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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jennifer in the Monastery

fetish spankingjenny 2018-01-22

The Abbot shows me books that have graphic drawings and artwork of men and women getting whipped and I ask him about that, oh he says, that is how we cleanse ourselves of our sins. The next book he has me get off the top shelf is much more graphic and the pictures are more lifelike, one picture in particular shows a young woman tied up while being whipped and a man with a rather large erect penis inserting it into her pussy. Entering the cool recesses of the Castle I hear a snapping sound and the moaning of a man, when we approach the source I see the Monk who originally help me with my bicycle and he is hanging by his hands from a rope while another whips his body.

cure for a million sluts is one descent lukking w

fetish brickholder23 2018-01-22

so im at my house n shit and it's nittime and knw her she ridding around in oshkosh looking for sum dick (so she set up the ride for me cuz it was my bday) and i been talking to her for a few months thru txt msgs and shit...anyway i get in da van n we go to the gastaion and get a fifth of UV g**** n all tht etc we go back to her apartment her son there and her 2 friends so we chiiling smoking and all tht and i take her in another part of the apartment and i start grabbing her sexy skinny waist down and kissed her..she must got horny or sum i guess cuz she was like, "hold up and wait till everybody gone" tell me y i started drinking tht UV and i felt like i was gone pass n black da fuck i did..i wake up the next morning..da condom off my dick and on da in my red n white iron man pjs..and she aint even in the room lmao..she in the front room knocked out..

A Maid's Tail Ch. 04: Wednesday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-01-22

Her hand was shaking from more than just low blood sugar by then, but through sheer force of will Kim managed to knock on the door right before Elliot got to it. My apologies." Kim found a tiny grin on her own lips, she took the frills of her dress and curtsied a little." Elliot stared at her for a second, shook his head and laughed. Kim should've looked away, but instead- she found her gaze traveling deliberately up the woman's toned abs, cuppable breasts and her throat- she met Syvlia's smirk evenly. Sylvia leaned in a little closer, nuzzling playfully against Kim's cheek and sending the maid's heart into her throat.

Evening in the Woods

fetish Evolocia 2018-01-22

Just then she moved briefly opening her legs wide, he gasped as he caught a quick flash of her knickers, unmistakably they were navy blue and just as he caught a glimpse Emma looked up and realised what was interesting him. No-one else in the class could see what was going on and Emma left her legs open for a good ten minutes, occasionally she would glance up and smile at Victor knowing what he was looking at! She had enjoyed it so far, despite feeling very nervous, Victor pulled his trousers and briefs down to his ankles revealing almost nine inches of thick, uncircumcised cock accompanied by a heavy, hairy sac she suddenly felt apprehensive and was just at this point when Victor realised that nothing would nor could stop him from fucking Emma.


Caught by Stacey

fetish blsbls123 2018-01-22

As Stacey walked out I had Amy and Ema bent over the table and was fucking them, switching from each others pussys. ema went behind her and started licking and sucking her ass, loosening her up with a few fingers. ema assisted me getting my cock into Staceys ass. This time Ema got her face down and tried drinking it as it came out. She pushed my cock away, and told me she needed a minute. Amy hopped down and started sucking my cock, Ema went behind me and licked my ass and played with my balls. Stacey stood up and told the girls to lay down so they could lick my cum from her ass.

Hole in the Wall

fetish Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-01-22

With he one free hand Margo reached behind her and grasped the mammoth cock and slowly guided it to her snatch. Her eyes began to water as the cock buried itself deeper....a depth no man has ever gone in her. Margo lifted her head from John's lap and began to tug his cock. John smiled through closed eyes "You know it babe!" he said thinking Margo's words were meant for him. As Margo tugged John's cock she could tell he was going to cum from his approaching "OH" face. As John's cock jolted in her hand sending out short bursts of jizz Margo felt the cock inside her throbbing, she quietly gasped as ribbons of thick cum coated her insides.

Confessions of an Escort

fetish steve25805 2018-01-22

I didn't piss on my own carpets or furniture there for a long time, and in fact saved most of the action for my clients, so as to maximise the pleasure I got from my business. There was this one guy, a school headmaster, who liked me to dress up as a schoolgirl (I hasten to add that I was a fully grown adult in my 20s in case there is any doubt), squat in the middle of his living room, and piss all over his carpet while he masturbated. Once, one client hired me to take my clothes off, stand in the middle of his living room, and piss all over the carpet right in front of both him and his girlfriend!!!

