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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Molding Amanda's Tummy

fetish anon1940 2018-01-26

Thus, if Amanda were not getting pleasure from my manipulation of her stomach muscles, it is impossible to believe that she would take such care that I include a protracted and thorough manipulation of her navel each time that she presents her belly to me. With this in mind, I asked if she would be interested in having us plan an exercise regimen to strengthen her abdominal muscles in a way that would increase our mutual pleasure in them. Nonetheless, as Amanda already knew from the time she had spent with my fingers probing her navel, there is a second, higher, threshold past which the sort of pain which we were planning for her undergoes a transformation and becomes a subtle aphrodisiac.

Garages aren't only for parking cars

fetish 2018-01-26

He always likes to call and check in on me so when he finally did, I made the mistake of telling him that I had made myself cum 4 times that day. I told him that I had been a good girl and hadn't been fucking another cock. He responded with, "you know you are only suppossed to cum when I can see it happening." I told him that I was sorry, and he promised that yes, I would be that evening. When I told him I didn't want to because he was being mean, he bent me over and spanked me hard a few times. He continued to fuck me hard in the pussy until finally he couldn't stand it anymore.

Likes and Dislikes

fetish voidsub 2018-01-26

Masks (wear): No Restraints – Hand Cuffs (get): Yes Erotic Dancing (sub): Yes Oral/Anal Play (get): Yes Bathroom use control (sub): Yes Behavior Restrictive Rules (sub): Yes Butt Plugs – public (sub): Yes Chastity Belts (sub): Yes Clothing choice (sub): Yes Cock Worship (sub): Yes Collar and Leash (sub): Yes Collars (sub): Yes Crawling (sub): Yes Eye Contact Restriction (sub): Yes Food Choice/Directed Eating (sub): Yes f***ed Dressing (sub): Yes Hot or Sensual Waxing (sub): Yes Humiliation – Private (sub): Yes Orgasm Control (sub): Yes Orgasm Denial (sub): Yes Pussy Worship (sub): Yes Serving Orally (sub): Yes Sexual Deprivation (sub): Yes sl**p Deprivation (sub): Yes Speech Restrictions (sub): Yes Struggling (sub): Yes Weight Gain/Loss (sub): Yes Strap on Dildos (sub): Yes

Piercing for National Nude Day Ch. 10

fetish Gussie 2018-01-26

Miss Frump, poor caring Miss Frump, who had always looked up to this beautiful, child like, young woman, had earlier seen that her breasts were bare, with diamonds driven straight into the end of each nipple. She held out her left hand, reaching round for Miss Frump's fingers that were still tracing around her hole. Miss Frump looked very worried, but Lawyer Wife took her hand. New glass showcases were being fitted, with the only difference being that they would show jewellery piercing, and fitting the intimate parts, nipples, breasts, etc., for both male and female customers, with labia minor, major, and clitoris, piercings for the girls, plus very intimate products, (See the plugs designed for Parlour Girl), and penis bars, cock rings, etc., for the boys.

Getting Milked

fetish flashgordon562006 2018-01-26

He said they discussed all the options and they decided the best way for Bonnie to get rid of her milk was by me sucking her dry. He said they then decided to take me up on my offer to milk Bonnie and she was going to try it tonight to see how it goes. So, from then on, whenever I went to milk Bonnie, I would start sucking on her nipple and then release my cock. One day, Bonnie said that it would no longer be necessary for me to come by as her milk production was slowing down. Bonnie said that she knew of several expectant and new moms who would enjoy being milked.

Funnel Ch. 05

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-01-26

The blood rose to his face in humiliation when he saw his mother and Ms. Fortune sitting on the sofa along with a pair of his underpants and an unsettling familiar black bag sitting on the coffee table. Then, his own mother took him in front of her and Ms. Fortune, and began to lower his briefs for what appeared to be an old fashioned spanking. Days and weeks passed until one day Thomas' mother decided on a visit to see how her dirty son was coming along under Ms. Green's care. Upon entering, Emily noticed for the first time that both Ms. Green and Ms. Fortune were seated there with a perfect view of the scene in front of them.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 11

fetish fursmoke11 2018-01-26

"Wow..." was all he could utter; "...I will get Laura for you" He jumped to his feet and leaped from the stage towards the bar, where Laura was stood holding hands with Martin Coombes, both smoking and talking with Sergei Smilov and Lydia Keith, who had just managed to squeeze themselves in to the back of the hall for the end of the performance. "Wow Mrs C you look amazing" she said smiling , her own sleek sheared beaver sliding to reveal her skull and crossbones tattooed shoulder beneath, as she stroked Martin's mother's fur. As they embraced smiling, Laura's head against Martin's chest, and he melting into her soft furs, the door slid open again, and framed in the doorway engulfed in more smoke that had rushed to the air, was Jennifer Coombes.

