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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

sound sl**per

fetish 2018-01-28

Katie's delicate little pussy in front of him was Kevin suddenly had the urge to like her felt Katie suddenly shift in her chair. He felt her pussy-lips swelling mouth like it was a little cock, and she suddenly ping up Katie's sweet cum as he blew his wad into his Katie slept on, a peaceful and contented look on her Kevin went up to bed, his head still swimming Kevin slowly crept around the bed until he could see Kevin moved forward and spread her legs further apart. He touched the head of his dripping cock to her pussy, Kevin kept his prick balls-deep inside her as her pussy Finally gaining his reason, Kevin quickly ran to the

Long Stemmed Beauties

fetish Chevalier 2018-01-28

After two years as a Field Representative for Tyro Plastics, I was promoted to Company Headquarters as the new Regional Sales Manager. It turned out that both Sam and Diana were dedicated professionals, each possessing an abundance of business know-how to get the work done. Of course I never minded coming in each day to two such beautiful women. Of course I also realized that I had to share my good fortune with Diana and Sam. Without their loyal efforts, none of my success would have been possible. I ordered each of them a dozen long stemmed red roses and instructed the clerk to have them delivered to the office early the next morning.

Extended Tease

fetish chatbug 2018-01-28

Shelly blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple. Shelly's pussy is open and wet from the sucking and I don't feel her mount my cock. Shelly smiles and picks up the bottle of baby oil and a towel from the end table. She applies more baby oil to her right palm, and strokes my cock, slowly and lightly. She puts baby oil on her right palm, and strokes my cock slowly and lightly, just enough to arouse me. Shelly wipes her hands on the towel, gets up from the bed, and walks over to the end table. The sight of Shelly sitting on the bed naked and smoking causes my cock to try and get hard again, even after that huge orgasm.

Slap & Tickle Ch. 10

fetish Hudson 2018-01-28

Linda and I increased our pace our strokes now swift and short Julie responded, and pushed her arse out to its fullest extent exposing as much naked flesh as she could, her tits pushed hard against the metal on the bonnet, Julies hands clenched the crash bar, her anus convulsing against the butt plug, her puffy lips swollen and dripping, she spread her legs wide and arched her back, Julie's scream of ecstasy echoed into the distance as she came, her head swishing back and forth, her pussy lips quivering from the tiny explosions inside of her, finally her body relaxed, the noise of the butt plug ceased, Julie lay motionless savouring the pleasure of her orgasms.

A true confession ... of a woman's desire to

fetish luvn_my_pus 2018-01-28

I am a grown woman and since I was 18 I have wanted to fuck my dad. But there is something abt my real dad that makes me twinge in my pussy. I want to have some good old fucking sex with him without caring abt him being my dad. I want to feel him inside of me...I have heard other women say how large my dad is and that to excites me as well. I want to feel his huge cock ramming in and out of my tight wet pussy. How can I let him know I desire him without being humiliated if does not feel the same? Someone please help me I am going insane b/c I want to fuck him that bad!

David's Friend Vivian Ch. 03

fetish Thorilla 2018-01-28

3) "Vivian, would you mind awfully if I placed my penis in your mouth and jerked myself off, you don't have to swallow it, but I don't mind if you do." I said and agreed that the third alternative sounded best. "Of course I don't you silly old Davy," said Vivian releasing the first fast trickle of warm urine. I felt as if I was in a secret warm paradise with just my tongue, my nose and her damp knickers pushed together inside her slip and skirt. "Can you see my knickers then you silly saucy old Davy?" asked Vivian and bent down so that her crotch was just inches from my face. "You are so big Davy," said Vivian backing into my face so that my lips were touching her prominent vagina.

A Thorough Cleaning

fetish GentlesirJellyfish 2018-01-28

Serenity shifted in her chair and mindlessly pulled at her braid of fiery red hair as she watched the steady hands dexterously explore and probe the anonymous mouth with shiny metal instruments. Serenity squeezed the armrests tight under white knuckles as Derek hung the salvia sucker tool on the corner of her lip. She felt the eager vacuum tug at her gums, as Derek went to busily scraping her teeth with the tiny metal sickle. The small tank continued to supply Derek with gas as Serenity set it down beside him and retrieved her tube of toothpaste where she had dropped it nearby. Serenity only laughed, fogging up the inside of the plastic as she felt the swift jet of the waterpik spray down her teeth and lips with cold liquid.

Babying Belle back to Health

fetish 1000dreams 2018-01-28

Kim kept on applying pressure on her mons pubis and between her legs right where Belle liked to be touched. And when Belle had collapsed sobbing in her arms like a lost puppy, like an orphan child, a strange sensation started filling the deep hole in her heart that had been left vacant so many years ago. Kim looked up to meet Belle's eyes and realized by the girls' slouching head that she might need some encouragement to get over the finish line. The older woman released the bath glove from her grasp and with only her soft index finger, just as Belle had started pondering "Had Mrs. Kaplan noticed what was happening?", she penetrated the very lubricated pussy of her charge.


