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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Secret Desires Ch. 01

fetish naughtybynature09 2018-01-23

Let me finish," he said, sternly this time, annoyed at the criticism in my eyes, "I am ready to be here for you, I know that you have no doubt heard this in the past and are critical of my rather, in your eyes, cliché phrase, but I am here tonight to prove to you that I am not all talk. Trembling, I dialed my mother's work phone number and in a calm, cool, and collected voice I said, "Hey mom, I know you don't like short notices, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to my boyfriend's house for a while."

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 08 Pt. 02

fetish JimAner 2018-01-23

You know that it's going to happen, but you have a choice: if you take the spankings like a good boy, and if you jump up on the spanking bench joyfully, and if you ask for more paddlings and spankings, and if you and help Liela strap you on to the spanking bench, and if you shove you butt out to ask for even more whacks, and if you beg to take even more punishment then you think you could ever handle, then, and only then, Leila will be happy to fuck you. Watching the spank fest with her hands on the back of Grower's head and his tongue massaging her clitoris was amazing, but she thought would that watching Leila fuck Beercan would be a great encore to the spanking orgy.


Nylon Femdom

fetish BlkNYLONS 2018-01-23

The sisters could spot a man with a stockings/heel fetish in no time, and knew just one sniff of their nylon foot or the scent of the damp leather soles of those well worn FM pumps would have him begging for more. The sisters thought David's fetish was cute and many times they would tease him by slipping off one of their high heels and place their warm stockings clad toes right over David's face, letting him smell in deeply at that strong, well-worn nylon and leather scent and laughed as they watched his eyes roll back with pleasure.

It's Barely Theatre Ch. 01

fetish clipperdreams 2018-01-23

Before I cut, I run my hands through his hair, pulling it up to see how long it is, feeling how soft it is. I reach for his balls and hold them in one hand while scissoring off what little hair is there. As I roll them around looking for hair, I hear him suck in his breath and hold it, but I did a good job with the scissors so don't need the clippers. Just as I put clipper to skin, my hand slips up and over the mushroom head and feels a bit of pre-cum. I take my time, not wanting to end this, but I finally shave away the rest of the hair.

More of Mother's Milk

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-01-23

The baby was nursing at Mrs. Dolan's large left breast. Sean's sharp eyes could just discern the droplet of milk that dangled from Mrs. Dolan's right teat. Tammy Dolan had been made to feel uncomfortable about the physical pleasure and sexual excitement she felt when breastfeeding, or even just pumping milk for later. Tammy took Sean's hand and placed it under her heavy, full, right breast. Tammy could feel her clit swelling and her milk in her right tit was letting down. You like Mommy's big milk-filled titties, don't you, Baby?" Then she reached down and expertly stroked Sean's cock and whispered into his ear as he blew his thick, heavy load all over Mrs. Dolan's face and hair and those incredible milk farms.

Maid to Serve Ch. 03

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-01-23

Today the length of Alwyn's legs below her skirt was instead sheathed in a single length of red spandex that stretched all the way down to her feet and covering every inch in the skin-tight material. The end of the building where Eleanor entered, pushing Alwyn's chair more so she could stare at the woman's legs as they went than to genuinely help, was mainly filled with a small number of changing rooms. When the unrolling of the tail reached her buttocks, Eleanor was forced to lie down on the bench and allow Alwyn to stretch the last few inches of the costume over her backside.

In Your Loving [Under]arms Ch. 01

fetish revol 2018-01-23

He fell in love with her bare upper arms and underarms, and longed to kiss and suck those luscious, juicy and creamy armpits with slight stubble, and sexy muscles of her upper arms and shoulders. Tony got an instant hard-on, thinking of tightly embracing Emily, smelling and tasting her armpits, and exchanging underarm kisses with her. Tony rubbed his face and nose on Emily’s broad and sexy shoulder muscles, inhaling the smell of her perfumed shoulders and kissing and licking her shoulders. Emily put her sharp nose in Tony’s right armpit and was licking and kissing it, with long strokes of her tongue, and encircled his d**k in her palm and squeezed.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 07

fetish Eosphorus 2018-01-23

Dan and I sent Charlotte to bed around eleven – she needed her rest for the competition, after all – and took over caring for Bonnie. Bonnie and Charlotte also had to deal with the proprietors of Heartland Cupcakes in Omaha, Nebraska, a married couple named Paul and Palmyra. "Just as Chef O'Shaughnessy asked for a cupcake in honor of her Irish heritage," Garibaldi said. Bonnie and Charlotte presented the judges a Cannoli Cupcake similar to what they already featured on their menu. Bonnie and Charlotte survived the second round, Gary and Craig produced a biscotti cupcake which was a total disaster and got them sent back to Seattle.

