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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kinky School Part Two

fetish 2018-01-24

As the door opened, A awkwardly limping Mrs M walked in, I smiled cheekily to myself as I exchanged stares with Mrs M. Mrs G would like to speak with you in her office." I would like to discuss some matters concerning you and Mrs M." Or I could bribe Mrs M to not tell "Yes Miss, it tastes like heaven." Mrs G clumsily doubled back into door and she entered and pushed Mrs M down on to my lap and then on my cock. She cried out in pain, "Mrs G! With the combination of my cock drilling her and Mrs G's whip, Mrs M was fucked. I'm gonna cum inside your asshole.

Rebecca and I

fetish christy20 2018-01-24

She looked startled and tried to say something about how much work she had to do and other nonsense, but when she saw the daggers on my eyes, she lowered her head obediently, got up from her chair and walked right over her superior's office, mumbling some cheap excuses. Her tongue was going crazy inside my cunt, in and out, when suddenly she grabbed my swollen clit with her lips and sucked it so hard like a vacuum cleaner. I was cumming so hard like never before, producing gallons of fluids right in her mouth; muscles were contracting, legs and hands quivering, body shells screaming my orgasm aloud.

Gross Pheromones

fetish Bizarre_Consent 2018-01-24

I glanced over at Kat, and saw that she was touching her own breast through her shirt. When I slipped a hand under my shirt, Kat turned her head and looked at me. Kat farted softly, as I saw one hand - and then two - working rhythmically under her shirt. Then I saw her hand move, and she started touching her crotch through her jeans. "I just really need this..." Her eyes closed, Kat shoved her hand down the front of her pants, slipping beneath her underwear. Kat closed her eyes again, and I saw her hand moving steadily beneath her pants. Kat came down, panting a little, with her face flushed deep red.

Affair with a Pantyhose Nymph Ch. 01

fetish JustNylons 2018-01-24

When I was just a small child as young as the first or second grade I could remember looking at my teachers pantyhose covered legs and feet with an amazement that I couldn't possibly understand at the time. Taking pictures of the pantyhose feet of the girls in my class was fairly easy, none of them seemed the slightest bit concerned or creeped out by it as long as I complimented them on their outfit and shoes and made sure I took a picture of their full body and face as well. There were times when I even joked around and told the girl that I had a foot fetish and I wanted a picture of them to go with the rest of my collection and very few of them thought for a second I was being serious.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 13

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-24

Ms. Handlesmen's expression didn't allow me to move, to look away or even glance at her breast, but my peripheral vision, steered by passion, eluded her control. "Joey, don't be vulgar, keep your eyes where they belong and right now that's with mine, like this," my cruel lover said. He wants to grab it and suck on my nipple like the baby he is." Though my eyes stayed faithful to their mission of examining the breast, I mulled the truthfulness of those words. Good job Ms. Handlesmen," the secretary said while nonchalantly looking over my essence. "Yes Joey, look up at her, show my secretary how much you enjoy the taste of your own spunk," Ms. Handlesmen pursued with a snicker.


Bettyboop on Webcam

fetish flyingcat 2018-01-24

A minute or so later I was back in my regular position -- sitting on my leather computer chair, legs spread wide apart, knees up to my chest, heels virtually attached to the desk and my fingers spreading my labia and showing my 'fans' how wet and pink my cunt was (as I now called it). The next seven weeks took the same course with me ordering three new sex toys online (including a life like 9 incher with balls and one that had a big cock for my pussy and a smaller one that fit my bum), various sets of lingerie (especially the cheap tarty stuff in nylon) and an assortment of stockings as I developed and reveled in my 'Betty Boop' online character but kept my real life quite separate.

My Naughty Afternoon

fetish momma1968 2018-01-24

I began pushing harder loving the feel of my nasty cunt giving up my Master's gift and needing to cum, as this used whore dropped it onto that well fucked cunt on the floor. Not able to contain my need to lick that now abused cunt I dropped to me knees and began lapping up the cum. I love sucking him dry, the feel of his balls in my hand when cupping them as he drains his load into me just makes my cunt drip and my mouth water. I looked at my Master, he knew what I wanted and nodded his head I slurped his cock into my mouth and began to suck gently wanting to get every last drop out.

Fucking My Mate's Wife Ch. 01

fetish leekeyone 2018-01-24

As it landed, my hot piss stream washed over the tiled floor for several seconds before I found my mark and started to pee directly over the plug hole. Mary had an amazing bum, even more so for seeing it naked and with my cock sliding underneath it and into her hot little pussy. Mary reached the open glass door of the shower cubicle and stepped inside, her feet instantly coming into contact with the small puddles left from my earlier piss. She revealed how she desperately wanted to revel in the feeling of hot piss flowing over her exposed tits and all over the rest of her naked body.