What Would You Do? Ch. 03

fetish akilfinch 2018-01-28

I smile and reply "First, I want you to take a look at this dick, and tell me what you think." Smiling I nod, and reply "I know it looks hard, but I want you to say that you think my dick looks good." I shake my head and smile, waiting a few beats before asking "You're not going to meet me?" He looks up into my face and asks "So you got me here, you gay fuck, what do you want to talk about?" In reply to the pressure of my face against his neck I feel and answering swell against the side of my hard dick, his. His body begins to tremble a little as I reply "But I want to take care of you bitch.

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 09

fetish clitomus 2018-01-28

I finally, slowly traced it down her body and between her legs, she was so preoccupied she hadn't noticed I had undone my pants and had my cock in my other hand wacking off beside her, she hit another orgasm and turned her head to say something to me, but as her eyes opened all she was able to see was me ramming my cock straight into her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and said to her, that it was fine, and what ever happened in the bedroom that night, would stay in the bedroom that night.

Cassie the Forgetful Slut

fetish Subtext 2018-01-28

Cassie peeled her clothes off next and Maria got down and took Fister's balls in her hand. As he continued to work over Lupe, Cassie pushed her hand down along his perineum to inflate his gland even more as Maria got herself ready to be the next one fucked. Cassie watched Lupe's cunt contract and pulse around Fister's cock as he was forced to slow down to keep himself from coming. No dick sucking was needed from Maria at this point so Fister sat back down in his chair and had Cassie come and sit in his lap. Maria helped herself over with her finger as she watched Cassie cum and Fister's moans came right afterwards as Maria dismounted just in time to stroke him out onto her face.

And Then You Can Do It To Me

fetish InYo 2018-01-28

I watched as she fucked his mouth with her firm tit while he pumped his now cum-slicked fingers in and out of her tight cunt, her hips bucking up to meet his intrusions for several minutes before I heard her moan, "Jim I need you inside me." I almost puked! After awhile she got down on her knees behind Jim and I watched as she slid on her knees between his thighs, head tilted way back and mouth open like a baby bird begging for a meal. I also felt Cindy begin to thrust against my nose, and from all the time going down on her I knew that she too was ready to cum.

New slut

fetish stig1963 2018-01-28

I take out her latex dress and put that over the top of me and pull it down nice and tight, at this point my nipples are throbbing from the pressure being put on them. “Give me a little time and I’m going to use you in ways that I always wanted to. She then takes off my blindfold and standing there in front of me is my Mistress all dressed up in her leather outfit but the new toy was a strap on. As she is putting it in she goes slow at first and at this point it is getting uncomfortable as we have only played with a small butt plug.

ANR Fantasy

fetish mayfieldflowerrn 2018-01-28

Friday 1:15 p.m. The sanctuary that is our bedroom is ready for tonight...freshly laundered and sun-dried sheets are smooth on the plumped feather bed, ample pillows are carefully arranged to support him as he nurses, and a soft down comforter waits to protect us from the early-morning chill. His suckling becomes agonizingly slow...more breast play than nursing...his tongue circling each nipple insistently, paying homage to the tender erect flesh while his fingers move low, seeking my center. I draw the covers around my hips and place my hands on the bed above his head for leverage, then submit to the ageless rhythm, riding his cock while suckles my sweet milk, each of us full with the other and release fast approaching like an oncoming train.

A Rich Man's World

fetish PicturePainter 2018-01-28

But the sweet looking 'counter girl' has caught my eye now with her mini skirted bare thighs and over exposed cleavage pushed into the tight red blouse around her big fat tits. And I know that this little whore will never have seen anything that big, but who gives a fuck about what she feels anyway! I actually take pleasure in ripping her blouse open despite her meek protests and then squeezing her young fat tits so hard they hurt before pushing her to the chair and standing over her. "It's meant to fucking hurt!" I shove my cock into her tight little cunt again.

In Lust & Death

fetish SexyJennaInk 2018-01-28

Damn fucking straight, and you know that's what every little vampirella wants to do. And if the pierced boy in question is wearing fishnet and black leather pants, with messy black hair covering his face...Mmmm. When I found this tasty morsel, I wanted to lay him inside the casket, shut the lid, and tear the fishnet from his body. He's not so patient, and his hands are already working up inside my silk panties. As the fishnet became nothing more than strands of torn fabric encasing his chest, my right hand slid slowly down to the fly of his pants. Trying to remove such items as pants- especially tight black leather ones- while inside of a closed casket was, however, tricky.

