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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Chloroformed Morning

fetish Sodomite 2018-01-26

Gretchen likes to take naps after she gets home from work, so I figured she would be in the bedroom. There was Gretchen on our bed, legs spread facing away from the door towards the TV. Gretchen was watching the video of me fucking her tight little anus while she was unconscious. I approach Gretchen in bed and gently pull the covers off of her head exposing her face. I slip my dick from her pussy and pull my finger from her anus and look at her gapping fuck holes. She comes back to bed and says that she can tell that we went really hard last night because she can still feel it this morning.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 08

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-01-26

Prana gasped: I stopped, afraid for a second I had hurt her, but instead of pulling away she wriggled herself down onto my finger so that it slid maybe half and inch further inside. My tongue was licking rapidly, Prana's breathing was getting shallower and more rapid, and knowing she was on the point of orgasm I took a deep breath and locked my mouth around her trying to make as much contact as I could, trying to extend the area of pleasure as much as possible until, with a scream that must have been heard even above the hubbub and noise of the showers, she came. "Hey, Chloe," said Prana, suddenly becoming a little more animated: "when we get out of here you too can work in a massage parlour.

Sally's Ch. 03

fetish seat542 2018-01-26

Kim shifted from my cock to Olivia's protruding clit and began licking and sucking it. Olivia continued, "We'll still have wet fun, pissing is part of my orgasm; but the 'Fluid Room' is special and meant for parties." Moving behind me, Olivia wrapped her arms around me and began caressing my naked torso while looking at Kim over my shoulder. Her breath was warm in my ear as she spoke, "I'll show Bradley the room along with the rest of the house tomorrow; but at this point I think we all have a deeper need." Olivia's hand circled the base of my cock and shook it in Kim's direction; emphasizing the word 'need'.

Britta Ch. 01

fetish ben90 2018-01-26

He looked at my face, smiled and said, "Hi Mrs. Hans." His eyes wandered away from my face to my shoulders; to my bra straps and then came back to my face. My hands went to my chest and I started pulling my nipples; before I knew it, my hands were inside my panties, rubbing my pussy. I stripped down to my bra and panties and started playing with my pussy, thinking of what Tyler was doing with my bra this time. I used my hands to lift my boobs, like I was offering them to him, and typed in, "Feel free to come in and suck on them whenever you want, Tyler.

The Bitch Roommate

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-01-25

Fed up with the taunting, I called Jordan and demanded to speak to Abi. My girlfriend sounded surprised, said everything was fine and sure she was topless with some guys she met but they were nice and I had nothing to worry about. "Um, I think it's more of a strip club," she answered, "The guys said girls get in free if they're topless, Matt says with a pair my size they'll probably let all us in free!" My cock stiffened as I imagined her shaking free of her top and exposing her great breasts. "I know you've always wanted to fuck me," Jordan said, stripping down completely and rubbing her naked body against my small prick, "And face it, your relationship is over.

BBW Xenia

fetish sarge13 2018-01-25

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Xenia peeking through the open shop door dressed to kill as usual. "Twenty years or so...even after my ex left me I couldn't bare to sell out." I said while I mentally told my cock not to stand up and salute her." I didn't feel like building another one." I was trying to be a gentleman and not stare. Xenia leaned back against the thickly padded edge of the counter and lifted her ass from the stool to pull her skirt up to her waist. Xenia giggled at that, and then pulled my face down to the sweet soft valley between her tits.

Jeremy's Proctologist

fetish SubM 2018-01-25

Jeremy laid on the bed beside her and was hoping she would take the clue and smother that pussy deep down on his face, making him eat it, rubbing it up and down, drowning him in her juices. Jeremy wanted to be pushed down on the bed hard, tied up, then forced to eat pussy and ass. Jeremy got up and followed the nurse, ass having sharp pains, cock hard, wearing a sexy black thong. Jeremy was not attracted to women that looked like this, the only thing that caught his eye was her massive ass.

Sherry's Test

fetish PolyVoyeur 2018-01-25

Principal Roberts said "As usual, a perfectly rational and reasonable suggestion from you, Matt" and Sherry looked relieved and thankful. In addition to regretting my foolish indiscretion over the test questions, I have spent the past few minutes kicking myself at not showing more interest in going out with you" Sherry said in between sobs while Matt was holding her and patting her head gently. And if it helps you, I will ask myself to be excused from your punishment sessions so that our relationship can blossom more naturally" Matt said in an excited voice and continued looking puzzled "But this makes no sense.

