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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Laura and Jim

fetish dianne_silk 2018-01-25

Jim loved to see Laura after work, watch her slip off her high heels and he would rub and kiss her pretty feet through her pantyhose. When Laura got home, Jim could hardly wait to get her in the bedroom so her could take off her shoes after a long day's work, and worship her feet to inhale the lovely scent of shoe leather, nylon, and Laura's delightful foot smell. Jim mentioned this and Laura admitted that her boss Steve had also worshipped her feet and legs earlier in the evening and Steve had shot a big load of cum on her pantyhose, most of which she was able to wipe off, but some of it must have remained.

My Step Dad’s Surprise

fetish iamawatcher 2018-01-25

As I approached the bedroom I heard Doug tell him he looked cute wearing my lipstick, cute like me and my Mom, Maureen (Gary’s wife). Then he moved closer till his big cock head was at Gary’s butt hole. Gary answered Yes, Maureen had told him about this position that Doug always put her in & that she loved it. The expression I saw on Gary’s face told me Doug was full depth in his ass. Gary then said Doug please shove your cock in & out like a battering ram and drive me crazy. Gary I knew was responding as my Mom & I have by opening his mouth French kiss style so Doug’s tongue could violate his mouth the way his cock was violating his ass.

Mona Gets Busted

fetish derfaust 2018-01-25

With the push of the button, Steve felt the hose surge into life and watched it propel Mona flat against the cold tile wall. Steve watched Mona's face contort her breathing change and saw her trying to gyrate her hips against the flow and knew she was cumming hard. Steve was getting pretty worked up by this time and was trying to muster the professionalism he needed to continue when Mona smiled coyly up at him, saw him watching her and slid three fingers into her sill convulsing cunt. Gathering the little strength she had remaining, Mona raised herself to her knees and slithered before Officer Steve, Just as her fingers touched her lips, she slid up his leg and offered them to him instead.

Cuckolding 101

fetish cuck2serveU 2018-01-25

I truly love Jennie but making love to her best friend while she and Tom are fucking like rabbits in the next bed gave us a spice that enhanced our relationships like a good rub enhances a good steak. One night at dinner she dropped a bomb, telling me that Candy wanted to turn Tom into a cuckold. "Maybe if you're a good little cucky Miss Jennie will let you jack your pathetic little cock off on her feet and lick up that worthless cum," she said serious as a heart attack, her eyes now piercing mine with evil intent.

The Human Dairy Farm

fetish Cowman82 2018-01-25

Sten only got the farm so that he could live out his sexual fantasy of dominating women and milk them like cows. All cowgirls must be naked and walk on all fours at all times, so whenever Sten feels the need, he just grabs one of them by the hips and fucks them from behind with his big dick. At first nothing happened but Sten kept at it and soon enough all hucow breasts at the farm gave milk. Sten got on his knees next to his brown skinned hucow and caressed her breasts to see how full of milk she was. Sten pulled his dick out of Caramels ass and rolled the milk machine over to Blondy's stall.

She-Male Chronicles Ch. 3

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-25

I knew I was in trouble now first cumming without permission now disobeying a command I grabbed the cock cage and put it on she twisted my balls and told me I was going to go into that gay club dressed up like a woman and I was going to let as many of them queers fuck and suck me as they please. I didn't let my wife know this but I didn't want to do this all the cocks I have fucked and sucked on over the years have always been on a good looking she-male, kind of like fucking a female but with a bigger clit.

Jae-Sun: Inspiration

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-01-24

She rolled her eyes and looked away, though Jae could see the big grin on her face. Jae, Shana, and the other students looked around. "Yeah, eventually," said Jae. Then he looked over at Shana's sketchpad. "This should be very interesting," said Hudson, looking at Jae. Jae walked over to the rack and smirked back at Shana. Now that's the first time someone's looked at the artistic value of my cock, thought Jae. As his eyes adjusted, Jae began noticing dark spots forming between thighs, and his nose told him that these girls were interested in different tools than charcoal and pencils. Jae mouthed, "Come on." The room in general was beginning to smell like pussy, and it was intoxicating.

The Dog Walker

fetish buttonboy 2018-01-24

I watched as a steady stream of hot liquid flowed from her, could hear the anguish in her voice as Trapper continued to pester, and felt a tingle of desire in my stomach as I watched. "I...I don't know, my wife never let me see her do it...I mean....I didn't even see much, just Trapper jumping about and you with your back turned, but it was erotic, the thought that you didn't know I was watching, voyeurism perhaps...I've never really thought about watching people pissing before". She looked me straight in the eye, her icy grey pupils bore into me, and then she turned her back and strode away, threw a parting remark over her shoulder, "Tomorrow, here at the same time!" I watched her as she disappeared into the distance, a fading vision.

