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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Control of Meg

fetish meandyou15_2000 2018-01-27

"You will hang your head and look at the floor in front of your feet as you stand still, facing me, and slowly remove everything but your bra and panties." Now I see what I want there is no defiance, you do exactly as your told and I can tell that you are starting to feel a little apprehensive. I see you take a deep breath through your nose smelling the strong musk of my crotch and hear a soft moan from your throat and I know that if your pussy was wet before, its soaked and dripping now. I remove my mouth from your breasts and my hand still covering your hot mound, but not moving, you again feel the cold steel on your skin this time on your right thigh.

Julia Takes Over Ch. 01

fetish bisubhubby 2018-01-27

As she emptied my cum into my mouth via her french kiss, she came all over my two fingers in her pussy. I was confused as to why it excited me so much, but I could not keep a pleasurable moan from escaping out of my cum filled mouth as my wife stroked me while she was administering her cum loaded french kiss. I could not stop thinking about being made to eat and swallow my own cum and my wife could not get enough of making me do it. When I did not move, she raised her voice just a bit to let me know she was in charge and told me to finish licking up my cum in front of her and then come to bed.

Real Life Adventure of a Cuckold

fetish stevecraigslist 2018-01-27

Lydia immediately began to kiss the girl, and while I kneeled next to the bed began to rub the cock of the other guy through his jeans as well. Meanwhile, clothes were coming off everyone else, and when I finally stopped (because the girl rolled over and began to get up, without even giving me a glance, Lydia had the cock of one guy out and was rubbing on it. When they did so, I turned around to find that Lydia was alone on the bed with this guy, he had his cock out and she was sucking on it. This guy's cock was huge and very hard, and he began really face fucking Lydia.

Slave Ch. 08

fetish slaveheathen 2018-01-26

Yes, I am slave to a Mistress who fucks my ass beautifully. Shaking myself back to Earth, I took out my cell phone and snapped a picture, then sent it to Mistress Kay. A few minutes later, I got a reply. Javy and Mistress went into overdrive, hammering my ass hard, until Javier pulled out and quickly moved up to my mouth, jamming in balls deep and dropping his spicy load down my gullet. Mistress was fucking me through about her tenth cum at that point as I licked and sucked the cum and ass juice off Javy's tasty cock. "Hope you cum back and visit us real soon, 'Miss Porter'." He and Javier headed out, leaving Mistress and I to get dressed.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 08: The Next Week

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-01-26

Eagerly, Kim checked the dashboard clock, trying to remember how to get to the back roads-- city traffic wasn't bad, but if she wanted to open up the old car and stand the remotest chance of getting to her client's home on time, she'd need to go a hell of a lot faster than she could on the main roads. Kim stepped back, turning her leg out a little bit and studying her reflection-- hands on her generous hips and her body cocked to the side, she looked like an entirely different person; confident and brazen, ready to take on the world. "Now I suppose you want to come in, hm?" Sylvia touched Kim's chin, raising her head just a little so she had no choice but to look at her.

My Secret Service Ch. 04

fetish HConway 2018-01-26

A look not unlike the one he gave me in the hot tub that night came over his face. I turned around and my obvious excitement was evident as my cock pushed against the front of the panties that I'd borrowed from his wife. My dick, hard in Jen's panties, was leaving a wet spot on the front. When he finally pushed me away, I sprawled on the floor, Jen's panties now soaked with my precum. "I want you to wear panties that excite you when you put them on," he said. She was laying on her back, wearing only a pair of light blue satin panties, that gripped her ass cheeks like they had been painted on.

The Big Tip

fetish Johnthomas1969 2018-01-26

Gale grabbed Molly's hand and place it on my cock. "Okay, my turn," Molly said, and changed places with Jane, so that she was sucking my cock. Then Jane leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, while Gale and Molly each licked, tickled and sucked my balls. Jane soon had an explosive orgasm and squirted all over my cock, which Molly eagerly licked up. Gale paid close attention to the underside of my shaft, just below the head, while Jane and Molly rubbed the top and sides. "No, this is what happens if you don't," Molly said and all three started tickling me again. "By the way," Gale said pointing to my cock, "thanks for the big tip." All four of us laughed.

Movie Night at Aunt Natalie's

fetish Fred1177 2018-01-26

Aunt Natalie and her daughters, my cousins, Rebecca, Sarah, and Rachel, were watching TV one Friday night. Rachel said, "I see you LOVED the movie!" She pulled my penis down so that it would spring right back up and smack against my stomach. Once I got a real good look at her, I left the room and closed the door. "Since you think peeking is funny, I thought you'd get a good laugh out of it if I brought some people in to peek at you!" "Next time, I might just decide to get rid of this since it seems to be the only head you like to think with!" She twisted my semi-erect penis and it hurt a lot.

