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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 01

fetish Mr_Owlow 2018-01-24

Kara must have seen the distraught look on his face because she quickly explained, "Jaime, I realised long ago that I'm bisexual and you don't have to worry one bit, I like you a lot and I think you are very attractive and cute." When Jaime didn't respond Kara reached over the table and placed a finger under his chin to get him to meet her eyes and continued, "I've seen the way you have looked at me and the way you have talked to me and it shows me that you like me too. Kara smiled and sighed with relief as she felt Jaime relax again, she knew it was a risky move to play with his nipples so soon but she just couldn't help herself, he was just so cute!

Stand to Attention

fetish Terry19 2018-01-24

She told me that it was very basic and nothing to worry about adding that as it was a new procedure she was going to use the opportunity to show Miss Smith and Sue how it should be done in the event of her absence. I looked at Miss Smith, a sly smile was evident as she turned to Nurse Adams, "Right, what's next?" Unlike Miss Smith, Sue approach was the complete opposite, instead of holding my balls she merely brushed her finger-tips over them. "It would appear so", responded Nurse Adams, getting into the spirit of Miss Smith's scheme. "My, my, someone's excited, aren't they", gasped Miss Smith, "I'd say he's way past the point of 'cooling off', wouldn't you Nurse Adams".

Dancing Into Danger Ch. 02

fetish Baron_Cumhausen 2018-01-24

She gently kissed the tip of buff-man's cock then turned slightly to look us in the eyes as she pulled away ever so slightly. Although jealous as all hell, my cock was now crazy hard watching my wife lustily pleasure this beautiful and perfectly toned man. As Dave's eyes began to reopen, my wife covered his hands with hers and brought them up to her bountiful breasts atop her shirt. "I think a little revenge is in order, don't you Nick?" Dave asked, or was he telling? As Dave's cock came forward once again, I guided it with my lips and tongue into my wife's needy cunt. I imagined the look of pleasure on my wife's face as she fucked Dave, with my permission!


fetish stig1963 2018-01-24

Dan felt bad about interfering with Amanda's sale, but he still didn't understand how she could let that woman deceive the man who said he trusted her with all of his heart. "Alright then, let's start the tour at the front of the store." Amanda said, and Dan knew that he was about to get quite an interesting post-graduate education. Once they had gathered all of the gear, Dan began to lead the woman to the checkout counter, but she caught his arm and said "The person who recommended this shop suggested that I have a sales associate demonstrate the effectiveness of the gear.

Got Plaid?

fetish Arianna Lee 2018-01-24

As she crawled on her hands and knees across the stage I felt my cock begin to strain against the material of my pants. I kept thinking to myself how amazing it would be to bend her over the stage right now and fuck her. My cock was so hard and I thought I was going to come right there when she bent over in front of me. Just by watching her I could imagine how much fun it would be to slide my cock inside her wanting pussy. He told me, "You have no idea how hot you look in this plaid schoolgirl outfit. After a couple of minutes my legs started to feel a little shaky.

The Lesson

fetish Dreams of Desire 2018-01-24

"I want to watch you suck his cock while I finger my pussy." Tracy said, sliding three fingers knuckle-deep inside her juicy hole. I stood, gasping hard as i controlled the flow by squeezing the base of my cock, letting go when it felt safe to do so and watching her rub the cum into her pussy - easier said than done when Tracy was not only fingering her hungry pussy but also sucking one of her voluptuous tits, teasing the nipple out with her teeth. "To suck on and lick, to fuck and cum on...and i know how much you love to feel my fat arse," she added, slapping it briefly, "bouncing up and down on that hard cock.

85% bbw

His Problem Solved Ch. 02

fetish jollyrancher 2018-01-24

I quickly discovered that the feeling, as well as the sight, of my piss hosing out of my foreskin was very erotic, and I tried to imagine what it must have felt like to Pam this morning as she held it between her lips and received my offering through it. We parted and I saw a twinkle in her eyes that hadn't been there in a long time, then she stuck her fingers in the waistband of the boxers I had put on out of habit, pulled it out as far as she could and let it snap back against my belly and said, "These aren't going to make it, buster," and turned on her heels and padded off toward the bathroom.

