well, I was on my way home, when I saw your truck still in the parking lot, and I figured if you were still drinking, you wouldn't be in any shape to drive home, so I thought I'd stop by and offer you a ride." I told her she has to walk out first and I would make it look like I was calling a cab, even though this was totally innocent, people in town would have loved to start rumors about the teacher leaving with the young, former student. Hell, I even knew back in High school you looked at my legs, especially on days when I wore heels or boots."

When I get the house to myself

fetish 2018-01-29

My favorite outfit starts with a pretty black lace garter belt. I sit on the bed and roll up one stocking at time, sliding them onto my legs. I start up the camera, and then sit on the bed next to the computer. I bend over the bed and after lubing up the dildo, slide that into my ass. Squeezing the dildo in my ass, I turn around and lay down on bed again with my filled hole facing the camera. When I get close to cumming, I stand up from the bed and bring my cock closer to the camera. I lay down on the bed caressing myself and after a little time, try to fire another one off.

The Anniversary Week - Wednesday

fetish Ention 2018-01-29

Claire, barely suppressing a giggle, said, "Hey Eric, you should come meet me at the little park by your house right now." With that, she hung up. Sierra had said at the start of everything that she'd enlisted Claire's help for some of the days. I slipped out a few times, but never for long as Sierra reached back with a deft hand to quickly guide me back inside. Some time later, Sierra sat up and said, "I think I'll go ahead and check on your clothes now, they should be dry and toasty by now." Sure enough, the dryer had gone off a while ago; we had been too occupied to hear its buzz.

Randy's New Life Ch. 02

fetish Rich5Spot 2018-01-29

Jenna looked at me with a wicked smile and said, “Well Randy, I think we both know what you want. I’m meeting Michael at the restaurant but we will be back here later on.” She then looked at Audrey and said, “I trust you will have him ready by then.” We went upstair to the bedroom to my wife’s dresser and Audrey began to teach me all the fine points of applying make up, all the time warning me that she and Jenna expected me to be able to care of myself in short order. You let your wife walk out of the house to date some young kid and said it was alright for her to bring him home to fuck.

A Fantasy Continued

fetish Hubs_in_hose 2018-01-29

As more of the morning haze is cleared from my head, I feel the intensity and forcefulness of your stroking my cock increase. I watch you move that thick monster in and out of your sex, your pussy answering each of your thrusts with a squishy approval, and pleasure returning to your face. You push me back on the bed and start rubbing your toy against my still hard cock. Again you push that monster cock into me -- that dildo that just a few moments ago was buried deep into your pussy was now your cock fucking me, and I am liking it. My hands find their way to your nylon covered ass, pulling you closer to me, pushing the dong deeper into you and squeezing my cock tighter between us.

Kinky Boss Pt. 01: A Finger In...

fetish freeman64 2018-01-29

She indicated that he go to the left side of the boss and turn around and stand with his hands on the table. He saw the bald boss' hand go up the secretary's skirt. His right hand went up her skirt and found her wet cunt and he squeezed her mound and fingered her clitoris. The boss' finger exited him and the secretary indicated that he could leave the room. "I will try the job for a week," he said and walked toward his cubicle, thinking she was having him on as to his screwing her. Maybe she would call him home and her husband would finger him, just like the boss!. I need the job," he said tersely and left for his cubicle.


fetish SplendidSpunk 2018-01-29

My daughter, Cathy, keeps her blond hair long as most young girls seem to like, and while she resembles me, she is, due to her youth a bit more attractive then I am, as gravity has not yet come to visit her, and her tits are firm and her ass not burdened with childbirth. I cringed and I'm sure my face went deep red as I saw those soiled and sex filled panties now in that old woman's dirty hand. My embarrassment grew as Cathy told Liz of the day, of how she'd caught me wearing her panties, how she'd made me remove them in the café, the interchange with the old woman, the waxing of my pubic and anal hair and the enema.

House Party

fetish qudduse 2018-01-29

Bryan took my hand and sucked each finger clean, as well as ran his tongue between my thighs to collect my cum. I wanted to feel his warm body next to mine, holding me around the hips and pushing his cock up on my lower back as we fall asl**p but he was sl**ping in his own bed. Brittany saw my tongue outstretched towards her and entered the room, cautiously, unable to take her hand away from her pussy. I knew he was tired from our loving but I felt him lift me into his arms, my damp ass settled into his grasping fingers and we made it back to my room. Bryan returned to his bed and Brittany took the guest room across the hall from his.

Taking a Chance Ch. 02

fetish Alphamon35 2018-01-29

"Well that's what you get for trying to be a smart ass Chris, anyway I'm done teasing you for now, because it looks like my work here is done." Brittni said as she stopped biting Chris's ear and raked the palm of her hand against his budding manhood. I bet I'm the last thing on that girl's mind." Chris said trying to reassure himself, as he went inside Brittni's house setting his bag at the door, before plopping down on the couch and making himself at home. "I know but I still feel a little uneasy being this close to you without Brittni being here." Chris said while trying to keep his eyes from wandering, as he thoughtlessly ran his hand across Emily's foot and up her leg, before withdrawing it and creating some space between Emily and himself, after realizing what he was doing.


fetish Lucy1970Harker 2018-01-29

He ran his finger along the edge of her panties, and he could feel how hot she was, but he wanted to know how wet she was. It was his turn to feel weak in the knees because she was SO wet it took all his self control to not drop to them, right out here, in the parking lot, and lift her legs over his shoulders — bury his mouth deep in her pussy until she came, hot and messy, into his hungry, eager, waiting mouth. "You know what my first thought was when you walked in tonight," he said, smiling back at her, easing her panties off under her skirt. I thought I wanted to fuck that smile off your face," he said.