My cum can heal sickness.

fetish nsadude 2018-01-23

I awoke to see two women walking around what looked like a large igloo. Then the other men opened their pants and then they started getting hard-ons and whacking off toward me. After the women were done, they started taking fast grabs for my dick occasionally giggling. However, as I started to put the eggs in, my sleeve caught the handle of the boiling water and it fell on my hands scalding me. I could feel a strong climax building and I started thinking of those gals sucking and fucking my dick. I took my hands and started to scoop up my cum from my chest to clean myself up.

Mommy On My Lap - Ch. 01

fetish Pantyhose_Lover 2018-01-23

The gentle rocking and swaying of the car caused mom's ass to gently gyrate against me and for the life of me there was nothing I could do stop my erection getting bigger as my mother's ass stimulated my sensitive cock. My cock was rock hard and throbbing but no matter how hard I subtly thrust it against my mother's pliant buttocks and even with the added stimulation of the rumbling car, I knew I wasn't going to climax. Once again I began to rub my throbbing cock in the crease of my mother's buttocks but now the sensation of the cool slick material encasing my mom's bottom sent ripples of pure delight along my tumescent penis.

Stories of a young vampire - part 1: New awakening

fetish toyboy090 2018-01-23

At school it was hard to keep up with Gina on my min, finally after a long day got home and called her if she wanted to go out with friends. At a local bar we drinked and laughed with our group of friends, a girl from school, Wendy was there too and tried to flirt with me, Gina wasn't happy with that, almost furious if you looked into her eyes. With my appitite filled I return home where the girl still is, she's afraid but we introduce to eachother and she remembers me from school, Jennifer knew what I was, she witnissed the fight and me healing a serious wound, Jennifer promised me not to tell anyone of what has happened today and keep it our secret.

Cuckold Husband Ch. 04

fetish lace_lover 2018-01-23

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and if I hadn't been gagged, would definitely have tried to talk her out of the last part, if nothing else, but instead I could do nothing but watch as Steve stepped out of his clothes, revealing his toned body and after Katrina had sucked his cock to what must have been 10 or 11 inches long, I felt the bed move as he got up behind me.

WWE: Becky Lynch's Workout

fetish Batman_112 2018-01-23

"You like that Becky?" I teased her as I kissed her, driving my hips into hers as she moaned for me to fuck her harder, her pussy starting to spasm around my dick as I sucked on her neck and her tits. "Gonna cum Becky," I whispered as I placed my hands on her hips and started quickening my thrusts into her, her walls ripping and pulling on my dick as I held myself inside of her. I bet you do," I teased her as I pulled on her hair and slapped the back of her head, Becky's moans now completely filling the room as I buried my dick in her ass and reached a hand between her legs and felt her cumming for me again.

Ticklish Work Encounter

fetish shynticklish 2018-01-23

Struggling to control the throbbing of her clit and the flush coming into her cheeks, Amy shyly met his gaze and said, "Oops, sorry about that." She leaned down and whispered, "I think something else besides your belly tickles." This remark caused Doug to lean back in the chair and chuckle louder. "God, Amy," Doug gasped, still struggling to stop laughing, "I have never been so aroused and tickled as I am right now." Managing to look him in the eye, she said, "And, I think you are the jolliest and most ticklish man I have ever met." She then tickled her fingers over his rounded belly through his shirt, eliciting a low and deep chuckle from him.

My First Coming Out Party

fetish Classygloves 2018-01-23

I shared with her my fantasy of being dressed as a debutante someday and be able to wear shoulder length white kid gloves. She let her bra slip off and placed my gloved hands on her breasts and had me suck on her nipples which by now were hard and stuck right out. I was so overjoyed at the way that I looked and felt that I embraced and began kissing her passionately and rubbing her breasts and feeling her between her legs. Then she took my head in her hands and directed my painted lips to her nipples and made me suck each one back and forth while massaging her breasts with my gloved fingers.

Office Deals Cum and Go

fetish MisterE27 2018-01-23

Yana felt a stirring between her legs when she saw that Mr. Pearson was kneeling before the pixie, still clothed, but with the toes on her left foot in his mouth. Up the Chinese woman's graceful calves and muscular thighs, Yana could see her swollen labia peek through the robe, the lips on her mouth slightly parted in a gasp of pleasure. After Mr. Pearson came in Sun, she sat on the desk with her thighs apart as cum dripped out of her womb. Cum dripped out of Yana's womb as they all took a dizzy step back from their sex, Sean standing next to Mr. Pearson as Yana lie down with her back on the floor, legs slightly appart.