Dorm Fantasy

fetish MrAngelFMS 2018-01-28

After a moment of profuse sucking and licking, she pulled them from my lips, and slathered my cock with the spittle, taking it between her toes she began to pump again. Ideas fluttering through my mind, I felt her slide her big toe between my lips, and I ran my tongue over it, feeling her right foot playing with the head of penis. Slowly she stopped moving, keeping her big toe inside of me, she release her grasp on my cock and set her foot down. "Do not swallow it boy, keep it in your mouth, and savor it." I nodded, and moved down, licking the cum from her pussy, and leg.

When One Bathroom Door Closes...

fetish Askawakky 2018-01-28

As soon as Roger's stream of pee hit the water in the toilet, the fingers of Cammie's right hand slipped down under the bedclothes and into her soft, thin nightie. Cammie turned her head so quickly to the door that a spray of piss fell to the floor from her open mouth. Cammie started masturbating furiously and almost growled as she leaned forward, grabbing Frank's leg with her free hand and shortening the distance between his cock and her hungry mouth. She lurched forward on her knees, taking the red head of Frank's cock into her wet mouth, using her tongue to lick the last vestiges of pee from its tiny slit. Cammie a man's cock for the first time, the sharp, meaty flavour, the slimy texture, and of course the urine.

My little clit

fetish andygone 2018-01-28

I'd lick her beautiful cunt to start with tasting all her juices, and once ready would fuck her with the dildo, with her legs spread wide with her wand on her clit. Flashes of a big, huge dick filling her on the sofa, filling her mouth, her eyes looking longingly at the owner, deep and intent on satisfying a real cock, whilst I look on, or get her pussy ready with my mouth, before he fucks her like she deserves to be fucked - deep and hard, till she is a mess, done; worn-out on the bed, her pussy gaping open dripping his hot, sticky fluid.

Peter's College Swim Class Ch. 02

fetish Peter93 2018-01-28

"Yeah, but we don't all look like them." Scott said pointing to Hunter and Adam. Adam and Hunter were on the end joking around looking like two professional swimmers, and Matthew was just getting in, so I took the only open shower head on the right. You have to shower for 10 minutes and the next class starts soon." Josh said as he walked in fully clothed with a stop watch. "OK, hurry up." Josh said annoyed at Brock as he grabbed the towel around his waist and pulled it off him. I glanced over and saw the water run down his shoulders and over his baby smooth white ass that I had seen earlier when I checked his underwear size.

will there be a "nxtyme"......

fetish nxtyme 2018-01-28

Then she seemed to take forever lighting several candles she had brought to set the mood.....We cuddled and the kisses were long and deep and I could feel her trying hard to get me to enter her. After a few deep and hard thrusts I had her pinned against a wall the bed was up against.....we were in missionary position and she had those legs sooo open.....I stopped while in real deep; just basking in the moment of bliss I felt because I had her pinned and the mini-vibrator was still going as I held her tight. I was in a daze and out of my mind by now...I gave only a couple of more thrusts and I could feel her start to cum.....the trembing in her body became almost uncontrolable as I felt her go over the top.

Maria the Closer

fetish joefelton 2018-01-28

Angela knows everything about Maria's husband, Marcus, like the fact that he loves looking at, sniffing, and eating pussy, and Maria knows that Angela's husband, Jason, loves getting pegged in the ass with a strap-on dildo. Unfortunately, Maria and Marcus walked in on them with Jason's dick buried in Angela's pussy, which was a little awkward to say the least. He looked over at the counter to his left, which had a sign on the wall that said "Family Planning Clinic." A beautiful young Hispanic woman in a white nurse's uniform sat behind the counter. A minute later an older woman wearing surgical scrubs came into the waiting room and walked over to the Family Planning reception desk.

Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 07

fetish belab 2018-01-28

Some of the legendary stars would call for me to see the massive growth of jet black hair in my armpits and one three time Oscar winner in fact playfully used to rub his rather inadequate penis in the fur in my bushy armpits. He was begging to fuck my bushy armpits and though it was a strange request coming from a Hollywood superstar it was something that many of my lovers wanted to do. His white cock wrapped into my jet-black bushy armpits was quite a sight. The superstar started pumping his cock in my unshaven underarms just like John my director used to love doing.

Love Letter

fetish CyberErica 2018-01-28

With the sight of the girls clean shave pussy my hand dived inside my knickers and a finger shot up my pussy, but this wasn't enough. I tore my jeans and knickers down, leaned back against a tree, two fingers of one hand dived up my soaking pussy, the middle finger of the other hand found my hard clit and started to rub it. I push three fingers up your hot, wet pussy while I suck, lick and nibble your clit. Your fingers spread the lips of my pussy wider and I hear you say, "I'm ready." All of a sudden a fountain of rich yellow fluid erupts from me, you lean forward and it splashes all over your face.