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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Clinton's Rule

fetish smokelover 2018-01-27

She took a long slow drag and exhaled her smoke. She took a long slow inhale and exhaled the smoke right at me. She exhaled the smoke right at me and placed her right boot on the left arm of the lazy boy. She placed her left hand over my mouth and raised her right hand to take another drag off of her cigarette. She raised her right hand to her mouth to take a nice drag on her cigarette. She took her right hand and removed her cigarette from her mouth so that she could dump the long ash. She took a long drag off of her cigarette and leaned down to slowly exhale the smoke over the head of my cock.

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 6

fetish satinlvr_mwf 2018-01-27

I’m gonna’ grab a shower.” And as I exited the room, wearing the first shoes I could reach, strappy stiletto heeled sandals, my caftan, and a smile, I heard the shower start. I shook my head, knowing I was going to agree to this, but getting angry with myself, and angrier with Juan. My caftan fell back into place, and he looked at the clock, his face falling in disappointment. “She looks like she’s got the body, I’ll give you that.” I was trying to dump my clothes from my handcuffs, so I could get some help, and wanted to speak up. I need help, first…” was all I got out, before the tall one had simply reached out and clipped the leash to my collar.

Legs in a Bookstore

fetish SquiresBoy 2018-01-27

I massage your leg until the muscles relax, then move down and cup your foot in my hand. There is nothing hotter than a woman lifting her leg, bending her knee, pointing her toe as a man peels a stocking away. On my knees before you like a knight before a queen, I roll the stocking back up your leg (I have a lot of practice) and reverently replace your shoes. I go the opposite direction, Je-Ki. I remember the feel of your tiny feet around my cock, the smooth length of your leg and your beautiful toes inside my mouth. I remember the sound you made as I sucked your big toe, and I move my hand down to squeeze my cock through my pants.

Thul Pa Ch. 03

fetish Smother 2018-01-27

Flowing from her arms like I have never seen before the fur is racing about the bench; over top, around, underneath, its relentless movement is spellbinding. She has turned her attention back to the bench and begins to move her arms like she is gathering up the fur from around the entire room. Pressed up against the wall with the fur creeping up my thighs towards my crotch I look to see the furry heap allow two legs and then two arms to slip from its grasp. The white plush pile smells exquisite, and even though I can feel the fleece working to consume the body on the wooden surface below me the head of my stiffened cock is dripping profusely.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 05

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-01-27

I squeeze her breasts together, putting both nipples within range of my mouth and caress them with my tongue, my hands roaming over every inch of her enormous soft tits. I imagine Alison enjoying it and showing me how she likes big, black cock in her mouth, telling me that it feels so big andhard and tastes so much better than mine. I picture Doug standing there, hands on his hips, looking down on her as she works his black snake into her mouth. As before, I suddenly imagine Alison impaled on Doug's huge member, rapidly sliding her wet, stretched pussy lips up and down on HIS cock. Imaginary Doug's big hands fly up to her tits and caress them as she pumps him in and out.

The Cop

fetish Irishqt1980 2018-01-27

The thought of his slightly callused fingers finding my clit and rubbing it until I came was almost enough to make me cum right there on the spot. He smiled at me and said “I can make your speeding ticket go away, you do realize you were going ninety in a fifty-five don’t you?” “I’m a bad girl officer, and I’m feisty, I need to be handcuffed so I can’t escape.” I said brushing against his fly with my hips. I shivered slightly as he ran his hands up and down each leg, he stopped only once, when he realized I was wearing a garter and stockings and not your typical tights and no panties.

Strapon Escort

fetish keithdavis1010 2018-01-27

She ran her hands through my hair getting a good grip with her other hand she dick slapped me lightly across the face then pushed the cock into my mouth and began short thrusting motions face fucking me. She really started to pump my throat saying, “Oh yeah faster, faster - that’s it, take it bitch - you fucking whore, suck that cock!” It was like she was a real man face fucking me on the verge of orgasm. She stepped back started pulling her clothes off quickly saying, “You suck cock like a good little slut now take your clothes off.” She slapped my ass and said, “You make a perfect bottom bitch I can’t wait to set it up for you.

The Letter Ch. 02

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-01-27

An image popped into my head of Robert, my beefy six foot two husband, lying on our bed frantically rubbing out an orgasm whilst wearing nothing but sweaty nylon tights! Rob's cheeks flushed with a little embarrassment as he took the tights from me but he did as he was told and slid then deftly over his feet and up his long powerful legs. I slowly began stripping, taking my time, drawing out my strip-tease and smiling as I watched the effect it was having on Rob. As I removed each item of clothing I discarded it dramatically across the room with wild abandon. Trussed up, bound and at my beckoning Rob worked my cunt, licking it, sucking my swollen clit and fucking me with his long tongue.

