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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Helping Mom,s Friend Out.

fetish xhiva 2018-01-23

I was on the couch, lofing after a good game of pick up b-ball on a Sat. I saw Mrs. Thompsen's car pulling into the driveway, and got up to tell her my mom had gone to her mothers for the weekend. "I mean, do you think of me when you stick you hands on that cock?" She a a sly look on her face and I was beginning to regain my composure but was still stunned. "Shut up and fuck me hard, I need this I need you too fuck me" I was shocked to hear this women, my mothers friend talk like this, but again, she was naked and I was sliding in and out of her vagina, the hottest pink slip I had ever been into.


fetish Nellskitchen 2018-01-23

Surprisingly, and unlike so many other times when I had stood in the shadow of its intimidating gaze, it was being reasonably courteous today; concealing its bullying self and showing a genial side which left me confident that hair, makeup, nails and even apron were in good order - ready. As I felt his fingers squeeze my nipples, I knew he would have taken things further, like that time at the Brooklyn warehouse, but the elevator interrupted, stopping abruptly, its doors opening a little faster than expected and exposing our compromising position to the view of half a dozen agreeably astonished women.

A Holiday in Looe Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-01-23

Recalling her piss by the bed the night before, Emma allowed her one hand to slip into the fast flowing golden stream issuing from her pussy lips. Once her pee had finished for good after one last wonderfully long squirt over the now sodden piss stained patch on the carpet, she instinctively slipped inside her love temple. Barely a moment later and her pee hole opened and hot piss instantly started to flow into her green bikini briefs. Emma allowed another squirt of piss to escape her pussy lips and filled her green briefs with more hot wet urine. Within seconds a thick stream of hot piss was squirting out from her pussy and was spraying downwards to cover one of the dolls with a fountain of her golden pee.

Cuckold part 1

fetish 2018-01-23

I could only guess what she was saying but I had no doubt that it was something sexual, she had that look on her face I’d seen so often when she was excited by a man.I felt relieved that I had d****d a towel over myself earlier (had I subconsciously guessed what would happen?) as my penis started to respond to the sight of my wife’s surreptitious flirting with another man.It was such a strange sensation, almost like it was me who was the interloper, the transgressor, for secretly watching the illicit episode playing out in front of me.Certainly it was Julie who was making all the moves, her mouth so close she was almost licking his ear, standing with her body right up against his, I could imagine her pressing her mound against his thigh under the water.Of course, Dave wasn’t protesting.

Kara Plans Rod's Surprise

fetish PinkDelphi 2018-01-23

It's all about my perfumed, trimmed, ready, pussy, or my moist, wet, creamy lipstick decorated mouth, or my so, so, private, cleaned out and oiled asshole that feels so, so, good to him, and there is nowhere else he wants his stiff prick to be...It's about when you are really into it and ready to take all his hot cum. These are the things you don't want to say aloud, but sometimes they slip out, and your lover fucks you harder, breathes shorter breaths, inhales more gasping pants of breath while he continues to drive deep into your snatch, to pump and pump and circle and swirl his dick into your pussy, loving the feel of your eager reception of his strong cock into your ever soft pussy.


fetish beau_thwayz 2018-01-23

My eyes flashed to Gina, and I sucked on his digit slowly, feeling the drug's effects rapidly spreading throughout my body even as the stuff numbed my tongue. Tim broke our kiss, and my eyes went self-consciously back to see Gina staring at us, her eyes wide, her hands gripping the arms of her chair very hard. Gina sat in an overstuffed chair, spun it around, and continued to watch us, as Tim stepped up to wave his rather large cock in my face. Suddenly, Gina rose, went to a drawer of her nearby desk, and soon she arrived at the bedside to deliver a jar of lubricant to Tim. Her eyes twinkled at me, and I knew I had to do this for her.

Brod: Doctor's Note

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-01-23

Despite my hunger, I wanted to get this thing with the clinic over with before my next class began, and stopping for a fuck had taken up a good 45 minutes total with dick deflation time. I heard soft little whimpers coming from Liz. The doctor's fingers cupped my melon-sized nuts as well as they could, and I could feel her kneading them, pulling at the skin. Finally, I reached my monstrous full size, almost half a yard of pulsing cock that looked like it rivaled Liz's legs in girth. I felt fingers grabbing handfuls of the thick skin of my sack, lips kissing the nuts, a nose brushing against it.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 07

fetish ZotDragon 2018-01-23

Little beads of thin white milk formed on her nipple and Helen watched as the coalesced and then started sliding down the long slope of Kelly's breast. Taking a breath, Helen grasped the sides of Kelly's panties and pulled them off her hips, exposing her wet pussy. Sucking, nibbling, licking, teasing; it didn't take Helen long to be rewarded with a gush of Kelly's girl juice as the other woman came with a stifled scream into her pillow. But to start having sex with another woman, to have a threesome in the bed she shared with Simon, to let another woman suckle at her breasts along with Simon...while it all felt so good and wonderful, it was more than just a little weird now.