Order In The Court - Part 2

fetish tekkar 2018-01-25

Nana watched the boy gasping for air, a smile on her face as she thought what she would do next with Dani's slave. Kevin swallowed the vile liquid & when Nana dragged him by his hair to her huge wicker chair & sat opening her huge thighs wide, Kevin fight her, all the fight long gone from the broken slave. As Nana pulled his face into her cunni to lick her to another orgasm she looked out to the patio where her other large wicker chair sat. Maybe tomorrow morning she would sit in that wicker chair sipping her morning coffee while this white panty sniffing slave licked her fat ass clean. 'Suck boy, swallow all Nana gives slave' she told Kevin.

Interracial slut

fetish joemama10101 2018-01-25

The second I laid eyes on Chuck I wanted to feel his big strong black hands all over my body, I wanted him to pull my dress down and fondle my breasts, I wanted him to pull my dress up and use his huge fingers to rub my clit and push deep into my wet pussy, I wanted it all and I wanted it now. Chuck began to fuck my face, and oh my god, it had just been way too long since I’d had black cock in my mouth. I wanted to watch him work that cum right out of his big black cock with those huge strong fingers, coaxing it out and all over me.

Aunt Blanche

fetish Macjay 2018-01-25

The next thing I knew was the sound of an intrusive cough and when I opened my eyes there was Auntie Blanche standing at the foot of my bed, arms akimbo, with a look on her face that I could not interpret. I shook my head at which Auntie Blanche raised the hood on her own mackintosh, and with her left hand cupped my balls in the rubber lining of my cape while, with her leather gloved right hand, she started to masturbate me. Double texture meant that the rubber was sandwiched between two layers of cotton fabric and, as I came to this conclusion, Aunt Blanche, said," No you want single texture so the rubber lining is visible and, more importantly, you can feel it against your skin.

148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.

fetish alibodge 2018-01-25

She suddenly felt his hot seed boiling deep in her body small spurts, more with each thrust, the knot still swelling, her hips seemed so full she began again to moan as the thing reached its full size and stretched her capacity to its limit, it was painful it was oh so painful but it was oh so wonderful as well, she had never felt so full, the scalding seed still filling her, her belly began to distend, surely she would burst like a k**s balloon, how much more was she expected to take, her mind recalled his words to her that until the dog dismounted there was nothing anyone could do to stop him, GOD, help me let him stop soon, please oh please.

Eating Jessica's Ass

fetish JackTheRimmer 2018-01-25

She looked back at me with a wicked grin and bright, mischievous blue eyes, and rubbed one hand suggestively up and down her ass, "I don't know," she teased as she pressed her chest against the countertop, arched her back deeply, accentuating her firm, round butt even more, "what do you feel like doing?" I was overwhelmed with anticipation, and took a deep breath - here we go! She brings one hand to the back of my head and guides my movements, one minute coaxing me to jack hammer her asshole with my tongue, the next holding my face in her ass while I suck and lick the outer rim of her anus.

The Shopping Expedition

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-25

Clearly not a person to hang about, Anne quickly had the task completed to her satisfaction, Adam gently being guided in the direction first of the underwear department where a dozen pairs of pants and eight pairs of boxer shorts were picked up. Resigned to the fact that Anne appeared to have taken charge of the afternoon, Adam shrugged and headed off in search of the book stores which, being fairly central, weren't hard to find. "Adam it's only a suspicion, and I hope you'll forgive me if I'm wrong, but I've got a feeling I'm not the only one in our house who likes to hold their pee."

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 06

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-25

Donna seeks out Robert and his massive cock, leaving Alice to enjoy Dan. Alice has Joe lay on his back on the floor; she gets on all fours straddling Joe with her pussy just above his face. Joe found watching the other guys cock pounding his wife's pussy inches above his head to be incredibly arousing, and his sore abused little prick was surprisingly getting erect within the cage Alice and Donna had encased it in. Joe watches with interest the set of balls above his head start to contract as the cock they are attached to plows his wife's cunt, her cunt lips looking like they are quivering in response.

First Beer Rescue Ch. 01

fetish Darkinside 2018-01-25

I froze, looking hurriedly around me for a place to put her down, but my mind went blank, I found nothing, couldn't think, and I felt her piss wetting the front of my pants. With dismay I realized I hadn't held my keys out, and I slipped her from my arms, propping her against the door while I fumbled in my wet pocket for the key, hoping if there was a god in heaven that no one would see us, her piss soaking both of us, looking like we'd both pissed ourselves. As angry as I was, and thinking of me getting out of my wet clothes, I couldn't just let her lay in her bed soaked in piss.