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 05

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-01-22

I wipe my cock of the precum that is leaking and glance at the TV just in time for the cuckold to be crying out in pain as his asshole is getting pounded, his wife laughing as the guys cock is pounding in and out of her husbands ass with no regard for what damage he is doing to it. She just lets my asshole relax and acclimate to her monster, a half minute later she withdraws it till the head bumps up against my sphincter this time frame the inside and pushes back in. I feel every inch being pulled out of my ass and then the bulbous head again is stretching me as it strains to come out.

Not So Sweet Dreams

fetish Switch90 2018-01-22

His wife tried to scream through the gag, shaking her head no and pulling back which only made the clothespin start to slip off more. Shane's hand came down hard on her ass. Shane moaned and shuttered, placing his hand on her head he urged her to take him deeper. He started fucking her mouth, ignoring her gagging, he was lost in the pleasure he needed so desperately. Like the good little slut she was, Michelle tightened her lips around the head of his cock as he came. Shane collapsed onto the bed, looking over he saw his wife licking her lips. His cock felt so good filling her up, she knew it wouldn't take much before she came again.


fetish LORDLONE 2018-01-22

She bent over the bed and I slid my cock into her nice pussy and pumped away at her. I wanted to slide it into her nice asshole, but she wouldn’t let me. Later on she was putting her panties back on and she pulled her legs way back, exposing her pussy and her asshole. I put a condom on and slowly slid it into her asshole, and once I got it in, I was pounding away. Oh yeah, she was on top once and she turned around the other way, so I could see my cock going in and out, and see her asshole and the bottoms of her nice feet. I wanted to slip a finger in her ass, but she wasn’t down with that.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 05

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-01-22

"The poor boy is almost frantic." Her hand slipped around the base of his cock and slowly began to pump the throbbing shaft as she captured the head in her mouth and slid her lips down the its length. Once again his body began to stiffen and once again she pulled away, leaving him in agony, his cock leaking pre-cum almost in a steady stream. Suddenly she felt his tongue against her puffy lips, moving over her pussy, cleaning her dripping flesh like a cat. He carefully licked away every trace, delving between her cheeks, cleaning the cum that had collected in the little cup surround her asshole...probing her pink folds, sucking their mingled juices from her body like some sacred nectar.

Pre-Valentine's Speed Dating

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2018-01-22

I had joked that my announcing voice would do just as well in our 'LGTBQ' speed dating room, but without a blatant explanation, I was denied, and so I thought to tease my unassuming boss with my scandalous attire as a kind of pay back for not being able to pick my own role. At first, I hated them for that tease and for his knee-jerk reaction to it, but since he decided to keep his face cleanly shaven, I have been able to notice more faint lines at the corners of his mouth--to match those in the outer corner of his eyes--every time Matt smiled.

Matters of Size Ch. 01

fetish NotSoBigBird 2018-01-22

I began to ponder whether I should ask a girl (despite my shyness, I had plenty of female friends), and if it weren't for Megan, I would probably still be wondering. "There's just one thing I want to check," Megan said quickly, and she got up and walked out of the room. "Alright," she said finally, "It says here that according to a study done in America, the average male penis size is six and a half inches. Megan noticed my change in posture and laid back, spreading her legs in front of my face. "Megan, I thought you said your parents were out of town!" I exclaimed as I reached for my clothes.

Chubby legal male hooker

fetish cumquarts 2018-01-22

I got a lot of tiny old fat man cocks that needed attention, usually they wanted to get sucked off. More than a few times, guys in line would get too close to cumming too fast while fluffing and sucking each other and their hard cocks would have to get quickly pointed in my direction so I could try to catch as much as possible. Then she wrapped her legs around me and wanted me to crush her from above and blast it hard deep in her bald pussy after I made her cum about five times while she moaned how much she needed daddy's cock.


fetish jlltec 2018-01-22

I don't know why, but I have this, fetish I guess, an overwhelming urge to cum inside my wife and for her to sit on my face after and make me lick her clean. On the occasions when I do eat my cum I have absolutely loved the feeling of her well fucked pussy sitting over my face, dripping cum into my mouth as I plunge my tongue as deep inside her as I can. I know what you really want." Her free hand slid between her legs and she used her fingers to push her pussy lips apart, giving me a beautiful view of her pink moist flesh and her clit.

Truck Stop Smother

fetish beastboy42 2018-01-22

As much as he loved to lick the lady truckers who came in, he wanted them to shower first, so that when they bent over and let him spread their big, round ass cheeks and lick their tight puckered holes they smelled fresh and clean. "Tell me you want to rub panties with me." She flung the blanket to the side and turned to lean on the rear wall of the sleeper, and John got his first good look at her body. Oh, I'll bet that feels good in those panties, doesn't it?" She grabbed his hair and pulled his face away from her big tit, made him look at her.

