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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 03

fetish Bernie54 2018-10-29

"Yes Colette he is Tracy's slave." Joan said. "You should wash your mouth slave." Cindy said as she was walking out. As you can see he likes his new position in life." Tracy said out loud looking at his erected penis. After peeing in him and being cleaned she remained seated moving her asshole back to his mouth feeling a fart coming. Like he did this morning when he threw up after being used by Colette." Joan told Tracy. "I mean I would need him to go down on me." Joan said looking at Tracy. "Joan you can stay if you want." Tracy said as she started to floss. You may use the toilet then sit on the floor beside the bed." She said walking out of the bathroom.

Black On Black Pegging: Football

fetish Samuelx 2018-10-29

Lydia Bright smiled victoriously as she slid her strap-on dildo into Shane McKay's tight backdoor. Every heterosexual woman at the University of Calgary wanted a piece of Shane McKay. And Jamaican-born Cheerleader and business management student Lydia Bright was definitely no exception. Shane McKay stood out among the hot and sexy American men who descended upon the City of Calgary, Alberta, every year. Lydia Bright needed herself a good Black man, and Shane McKay looked like he would fit the bill. Canada had a lot of fine football players but guys from the States, especially African-American guys like Shane McKay, were definitely something else. After the game, Shane asked Lydia to come grab a bite with him at a nice Texas Roadhouse-style restaurant in Calgary's East End with his father.

Pee Slut

fetish dreambitch 2018-10-29

Then, I put on my sexy, black 4" heels as I decided it was time I head out of my home to fulfill the task my mistress commanded. So, it was one of those days when my mistress had ordered me to do something for her and, of course, I was gonna follow her command. So, around eight in the morning, I got into my car and headed out. I pushed my inside in order to release my piss while I stood at a public place, at eight-thirty on a Monday morning. While she did that, she attracted a lot of attention towards us and I had around eight people, male and female look at me while I pissed myself in public, like the dirty bitch that I had become.

Humiliated Muscle Stud Stripper

fetish Cosmo57 2018-10-29

One by one the women gasped and soon they were grabbing him by his big muscular cheeks and "accidentally" pushing their shoulders or breasts into his hard crotch. "But first we're going to have a "little" fun." Jack noticed the emphasis on the word little and felt himself flush hot and red. And with that, Doris pushed the head of the dildo into the stripper's hot, tight, hole. And when Doris obliged, when she fucked his hot, arrogant, stripper hole in and out, in and out; and Jack writhed and bucked and groaned; and all the ladies laughed and took photos and teased him; Officer Anton, stripper, bodybuilder, arrogant brooding stud, exploded and came like never before without anybody even touching his throbbing little cock.

The Cape

fetish ThePhantom 2018-10-29

As he tongue enters my mouth her small hands slowly run their fingers across the cape from my shoulders down to my hips and moans as she does it. I can feel her warm breasts pressing against my flesh as she begins to rub herself against the cool material of the cape. As she begins to gently slide it in and out of her sweet mouth I lower the cape and she disappears under a blanket of heavy black satin. Tina stops long enough to allow her arms to poke out from under my cape and circle my hips. Her hands run down the tall peaked collar to my shoulder where she hugs me tight and pressing her hot breasts against the cool front of my cape.


fetish msmilfmilk 2018-10-29

Naomi grinned, sliding an arm around her partner's waist, pulling the two of them close together, her nails dragging down the pale girl's stomach slowly as her lips closed down on Aduras left breast, tongue teasing out and savoring the sweet milk of it, feeling the girl shake gently at the sudden contact. Pulling off the left with a stream of milk dripping down the pale girl's chest, Naomi lapped up the final stream from it before her lips closed down on the right breast, giving it the same amount of loving attention as her fingers rolled deeper in the silky folds between her partner's legs.

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-10-29

"I didn't bring one, but I'll be happy to email it if you'd like." The store clerk seemed pleased by Michelle's enthusiasm and eagerness, though in taking a careful look at her appearance, it did not seem that she would be a good fit for such a specialized boutique. "It's good to see you here Michelle," said Cecilia, the lady with the angled short black hair, now wearing a long red sweater dress that appeared to be cashmere. In a lavender floral print dress and dark purple heels, Michelle confidently admired her display work as a very attractive couple entered the store; a man and a woman in their mid-twenties.

