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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Gold Show

fetish Maverick1612 2018-01-25

"Oh, that feels good, but I have to go to the bathroom -- real bad," she said. Like you're gonna go to the bathroom." As she sat on my face, I reached up and pulled her vagina open, then moved my head so I could lick her urethra with my tongue. I liked and sucked her urethra for a few minutes, then asked, "Do you need to go to the bathroom real bad?" That's what it was -- you've been drinking water all day long, and it's been running through you." She said, "Let's see--" then pulled me to my feet and gave me a tentative kiss, then a deeper one. Just before I started, I said, "Here it comes!", then went for what seemed like forever.


fetish MaxSebastian 2018-01-25

I've got you and there's nothing you can do about it." She pressed her face against my cheek, I felt her hot, velvety skin on mine and heard a sharp intake of breath, as though she was smelling me. "Mmm," she moaned again, "who's a big boy, then?" I felt her trailing her face down my body, rubbing her lips and nose over my chest and stomach to bury herself in my crotch, where she stroked my rigid cock with her cheek and nose - I could feel the wonderful sensation through the thin material of my suit pants. Nice clean cock with a hint of cream soda." She whispered in my ear again, "I like your cum, Mr Lawyer.


fetish Dawi 2018-01-25

While Laura's hands and mouth roamed Emily's body, distracting her entirely from everything else going on, she raised her hips and twisted her pelvis forward, and the next time Robert bucked, his cock slid up and the head lodged in her pussy without effort. When she had been working out this plan, she had heard through the grapevine that Robert and Emily had had sex a couple times, but only with condoms, so Laura doubted he would last more than a minute or so in her tight, raw, little pussy. Emily and Robert held hands as he drove them back to Jeff's house, and Laura saw Emily look back at her a couple times from the passenger seat.

In The Dorms Ch. 01

fetish pweasels 2018-01-25

What are you doing?" She didn't sound like she was in any hurry to get off the phone, and I wasn't eager to hear the last of her sultry voice, so I thought I'd try to keep her on the line for a while. I want you on your hands and knees, and I'm going to slide into your sweet wet pussy all at once, reach around and rub your clit with my fingers, slam into you hard so you can feel my balls slapping against your cunt every time I push into you. Her voice was strained and I could barely hear the words as she said ""


an interesting walk to school

fetish 2018-01-25

i was walking to school in the morning and i decided to take the longer route cause i wanted a fag, i walked half way down the circular walk path when i got knocked over by this girl who was about in her early 20's. she had red hair, roughly 38dd size boobs and a hairy pussy which i find out later. she had brown hair with blonde highlights roughly 34c boobs and by the looks a freshly shaven pussy.

I Finally Soak Jill's Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-01-25

Not wanting to waste any time, I grabbed the black g-string and the hot pink cotton "porn star" hiphugger panties and made my way into the master bath. I held the black g-string tightly up to my nose with my left hand and, with my right hand, wrapped the hot pink panties around my erect penis and began stroking myself. As the cum reached the tip, I carefully spewed larges gobs of my sticky semen into the crotch of Jill's pink cotton panties. As the final drop of cum slowly dripped from the tip of my pulsating cock, I caught my breath, looked down and admired the view of Jill's sexy little, hot pink cotton panties with gobs of cum covering the crotch section.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 20

fetish fursmoke11 2018-01-25

She exhaled a delicately targeted plume of smoke at the young boy's face, smiling as his free hand caressed her outer thigh and under her dress onto her hip. She took another seductive puff on the cigarette and stepped forward to place it to Stephen's lips, pressing her body firmly against his as she did so. "Mmmmmmmm..." Danielle said as Stephen took a bad boy, sly eyed draw, on the tube she held to him; and she thrust her pelvis tightly against the monstrous erection in the boy's jeans. Still smiling, she took a puff and again looked up at Stephen's frightened eyes as she reached forward, bathing the serpent in hypnotic smoke.

Direction (Daddy's Home)

fetish freakyXfreak 2018-01-25

While you’re sucking my dick I want you to finger fuck your pussy with one hand and rub your clit with the other. That’s a good girl look me in my eyes while you’re sucking my dick. Do you want Daddy’s fingers rubbing your clit making my kitten’s pussy all nice and warm. If you want Daddy’s dick you’ll have to make that pussy cum. You can moan and scream all you want but I’m going to make you cum all over daddy’s dick. That’s it kitten take all of daddy’s dick in your pussy. Kitten if you’re a good girl and you cum all over daddy’s dick I’ll give you a reward.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 05

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-01-25

While Trish was cleaning up after her colon cleanse, Ben decided he was going to change the rules from the day before. I'm sorry about the intrusion but, ever since she's been pregnant, Patty can't stay away from a baby." Ben noted that Peter was calm and confident despite he was standing next to another naked man. Trish had to admit that Patty's naked, pregnant body looked beautiful against the reflection of the leaves on the ripple free water. Ben was delighted with the way Trish and Patty were hitting it off. Trish looked at Ben and then back to Patty. "Sure, come on Peter, let's grab the canoe." When the boat was loaded, Ben didn't even notice that he was still naked.