Jamie & Bush

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-01-26

I mentioned the gay bar and asked her if she'd like to go, and she simply said, "Sure, why not." Not only had it been a long time since I had gone there with my previous girlfriend, but going with Jamie would surely tease out any latent sexuality she might have at such an over-the-top place. Because I seriously thought that she might be a transsexual, coupled with the fact that she had a huge clit I was now sucking, for the first time in my life, I was forced to consider that gay or straight sex was not so categorically separate, after all.

In Mrs. Weller's Office

fetish chriswave 2018-01-26

Mrs. Weller sat back against her desk and spread her legs, pushing her skirt farther up her thighs. Our little slut Chris says he loves to eat come and I want him to try yours." Greg did as he was told. It felt so good, filling my mouth, and I started moaning as Greg grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my cum-covered face. "Oh, fuck yes, Chris, suck all my cum, oh yes," he moaned, "still pushing his big dick in nout of my lips. Now clean up your mess again." I licked the cum off of Greg's balls and cock before he pushed his cock back in his pants and left the office.

Entrapped in Her Panties Ch. 02

fetish sleepless 3 2018-01-26

Joy was very quick to react "so to be told what to do and to give yourself over to a sexually dominant woman turns you on does it" – with this she looked Bob directly in the eyes and moved an inch or two closer such that he could feel her breath on his face and smell her perfume close up – she smiled and did not avert her gaze for a moment. Joy moved around the bed and leaned over Bob, "As I said – I can fulfil your fantasy of control by a woman – you are now all mine!" with this she placed her hand directly on Bobs throbbing cock and proceeded to tease it mercilessly through the material of his under pants.

A Change of Pace

fetish Damian 2018-01-26

With his still free right hand he stroked her pussy, and she was now bordering on the orgasm she knew she would have but so wanted to delay until the time of her choosing. She then she reversed her course, moving up his shaft, licking the tip of his cock, then burying her face in his pubic hair and kissing up his stomach to his chest, then sitting above him. When she was done he begged her to fuck him, and she did, this time facing away from her so he could watch her back and perfect ass as she worked on his cock with her pussy.

Panty Power Ch. 03

fetish black saphire 2018-01-26

I picked up a pair of cotton hi-cut panties and stared at the white streaks on the gusset. I had never had bisexual thoughts but the smell and feel of Nancy's panties were pushing me to areas I had never dreamed of before. It was so erotic, smelling Nancy's pussy scented panties and also finding man-cum on it! "Yeaanngghhh" I moaned out loudly as I sniffed hard on the wet panties and my body bucked with a muck needed orgasm. I looked up her skirt at a pair of black cotton panties with a hint of lace on the garters and covering the crotch. Nancy giggled as she slid her hands under her skirt and slowly rolled her panties down her legs, as if teasing me.

Conjugal Visit

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-01-26

This had happened to Emily and Dan. As a young couple, without children, they were taken into custody and soon dispatched to be held in a prison camp for internees. As was the custom of their captors, men and women were separated and held in different places; or, as was the case with Emily and Dan, in separate compounds of the same camp. We did have a visit." She turned to another questioner, but the young lady persisted, "How did you manage that?" It was obvious that Emily wanted to get away from the subject, for she just said "The commander allowed it, but just once in all that time, " and she then went to the next question.

Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 06

fetish sethp 2018-01-26

Megan's aunt Roxanne lay on the floorof the barn, spread out on the hay with one of her uncle's farmhands on top of her fucking away and another farmhand sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Megan's aunt made a gagging sound and the man by her head pulled his cock out of her mouth. The third man whispered something to Busty Jessica before he started to fuck her breasts but Megan couldn't make out what he had said. Jessica grabbed the base of Uncle Bob's cock as he continued to fuck Megan. The extra sensation of Jessica's hand was enough to milk another load of cum out of Uncle Bob's cock and into Megan's pussy.

food fest

fetish 2018-01-26

I am going to lick the cream from around your bud then dip my tongue in and lick it out while I jerk your cock till you scream for mercy." She then licked his ass and started to poke her tongue in licking the cream out while she found his hard cock and began to jerk him fast as she sucked his ass making him cum and scream but she did not stop till he came twice for her. Push that big cock deep into my pussy." As he fucked her the rubbing really heated the oil and they both were soon screaming and ready to cum.

