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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Panty Man Ch. 03


"Why do I get the feeling that I would be amazed by your panty collect," said Cynthia with a snorting laugh. I like showing my tits, too, but showing my panties are much easier to do than showing my tits." She watched as he slowly stroked his cock. "Well, that's where we differ, Norman, I don't consider flashing my panties a perversion." She watched him sitting in his car stroking his cock while sniffing her panties. "I need real sex, whereas, I'm getting the impression, mostly by watching you stroke yourself as you sniff my panties, that you don't need a woman, per se, just their panties." "Well, you said that exposing your panties is a sexual stimulant. "Brilliant, Norman, that's so cool." Cynthia masturbated while watching him stroking himself while he sniffed her panties.

It's A Long Story

fetish afanofyou 2018-01-28

I told her about the time I had a mouthful of my cum and was walking back to my desk and found my boss in my office and got startled because I didn't see him right away and spit some out, I just played off like I coughed up some flem. "It's a long story as to how it came to be that I, a straight male, willingly took a fat cock in my mouth and sucked the head while rolling my tongue on the tip moments before it shot load after load of cum down my throat." I think you'll have to wait for part 2 of this story.

Malady And Therapy

fetish ldrequiv 2018-01-28

"Something wrong, Scott?" She'd pulled white latex gloves over her slender hands and was rummaging through a cabinet. She stepped to the central gadget and turned a knob, and the device configured itself into a horizontal surface that was part cushion and part open-frame, above which stood a tall inverted-U of chromed bars hung with assumedly medical devices. Between the chest cushion and the narrower pelvic support pad, his belly hung between the long members of the device. He heard a knob being turned, and the rings gently pried his thighs apart, spreading his buttocks and exposing his anus. Her soft, warm hand closed around his erection and began to stroke it, gently, regularly.

A True Fan

fetish usemytongue 2018-01-27

I pulled down both cups with both my hands and started licking and sucking on the left tit like a mad man. She closed her mouth, let the whole thing spread on her tongue, gave a "mmmm" as she enjoyed the way she tasted and swallowed the whole thing. As a fan of my stories, she knew I was joking, but she came close to me and started taking off my clothes. When I felt her warm breath and her hot tongue on my penis, I opened my eyes and was welcomed by a perfectly puckered hole right in front of me. I started sucking her pussy from behind getting all her juices all over my face while my finger kept toying with her clit.

Being taken by two Voyeurs in the Park

fetish 2018-01-27

My husband was up and about, which was a pity, as I was in the mood for lovemaking, and lying there basking in the sunlight I run my hands over my nude body, getting excited with the feel of my erect nipples, stimulating my palms, and vise versa, and the inevitability of reaching between my slightly raised and open thighs, my fingers slipped in and out of me, initially randomly but then with regularity and rhythm, I was having a morning quickie and getting into my stride, when to my horror I suddenly realized my precarious situation, the 'Fucking milkman', could see from his cart, right onto to where I lay.

Stretched Ch. 01

fetish Tim Smith 2018-01-27

It was then the woman stopped their digital assault and Maxine held my wife's arms firm behind her as Maggie took each breast in hand, massaging, squeezing and pulling on my wife's nipples one by one then finally at the same time. As Maggie rested her black vinyl gloved hand on the front of the chair while searching the suitcase I could see all four of her fingers covered in my wife's own lubrication, knowing now they had all been inside her pussy at one point or another. The process had started out slowly but quickly grew in pace as Maggie raised and lowered her elbow while cupping and un cupping her hand in April's pussy, eventually creating a slurping sound once a large amount of what I assumed was some sort of lubrication had been worked up inside her.

Odd Party

fetish need2havelessons 2018-01-27

The room began to warm up quite a bit and most of the women looked like their makeup was going to run down their faces soon. Penelope smiled a wide smile as her husband asked why the women started without them, as if she didn't know that this had been planned all along or that the men didn't just finish watching their wives getting it on together in the study where there is a large television set. At the same time Jack was fucking Jason up the ass with his own cock. Then Jack took some ice and inserted them one cube at a time into her pussy, then he pulled the ass plug out long enough to stuff a few ice cubes into her asshole, and then he replaced the ass vibe.

Cum to Me

fetish robertjones 2018-01-27

I explained how she could use it to lube her dildos prior to fucking her tight cunt - which by the way - is waxed routinely as per my suggestion. I was both excited beyond belief to be cumming in a vial knowing she would be drinking it, fucking it into her cunt or anointing herself with it. So, a vial of cum and a massive fucking dildo. Opening my fuckhole with the fingers of one hand, I used the other to pour the remaining contents of the vial into my cunt, my greedy, fuck-ready cunt. I have a lovely glass dildo and I was now using him to rub over my clit and my mons, as the monster cock fucked me.

