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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Gorgeous Wife with her Black Lover

fetish twoforyou10 2018-01-29

My wifes legs were spread wide as possible as he fucked her , I was kissing her feet like I always do( the best feet ever size 8 and perfect ) He was fucking her like a mad man and he eventually unloaded inside her and again I jumped on top of her and started to fuck her and I held her legs all the way back and kissed her feet , he moved over to her face and she started to suck his cock and the sight of that gave me the strongest ejaculation of my life , after I came he started to suck her pussy which kinda freaked me out a little but he was doing a great job cause she was squirming all over and for the final time he got on top and really fucked her ggod until his 4th laod of the night ended up inside her .

Fucking a Biker

fetish 2018-01-29

For many years now I have always been turned on by the thought of riding with a hot muscular leather clad biker. He started stoke my leg with his gloved hands and they worked their way to my already dripping cunt. He removed his gloved fingers from my wet cunt and asked me to lick the cum off of them. I sat on the bike and he started grabbing the back of my legs with his cum smeared leather gloved hands and started pounding me again. The old man from the couple came up to us and shook the bikers gloved hand (which was covered in mine and his cum) and said 'well done, we've enjoyed watching you'.

Untitled One

fetish crudely_donne 2018-01-29

As I put my groceries on the belt, Carla got in line behind me (on purpose or not is anyone's guess.) Every five seconds or so, my fascinated gaze wandered back to her as she carefully placed each item on the register. The left side of Carla's body was soaked in mop water, her clothes hung off her frail frame, and her breath hitched in her throat with pain. "Thanks," Carla said, looking up at me, her smile tinged with pain. Then I helped her back to the cash register, where the checkout woman looked simultaneously annoyed by the whole scene and amused by my sickeningly obvious attraction to Carla.

My Bi Adventures With My Wife

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-01-29

until a guy puts his cock through then I'm going to suck it off," said actually see Carla sucking cock, excited that she was sucking gay guys who head to Carla so she turned around, gripped his cock with her fingers and Carla dropped to her knees and started to suck me while the boys stood Carla took the young guy's hand and put it around my cock. He pulled it over his cock and started to enter Carla from guy, who looked to be about 17, was sucking my cock. "Looks like I got everyone going," I said, "Even your friend Morgan wanted always thought that gays knew how to suck cock but this little 18 year old

Masturbation in the woods

fetish cyclosiss 2018-01-29

I'd set off from the house as usual to walk to school but instead went through some woods to the edge of the country park where it merged into forestry. The air on my naked body, the soft dampness of pine needles under my bare feet, the warm shafts of sun when there was a gap in the trees, the jiggle of my hard-on as I moved, the feeling of vulnerability. As I was passing through a section of trees which skirted a reservoir, I felt it was the right time for a nice open-air wank. It felt so exciting; secretly spying on a naked girl as I wanked with her soft, warm knickers.

Naughty Naomi Ch. 08

fetish toocold 2018-01-29

Grimacing, Christina wiped her hand across Naomi's sick-coated chest and smeared the mess across Naomi's face, before taking a fistful of her hair and dragging her young lover forward, before pushing her face against Chloe's ass. This wasn't the sort of thing that Naomi needed asking twice to do, and she eagerly pushed her sick-smeared face between Chloe's cheeks and extended her tongue to lick and prod at the recently-fucked hole. Pulling her shirt open, Naomi scooped her large boobs out of her bra and squashed and massaged the sticky mess of sick and shit into them, pinching her rock-hard nipples as she enjoyed the feel of Chloe's tongue against her pussy.

Cassandra's Power

fetish RubberDexter 2018-01-29

I thought to myself "Wow, I haven't seen anything like this since that kinky chick I hooked up with at Steve's frat party in college a couple of years ago" As I held it up in front of me to look it over more carefully, it was a very highly mirror polished, heavy rubber cat suit made out of thick, yet extremely pliable latex. As long as you choose to wear this magical latex suit upon your body you will live forever; never falling victim to sickness or disease of any kind; remaining forever young, beautiful, healthy and powerful. I could see right there in the mirror in front of me how this magical rubber catsuit changed me from a rather average looking man into this incredible blond bomb-shell Goddess with super-powers.

Lessons From a Family Ch. 03

fetish butt2luv 2018-01-29

He said, "Let's jackoff in here so we can last longer." I nodded and moved my free hand to his chest to play with his nipples. Randy said, "Stay like that." I had been on my hands and knees as I sucked his nipples. Randy knew I was about to cum, so he began to fuck me harder. As I said, "I'm cumming", he moved his hand from my nipples to under my dick head. He looked me in the eye as he sucked all my juices off his hand, saying, "Mmmmm." After he swallowed it he said, "It was time for me to enjoy your cum."