Trust Ch. 10

fetish noglory 2018-01-24

The view changed to a tall, slender long limbed female figure who may have been Bernadette but it was impossible to tell because, whoever it was, she was encased from head to toe in a shiny black latex rubber cat suit, complete with hood and face mask, over which she wore a black leather bondage harness with straps around her breasts and nestled in her crotch. With our heavy breath of shared erotic excitement rasping through our gas masks I tied Emma's hands behind her back and bound her body with a cat's cradle of ropes around her breasts and over her shoulders and in her crotch so tightly and securely I could have stuck stamps on her and sent her through the post.

Cathy Gets Offered

fetish furryfan 2018-01-24

I felt Cathy's body seem to relax with Inga's words, and I let go of her wrists as she slowly raised her arms, and I felt a little light-headed as I watched the scenario unfolding in front of me. "Does he play with your armpit hair like this?" Inga said, raking her deep red fingernails through the lush spray, causing Cathy's entire body to shiver. "Does it feel like this?" Inga asked, before the older woman bent down and buried her face in Cathy's armpit. I had a bird's eye view as Inga coaxed Cathy's head under her arm, and I watched intently as Cathy's tongue came out and began to lick Inga's armpit, causing the older woman to moan softly as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Becoming a Sissy Part 8

fetish snoozer2000 2018-01-24

As she went to work on his cock and balls, Tom reached for his laptop and started looking at some sissy videos. He turned up the sissy training video which was giving instructions "now take the head of daddy's cock in your mouth" Mandy responded "take his balls in your mouth and play with them" then " take this cock in your mouth and start to deep throat him" For the first time in her life Mandy felt a lightbulb going off in her head "well your sissy looks very nice, but maybe she needs some professional help with her make-up, what do you think?" Tom nodded in agreement, "know anyone?" He realised how dumb his question was the minute he said it and didn't mind when Mandy sniggered.

Ode to a Stripper

fetish SamFrench 2018-01-24

I always like to sit through the first set of dancers before deciding on a private couch dance. I put off several offers from dancers for private dances until Kelly, the one with the puffy nipples, had me so worked up that I was ready. While tipping her before she had been very sexy, rubbing her thong covered pussy against my hard cock before pulling the string out for me to tip her. She'd flash me her pussy every time I tipped her, surprising since the place wasn't one of the fully nude clubs. Kelly pretended to be dancing in front of the two-way mirror that would give someone a good view of her upper body, but our crotches were hidden by the back of the couch enough to allow her to continue.

Toeing the Line

fetish Frostofaust 2018-01-24

Ted looked down in astonishment and lowered his hands but stopped before touching Cy's feet if as he'd experience a pleasure so intense it left him powerless to move, "oh, God!" he gasped as Cy rolled the head of Ted's cock between his big toes over and over, kneading it like a ball of soft clay until a sticky stream of cum escaped its tip landing on Cy's cheek and dribbling into the corner of his mouth. Cy covered the head of Ted's cock with the ball of his foot and another burst of cum gushed between his toes running down to his heel and dripping onto the exercise room floor.


Sexual Tease

fetish pamper1 2018-01-24

But she did manage to give me a slow blowjob lastnight only after teasing me for 3 hours as I sat in the chair watching a X Rated movies she put into the DVD then took the remote and walked away. She took it all then squeezed me one more time, kissed the head and walked away. She walked back into the bedroom and came a few minutes later dressed in a latex catsuit with some 7 inch high heels. She then licked the head and the shaft and looking at me said it was my turn to feel the full length. By the time the next one quickly followed, she had slid her little finger up my ass and sucked hard on the head.

The Island of Perversion Ch. 01

fetish kinkyjill 2018-01-24

I know you have wanted to, haven't you?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her face." And you too John, don't you?" Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the bed, unzipping my skirt helping me off with it. "Right slut, lick my shoes clean with your tongue and you can run your hand along my stockinged legs up to the ankle and tell me what my legs feel like!' I ordered him as I sat down on the edge of the bed. While I was doing this her guy slid a couple of fingers through my panties into my pussy, shoving the panties inside me so that the material could absorb the mixture of cum and my juice.


fetish Nate_Walis 2018-01-24

On the rare occasion that she was able to stop and take stock of the events that had taken place in her life over the past two years, it seemed odd to Gwen that there were still things that managed to take her by surprise and cause her to wonder if it would all turn out in the end to have been a crazy dream. Coming after all that, the quiet offer to be the public face of a small charity had seemed like a dream come true to Gwen, who had acted quite out of character in putting her foot down and insisting that she would take the job regardless of the benefit to her media profile.