A Spanking Good Time Ch. 02

fetish Quin 2018-01-27

“What would you feel like now if say; three more men were present – watching and becoming aroused – scared or turned on – or both?” Stan’s voice was slow and deliberate. I was quickly pulled away and a chair was placed under me – being forcibly sat down my head was turned upward and the cock was again offered to my mouth – they all wanted to watch him ejaculate into my mouth! When the men sensed a change in me they stopped – more torment, I thought – but no, now they unfastened me from the manacles and turning me around I felt hands stripping off my clothes. It felt hot, burning like my arse and I closed my eyes not wanting to see the men’s faces.

Pain and pleasure

fetish 2018-01-27

teasingly until she starts moaning and tries to talk with the ball gag in her mouth. I get an instant smile on my face and my clit starts to tingle harder and my pussy gets wetter. A finger is being inserted into her ass and she moans while she still has her Masters cock in her mouth. You let out a moan as well.You take out your cock and shove it into my mouth and make me gag saliva dripping all over your balls and all over my chin. My eyes start watering too, As I gag on your cock I try to beg you to put it in farther until your balls are in my mouth as well.


fetish Irishqt1980 2018-01-27

“Making sure you don’t get burned.” I replied as I slid a hand just under the bikini bottom and gently squeezed. A moment later I moaned as her lips pressed against mine, her tongue stroked mine and my hands moved from her hips to her hair. “Alex, fuck.” She hissed as I squeezed her perfect ass firmly, she moaned as I slipped a single finger into her snatch pushing up on her spongy center. “Please what Mrs. G?” I said moving lower, my tongue rimming her ass. I slid into her pussy to lubricate me before slowly easing two fingers into her tight ass. “I’ll be gentle.” I said as I eased the head of my cock into her tight ass.

Author Author

fetish pakled 2018-01-27

It was a tough site; usually they'd require an editor to look over the piece before it got uploaded. He went to the site, made sure his webcam was working (5 times), and found himself looking at SwellingBelly, in her computer room. She seemed to know all the waitresses, who gave him inquisitive looks as they came and went. He doffed a shoe, and started working his own foot up her well-turned calf, as she looked down at the table, then up at him. "So how does it compare to your fantasy?" he teased, his other hand moving against the other mound, twirling the hardness on her chest as she closed her eyes for a second.

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 05

fetish Suzanne James 2018-01-27

Talking and laughing with Alex and Jonathan, the 'single man' at the house party, I found myself standing a bit closer than I would normally and as I was seated between them at dinner, I 'accidentally' bumped their arms with my breast as I reached for my wineglass. While Jack was getting me ready, Alex was helping Robin release her hugely full breasts from the confines of her dress, which was designed for easy access. I looked over, and Eric was in a similar position to Jonathan, but he had one had on Robin's enormous belly, stroking it as he nursed from her swollen milky tit.

Claire's Transformation Ch. 01

fetish Weaver_ 2018-01-27

Claire sighed to herself, though inwardly glad this 'mirror session' didn't remind her of the rest of her hopelessly immature looking body with its small mounds of breasts and narrow hips. She drifted finally to sleep, her last thoughts of round boobs and butts and the beautiful and mysterious face of Kitty Brookes, eyeing her knowingly. Her lips looked more kissable - slightly fuller and more pouty; her dark hair looked thicker and perhaps a bit longer and Claire thought it shone with a new lustre as it fell around one side of her face, though it was hard to tell. As she spun around to look at her ass, she felt her massive cock thwack into her thigh, giving her an odd tingle of pleasure.

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 02

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-01-27

I got the same wet feeling between my legs as I did when Natasha's toes were in my mouth, being sucked on with gusto. Ripe with sweat and that unfamiliar scent, I brought the toe in my mouth and my tongue danced around it like it was a little candy. My pretty soles were smooth and soft from my recent pedicure and although not as gorgeous as Avery's, I think someone with a foot fetish would love them, just as much as I did. "Well, if you hate touching my feet, I have a better idea." I brought my big toe on my right foot, dug in under my sock on my left foot, and lifted the sock off.

Correcting Annette

fetish pixandwords 2018-01-27

She looked up from the drawing and turned her head toward me, the movement causing her gleaming copper hair to brush my cheek. As if aware of my gaze, she `switched' slightly as she walked, drawing my eyes like a magnet to the liquid movement of her full buns beneath the swaying skirt. I had to know for sure that you were the `J' who had created those pictures." Briefly her fingertips brushed my drawing of the woman bending over the horse, lingering briefly on the upturned buns. Her dark, pleated skirt is raised up to her waist, revealing her full, rounded, naked buttocks, and her long shapely legs slightly parted and encased in sheer stockings, the garter straps biting into the flesh of her thighs.