Emma's Wet Afternoon

fetish xxevieexx 2018-01-29

When John came in and handed me the glass of water, I noticed he had a big bulge in the front of his pants. And as you piss noisily, I am going to stroke my big fat cock." While contemplating the situation, my mind wandered to my pee soaked panties and I noticed a new dampness that wasn't there before. I realized that the thought of pissing in front of someone was making my pussy wet. I was squatting on my neighbors counter pissing into a martini glass and he was masturbating his monster cock to the sight of it. Ready for your little pee girl to piss right onto your cock?" I asked him.

A taste of Lindsey and Stacey part2

fetish goofiegumdrops 2018-01-29

Lindsey squirted a large amount of cream on Stacey's anus and to my surprise began to rub the cream around the tight little pucker, Lindsey looked at me and smiled as she push her index finger all the way into Stacey's bumhole making her moan with pleasure. As I slowly started fucking her with long deep strokes Lindsey grabbed her tube of hand cream and held it over my cock to add more lube but I pulled out of Stacey leaving her once tight bumhole gaped open and bright red. Lindsey instantly knew what I was thinking and began to squeeze a long steady stream of cream that disappeared inside Stacey's fucked out anus, I then pushed my cock back deep inside her hairy nasty bumhole making her start to sob gently.

Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 2)

fetish BiancaBigTits 2018-01-29

"Get ready, baby." I grabbed my cock, swollen and bulging, bigger than I had ever seen it before, and I rubbed the tip against her pussy, covering it in her wetness and mixing her juices with my precum. "Oh god..." She moaned as I slid the head of my cock inside of her, barely able to fit the swollen mushroom tip past her tight lips. "We'll make room!" She pulled me into her as hard as she could, and I felt the head of my cock sliding past another tight opening. It felt like I was fucking a second pussy deep inside of her, the tightness of her cervix squeezing the head of my cock relentlessly.


fetish Tatsel24 2018-01-29

She felt Amanda brush past her, a moment later feeling the pressure of her seatbelt as it lay across her breasts thinly covered by her nightie. She felt Amanda kiss her right hand again before letting it go, she was now all alone, oblivious with this stranger; but her anxiety disappeared. Both the stranger's hands now on her waist, Jenny could feel him kissing her stomach slowly making his way down until reaching the top of her panties. She pulled him in so close she could now reach his penis with her mouth; She gently kissed the tip of the strangers penis, jerking him off with one hand at the same time. Jenny felt the strangers hand on the back of her head slowly pulling him deeper into her mouth.

Too Much of a Good Thing

fetish Married_Man_63 2018-01-29

"I want your big hard cock inside me right now and I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to spray my pussy walls like a fire hose," holding him upright she slid down him slowly, letting out a long "oooooooooh" as she felt him fil l her hot wet cunt. Kelly managed to keep out of Craig 's way for the rest of the day, she even allowed herself to smoke in the house provided she sat by a large open window. When Nigel got home from work he noticed the faint tobacco smell but said nothing, he knew Kelly would only smoke in doors if she was stressed and needed to. Kelly watched Craig smoke his cigarette through the window and waited until it looked like he was about to finish.

Adventure Night Ch. 02

fetish Pghwriter 2018-01-28

"Ooo, I think you like having that cock buried in you, slut," said Mistress Ali. "Smile, my slut - you're on camera!" I opened my eyes to see my wife moving about, a video camera in hand, filming me getting taken up the ass and sucking on that massive cock. As she settled into her rhythm of fucking my wanton ass, I looked down and saw Mistress Heather and Mistress Karen tonguing and licking my cock. They both moved up to the tip of my cock, and shared a kiss between them, the purple engorged head between their lips before Mistress Karen proceeded to take my whole length into her mouth, looking up at me with greedy hungry eyes, determined to get my load.

Seven Days Ruined

fetish LockedSissySubmissive 2018-01-28

"I really like the idea of mixing things up and as I follow your Tumblr blog I know you've been really interested by ruined orgasms lately." I was still meekly licking my cum from her fingers as she continued to clean up. I quickly came to the conclusion that Sarah was right and that it was good for her to be able to talk about things like this and Elizabeth was probably perfect as she would remain a stranger. "No. look at me George." Elizabeth said, maintaining eye contact while her finger continued to fuck me and her other hand brought me closer and closer to cumming.

Chance Encounter Ch. 23

fetish Miguel59 2018-01-28

Miguel woke up early Sunday morning, ate breakfast with his family, packed up the car, hugged his mom, dad, and brothers goodbye, and drove to Jean's house where he planned to spend the day. He could hear Jean's voice begging for him to fuck her, to make her climax, telling Leo how good his cock was and how she wanted him to cum in her, and involuntarily moaning from the pleasure she was feeling. He muttered out a yes and with her hand still squeezing and caressing his erection she asked, "Did you really get excited because of the baptisms or were you thinking about Leo and I making a baby?"