Kinky Boots, Kinky Sex!

fetish mcspunky2006 2018-01-23

My feet where lifted one at a time as I stepped into he dildo panties, pulling them up my legs Mistress Sonia grabbed my cock and pointed it downwards as she pushed it through the open crotch and then thrust the 6 inch dildo right up in one go, pulling the panties up and fastening the leather straps tightly around my waist. "I need to get more comfortable and so do you slave!", Mistress Sonia stood up and removed her leather skirt, my first look at those amazing legs in black pantyhose and silk pink panties. Mistress Sonia stripped naked and got under the hot steamy water also behind me, her body rubbing against mine, I could feel her huge firm tits rub against my back as she whispered in my ear "I'm the slave now, fuck me Master"

Brod: The Bachelorette Pt. 01

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-01-23

First, she, Thalita, and Valeska had teased my cock till my balls were full, then they'd shoved me in here where the only indicator of time passing was the voices outside. I knew from experience that this new desk had room for four girls under it—or a couple of very-swollen ones. Under the table, Wendy must have enjoyed the recounting because her hands were pumping my cock and my precum was gushing over her face. Jane picked up the binder on my desk and her eyes got bigger when she looked at it. "I'm just lucky you were fucking the boss, too, or someone woulda got real pissed at all the sperm you left behind." She looked at Jane.

Thanksgiving Day

fetish mugs101 2018-01-23

She knew what I wanted to do and was playing the part well as I lowered my head to the floor and started to kiss her toes and the top of her shoes. Turning her right foot on its side a bit my cock nestled against her arch as she slowly brought her left foot up along my shaft and back down pressing onto my balls. She placed her foot over my mouth stepping on my face and I licked my juices off her foot and sucked it out of her hose while she started to stroke my cock with her left foot. I could still feel her left foot rubbing and toying with my cock and then she brought both of them up and placed them on my face.

My Journey To Becoming A Bull

fetish billstew 2018-01-23

So for me this is where it all began, I had been dating this girl for a few months, we were both in our early 20's non exclusive and almost always having bareback sex. For a couple days she had been saying her breast were super sore and maybe she was pregnant. She came out big smile on her face waving the stick saying thank god I'm not pregnant. I realized the next day or so I wanted my seed in her I wanted to stamp her as mine.. I don't feel that I became a bull that day, as really this was only the begining of my awakening to this life, but this was definitely my first time realizing I wanted to put my seed in women I was fucking.

Humiliation at the Gynecologist

fetish KateSingletary 2018-01-23

He tells me to get on the examination table and sit on my knees with my legs spread. He tells me that in order for me to relax the muscles in my pussy for the exam, he needs to rub my clitoris and I should just close my eyes and breathe and try to enjoy myself. He asks me and makes me answer intimate details of my sex life, cause he's my doctor and needs to know...while his fingers are still inside me. He holds my hand and tells me that I need to practice safe forms of sex, and as my doctor I should feel comfortable to learn from him Instead of putting on a condom, he spreads my labia and shoves his dick into my wet pussy.

Entrapped in Her Panties Ch. 03

fetish sleepless 3 2018-01-23

"Come on Joy, time to meet with Susan" said Chantelle – they collected up their bags and stood and walked to the toilet – as they passed the two guys at the bar Chantelle looked one in the eye and smiled a little. Steve's cock came back to full life quickly with this sight – especially as Chantelle leaned over to touch her toes, giving a sight of her black lacy panties shrouding her bum and showing a hint of the bulge of her cunt – he thought he even made out a little glistening moisture in that area.

Desires of the Smallest Room

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-23

With Barnaby at the rugby club and Anne at church, Adam had the house to himself for the first time since arriving the previous Friday evening. Although Adam wasn't a bedwetter he was glad to know that Anne clearly had a relaxed attitude to such things and he wondered whether Barnaby's bed was similarly protected – particularly in view of his interests. "Anne if you need the bathroom I'd better go," he stammered, standing up and trying to put his throbbing, swollen cock back in his briefs at the same time. In fact I knew that if Aunt Anne didn't go to the toilet soon she'd shit herself and I think she realised that too as she headed straight for the bathroom.

Corn For Breakfast

fetish Libertineman 2018-01-23

My ad, "FEED ME YOUR USED CORN", went on to describe that I wanted a thin woman to eat corn for dinner and feed it to me the next morning, with the hopes of getting a perverted lusty breakfast from her tasty butt. She admitted that she was a little shy but wanted to enter the world of extra normal sex, and would love to give me her corn filled poop, as long as she could watch me eat it. "Bitchen", I can do that, so I asked her to plan what morning would work for her and asked that she only eat canned corn and chicken broth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the day before.

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 01

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-23

Alice gets a panicked look on her face "Uh, Dan, I think I changed my mind. Dan had walked over to the closet as Alice was talking – he looks hard at the large mirror on the front of the sliding doors. Dan continues "Speaking of partying, I see that big box of sex toys you were talking about Alice – I think we need to take a look at what Joe has in there. He turns grinning to Alice "It looks like you guys are well stocked for all sorts of fun things. Alice walks over to Dan and Robert, turns to face Joe then gets on her knees.