An Evening in Cozy Arm(pit)s

fetish revol 2018-01-27

Both Hanna and Brenda are well built women, fair skinned, with large armpits, always wearing open type sleeveless blouse or dresses showing lots of shoulder and waist flesh. As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and the sexy folds of her waist, Hanna came and embraced him from behind, and they started mutual underarm sucking, tasting, kissing, licking and armpit biting and munching sessions amongst the three of them. Then Brenda came to Vicky, and he clasped her in a tight and lusty hug, and licked her sharp nose and perfumed silky smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit. Vicky could not hold himself, pulled Brenda in a tight embrace and started tasting, licking and kissing her shoulders and armpits.

Payback's A Bitch

fetish donnamariabpa1971 2018-01-27

Denise got up strutted over in a pair of 5 inch heels and said to Chris "Shame your mouth is taped otherwise you could lick my ass," Denise teased as she walked away lifting her butt up as she layed down next to Chris and began to suck Rich's cock hard with her ass in the air a mere inches from Chris's mouth and eyes. Amy licked her lips of any remaining cum and then went and spit a few drops into Chris's open mouth cum and she watched the liquid exit her mouth and into Chris's mouth as he greedily sucked down her girlfriend's pussy juice as is cock was still big time rock hard.

Estudando Física e Química

fetish 2018-01-27

Felipe said: My fantasy was always to put several women sucking my cock at the same time. I replied: My fantasy is to go with my husband in a house swing, take a roll with a taste of my husband in the ass at the same time give my pussy to another man and suck several cocks to pour the hot milk over my face. Alan said something that made Marcos Felipe and a hard and totally unfunny Carla: My Fantasy Meter is nice with a married woman with my friends, why do not you Nany? Felipe pulled me to him was when Alan put his finger in my ass and I cried like a cow while I sucked Mark's cock.

Margaret's Sacrifice

fetish RoteSilke 2018-01-27

The feel of her smooth lips was like nothing she'd ever felt, and she wanted to do more, but realized that she had an appointment that she was expected to keep, so after one last look, she turned and walked out the door of the bedroom. Naked in the hot sun, hands cuffed behind her back, pubic hair waxed away to leave her smooth...yes, she was on the way to being as he would like her. After he had waited what he felt was long enough, William picked up the straight razor and began shaving Margaret's head in long, even strokes, very slowly, so as not to nick or mar its newly exposed surface.


fetish Trubbycat 2018-01-27

Sharon took one of our mutual favorites and put the dvd in the player, making sure that as she bent over I got a long view of her ample behind, panties-free under the tight skirt, stretching the pvc to its utmost. I put my arms around her and held her closely and lovingly, more like a young teenager on a semi-innocent date than a grown man, rapidly approaching middle-age, sitting naked on a couch with a beautiful woman in shiny black pvc sitting in his lap watching a porno on the home theatre. In the blue light of the television it seemed to hang in mid-air before traveling across Sharon's shiny ass and back, reaching almost to where her tousled red hair swished across her shoulders.

My Wife's Patriotic Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-01-27

When I met my wife in college, I was truly blessed to learn that she liked wearing very sexy panties. Needless to say, the secret view and the bright colors of this new undergarment hugging my wife's pussy turned me on. My wife laid down a card in her game and, every so slowly, her hand reached under the table, grabbed her g-string and pulled it aside. As I continued to press the fabric to my nostrils and soak up my wife's scent, I noticed the panties were a little damp. As I caught my breath and my wits, I began to wonder w hat I was going to do with my wife's cum-soaked panties. I watched as my wife removed her cum-soaked panties.

Jemima in the Box

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-01-27

Starting at the bottom of the stocking, where Jemima's feet were pinned together, a raised hem had been sewn into the lycra so that it spiralled around her legs several times as it made its way up to her waist. The hardest part would be making it downstairs with her legs pinned together, but then Jemima had some considerable experience of getting about in restricted positions and wasted no time in rising to her feet from the bed and then dropping to the floor where she dragged herself forward like a bizarre snake towards the door. Her face with the pale skin and dolls eyes above red-painted cheeks, the curves of her body made to look like the limbs of a plaything and her curving legs emerging from an ornate box beneath her.

Fun at the Shoestore

fetish Gynorotic 2018-01-27

So I make sure my tie was straight, and casually asked her if there was anything she wanted to try on, and she replied "not yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know." Feeling like I wasn't going to see those feet of hers, I started to turn to walk back to the counter when she said "On second thought, I'd like to see a pair of these in size six, please." Hearing that, I proceeded to run, err, walk to the back of the store to retrieve the sneakers she wanted to try on.