Trust Ch. 12

fetish noglory 2018-01-24

Keeping a close and solemn watch on them in her role of Chief Acolyte was Emma's 11 year old cousin Heloise, a strikingly beautiful but very serious looking girl in her white tutu with a little sticking out lace skirt, her pencil slim legs in white tights and her feet in white satin ballet slippers with ankle ribbons. To my pleasant surprise she sat on my lap, with her dainty feet pointing demurely in her ballet shoes on the ends of her slender legs, put her arms round my neck, looked confidently at the camera and transformed her face with a radiant smile. Emma surprised and delighted everyone by getting up to give her own little speech of welcome and thanks and to pay a fulsome tribute to her parents and brought Rosalie to tears for the second time that day.

My Wife Erica And Our Friend Jack

fetish Cute Little Thing 2018-01-24

Right then, I wanted Eric to fuck me and call me the names I deserved to be called; whore, tramp, slut, faggot cock-sucker, sissy, pussy - Bitch. I couldn't help it I started wiggling my ass like a cunt, begging for Eric's cock despite my wife being there. "Yes you little bitch, you want get fucked like a girl, you want that big cock in your ass. It felt so good, and when I thought it couldn't feel any better, my wife forced her head under my waist and started sucking me, every so often licking my ass hole where the big stud fucked me.

Walking Mel

fetish Idyut 2018-01-24

I pulled hard on the collar, pulling the leash back, and barked at her "SIT!" Her red face turned to me, pleading look in her eyes but she continued to pull. Reaching under with one hand I play with her breasts but she does still pull a little, looking at the log. Mel slowly turned her head and looked over as I gave her some slack. She walked around it one more time and then stopped looking at me, straight at my eyes, ass to the neighbor. Go on." But as soon as she turned to walk four legged into the house I gave her pussy a good hard blast of the hose.

A Brother's Memories Part 4

fetish RichandSis 2018-01-24

I started the shower and got undressed; As I was putting my clothes in the hamper, I noticed I had missed a pair of Betty's panties when I had gathered up the laundry. When I felt that Betty had taken all she could stand I knelt between her legs and placed the head of my dick against the panty covered opening to her pussy. I could feel every movement of your cock through my panties, and the way the material felt as it stroked the insides of my pussy was fantastic. Well here I was again with a big load of cum in a pair of Betty's panties, when I remembered what the woman had said, about rinsing them in cold water, and took them off and put them in the sink.

Routine Checkup in the 21st Century

fetish tonguelasher01 2018-01-24

The hand held databases of both known diseases and symptoms integrated with individual patient files gave the paramedics an important advantage -- no doctor could memorize the billions of medical facts the database had available, nor could they instantly combine them with the total picture of each patient along with their history, DNA, symptoms, and the results of hundreds of cheap standardized tests and probes and come up with the same informed diagnoses. Because of this invasion and discomfort, it was understood that patients could request special extra attention from the masseur; Emma enjoyed having the water massaged ever higher into her, but she also usually requested that the tech also insert a few fingers into her cunt and pump them a bit in her; or she might request that they stroke her clit a little.

Special Counseling Session Ch. 04

fetish thomasksilva 2018-01-24

The day before I was supposed to meet Ellen, my counsellor, for a therapy session in her office, I got a voice message on my phone that perplexed me. I think you look nice..." This was a little lame but I wanted to get down to our session without any unecessary delays. "Bill, you can do what you like," said Ellen as she came up for air. "But I just wanted to warn you that since I haven't showered, my ass may be a little sharper tasting today. "I like the way your ass tastes today, Ellen," I said. "You can come now, if you want," she said. "I am not in a big hurry today since I don't have other clients," she said.

Fucking My Mate's Wife Ch. 02

fetish leekeyone 2018-01-24

Her piss was so incredibly warm on my bare skin and I thrust my head backwards and let out a deep animal moan as more of her delicious pee found its mark on my body. Gasping I opened my eyes and moved my head back to stare intently at the sight of her pussy lips leaking a small trickling stream of her piss onto my belly just above my groin. Another hot and utterly delicious stream of piss washed over my stomach as Mary had another little pee on me. My mind reeled in wonder at the new and even deeper thrill I was receiving as Mary's hot piss shower washed over my cock and balls.

Fucking Terry's Bra

fetish spattjack 2018-01-24

I stroked nice and slow at first, but faster and faster as I day dreamed about sucking and fucking Terry's tits encased in this white silky bra. She turned a little in her chair to face me and slowly pulled her blouse open to show me both of her firm tits imprisoned in her white silky bra. I almost jumped out of my chair at the feeling of the cool smooth silky cups touching my bulging red hot cock head. Next time it would be real nice to feel that inside of me." She buttoned up her blouse, stuffed her cum filled bra into an folder and said she was going to clean up and then come back to the real work.