Unemployment to Enjoyment

fetish Deadwood 2018-01-23

Perhaps it was the boredom of the moment, an exhibitionist side she knew she had, or her heels hurting her feet so bad that she did not care, but Amy did not bother to put her foot back into her shoe. Building upon that, Amy also slid her toes along the inner sole of the shoe letting the man get a full view shot of the bottoms of her foot as it ran slowly down the inclined plane of her heels. With her toes scrunching several times on the boring beige tiled floor, Amy did not care, and it made the boredom of the moment pass by with entertainment, even if her shoes, rolling now on the ball of her foot, the single form of entertainment of the unemployment office.

Panties for the Ladies Ch. 1

fetish megan 2018-01-23

Mom was already up and in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee as I went downstairs. "It seems to me, though, that you aren't going to quit wearing panties," she said as she moved her legs apart, making sure I had a clear view of the ones she was wering. She eventually lead my hand to rest on one of her breasts and said, "As long as it's just us girls, I want you to play with me." First, because she even know of my panty fetish; and secondly because she wanted me to touch her in a sexual way. Next, she removed her gown and instructed Megan to kneel in front of her and told him to pull her panties down.

My Friends House Part 1

fetish HosieryQueen 2018-01-23

Then his mom knocked on the door and told us it was time for bed, because my friend had to get up for work. I kept staring at her feet, and my cock started to get aroused. I saw my friend looking at me, and I stared down the floor, hoping he did not see that I looked at his mom’s feet. He said nothing, but I am sure he saw my cock getting hard. And there on the bathroom floor I saw some black nylon pantyhose on the floor. When I entered the room, he pretended to be asl**p and the blanket was not covering him all over - and I saw his cock - hard.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 03

fetish smellathon 2018-01-23

I detected the distinctive aroma of her combined bum and crotch sweat escaping through her black stretch pants and her white big briefs that became clearly visible when she bent over. As we passed the toilet at the carriage entrance, she grabbed my hand, opened the flimsy door and pulled me in after her. Pushing me onto the toilet seat, she opened her thighs and placed her legs on either side of my knees. She slowly lowered her labia down onto the upper surface of my erect penis, pulling it forward between her legs, where she had a couple of inches to work with. Holding the top of my softening penis stretched forward, she ground down into its surface until a little whinny of pleasure signaled journey's end for her.

Abused Counselors Ch. 02

fetish The Needler 2018-01-23

Going back and forth between her feet and her knees, he kept her laughing and rolling around for several moments until she finally gasped "Uncle." She lay there, breathing heavily for several moments before she could talk. "You know, it's been a Christmas tradition for us for the past fifteen years, after Lucy's husband left her." Stopping, Ginger got out Harold Mims' file and looked through it. "Yes. I used to tickle my Lucy on Christmas Eve right here at this fireplace until she screamed." She thought for another moment, then dug her fingers into his ribs, making him scream, but his legs were strong enough to maintain his grip, and he retaliated until they both were shrieking like children.

Nylon Sex With Susan & Bob

fetish nylonphil 2018-01-23

Bob was wearing jeans and a shirt but Susan was looking absolutely stunning in a short, slightly flared, strappy dress that came to mid thigh and very sheer black tights, showing off her fantastic legs, finished off with a pair of high strappy heels. Susan got up from next to me on the sofa and stood facing me with her legs slightly parted before gently sliding her hands up her thighs until she reached the hem of her dress and slowly lifted it to her waist. 'No!' Susan said, as she pulled her head away from my cock 'If you want to come in my mouth then Bob's got to come in yours – that's how it works.'

Lucy 01

fetish Gullos 2018-01-23

It took no time from teasing his little male pussy hole and sticking my finger into it to the point when I could use a strapon to fuck him - without letting him cum. Me pleasing you all the time, watching Carroll giving away some good blowjobs and get fucked like a good little slut." I played with his nipples and he moaned again, digging his tongue deeper into me, while his whole body was shaking. The first group of men came in and gave it to Carroll like they wouldn't have had a fuck for years.

The Drive

fetish Ben Trodd 2018-01-23

Jewel asked if she could try something on her asshole boyfriend...I didn't know what she meant....she walked over to him and undid his pants, and took out his cock, it was hard, and there were tears leaving his eyes, she took a sharp knife and started to run it up and down the tip, leaving small traces of red, and there was also semen leaking from the tip. I told Jewel to pack up her belongings and that we were going on a road trip....we got in the car....drove to the cop shop, dropped off Mr. Asshole on the parking lot, and went on our merry way.