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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish Rjt72088 2018-10-05

This time when she got home she told me to eat her pussy. When I asked why she did that she said "Brian thought it would be hot" that night I realized my wife was no longer mine. It has now been 6 months since our first encounter, my wife and Brian fuck a minimum of 3 times a week sometimes he leaves work early to fuck her and I have to stay and do his work. She put me in a chastity device after he suggested it and I have to ask permission to fuck my own wife and when he does allow me to fuck her I have to wear a condom.

Oliver Fucks Michelle Pt. 01

fetish Redman_90 2018-10-05

With her nipple firmly in her mouth I took her hand in mine and raised it above her head so I could wrap my tongue around her index finger and take it into my mouth, as this happened a slow hush of exaltation on her part was my reward making me smile around the digit in my mouth. I reached my hands underneath her knees and lifted them above me, turning my head to her beautiful feet and stuck my tongue in-between her toes as my pace worked her back into a fever pitch. After her second orgasm, her mouth dropped open in a silent scream and her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, seeing an opportunity for continued events I picked myself up and settled in front of her face sticking my half-flaccid cock in her mouth.

Happy Anniversary?

fetish bgdddy_2000 2018-10-05

You let out a long moan as I stick the toes of my right boot up against your cock and balls. "Yes, your cock is purple it's so hard," I snicker. "It's your wife, watching as you tongue fuck my ass," I say, "She has on the exact same outfit as I do, no panties, of course." I do notice your cock rock hard and oozing precum like mad. She laughs sadistically, as I ram my piss covered cock into your mouth hard, with your mouth wide open. She laughs, but not for long, as I pull out of your mouth and line my cock up with her asshole. "I'm going to sodomize your wife as you watch," I tell you, pushing my cock into your wife's tight asshole.

A Cousin’s Misery

fetish 2018-10-05

Tabitha had told her that I was still needed some help and wanting company so Steph volunteered when she heard my mom wasn’t able to help me this morning. As I fingered her wet pussy with one hand the other was busy squeezing her other swollen breast until I found the nipple and gave it a good pinch. With one hand on her hard nipple I continued to squeeze the milk from her swollen breast as I sucked and tongued her pussy. As she came down off of her orgasm she started to push my head away and I lowered her back to the bed and moved out from between her legs.

When You Act Like A Baby...

fetish pigtailedpet 2018-10-05

The next day i hadn't finished the insurance, and Master told me my punishment would be continued until i was done. Master promised to end the punishment as soon as i got the paperwork done, but it was hard, and required a lot of work. i tried to work out whether i was wet because i liked being in diapers, or if i was wet because i liked being humiliated or if i was wet because i like Master being in control. i think because my legs were a little wet and my bottom was wet because of the diaper and so it felt very much like a baby getting wiped, just with paper instead."

A Shift in Attitude

fetish Namazuros 2018-10-05

Why don't I educate you..." he waved his hands, almost absentmindedly, and the flames slowly seemed to almost looked like they were sinking into my skin, but they vanished so quickly, it was hard to tell. Zell simply waved his hands once more, and I felt a tingle move across my body, just a faint echo of what I normally felt during a Shift. It felt as though I was vibrating, and I couldn't help but shiver, squirming helplessly at Zell's feet. Zell managed to stare back at me for two whole seconds before he burst out laughing, holding his sides as I felt my face blush with heat.

Strawberry Glaze

fetish lateniter51 2018-10-05

She turned away from the door, feeling him examining her body and walked slowly across the room. Stopping slightly on hard erect nipples, she moved her hands down her skin, feeling the goose pimples tingling her body. Bending down he began to suck the champagne off them, feeling her body arch to place more of her nipples in his mouth. Moaning, she arched her body closer to his tongue as it lightly licked the champagne off her skin. Moving his tongue closer in, to drink the champagne mingled with her sweet pussy juices. Taking the strawberry, he moved it across her pussy lips coating it with her moist juices. Putting the strawberries aside, he pulled her pussy back into his face, expertly using his tongue and lips to taste her sweetness.

Professor Spotsworth

fetish imantoo 2018-10-05

Sheila admired the young men's fit bodies and decided to take a look at their lower halves which were blocked by the metal lower half of the door."mmmm" she muttered at the sight of Ian's derrier, which high and muscular. Ian turned his head away and Sheila kissed him hard while directing Kyle's dick to the center of their kiss. The women gratefully welcomed Kyle and Ian's two buddies Trevor and Adam with kisses to their unimpressive dicks. The professors looked on in confusion as Spotsworth pulled Ian to his knees then collectively screamed in shock and lust as he engulfed Adams dick. Kyle and Trevor took their turns fucking him in the ass as Sheila smothered his face with her pussy.