My Bulging Bladder Story

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-01-23

The paradox was that at every stop I was drinking liquids and feeling dehydrated because of the intense heat, yet I had a very full bladder which the cold of the bus accentuated, and I could find no place to empty it. Toward late afternoon, my bladder was hard and swollen under my shorts, and to show him how bad it was, I told him to feel my abdomen. Now I am well past fifty, and several pregnancies have left my abdominal muscles a lot less firm that they once were, so usually my abdomen protrudes a little, but it usually feels soft. I felt like I couldn't bend, or sit, I just needed to relieve my pain.

my aunt..part 3

fetish lottiecd 2018-01-23

So I stood, there panties tightly pressed against my face with one hand, the other furiously pulling at my cock and it wasn't long before the feelings overcame me and I orgasmed all over the floor. I watched for several minutes stroking my hard cock then she sat up and looked up at the window. I watched for what seemend like an eternity as her fingers worked arounded her pussy and as her fingers plunged inside her, then she clamped her legs shut, her hand still in there, she seemed to shake then it was all over.

Tongues of Passion

fetish alizah 2018-01-23

Every time I looked into her eyes there was something attracting & pulling me to her I knew she was seducing me all the way to have a gender fuck. Maybe it was in her eyes, deep set black eyes, smiling, or the way she placed her hand on the small of my back as we walked through the crowd to leave. I could taste her tongue; feel the pressure of her full lips as our desire increased. I could feel the warmth of her tongue, the pressure of her lips against the soft velvet. My hands moved to every spot my tongue was not, to her breasts, her thighs, and finally I slid two fingers into her.

Chastity is Seductive

fetish AlinaX 2018-01-23

As soon as Emily was gone and the door closed, Mrs Darcy shared a smile of genuine warmth and humour with her husband. That way Mrs Darcy would be sure, at least, that her husband wasn't fucking your pussy." "I can't stop my husband chasing after every little slut that flashes some tail, but the thought of you and your too-eager pussy perched all day, every day, outside his door..." She shuddered visibly, and Emily's flush of embarrassment deepened to the point I feared she would spontaneously combust. "If the two of you don't stop all that whispering," Mrs Darcy said, without looking up from her reading, "I'll have my maid whip you."

She Owns Him

fetish Bruno1027 2018-01-23

On his young body it looked out of place; long and thick with a head the size of a ripe plum and two balls that couldn't fit in her hands. "I want you to feel good." Her hands slipped further down his organ, her fingers cascading behind. Feel how good I am, how wonderful you can feel when you're with me." She enjoyed herself, loving the shining, greasy cock as her hands played up and down his member. He was vulnerable and she wrapped her body around his, letting him feel what needed to be felt. "My love," she whispered throatily, "It's for the best." She could see the questions in his eyes and she rested a hand comfortable against his closed groin.

My Neighbor Vickie's Panties

fetish jackhungwell 2018-01-23

Around four days later I seen her pull up into her drive way and she got out and went into the house. The next morning when I got home from work Vickie was already gone and I sat on the porch and watched the kids get on the school bus. I walked back outside and sat down when I heard a lawn mower start up and I glanced over toward Vickie's house and I seen her out there in a one piece swim suit mowing her yard. As I was trying to snap those thoughts out of my head when I heard the lawn mower shut off and I looked over that way and she was walking toward the house.

Bukket Ch. 04

fetish PoisonedEve 2018-01-23

They had said that they would come at 10 p.m. I was going to sign the contract. By signing the contract Mrs. Evelyn Dalehood declares and agrees to the fact, - that there would be a preparatory phase of three weeks starting from the day she signs this contract will not leave any mark or sign on her body and face after the completion of thirty six hours And also by signing this contract you will give up your freewill and will become a property of the F&F Corp. He gave me a reassuring smile and said, "Please do not forget the fact that by signing the same contract the F&F Corp. I walked in, sat down, took the pen and signed the contract.

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 04

fetish kleincox 2018-01-23

"Let's try these on and see what you like," my wife said. Jessica left me alone the rest of the day but I caught Julie looking over at me like she wanted to say or ask something. My wife smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the forehand and said, "You're going to work tomorrow and that's final." It looked like she wasn't thinking along the same lines so I asked, "Do you think I need another 'preemptive strike' this morning." The look I got from my wife made me doubt I was speaking English. She seemed embarrassed when she noticed it, "Well maybe you're okay after all." She stood there a minute without making eye contact then finally said, "I think you're done.