The Fetish Files

fetish CasperNZ 2018-01-26

Once I'd made it clear to her that my intention was to lick suck and fuck her senseless all morning, have her wear a pair of high heels, the modified bra and her lovely summer dress...and that I'd be making her cum in the café of my choosing for a late lunch, she got into this idea with much gusto! Judy was a little shy at first, whereas Anne-Marie had a very decisive "let me get this hard prong into me" type of demeanour about her right from the first time she got her fingers wrapped around my lovely fat cock.

The Fxxxxy Affair Part 2

fetish BeeJay69 2018-01-26

I want to see, my little Missy sissy sucking hard cock!" Kate had her Paula pulled Fran's hard cock from Missy's mouth and it made a loved those hot fucking sissy bois sucking my pathetic faggot sissy cock!" "Well your little girlfriends can't suck your cock now," Sandy said Sandy put her little hand on her daddy's pink pantied ass and said, "Yes baby, let the sissies fuck your horny daddy!" Kate hadn't been need to feed your b*****r's hard little boi cock into my daddy's mouth!" Suddenly filled at both ends with horny boi cock, Fran began to Look how my daddy whore likes little boi cock! There was no hiding how hot Fran was for Missy's little hard boi

The Book of Scat

fetish Seuler 2018-01-26

"Excuse me, Father, for I have something urgent I must attend to." And she went to her private chambers, where she let the prophet out of her panties and chided him saying, "From now on you shall no longer ride in the cleft of my pudendum but in the cleft of my buttocks lest you do this to me again and disgrace me in front of my father and in front of the gods." Turning to face the crowd but still holding her skirt up, she said, "Thus say the gods: 'We are displeased that you follow the heretical teachings of the apostate Scat and her prophet, whom we did not appoint. Standing on the ruins of Scat's throne, the prophetess called out, "If there is any woman among you who needs to poop, let her come forward and stand before me." A group of about forty women came forward.

My new toy, day 1

fetish ray_zhor 2018-01-26

Long slightly curled brown hair, 5 foot 4 with an incredible figure and truly large breasts. Upon inspecting it, a small brown box with no markings other than the address label. Her long brown hair covers her face as she bends over to remove her pants and underwear. As she stands erect I get a full view of her larger than DD breasts and her protruding brown nipples. I begin to fantasize about her opening my package and removing a grey corset. Her hair flips across her face as she twists to surround her body with the belt. Next, the corset covers the front of her body, she pulls the sides around to the back pushing her chest forward.

Dark City Romances: New Future

fetish Sleepybeast 2018-01-26

I recently graduated from high school with honours and a free pass to any college of my choosing, in the midst of deciding which school I would attend my father passed and in his will he stated that his entirety of his company and his financial assets were to be left to his only son. My older brother, who I will not waste too much energy thinking about, left our lives to pursue his music career after our father threatened to enroll him into the obedience program if he did not attend college. How are you?" I watched his eyes dart from my suit to my car to the satchel in my hand. "Well as it turns out my father was the founder of the Stone Obidiance Attire company." His eyes widened at my words.

Damn Those Stockings

fetish MistyMorgan 2018-01-26

"Yeah, I wanna get you drunk so I can lick the tops of your legs and thigh highs!" I said jokingly, but was serious as could be. Mary's body began to shake with ecstasy and my hands held tight to her legs as her body convulsed with pleasures I had never enjoyed from a woman before. The next morning, when we finally awoke, I told her that I couldn't live without her as I placed the stockings back on her legs. Every morning I get to wake up and slip those white thigh highs onto her silky legs and lick the wetness between her pussy lips before she goes off to the hospital.

Paula Chapter Six

fetish rollhigh 2018-01-26

What Paula didn’t know was that Fort Knox was a military basic training base and she was about to meet a group of men that had not seen a woman in over six weeks. With her arms attached to the two trees all Paula had available to her was her mouth and she used it like it was going to somehow save her life. Never in their short lives had they seen anything like the eager enthusiasm Paula was giving to the cock inside her mouth. All night long Paula fucked and sucked these guys and she never once asked them for a break. As the morning sun first started to make its way through the trees the guys started to slowly disappear into the woods until there was no one was left.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 07

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-01-26

Once I got used to the fact that those guys were accepting me for a woman, then I felt a lot freer to suck their cocks and not worry about it. But, as I said before, I was in the presence of two people- -Laura and Lurecia- -who had something other than a conventional relationship and for whom sexual openness and adventure was second nature, and with my girlfriend with whom I had shared all sorts of kinky things not the least of which were our dress-up, dildo sucking/fucking escapades, and four-way sex with the other present attendees, two of whom were in a naked embrace with each other.

Fun in the Library

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-01-26

I'm a foot guy, and the library is my favorite spot to work because a lot of girls come here and take their shoes off. "Of course, just let me look in that section and I will be back in a few minutes with your book." The assistant got up and headed for the fiction section of the library. Guess you're gonna need a little more persuasion huh?" Alex took her right foot, and started stroking the tip of my shaft, and continued pumping with her left foot. "Don't feel bad, I've done this more times than I care to think about." She brought both feet to my sensitive tip, and started stroking with her socked toes.