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 09

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-01-28

Janice liked shopping, and buying a schoolgirl uniform for her mother was highly amusing. She couldn't help laughing at the thought of her mom in a junior class, and the image of the woman wearing a junior's uniform. You'll have to finish the year, in ninth grade,' Janice said, trying not to look amused. The excuse is peer pressure,' the woman said, and patted Rose on the head. I can't go to school dressed like this!' Rose asserted, sounding plaintive. Rose felt more and more like a schoolgirl, and it looked as though there would be no escape for some time. Rose really did feel like a naughty little girl, in front of the security guard.

Leather Lusts Ch. 05

fetish candy_2691 2018-01-28

Pops went over to Donna and laid a big kiss on her lips and cupped both ass cheeks, pulling her close. Breezy heard some noise and went through a mud room to the back door just in time to open the door. Opening the built in freezer she picked out a self rise crust pizza, and added more cheese to it before popping it into the oven. She walked back in the mud room to check the laundry and met Jack as he walked in from the garage. "Surprising what you can get in the mail in a little over a week." Setting a pile of mail down on the counter, he reached for her, pulled her in close and kissed her nibbling at her lips, jaw and neck.

Shelacta Tales Ch. 14

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-28

I was alone, unable to speak, suspended upside down, trapped by Andy in the trap I had designed to capture him, hanging in my own wardrobe, smothering inside thick satin folds, all because I had been unable to control my own slave's actions. I was hoist with my own petard, hoisted upside down in a wardrobe, swinging helplessly in the darkness inside the clinging satin of my gown, waiting for an angry Andy to release me – if he intended to. Tonight Andy will willingly surrender to his mistress Sarah, will enter her gown's trap, be confined in her dress breathing her body's perfume, and both of them will reach orgasm as they confirm their commitment to each other.

Old Girlfriend, new adventures.

fetish weetoby68 2018-01-28

I didnt waste any time, started licking her and probing her wet cunt with my tongue, i could tell she was getting close to cumming, so i slipped two fingers inside her pussy while licking her clit..she was pulling my head hard onto her clit wanting my tongue harder and faster, i could feel her pussy juices running down my hand as she was cumming.. I sat back up, my cock was starting to get hard again, after she caught her breath, she told me she wanted to feel my cock inside her wet cunt...she stood up and took off her dress and soaking wet panties, then knelt down in front of me, taking my cock in her mouth, flicking the end of it with her tongue then taking it all in her mouth.

Vanilla Cream Ch. 02

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-01-28

I pulled over to the shoulder of the highway...not only to be responsible and not drive while on the phone, but also because I knew that if Cinda started flirting or talking sexy, I'd more than likely lose control and drive through several guardrails, over hill and dale, and into one of the many small ponds dotting the area. Besides, the idea of watching Cinda try on shoes in tight pants and a halter top with her nipples winking at me and her behind ever so tempting to grope and fondle...well, there was no way I was going to miss that.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 04

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-01-28

Kate started to giggle as she felt Brad moving inside her deliberately tight skirt. Brad was still tightening and moving as much as he could as Kate unzipped herself from the pencil skirt and turned to admire her twitching panties in the mirror. "What do jeans feel like then?" Kate asked as she again admired her own figure in the mirror, but this time confident that Brad wasn't watching. She didn't stop and, for the first time against his will, Brad transformed into pink panties now buried deep beneath both her tight black yoga pants and the white cotton underwear that she'd been wearing all day.

Juicy Lucy Is A Birthday Girl

fetish The Needler 2018-01-28

"This is how I figured it out for you: I'm gonna tie your tits and put a couple of nice tight clamps on your nipples, and dangle some weights." Billy said evenly; Lucy shuddered and smiled. "If you put yourthelf right where you're gonna get hit, this'll work." Lucy stood in front of the tit trap, putting her hands on top of it. The nipples perked up right away, and she kissed Billy on the lips for a long open mouthed moment before putting her hands over her head. Fuck me quick while my tits are still getting whipped, ride me like a dog." He went into overdrive immediately, stroking twice to the machine's once and before long they were both howling in ecstacy.

Sitting on my sons lap!

fetish cinap51 2018-01-28

Since I would be sitting on my sons lap for five hours, I wanted to wear something real comfortable. "Here try this to see if it feels better," I said as I took a hold of both of his hands and placed them on my bare thighs. I kept moving his hand down until I could feel his finger tips just barely touch the top of my pussy lips. "Mike?" my husband asked my son," How are you doing with your mom on your lap?" Mike placed his hands on each side of my hips." If you would mom, raise up some so I can position myself better." I understood what my son was saying.