Life of Getting Freaky

fetish wildcd4u 2018-01-25

I wanted to get dressed up in some lingerie and cover up so that I could run down to a nearby adult xxx book store to buy a new magazine or two to spend the day with. Once inside I loaded a few coins and began to surf the channels when this nice semi hard hanging cock appear thru the hole. I stopped sucking this beautiful cock to ask him if he wanted to follow me home and have the rest of me and to look thru the hole to see how sexy I was dressed. Then I see this now harder cock appear thru the hole and pull back out so I asked if he wanted to follow me just down the street and he could have me.

Daddy ill do it again!!!!

fetish rangerdee 2018-01-25

Im so hard I loose control and grab you and began to deep french kiss you and start to put my finger in your pussy ! You reach in and pull out my dick and say I want to suck it like they do on tv daddy! I start to lick the juices from your sweet pussy and you taste amazing and My dick is so hard and precum is all over it so I say look what you did now you have make me make a mess and I shove my cock in your mouth ! and I fixing to explode and I pull out and cum all in your mouth and then shove my dick in it till its clean!

Jessica The Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-01-25

"It's what I want it to be lady, like I say you are wasting my time right now, if you want the cash then stop speaking, hold that mouth nice and wide and I suggest if you are so worried about your clothes then you don't spill a drop!" Her eyes bulged and widened and I could see she wasn't too pleased at this turn of events but what the fuck, I really didn't care and locked my fingers into her long, wet hair so she couldn't pull away and kept on pounding her face, my hairy balls slapping against her chin noisily.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 03

fetish Many Feathers 2018-01-25

I sat down, Bella placing herself over my lap facing me, her slick juicy pussy resting against my aching prick, though as she said, not yet slipping me inside her. "Pretty intense huh?" She said simply, and once again cradled my head against both breasts as we sat there rocking together back and forth, back and forth, still inside, but almost like a wet noodle now, just firm enough to remain so without slipping out. In seconds, I felt myself come alive again, my cock though not nearly full hard was even beginning to wake up a little as well, still in a state of shock perhaps at the unknown sensation of actually spurting off inside a woman's pussy for the first time.

Collared Servant

fetish Hoochie69 2018-01-25

Miss Di holds my leash tightly and I start licking her lips, spreading them so I can flick her clit with my tongue. Then Miss Di starts kissing the other dominatrix as I suck her sub off. Miss Di is keeping his cock and my ass wet with her lubricating tongue. Miss Kitty straddles my face and lowers her wet pussy on my tongue. Then just as quickly he took her, he pushes my lover aside and starts to fuck the hairy cunt of Miss Kitty. We savor the taste of Miss Kitty's pussy in our mouths, tasting and sucking each others tongues. To have this bull dominate my ass while my love is underneath us licking and sucking my cock.

The Best of Both Worlds (Weight Gain)

fetish chey88 2018-01-25

But when she got to the gym, she forgot they make sure the teachers are "qualified" (read: fit enough) to do a class and striping to her uniform under the sweats and getting on the scale would prove a death sentence. Most of the teachers he hired had never had to lose so much as a pound, he goes on to tell her - and if this worked it would prove that his gym could help people lose weight and get in shape. This gave her the opportunity to do both: she'd gain weight, lose it with a class and rake in the cash that would make her the highest paid exercise instructor ever, the most popular and strangely enough get more people to follow this formula.


fetish realbigsid69 2018-01-25

Why not" Claire said, relaxing now and smiling as she let herself lounge on the pillow, a gifted hunk between her legs licking her pussy slowly and willing to stay there most of the night! Lie on the pillow" she said and once he emerged from the duvet and lay out, she mounted his face and let her pussy descend onto it, his tongue immediately seeking her warm hole. It took a bit of effort but as Claire felt herself relax, his tongue found purchase and he was past the tight ring and probing her gently and slowly. David left as she mumbled something about him turning up at her sandwich shop that Wednesday and when he left Claire checked the time.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 08

fetish nylonleglover 2018-01-25

Is that you?" Gwen asked looking right through Alice's entire body that was barely a foot away suspended in mid air. Next she made blue smoke bubble and ripple in the air in curling wisps that covered her body and slowly began to billow away leaving her demure, lovely athletic naked form, a goddess afloat above the dresser and her little Gwen. Finding strength in Gwen's words that were no more audible than a whisper, Alice blinked the tears away, snuggling her nose and lips up against the tiny brunette in the palm of her hands with a thankful little kiss.