The Japanese Pee Slut

fetish NorthwestRain 2018-01-27

From the nice soft ones," I flicked a couple of pages of Asian girls in bikinis and underwear, "to the hard ones like this." I turned a few more pages and showed her some close up shots of shiny pussies gently opened. I let the camera fire on automatic, making sure to shoot the entire length of her pee until the final drips fell, then I zoomed out and took shots of her putting the bottle back on the table. I pulled my fingers out and watched her hole slowly close then rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, covering it in warm secretions before gently pushing it into her arse.

After a

fetish PrincessUpYours 2018-01-27

I looked into full length mirror in our bedroom, my 52DD breasts barely contained in my leather bikini top, I run my hands down my hips, lifting the black fishnet miniskirt just a bit higher. Slowly I took all 9 inches into my mouth, his hands buried in my long red hair. I feel like I can barely keep myself up when his hand glides down to my center, he starts rubbing and pinching my clit and I scream out his name, with one final deep thrust he shoots a 3rd load into my bottom. "I know love," he whispers as he leans over to give me a long passionate kiss, his hand moving to my tush and pressing to keep the come in me.

Vixens - The Triple Story 01

fetish Nellskitchen 2018-01-27

Knowing the agency kept things from girls who got sent to the penalty box, Celeste, undoubtedly acting under Eileen's orders, had intentionally concealed Estevan's agenda. Eileen had handed Lissette a mess and though what he wanted was nothing new to her, she wasn't in the mood today. On balance, she thought him a decent trick and mindful of Eileen's warnings, Lissette humbly texted the madam, assuring her she would do him again if he wanted. Scrubbing herself till she hurt and as clean as a girl can be clean after suffering such humiliation, the harried escort dressed again, locked her apartment door behind her, dumped her filthy clothing into the chute and rushed off to her second matinee.

A Day Of Discipline & Degradation

fetish English Bob 2018-01-27

It seemed that part of the punishment I was to receive for my crime was to witness my wife and mistress with a better man than myself. Mistress stepped out of them and stood again, open-legged, as he eased two fingers into her wet pussy. Semi erect and now in the caressing hands of my wife, his weapon twitched higher and higher towards a right angle with his body. As the minutes passed and I watched the unnamed man thrusting so expertly into my wife's body, my excitement overtook me. I tried to withdraw, my eyes wide in horror, but my mistress kept a firm grip on my hair pushing me inexorably forward.

Elaine's Neighbors

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-01-27

At lunch Tammy was informed that her father had asked her mother to be up when he got home because he needed to talk to her. After dinner Tammy went to her room to get her stuff ready for the night, supposedly, instead Tammy turned on her computer to see that her mother was at the computer, fingers playing with herself as she read the story on the screen. Tammy watched as her father entered the room, walking over to where her mother was sitting, robe held closed. She always noticed the guys, and sometimes ladies, turn to stare at her mother long sexy legs when they walked through the mall, so she wondered what the problem could be between her and her father.

Toothpaste... .

fetish nightlore 2018-01-27

My wife can go months without an orgasm, I keep my balls full, never know when she may want sex or four-play, some times she likes her cunt sucked off, I can just fill my pants full of cum without touching.. That night she had a few drinks, I needed to cum so bad, helped her to bed I put a touch of toothpaste on her clit and after about 20 minuets she just sat up in bed her eyes went into the back of her head she had a huge orgasm, the sight of was to much and I spunked in my pants...

Camping with a big cock

fetish massivepenis21 2018-01-27

Monica then told me she was going to go swimming nude and hoped i wouldnt mind john seeing her shaved tight pussy and bald tight asshole which i would normally fuck every night. So here we are, im fucking my hot gf in the ass which didnt take long to cum and i lay next to her, but she kept wanking john..Then Monica started sucking and he started fingering her asshole and i was like what the fuck. Monica said to me that she is going to punish me for all the anal i gave her over the years and the punishment will be I was not allowed to wear cloths at all and no sexual pleasure apart from watching John pound her tight asshole.

Beech Mountain 5 -- Debra

fetish dano29692 2018-01-27

"Guilty --and if you would care to come to my room later, my table and Hot Stones will take all your aches and pains away." I got to my room, turned on my Hot Stones and changed the sheets on my table.. I began to lay the Hot Stones down each side of her spine, all the way to her cute ass cheeks. Debra was trying to scoot back up the table, but I placed her legs over my shoulders and drove in another few inches..Her breathing really took off then, coming in short rapid gasps.. I looked at him and said-- “She was with me last night.” His face turned beet red , and raising his finger to her face he began to shake it at her.