Intro to medical fetish

fetish Annie_S 2018-10-29

The new stretching feeling and massaging my g-spot made my pussy gently pulsate around his fingers. He slowly inserted it half way into my ready hole then lingered a little bit, pulling my labia apart with his thumb and index finger then continued to invade me. I wanted him hard, even his balls needed to tighten up nicely for me, so I could play with them and I could restrain them with my little gadget. With his digits still inside me it was a bit difficult to archive a perfect seal, so he told me to keep it firm, while he was pumping the bulb with his left hand and me with his right.

you should never go home

fetish woreout 2018-10-29

My mother in law stood at the door and gave my wife and me big hugs. She said Im going to have sex with all my old guy friends and you will stay here and talk to my folks . All he said I had planed to fuck the living shit out of her for old times. My mother in law stood up and said sweetheart she's going to be gone for a couple hours at least , are you going to stand there the whole time? I said I know its just I thought it was going to be a good time for the two of us...not just her. I said yeah thats very polite of them to shake my hand before that fuck my wife.


fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-10-29

He was the last to have shot his load into Jasmine's sweet mouth and he was still savouring the pleasure as Astorius explained to him that he was going to give her one firm stroke of the cane across her buttocks. The most enthusiastic of the old men approached and Astorius helped by taking Jasmine by the hair and guiding the semi hard prick into her mouth. After a few words recounting the importance of the numbers and the magical significance of the seven scourging strokes which would protect the eighteen year old vulva from the ravages of the beast, Astorius noted that the worrying hour of six-o-clock was approaching.

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 05

fetish lesliejones 2018-10-29

The girl gasped at the response and Annabel now told her to bend over the horse so that the prefects could strap her in." Susan blanched and asked, "Miss, in front of everyone, with the boys" she pointed to Barry Jordan and Ken Nelson—"seeing this?" Elaine, who had acquired a bit of a sadistic streak in her several terms spent as an aide to the teachers disciplining misbehaving pupils, smiled as she told Annabel that the punishments seemed appropriate to the offenses and the needs of the pupils for discipline. "Miss," Elaine said with a face that did not disclose her pleasure at the severity of the discipline in which she participated, "you clearly know quite well what these misbehaving pupils require and I and the other prefects feel you are helping the school mightily in maintaining good order here."

Home alone

fetish styxx 2018-10-29

The wolf took a step closer, its head coming into the relative light cast by the crack of the door while the rest of its body stayed in the shadows. Jan sat back; placing her palms flat on the floor behind her while the huge animal stepped closer to her, bending its head slightly to lick her throat again, then her shoulders in long lavish passes of its hot tongue. It was an assault on her insides, her labia, her senses and desires; Jan gasped, gritted her teeth, came and pushed back on his cock, driving him deeper, filling her cunt and womb with his rock solid cock in a primal need to feel him impregnate her.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-10-29

After what seems like a life time, Mike walks over to the fridge and grabs a couple of beers then turns on his heels and heads back to the couch. I pull it up to me and admire the package; reading the warning about cancer and emphysema, a familiar thought comes to mind "Fuck it." I take a cig from the pack and light it, taking a nice relaxing drag I blow the smoke straight up in the air. As Katie takes a big drag of her cig, I notices how she opens her mouth after exhaling and sucks a big cloud of smoke back in.

Dominique - Her place

fetish Satyr 2018-10-29

“The longer you take to get out of those wet clothes, the more water you are going to have to mop off my floor.” She said. “Ok, so put your clothes in the dryer.” She said and motioned with her eyes to the small closet at the end of the kitchen, “And get the mop out and clean my floor.” Dominique's little body shuddered and she thrust her pussy against me several times in quick succession. Dominique pressed into me and with her orgasm finished, she could focus just on pushing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. I stepped into the water and looked at Dominique's nude body.


fetish Selene 2018-10-06

Instead, the pain ceased for a moment and I heard a slight noise which I could not interpret - not until I felt my thighs stroked with what I knew was his belt. It felt as if he was pulling my cunt inside-out as the belt was slowly but steadily withdrawn, whilst he was still thrusting deep into me with hard, fast strokes. It was the strangest sensation, intensely erotic, making me aware of every inch of the inside surface of my cunt as I felt simultaneously the belt pulling out and his cock pushing in...

My Electric Fucking Machine

fetish johnmasters1953 2018-10-06

A few months ago i decided it would be a good idea to add a fucking machine to my large collection of bondage toys, so i did a bit of homework as to what i needed,& started searching. The slider mechanism that works the cock shaft is ex-British Military,prob off the Ark Royal ! Having got all the bits,i made the machine in under two weeks,& it really works well,any speed up to 53 pokes a minute. Anyway,the girls that visit me started using it,& loved it,even got asked if ' "Can i borrow it Sir ?" They then started a competition 'Who can ride it the longest ?' The record as i write this is - Exactly 2 hours on vaginal, only 10 mins on Anal (it always wears a condom),See the 3 pics of it.