I wanted them to watch me jerk off and they did!

fetish PappyBoyington 2018-01-22

but whateva) after a full day of watching my s****r-in-law in her bikini, who had a tough 20 year-old body btw, I was so horned up that I wanted to "jack-off" in as dirty a situation as I could find. It was sooo hot to know they were watching my dirty little habit!!! And as I walked past the pool one of them said, "you should do that in your room." At that point I looked back at the woman I thought had said it and I said, I'm sorry I was so "out there" but I really didn't expect ya'll to be here so late...

Jane Doe (my favorite)

fetish 2018-01-22

A moment later twin vises of heat grabbed just above her knees, pulling them apart with sharp cracking sounds from where her legs joined her body. A moment later, his condom covered cock jabbed into her, burning as his jerky thrusts pushed deeper until his balls seared against her ass. The cold of the table at her back contrasted sharply with the now unwelcome warmth of his body on hers, centered by the heated stabs between her legs. The fact that I finally got to fuck you, or that I let you stay a 'Jane Doe', knowing full well who you are, and that all I had to do was tell the Detective."

Aroma Lust Surrender

fetish fecalsappho753 2018-01-22

She placed her left hand inside and emerged with shit covered palm and digits. I asked her to put her brown covered finger in my nose to be refreshed with shit. Closing my eyes I luxuriated in the penetration, the smell and now the taste of shit. You look cozy and smell sexy, Evelyn remarked in a curious low pitched voice. Evelyn came over and smelled Nancy's excrement coated hair and said to her you're very ripe. As we pulled into the garage Evelyn mentioned that she wanted to explore fetishes that compliment their love of shit smelling. Just like Nancy she wanted to fuck me. I was being fucked, tasting her shit and deeply smelling her fetid body.

All Tied Up & More

fetish kittygopurr 2018-01-22

His cock grew another inch or so from me doing this, and before I knew it he was screaming out in ecstasy "KITTY II AM CUMMIN." He shot a huge load all over my legs, and I put them to his face and made him lick them all clean. I'LL GIVE YOU ROUGH." I was crying so hard and all he could say was "yes cry bitch I love to hear my little whore cry.......I am going to hurt you tonight whore." He untied my legs and put my feet up by my head and held them there with one hand. I was in pain for a few minutes then I started to enjoy it and the more I moaned in pleasure he fucked me harder my ass was hurting my pussy was sore, but I had to cum I had to have more.

Three Days...with a Spanking Virgin

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-01-22

Unseen, other than a few exchanged pictures, self portraits, a couple of phone conversations and two months of intense, amazing dialogue, and we were now agreeing to meet like long lost friends at an airport with the intent of spending three days exploring our compatibility and our special 'fetish'. The physical contrast becomes more understandable when you consider that I was meeting Kelsey, an otherwise indomitable woman, appearing on the surface to be un-threatened by anything worldly, to find and spank the little girl that has been cloistered within. I raised my hand and spanked her panty clad behind, hard, a dozen or more times, alternating cheeks and gauging the squirming motion of her captive body, hopefully churning pain into pleasure and finding it desirable.


Gloria's Panties Ch. 04

fetish murphybrown537 2018-01-22

As I rubbed my cock through my dress slacks, I said, "When I opened the box, the wonderful little pair of panties you gave me seemed fresh." I want you to feel my warm cum covering your hot little pussy." The thought of Gloria holding her panties open while I squirted cum all over the inside was too much. While I held her down with my body, I could pull her panties to the side and drive my cock into her hot little pussy. I wanted to feel those sensations with my cock, so I forced it between her panty covered mound and her leggings that where still bunched up just below her waist.

The Sistah Circle

fetish Mzelement 2018-01-22

That is just wrong plain and simple." Sister Moore argues though she is shifting her thick golden thighs and her eyes never leave the sight of the handsome white man at the feet of Sister Shelby her dark stocking clad feet going from being massaged to being sucked and licked and back again. Reaching her pinky toe he leans forward and sucks the tiny digit deep into his warm wet mouth.Sister Moore's head falls back and a moan escapes filling the room. "Place your lips on my pantyhose bitch and you had better not miss a single drop." Crawling between her soft brown thighs he opens his mouth wide and covers her stocking clad mound and begins to suck as she releases her warm stream.

The boss and her pantyhose.

fetish tonyhose 2018-01-22

With her expert mouth working on my cock I soon came and she sucked and swallowed till I stopped cumming. As my cock slipped from her mouth she lay back on her desk and I knelt in front of her and began to lick her nylon covered pussy. I licked and sucked on her pussy till she came and continued licking as she had multiple orgasms, her muscles twitching with every orgasm he cunt juices running through the nylon into my eager mouth. Just watching her put the new pantyhose on had my cock getting hard again but as she continued dressing it was clear we were finished for today.