Feet Fatale

fetish Scarlet_Pen 2018-01-26

Polish, sexy shoes, toe rings, ankle bracelets, the occasional tattoo - they all delighted him and he sometimes found himself mesmerised, discreetly following a gorgeous pair of feet through the store, erection struggling to rise in the confines of his pants. He knelt by the footstool and began putting his skills to good use, easing her feet from her shoes then gently massaging her insteps, tracing the soft flesh in waves from ankles to toes, eliciting sighs and appreciative murmurs. After an age of this teasing, his moans finally turned to deep groans and with a deep, long, teeth-clenching grunt of satisfaction, he spurted cum hard, up her ankles and calves, and all over those beautiful feet.

Bobo's Story

fetish Bob1 2018-01-26

While I jerked my dick looking up at her she diddled her pussy and told me about how badly she wanted to fuck a man with a big cock and that if I really loved her I would ask her to do it! Now whenever I had fucked her with the big dildoe she would climb up and mount my face as usual but she told she how much she missed having me lick clean the come out of her pussy? She said, "It just started out me trying to see if Riches cock liked Angora as much as my husbands poor little dick does.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 06

fetish sethwaite 2018-01-26

I moved my hand so that I could roll Sarah's nipple between my finger and thumb, as I gently tweaked her nipple I felt her tongue stab harder into my mouth as we resumed kissing. I sucked a little hard and at this Sarah moaned and I felt her hand clamp onto the back of my head holding me tight against her tit. I sucked at her nipple for all I was worth, my mouth was full of bra and tit while Sarah's hand held my head tight to her chest. Sarah let go of my head and sat up slightly straighter which pulled her tit away from me, the bra cup stretched out a little as I still held it between my teeth.

Elizabeth on a Leash

fetish tinasbuttfanfiction 2018-01-26

If you had your way, I'd be fucking you every hour of every day, you cock-hungry bitch." He leans forward and licks my lips, "I am going to tear your tight pussy up, whore...because you belong to me. His fat fingers probe my soaking wet cunt and his gravelly voice announces, "This bitch needs a dick in her." Before I can process his words, his hands are squeezing my tits and his prick slides into my slick pussy. Sarah pulls up my head and says loudly, "Jacob fuck her pussy while she eats my ass. Sarah holds my head down and begins bucking her hips forward, soon cumming onto my tongue.


fetish CaractacusIV 2018-01-26

This gave Anna time to notice Lacitus' physicalities; he looked just like she thought a Dragon should: those two large wings coming out of his back, the four paws each with four sharp-clawed fingers, and the long, snouted head with two large, bent horns coming out of the back of his skull. She was not sure how this "harness" would position her, or where it came from, but her breasts were still hurting with the unreleased pressure, just as Lacitus said, and she figured that if a Dragon was going to get the milk out of them she should probably not be too picky on how it happens.

Transformation Ch. 02

fetish NancysboyBill 2018-01-26

When I got home from work that evening Nancy's sister Chris was there drinking wine with Nancy. Nancy called me in and informed me that Chris had drunk too much wine to drive home and since her husband Bob was overseas on business she would be spending the night with us. I was told that when Nancy could ride her cock hard I would get my next orgasm. I did learn from this experience that Bill hates to be humiliated this way and although I keep our life private at home, only my two sisters and my best friend know about us, we like to travel and I take it public then.

The Panty Club Ch. 01

fetish nikki_2021 2018-01-26

"Can't we ask Amber to join?" Teri said later as she sat on the bed with Abby and Anne. They guy joined in enthusiastically until Teri pushed him back a bit and said loudly to Abby, "Hey girls, this boy is done!" and pointed at his crotch. Amber watched, amazed as she realised that the panties that were being removed were the sheer black boy leg ones that Teri had worn home the day before and more importantly, had been wearing this morning when they'd flashed her! When she got back to her bedroom, Amber lifted her skirt to look at the panties, knowing that both Teri and Abby had been wearing them.

Straight Boy to Bottom Bitch But I'm not Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-26

I was always interested in what it would be like to get fucked by a man and suck cock, but was too nervous to do anything about it; and honestly I wasn't really sure where I would start. I looked back and seeing his condom covered cock "Please put it back in I need to be fucked" Don't worry I can usually cum 4 to 5 times a night your ass and mouth are in for quite a night. He was right he fucked my ass three times as I could not get enough of his thick cock I pulled on his condom and started sucking his thick cock again.