Perfect Fit

fetish lucifers_muse 2018-01-23

When I asked her what that meant she said that Jennifer told her that it was first time she went out with someone where she didn't end up feeling like a kid. When I couldn't stand it any longer I pulled her hand off my dick leaving the one at the end catching my cum. She told me to grab both of her nipples just as I start to cum squeeze them as hard as I could. When we finally got up off the sofa still none of my cum had come out of her she stood up and put her hand below her belly button and said that she felt full.

Clean & Smooth (The Pat's Ch. 2)

fetish pbwhome 2018-01-23

Lisa had wanted to stay another night, and had actually stripped down to her swimsuit and started making a fire, but everyone else decided it was time to head home. Micah pulled the suit down to her waist, revealing a simple, black, sports-bra top (like the one Jen was wearing, but black). Jen looked over to see Micah bent at the waist with just a thin, black thong running up the middle of her shapely ass. Besides, even if my ass isn't as hard as yours, I think it still looks okay." Micah said the last part with a wink and turned her back to Jen again, shaking her hips. Jen counted seventeen different guys that looked twice or downright stared at Micah's ass before they reached the towels.

Slut Mother - The New Lesson

fetish hi1 2018-01-23

"Sure mom," I said and thought about my mother with her young friend in the room. The woman was a friend of mom and wanted her daughter to learn the secrets of the world of fashion. "I'll try my best Sheila," mom said still looking at the young girl, front you, my aunt and as mom said, you're my mother now." "That's nice," mom laughed, "I know your mother was a whore but she mom's ass again and withdrew the dildo leaving my mother and the Mom took the filthy dildo in her mouth and sucked it clean, the girl "Make no mistake Helen," I said, "My mother is a whore. my cock in and out of mom's large cunt watching Helen pulling her

The Bigger Step Brother Pt. 01

fetish thetinybrother 2018-01-23

I looked at her and her mouth was open; her eyes staring straight into his junk I thought she was going to burn a hole right through them. My thoughts were everywhere; the amazing make out session we had, the fact that Adriana was stronger than me, how she made me cum in my pants, her little dick comment. When I got to Nizar's room, I saw that the door was slightly open and heard the steady hip hop of Lupe Fiasco blasting through it. The last past 24 hours had been the most confusing of my life, and I wasn't going to pretend like I knew what was going on, so I just let it happen; I began to kiss her back.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 16

fetish Many Feathers 2018-01-23

Moments later Derrick started the music, the girls slowly beginning to walk around and about us, several feints being made as each one tried to time the music stopping to finding a lap. Sitting next to her oddly enough, Marsha managed to gain my lap, not yet inserting my cock as we hadn't been given the word yet...but resting her obviously slick pussy against it, just as I am sure Bella was doing to Chris's hard cock. This time around when the music stopped, Bella landed in Mike's lap, Debra in Patrick's, Marsha on Steve, and Julie on me, leaving poor Becky as the one taken out on the girl's side.

Darla Seduces Tim Conclusion

fetish maleseeks 2018-01-23

The two match eyes while Darla slowly rises, opening her mouth to show Tim that she still has his flavor, his cum, on her lips and a dab of his sperm on her tongue. Stepping one stocking clad leg out from the door, the rest of her concealed from Tim’s view, Darla asks so sweetly, "Tim, why don't you put on some music and hand me a glass of wine in a couple of minutes. So, with new found confidence and a plan of action (and, of course, the raging hard cock in his pants!), Tim eases open the bathroom door, cautiously, carefully, preparing himself for the worst, hoping for the best. Tim looks anxiously into her eyes, keeping his fingers, lightly pinching, on Darla’s nipple as he finds his glass and brings it to his lips, gulping hungrily.

The Guardianship of Henrietta Ch. 01

fetish alexcarr 2018-01-23

Feeling his enjoyment of her she concentrated on taking him in a deep sucking motion, now enjoying the taste of cock as well as the earth and roses, she particularly enjoyed 'sucking the bud our of the pod' holding his cock tightly, and sucking out the head from inside the foreskin which was a particularly enjoyable episode for them both, he felt he needed to ejaculate but she, like him, wanted for this heaven to last a bit longer so she took a ribbon from her pony tail and tied it neatly but tightly around the base of Bill's throbbing cock to hold back his load until they were good and ready -they were both in their element, enjoying each other until they were well ready for the ultimate and so beautiful fuck, but before that, they had a lot more foreplay to enjoy, and before very long he was sucking each of her erect nipples as she balled him, her hand in torn enjoying the feel if his contours, the feel of his masculinity, the ripeness of his throbbing erection between her breasts was absolutely heaven -she extending her tongue to reach his back stretched head with tat delightful p-hole she just loved.

My Housemate's Girlfriend Ch. 01

fetish passthesalt 2018-01-23

One day, I was making noodles on the stove when I saw her come out of Chris's room and go into the bathroom right across the hall. "I'll wipe with my panties, that way you won't see anything fun just yet..." She slid the gusset of her soft panties in between her thighs as she said this, slowly rubbing them up and down a couple times, while she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. They've got enough pee and pussy juice to get you excited for next time." Eyeing my crotch, she added"Who knows? Fuck me...' I thought to myself as I came hard into her panties, adding an incredible amount of my cum to her cunt juice and piss.