Lost panties.

fetish badboy4320 2018-01-26

Thinking nothing of it, the next week, 9 am Saturday morning I returned to wash the weeks worth of dirty clothes and recalled leaving the found panties on the shelf for anyone to take. When I had almost finished with my washing for this week, I left a half full basket of clean dry clothes on top of the dryer and I had a small load of whites still in the dryer, and returned to my apartment to watch tv for 20 minutes or so. When I brought all my clean clothes into my apartment, I found another pair of panties mixed in with the last load I took out of the dryer.

Late Night Fun

fetish revol 2018-01-26

Harry hugged her from behind, slid his hands through her armpits and got hold of her huge boobs, then started kissing her sexy back, kissing & licking her broad, smelly smooth shoulders and bushy armpits from behind. Helena caught hold of Harry’s shoulders, lustily kissed and licked his shoulders and put her long and sexy nose in his armpits, and sniffed and sucked hard. Alice and Helena locked themselves in a passionately tight embrace and exchanging hot armpit kisses, licks and sniffs. Harry pulled Helena on his lap, put his fingers in her armpits, and pulled at her underarm hair, while kissing and licking her shoulders and back. After some more kissing and armpit licking, Harry released Helena, and Alice sat on his lap, pressing his huge bottom on him.

In Training: You Better, You Bet

fetish Lickin4U 2018-01-26

"Ooh, that tickles, Bob, but it feels sooo good, too!" I kiss each toe and swirl my tongue around each as you happily squirm in the chair. I slide them in and out of your very wet pussy as I lick your lips and flick your clit with my tongue I give your pussy one sweet kiss and lick as I work my way further up your body. You feel my hard dripping cock rubbing your thigh as I kiss and lick your breasts. "Oh, yes, Donna, I'd love to feel your lips, tongue and mouth surround my cock. Your mouth and tongue feel so good as your hand caresses my swollen balls.

Sister-in-Law Ch. 02

fetish danlbone 2018-01-26

"Also, it will be a good time to let him see what I look like in my little white bikini when it's all wet and clinging to my sexy little body." Dan came back from the kitchen then, drinks balanced and clutched precariously. "Hey," Jill said, "If you're going to eavesdrop, you need to turn up your hearing aid, old man!" Dan's eyebrows raised up as she and I chuckled. Anyway, the picture that popped into my mind when Dan made his threat was of Jill's skinny little ass upended over his lap (both of them naked, of course), his rampant cock trapped between them, while I watched the whole thing.

Panty Perversions

fetish kinkyjill 2018-01-26

As soon as we got in, my hand went under her skirt and rubbed the outside of her panties with my fingers, pressing the panties inside her cunt. I reached into my drawer beside me and pulled out a 7" dildo and slid the panties aside and thrust it deep inside her, wrapped around my dirty wet panties and switched it on. He was forced to use his nose to pleasure her pussy already wet with her cunt juice as his tongue was gagged with the dirty panties. Dee had great legs and I could not resist putting my hands up under her skirt and rubbing her panty covered clit. "I love voyeurs." She took his cock in her hands and stroked it at the same as asking how he liked the look of her lingerie.


fetish misteradelaide 2018-01-26

"Oh, and clean the pool, keep the house tidy, don't drink all the booze!" Grace said handing the keys to Scot and rushing for the door. He had no intention of staying there, even if it was as impressive as Grace described and an hours drive away, Scot wanted to look in a couple of days a week, maybe take his laptop so he could get some work done there, swim in their pool and return home. As he pulled into the drive, three days worth of clothes, some beers and a box full of paperwork he might get round to doing in the boot of his car, the doors of the carport opened automatically and he noticed a young woman getting out of a car at the next house.

Cannonball Belly Fever

fetish Subtext 2018-01-26

He found out then that her English skills were quite rough so he told her in Spanish he was available for Math and English tutoring if her kids needed it. During the session she came out several times with food and beverages and he got to see that belly of hers at face level. After several lessons he realized the only thing he was going to get by going to her home was tamales and fruit juice and an extra $20.00 dollars a week since the house was always full of kids and relatives. Then he came up with the idea to make the lesson run long so it would be too late for the young kids to ride along on the way back.


fetish wastedaway 2018-01-26

Sandra shoved the loose dildo into me all the way to the balls as Amy laid beside me with a dazed and sl**py look. I unhooked Sandra's wrist and ankle on one side and flipped her around so she was face down on top of Amy. After reattaching the handcuffs, I pulled her strap-on out and examined the huge dildo she had inflicted on my poor ass. I adjusted the video camera for a closeup of Sandra's ass hanging above Amy's and spoke "Girls, I'm going to fuck with you like you did with me". Do it good or I'll use the fist on it and my fist in you're cunt" She got a submissive look in her eyes and opened her mouth as I slid my growing prick over her tongue.