Helpful Neighbour Pt. 02

fetish storyfella 2018-01-24

While we're on the subject, it's obvious you have a thing for feet, one of my girlfriends has a foot fetish and I must admit I think it's rubbing off on me," said Tina laughing at the unintended joke. "I was wondering Jeff, my friend Sinitta is coming round tonight, you know the one I told you about, would you fancy joining us for a drink, that's if you're not busy of course?" Tina asked. Their wet panties still wrapped around the base of his shaft Jeff now wanked his cock brushing it against each foot in turn, over their sexy little red toenails, his pre-cum on their toes and feet glistened in the light.

punished by parent in laws

fetish lippy100 2018-01-24

Then I remembered Ben coming to the aid of his d***ken Daughter in Law. I looked closer at my surroundings and realised I was in the spare bedroom of the home of my Parents in Law, Ben and Jane. "Kym, we are ashamed at your behaviour." Jane's words were blunt and cut through me like an emotional knife. As I was half way up the stairs Jane added, "And Kym, I want you only wearing the dressing gown, nothing else." Plus I had the greatest respect for Jane and Ben. They had been great to me, and had welcomed me with open arms as a Daughter in Law.


My night in

fetish innocence95 2018-01-24

There i was again laying alone watching tv that night, the neighbour came earlier than expected for some reason. He rushed through the door and seemed to be in a hurry for some reason so i jumped up thinking something was wrong but he just paused for a minute staring at me, he didnt say a word when i questioned him. A few seconds later this 40 year old 6ft 2in's man slowly untightened the buckle on his leather belt releasing the rugged jeans he was wearing to his ankles. he got up put his clothes back on and walked out the door saying "shhh". we still live next door to him but nothing has happened or been said since but i wouldnt mind doing something secret with him again as i still wank over that day.

Daddy paid for my accommodation at a sex resort.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-01-24

I stood outside his room door making fist to knock, feeling a trickle of my pussy secretions, run down my inner thigh, I was here to introduce myself and hopefully have good sex, and if I peed myself in front of him, so it would be, I had four hours until my girl date tonight arrived, I was planning for her to lick his ejaculation, should he put some inside me, but first I needed to get him on top of me.

The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles Part 2

fetish cumquarts 2018-01-24

When the 35ish blonde milf doctor asked if I would be comfortable with her examining my genitals (which would also be recorded on camera) my penis was already getting a little hard inside those satin panties and the words were music to my perverted ears. It was obvious she knew how to handle this kind of thing, though, because she simply gave a knowing and sort of disgusted half smile as she pointed at my boner and said, "And you're getting good bl**d flow, so that's good." She did some more examining of the area, and rolled my fat testicles around in her hands for a few seconds to feel for lumps, and said I could pull my pants up.

Tensorian Escape

fetish earthskull 2018-01-24

"Nnnnff.", she let out a soft moan, hoping her crew did not hear, but the vibration through the shaft pushing on her labia, it felt a little good. A blast rocked the ship and Senna leg slipped and the shaft pushed a little into her vagina. Beck looked back, forgetting his orders, seeing his commander there, balanced atop that shaft, her breasts shining with sweat, her face flushed red, biting her lip as she tried to maintain control. She felt lips on her neck and a hand on her breast as the phallus continued to pound waves of pleasure through here, pumping fluid that ran all down her leg and the saddle.

The Red High Heels

fetish PrincessErin 2018-01-24

The dress covered the ribbon edging, but Tally knew that when she sat down the dress would ride up to reveal her smooth dark legs. Tally spun around again and slid the stiletto heel of her left foot up against her right leg. "Rub your pussy for me." Tally could only nod as she felt his warm hands massage up and down her stockings. As he glanced down, he watched as Tally laid back, her head hanging between his knees as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster. Bryce knew she was cumming because her pussy was gripping his cock and was pulsing. "Tell me where to cum." Bryce slammed into Tally so hard she slid up the bed a few inches.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 05

fetish Alfamann 2018-01-24

My Parents in Law thought it would be good therapy for me if I put pen to paper and recount some more of the humiliation and punishment I have received at their hands. I did not want to ask my boss for time off for a long lunch, but I also feared the consequences of letting down my Parents in Law. I did not know why Jane had phoned me out of the blue to request I be present for lunch, but I rationalised it must be important. For what seemed an eternity Ben and Jane just stared back at me, smiling, and obviously not in a hurry to elaborate on why my boss was standing in the dining room of my Parents in Law.