One Day

fetish NewcyLid 2018-01-25

I suck on Jim getting his veins full, before he pulls out and sticks his hard cock into Brens mouth next to me, she is moving back and forward now, clearly someone is fucking her from the other side, mmmmmmm, a cock enters my pussy it's fully erect and slowly gliding in and out of me, a finger pumps in and out of my ass, "Lick me", Sue is standing in front of me spreading her pussy lips apart, I lick at her clit, licking the full length of her cunt before tounging her hole.

BBC for my Wife and Me CUCKOLD

fetish 425olds 2018-01-25

She stood up and started to undress telling me to keep sucking his big black cock. By now my wife was naked and sitting on the edge of the bed watching her husband suck a big black cock. She told him to fuck her bald white cunt with his black cock. Terry asks if his white bitch wanted her white cunt filled with his big black cock. She said there was no way that my little pecker was getting any where close to her cunt tonight As she stood there I could see the cum running down her leg. As I finished cleaning his cum from her well-fucked cunt she asks if I liked what I was eating.

Moesha the Maid

fetish Hellball 2018-01-25

"Moesha Clarke," she said to the pretty young receptionist, trying to keep her eyes level and her voice even. Moesha felt the receptionist's gaze on the seat of her skirt as she walked over to the comfortable chairs in the waiting room. The blonde raised her eyes slowly from Moesha's butt to her face, and smiled. "But now," Mr. Ulnik said, sitting back in his chair and letting a more wry smile spread across his face, "we come to the second part of your interview. "Moesha Clarke," he said with a gracious smile, "this is Benjamin Callen. Eyes still closed, she felt the heat of Mr. Ulnik's body on her naked butt cheeks as he came even closer.

Trust Ch. 01

fetish noglory 2018-01-25

The image of Bryony lying on her back, naked; her long and slender ballerina legs wide apart and her beautiful feet in her snow white plimsolls pointed as if she wore ballet shoes as Laurelle, the black canvas of her Keds almost merging into her skin, with all the grace and power of a black panther pinning its prey to the ground, lay on top her and pleasured her with a strap-on dildo; further intensified the racing of my heartbeat and the pump, pump, pumping of blood through my tight grip on my most sensitive parts.

The Transformation

fetish fictiong 2018-01-25

She's told me before of how she's left men locked up in her closet for hours going back to tease them every half hour only to let them cum right before setting them free. She looked me right in the eye with a smile on her face and simply said, "go." She pulled them aside and said, "please your Mistress Anna." I couldn't help myself, she didn't even have to lower down, I sat up enough to reach her luscious pussy with my tongue and began serving her. I had shown you a video of anal and you, in your d***ken stupor told me you like to play with your ass." She spun me around pointing my face to the mirror in the back of the closet.

Beautiful Nightmare Part 2 (Dawn of the Dildos)

fetish DiamondLife 2018-01-25

The ground was moving, the tentacles encased my arms,suddenly I trapped, unable to escape the slithering onslaught the black rubbery bush exploded as the tentacle took it's place deep with in my pussy, my ass had been penetrated too, my nipples being sucked other tentacles were lapping up the sticky jizz all over my body, it was'nt long before I began to add to the goo as I squirted my fanny juice into the mix, my spray on dress had been sucked away, tingling all over my eroticism was rudely interrupted the ground opened was it a mirror it was me a twin with a huge syringe as she injected the b**st it went floppy "potassium Bromide works everytime" she spoke in my voice!

Fertilizing her Face

fetish taliwacker 2018-01-25

“I live in Charlestown, I will leave the downstairs door unlocked, be absolutely silent, come up to the second level, I will be there. You will have a choice: cum in my mouth or on my face, and then leave, silently, the way you got in.” But my eyes adjusted and I made out the small passage by the car to the stairway door. Her eyes wandered over my body to my hard cock. Her small hands worked up and down my hard pulsing sex. Her face and body was dwarfed by my legs, naked torso and massive cock. I stood up with my throbbing shaft in her face. She whispered mouth or face? I had completely covered her face with my hot sperm!