Teased by my Mistress’s Feet

fetish 5horn 2018-01-27

She stood behind me, with one foot placed on either side of my knees, she knew I was having a visual treat with her red teasing toes before me, she let go of her grip on my hair and then slowly brought her hand down my chest, rubbing over my bare flesh until she reached my groin, she bypassed my harden cock and began to fondle my aching balls, grabbing them and then tickling them with her finger tips, after a few minutes of this my mind was racing, I was so aroused by her feet, I knew it would take only a few strokes of my rock hard cock and I would explode all over the floor.

Nylons, Viagra, & Neckties, Oh My Ch. 02

fetish squirty69 2018-01-27

I want you to eat me Tom. I'm dying to feel your tongue inside me, making me come all over your face while you lick all my juices up." Jane knew that Tom could not reach her pussy in his current state, but didn't mind teasing him either. Jane moaned her approval as Tom continued to clean her foot of his sperm, licking up the large globs and sucking out the rest that had already soaked through her nylons. Jane gasped loudly, the insides of her thighs twitching as she once again grabbed the back of Tom's head and shoved it up into her pussy, beginning to grind her hips slowly back and forth.

Linda Ch. 03

fetish ableoneable 2018-01-27

"Come on Dan. You have told me you have fantasized about me with a younger man." She then lowered her voice slightly and added, "Doesn't the thought of me - "she paused and bit her lip before continuing, "sucking Steven's cock - turn you on." "I am going to go up and 'tuck my son into bed'" Linda said with that same gleam in her eye. "I know that movie about mother's and their sons made you hard Steven." she said sotto voice, the gleam back where it belonged. As she sucked she crossed her legs and I imagined how it looked to Dan. This sexy bitch wearing tight, tight pants and a pair of come fuck me pumps was on her hands an knees sucking her son's cock.

Camilla Ch. 057

fetish MawrGorshin 2018-01-27

Agape, apparently influenced by the Nigrovum, seemed more open to the idea of having sex with Candice when Camilla talked with him at breakfast on Thursday morning; for he said his dreams had been pleasant, and he even asked her, "So, how's everything going with your pretty black-haired--uh, red-haired friend, Candice? As pouting Camilla went into her boss's office, she thought, Candice and I are two women who have more power than you--or any man--will ever fucking know. "OK, baby, let's go shopping." Camilla, wearing his raincoat, put her shirt and pants in her desk drawer, and she and her boss got their umbrellas and left the office together, insouciant of all the gossips.

Mistress and My Queen

fetish hyperpress 2018-01-27

The prospect of you standing there, lifting your own dress over your panties and pulling the satin material taught against your own pussy for me to stare at, might be risky enough to turn your mind toward what it would be like to perform so lasciviously an act in front of me. I wouldn't move at all, just feel the vibrations and let my pussy soak the cock inside me until I wanted to fuck it and then take it out and deep throat it." I looked at you, showing you how I loved looking at you in this position, then with cock in hand, plunged balls deep into your pussy and began pounding your cunt like an animal. "Fuck my cunt, lick my asshole, cum inside me, make me a filthy cock loving whore James."

Mom's Hidden Toy

fetish 2018-01-27

As the big blunt snout of the dildo plunged into my pussy, and I rocked and strained on her bed, thrusting myself up to swallow its length again and again, I was sure I knew exactly how my mom felt when she did the same thing to herself. I already knew the delights that that plastic toy could bring to a horny cunt, and I used it like a man on her, stimulating my mom until her tongue fluttered inside my mouth and her lips seized at mine as if they meant to suck them right off my face.

Doctor's Unique Physical Exam

fetish goalei1234 2018-01-27

I just let myself go and began to moan louder and louder while the Dr. was sucking, flicking, massaging, squeezing all at the same time. He began to suck harder, caress my g-spot with his fingers deep inside me and massage my breast all at the same time. I don't know how long the Dr. fucked me but it must have been about five minutes before I began to feel the orgasm coming again. He must have had a lot of cum for when I looked up his eyes were closed and he was holding on to my waist tight and I could feel the twitching of his cock inside me.


fetish zandoraus 2018-01-27

She still had my balls by her left hand, she looked down at them, smiled and said, such nice small balls you have, can we make a deal? She then began rocking her fist left and right with the same f***e of her palm, she then looked at me with this big smile and asked, If you let me punch your balls trapped like this you don't have to tip me for today and the next visit will be on me? I was shocked, she then looked down at her fist on my balls and began the punching motion, her fist coming down slowly square on both my balls asking me if we had a deal?