Captured Lust

fetish redtalon11 2018-01-25

Dave looked at her through his mask and said menacingly as he pointed the knife at her, "You'll wear anything I tell you to wear or you'll be very sorry." She paled at this and reached behind her back to undo her bra. Dave took the vibrator and set in on the bed, leaning it up against Michelle's pussy so that the length hummed against her labia and the end buzzed over her erect clit. Tell me you want me to fuck you like the little slut you are Michelle." Dave grinned widely and pushed the vibrator inside Michelle's pussy as he sucked her clit into his mouth and licked it for all he was worth.

The Owner Ch. 02

fetish robertjones 2018-01-25

Since I masturbated at least three times a day, I was able to accumulate about 20 small containers of my cum by the end of the week. The chilled jars of Mommy's Femcum were kept in my men's club and sold only to the chartered members, many of whom had a fetish for women's juices. Other sex play was allowed, just so long as our cum and milk production was maintained. The more the studs rubbed and played with the maids' engorged tits, the more milk they produced. The more the maids teased the men's huge balls, the greater their cum production. As I sat there one Monday with my tits exposed, rubbing my swollen cunt, my eyes saw a jar of Mommy's Femcum.

The Quiet One

fetish Zoeeee 2018-01-25

No matter how much I make love to myself, fuck myself, no matter how many of those toys that should be used by a lover: the ice, oils & lotions, beads, vibes, butt plugs and various other toys I bring out, knowing I will be embarrassed by them in the morning, but have me so very hot right now, no matter how many times I bring myself to the peak and then hold my cum back, before I finally give in and fall, screaming so loud I can=t control it, my nipples hard as I pull at them, vibrator thrumming away against my clit and hood ring, my thighs & stomach shaking, all of this doesn’t matter, as my cunt grabs desperately, clutching for a cock , a hot, hard, silky, engorged cock, attached to a warm man.

Trust Ch. 09

fetish noglory 2018-01-25

I loved looking down the long perspective of my bound legs in fishnet tights and lacy suspenders to the gorgeously contrasting look and feel of my feet in my white plimsolls and black fishnets. In between bouts of exercise I would lie on the floor and enjoy the sensation of letting my erection subside for a while and then making it swell and stiffen again as I refocused my mind on one erotic stimulus or another, such as the look and feel of my feet in my fishnets and plimsolls, or the tight binding around my genitals, or the very turning-on sound of my muffled moans of pleasure through my tight gag.

Finding Another Panty Boy

fetish secretanon 2018-01-25

His cute face, his feminine features, and the fact that he was a panty boy was turning me on so much, I felt myself getting a raging hardon, but I tried to hide it. If I was wearing panties, I would have literally came the moment I saw his cute face turn red. I wish I could have flirted with her but the fact that I'm buying panties with another guy who looks very feminine would not have gotten me far with her, and I was in Victoria's Secret in general so nothing would have worked out for us. Ash came to my house a few days later and I told him he was free to wear panties before stopping by.

A Bit of Roleplay

fetish GreenDemonGurlie 2018-01-25

"Well," I begin, "I guess some extra credit wouldn't hurt any." I get up and pick up the book I was reading and follow you through the library and outside. I look at you with a shy smile and unbutton two buttons of my blouse. I look up at you and say "what is my next task, professor?" You are still looking at me and I can see that your mind is working hard to not simply sprawl me across the desk and fuck me silly. The words start coming to me slowly and I begin with "On my fingers, it feels wet, warm and electrifying. "Yes, you'll definitely get an A+ out of this class, pending the final exam." you say as you pull my hand away and pentrate my waiting pussy.

HW Casino Action 2

fetish 2018-01-25

I could tell she was slowing down a little bit so I decided to thrust up as she came down and when id did that she dropped down onto me wrapping her arms around my neck letting me tease and nibble on her nipples we ended up coming a few more times that night before we both ended up exhausted and falling asl**p when I woke up the phone was ringing my 8: 30 wake up call she was still asl**p her head on my chest her pussy looking ready for another go, but it thought she seemed a bit sore after the last round I drilled her with her shoulders on the floor her bent over as I blazed her p**** hard for awhile.

Amazon Bride Ch. 02

fetish Arthur_Court 2018-01-25

"If it were me, I'd let my husband have sex with other men if he wanted." The young girl blushed and turned her face away but stayed kneeling at my side. Patty ran her eyes over my naked body before saying, "You look like a goddess." I'm not sure if Patty even remembered that her naked father was watching her but I knew Diane was aware of having his eyes on her. She moaned dutifully and told Steve, "Please Steve, I'm so horny, won't you please have sex with my husband so Darlene will allow you fuck me. I finally gave Patty what she'd been longing for, I allowed her to eat my pussy while I watched the men sucking cock.