My life changed by science (part 1)

fetish 34carolanne 2018-10-06

after lessons were over i walked to the science teacher and asked him the same question again. I desided for myself to break and entering the school the next night and do some research around this machine.It was the only possibility left to do for me. They said it was okay and my plan going to my school that night had the green light simply because they gave clearance for me to sl**pover at a friends house. after giving it some thought the only solution would be i sneak out in the morning when school opens again. As i walked into school i asked a teacher were i should be for my first lesson beeing a exchange student and all.

Please, Make Me Eat It

fetish Jay Richards 2018-10-05

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my pre-cum from your hard nipples." I said as her wet glistening nipple hung over my face. I wanted her to cunt fuck my face and force me to eat my hot cum and now it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. She groaned as she fed my cock into her all the way, then out again, she leaned forward and began to fuck me hard, her vagina was like a wet slippery hot piston fucking me deeply.

The Cabin Ch. 11

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-10-05

"Yes!" Katie whispered, "that's how this feels; so good somewhere deep down in here," she said pointing to her heart. "I thought you and I needed to spend some time together alone." Katie extended her arm, inviting her to come to bed. Katie smiled moved to the foot and slowly came to her kissing up along one leg, intentionally bypassing her sex but continuing along the path that ran up and over one breast and upward until their lips met. "Sub ken," Tracy stated directly, "up on the bed and present standing." He did is he told standing tall, feet apart, hands clasped behind his back and eyes cast in an upward gaze.

Enslaved Ch. 03

fetish fetishstories07 2018-10-05

Heather opened the door and dragged him over to the spare bedroom, pushing him inside. Heather opened the door and strutted in, ripping off his blindfold and rolling him onto his back, and sat her hot ass and crotch down on his chest, grinning wildly and running her hands over his face and hair. Part of Mike wanted freedom but the other part was in lost in her hot kiss, her scent, her eyes, her hair and her body and would do anything for her. Mike moaned as she kissed and scratched him at the same time, while grinding on his locked dick, that was now in severe pain as it tried to get hard.

Shower Time - Part 2

fetish curvykitty 2018-10-05

I feel you throb and notice that the bit of wetness that I felt earlier didn't taste like cum or precum and realize that you have lost a few drops yourself at some point. You can feel my pussy milking your fingers and my mouth sucking your cock for all I'm worth as you cum. I release your cock from my mouth in hopes that I'll be sprayed this time but instead of receiving a face full of cum I end up getting sprayed by you piss instead. I moan as I place my mouth wrapped around your cock once more but this time I wrap my lips tight and start to drink you piss right from your hard cock.

The Secret Manor of Trans-Supremacy

fetish tvisabellacoupe 2018-10-05

That we as the Intersexual Matriach Established Manor of Domination can call upon you as one of our own male whores too Recieving Cocks ORAL & ANAL Servitudes as trained too do so for our Partys as that of in Our stages of Submissive training too the Goddesses & Ladys all Transexual Mistresses & Lady shemales of this Private well Established Secret Manor House... As the Goddess Dominatrix has been twisting & stroking, digging her nails into my hard Cock n Balls (CBT) all along too that of pushing her forefinger-nail down my uthural gland as too open it up being a Sadistic women, The Goddesses shemale femdom kept cropping my buttocks as I was reading and I kept flinching as they found this amusing too watch between Yelps trying too hold the Book & Kneel & Recieve CBT Thank Mistress for cropping me & Answer I DO all at the same time...

Dumb Little Author Girly

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-10-05

Who emails an author who slaves away for weeks at a time writing a story, and the only thing they've got to say is that my fingers are more useful up my ass than on the keyboard? This time I surely wont get vulgar emails telling me to take my sex stories back to my elementary school teacher to have them proof read. "Well well well, looks like little miss author actually took the time to proof read her own work. Without all the ridicules, stupid, air head mistakes I actually had time to focus on the story, which was quite hot I don't mind telling you.

Getting To Know the Family

fetish Quietoldie 2018-10-05

After tea Pam says she wants to speak to Fred on his own so they go in the other room. After the meal I help Linda with the washing up whilst Fred and Pam walk round to the off licence to buy wine. There has been an increased need to masturbate with the thoughts of Pam and Linda taking it in every orifice with Fred and his mates playing on my mind. Shortly before it's time to go Pam says she wants to talk to Fred on his own leaving me in the living room with Linda and the boys. oh god, you like to lick Fred's cum from my pussy lips." Finally I stick my tongue into her, and begin to suck the juices directly from the source.