Mom’s And Son’s Life Long Fantasies

fetish nckboy 2018-01-24

Shit I thought, here was my mom asking me to unclip her suspender that was touching her pussy, gently sliding my finger inside her knickers I pulled the suspender back down while letting the knuckle of my finger trace the slit of her lips. Climbing on top of mom I started to thrust my cock slowly back and forth, somehow it felt like my cock was gaining extra inches as I pushed and squashed in to her plumper pussy. As I lay there watching mom I ran my hand up her stocking covered legs feeling the wetness leaking from her hairy bush and dipped I finger inside her.

Learning Lessons

fetish Sashagirl93 2018-01-24

I didn't want to look like an idiot, but I didn't understand him. Eric seemed more relaxed now, a small smile forming on the corner of his lips. Eric wanted to fuck. "I'm going to make you scream." Eric said, ripping off his shirt, then pulling my jeans off. He reached my thong, and instead of pulling it down, he pulled it to the side and licked my clit, parting my lips with his fingers. But Eric kept playing, pinning me down as my legs shook and back arched. "Holy fuck!" Eric said, still playing, not letting go of my orgasm. I wished I could see more – watch his dick go in and out, massaged by my warm, wet pussy.

Where Is My Muse?

fetish xnadry 2018-01-24

I wish I could feel him begin to slowly move himself closer so I can take him deeper in my mouth or licking his balls and bury myself in the smells of us, as he leans back and begins playing with my swollen sopping pussy. I love his hands deep in my cum filled cunt while he begins to thrust into my mouth. Then in a single motion I have never been to figure out, his cock is deep in my ass and his finger begin working my pussy his thumb on my clit. There are no words to describe the feeling of floating, the only contact with this world is his hand going further and further inside you, his throbbing cock in your ass, his hand slowly rubbing your clit.

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 03

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-01-24

This really turned her on and she had three quick violent orgasms, clasping my head in her vice like thighs so hard, that I thought my ears would pop. I continued pushing the material over her clit and into her gash when she clamped her thighs hard onto my head yet again and flooded her panties and my face with piss! When the flow ebbed, and I was not not getting any more piss taste out of her panty material, she finally released my head. Then without her asking, I leaned back down and started sucking up her piss that had also pooled in the bottom of the tub. When I had finished Sholanda hugged me tightly and told me, "I love my white, sissy, piss drinking doll!"

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 02

fetish Lemon_7 2018-01-24

It felt so good, milk was being sucked out of me while my knickers were dripping wet, I started to grind slightly on his cock, desperate for it to be deep inside me. He pushed my legs open and lay between them, yanked back my blouse and began to nurse at me, sucking hard at my tired nipples, but at the same time my pussy began to tingle, and I ached for him to start screwing me. I started fucking him harder and harder, feeling myself about to come again, my toes curling inside my heels, rolling a nipple with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other.

An Unexpected Scoop Ch. 03

fetish Banishame 2018-01-24

I felt Véronique's flow first, as I opened my anus as much as I could to feel her piss land in, on and around my hole; then I felt a few drops on my mouth, and opened it to let Lisa's piss hit the back of my throat; then, as I felt someone's hand on my clit, neither knowing nor caring whose it was, I felt a hot jet fill my cunt, causing me to pull Saeed right into me, shooting his hot piss even further inside me.

I Wanted It Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-24

His cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. I feel the big mushroom- beautifully sculpted- head, wet and slippery, rubbing against my tiny, tender and virgin (well, small butt-plugs and few fingers- not necessarily my own fingers- don't count) asshole. He is licking my neck as he pushes his cock into my hole. I can almost feel the outline of his cock sliding through my fuck tunnel. I feel a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip of my hard cock. As if he can feel it too, he reaches and strokes my cock, smearing the pre-cum on the head, then rubbing my balls gently. He withdraws his cock, letting some cum drips out of my fucked asshole..

Smoking Domination in the Dorm

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-01-24

So I took a deep drag, held the smoke for as long as I could, and then exhaled in a narrow column that blew over his head. I relaxed back on the bed, took another drag, and blew a tight column of white smoke that reached the ceiling before slowly dissipating. I took another drag from my cigarette, held the smoke a long time, and then let a wisp escape my lips, before snapping it back. Without thinking, I lit a cigarette, took a drag, turned my head sideways, and blew a tight cone of white smoke toward the ceiling. While still fucking him, I leaned forward, gently pulled her lip down, so that her mouth was wide open, and exhaled a stream of smoke into it.