Katie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 03

fetish Dan Andersom 2018-01-23

Pat said I bet you have a dirty little ass right now don't you? Soon Pat felt something on her asshole, it was a butt plug Katie was sliding in her ass. I ask her if she was all right and Katie said she was just retaining a little water today. Katie told the boy to get behind Pat and fuck her in the asshole. Pat told Katie to get her little ass up here so she could suck it. Katie asks the boy how Pat's ass felt? The boy watched as the two women rubbed shit all over Katie's ass and pussy. Katie spread her legs and told him to fuck her pussy with his shitty cock.

Mature Pussy

fetish biDotty 2018-01-23

I let both hands roam over her lovely ass, delighting at the softness and sensual moves to my groin. Jean undressed me and tasted my shaved pussy, cum now flowing and spurting to the velvet tongue. "Your pussy and ass taste like ambrosia,” she said in a husky voice. Jean rolled me over on my tummy, raised my legs up and out, and spread my ass cheeks for more of her plunging tongue. If you’re like me, you catch your cum in your hand when you squirt, then drink it like wine!” Jean was the most erotic, sensual woman I had ever known.… Jean covered my pussy with her mouth as my golden pee kept gushing.

breaking him in

fetish madismaximus 2018-01-23

She and Don had him dress in shorts, sandals and a tee shirt just a bit too small for him, dropped him off at a nail salon with instructions to "make them as red as red gets", they took his credit card and had a nice lunch while he did girl chat with the girl who gave him his first pedicure. "That would be ok wouldn’t it fluffy?" With a big smile he just said "yes." Jim would have to go to work wearing his new breasts. "And Don has taken my place in our bed." "Oh sissy," she said "poor poor sissy, Don and I aren’t sl**ping together, Don is gay, you silly girl." "And sissy I think you are cute and Don is very attracted to you and he likes men." Somehow that didn’t make Jim feel any better.

A Very Pregnant Valentine

fetish al_Ussa 2018-01-23

She is an absolutely beautiful, lovely little Latina chick -- dark skinned, curvy in all the right places, and deep eyes that you just feel like you could stare into until the end of time. It looked like she was going to start crying again at any moment, so I reached down and hugged her, savoring the feeling of her warm little body pressed tightly against my chest. Looking over at the window, I reached over and pulled down one of the cheap paper hearts that they had decorated the store with for Valentine's Day. If the manager didn't like it, well, he could take that up with me next time I came in. Like I said before, both of us lived downtown at the time, so it didn't take us very long to get back to Carmen's apartment.

Black Canary: The Warlord's Woman

fetish DarkLordPriapus 2018-01-23

Maleek's eyes struggle to look into the deep darkness before him as he waits for the master to address him. The African looked into the box and saw the doll with the blonde hair dressed in the same fashion as Black Canary who was inside the crate. Lightly colored green gas began to emit from the tube and the aperture was faced directly at the dark red, bee stung lips of Black Canary's slightly parted mouth and also her attractively structured and small, "scoop like" nose. As the hot, yet cooling breeze of the African landscape rushed into the sweltering crate and cooled the sheen of sweat which covered her body, a dark hand reached in and pulled the metal tube from her breasts.

Caroline and Mary

fetish GooDoughnut 2018-01-23

"I won't have my daughter letting out small belches." She adopted a rakish pose, one hand behind her head, pushing her hair forward slightly, the other upon her hip. Mary let out several more burps and a few more large belches, receiving praise from her mother each time. Mary felt the warm air flow into the sack and held her breath, determined not to breathe her mother's farts. Mary chose that moment to let out a loud, rude fart, clasping her hands together and smiling shyly at her mother. Caroline pulled her eyes away from Mary's hips and looked at her in surprise. Her mother sat down at the table, her head level with her daughter's rump, and patted her stomach.

The Head Master and the Panties

fetish Misslexia 2018-01-22

As soon as she had said it, Caitlin had opened the window as full as possible and was climbing in, seemingly unaware that her skirt had ridden right up and was exposing her knickers (silky pink with white polka dots) to the world. "Come out from behind your desk Head Master and have a closer look between Caitlin's legs, so that you can judge if they are the same as the pair of knickers that were taken." Mrs Rixon spoke quietly "Well Head Master; are they like Georgia's knickers?" Stella Rixon smiled and Caitlin looked on in amazement as Marion panted "They are a bit damp and dirty Mr Plum, but I think you will like the smell!

My Housekeeper

fetish C2RJ 2018-01-22

I got many responses, but only one who seemed genuine, Billy who said he was in a wheelchair and needed someone to clean house for him. He scooted to the edge of his wheelchair and ran his fingers up my legs, to my ass and swatted me a good one. At the same time, one hand came up to play with my tits and the other hand with those beautifully long fingers slipped inside my pussy and I just about jumped off the bed. The feel of his fingers inside my pussy, rubbing on my g-spot, his soft silky tongue on my clit, and his left hand massaging, caressing, and kneading my tit was more than I had ever experienced before.