Caroline and Ivy

fetish GooDoughnut 2018-10-05

After sweeping up the pieces of the lamp, Caroline went downstairs and grabbed her purse, heading out the door toward Ivy's house. "Just relax." She bit her lower lip and pushed out an enormous fart that flooded the two girls with rotten gas. Ivy took a shaky breath and let loose an enormous fart. "Well, it gives me gas also," she said, discreetly trying to move behind Caroline to inhale her fart. Caroline frequently let out several loud farts, waving the stench toward Ivy, who nearly fell out of her chair trying to consume all of the gas. Ivy smiled back and got up on the table on all fours and straddled the rice pot, positioning her ass directly in front of Caroline.

you dont know unless you try

fetish 2018-10-05

so i gently started to rub her back she looked at me and just smiled the feeling you get just before you do the unthinkable is something i think every person male or female should try in there life not just think it but really do it words cannot describe the feeling i lowered my hand un till i had her buttocks firmly in my hands pulling her towards me thinking i was gonna get a slap she just turned and kissed me to say i was gobsmacked was a total understatment she grabbed my hand told my uncle and f****y we were gonna walk home diddent get 50 yards up the road found a quiet corner and had the best sex i ever had all i imagined sex to be as i put my cock inside her i told her ive wanted to fuck her for years she said she knew that

My s****r and I Part 2.

fetish Biguy6420 2018-10-05

She tasted so good,I ate her for about 20 minutes at which time she came and had an orgasm.She then got this look in her eyes,when I asked her what was wrong? Her husband must have had a really small dick because she felt like a Virgin!After about 30 minutes of me fucking her I pulled out and blasted the biggest load I ever had on her stomach and tits.That was some of the best sex I have ever had,and look forward to a repeat performance next time she is up.

Mistress Rules: 1st time in pantys

fetish 2018-10-05

In it was an array of sexual aids- a black basque, stockings, a pvc bra and thong set, heels, dildos of varying size from 8" to 10" and different thicknesses. She instantly said, strip off, put on the stockings, the pvc bra and thong set and send a picture of yourself to me. I quickly hung up, took my clothes off, pulled on the stockings carefully, slid up the thong and fastened the bra. She ordered me 2 send her a picture of sum dirty underwear and demanded i lick the stained gusset. Desperate to cum, I stroked my cock to the point of orgasm but refraining at the last moment until I gained permission.


fetish takemitsu 2018-10-05

I twisted my head and looked at the underfoot: the sandy white skin, hard and firm at the ball, gradually softening, folding up and forming dunes, and that small spongy oasis at the center of her sole. I rolled my head around in my fingers like a ball of clay and then pressed into the crevice between her parallel feet, digging into the squishy flesh. My scrotum tightened up, a heavy weight came over my lower torso, pinching my ass cheeks together, then the heaviness began to slowly spread like plague, rising up to my torso and gripping my stomach, in and out my dick slid out and I grabbed my hot shaft and cocked and

Seduced and Reduced

fetish mysticalmaiden111 2018-10-05

Led me to the secluded area, leans against the rails and pulls me into him, seduces and reduces me. Pulls up my shirt and exposes both breasts to feast on, his mouth, tongue and hands all over me. He looks at his watch and states its time for the movie and I wobble into the theater, cheeks and neck blushing, breathing heavy, voice still higher pitch then normal, needing to grab onto him to show him just how much I am fighting to keep control. We sit and he holds my hand, caressing it, taunting me with what his fingers were doing just mins before, kisses me passionately in the theater, which was packed.

The Paperboy Meets BBW Vampira Ch. 02

fetish BBWLiquor 2018-10-05

He had loved every second of the initial encounter with Miss Smith in her kitchen, but this was starting to feel like waiting in a doctor's office not knowing if the news would be good or bad. Miss Smith started to explain, "When I leave you instructions I expect you to follow them exactly. Miss Smith took a deep breathe and started again "Paul I think I could like you and I know I want to use you, but when you come in my house you must follow my rules. After waiting a few seconds an evil smile appeared on Miss Smith's flawless pale skinned face and said, "Good you may you understand that in my house you follow my rules?

My Beautiful Stepdaughter

fetish DeborahAnne 2018-10-05

I held one up to my nose to smell and stuck one in my mouth to suck on, my cock was just sticking straight out and dripping pre cum for a little bit but then as I was smelling and sucking on the two bloodiest pads I ejaculated all over the floor. When I got home I took them out and unrolled them and it was just like before, I got so hard and pre cum was dripping, I smelt them and actually came without even jacking off. I would take them out to the detached garage, lock the door and unroll them and suck on them and smell them and ejaculated all over the garage floor.

Pussy Boy Creampie

fetish 425olds 2018-10-05

"Dean says that you have been a naughty boy, reading sex stories about eating cum from women's pussies. "I fucked Susan just before you arrived, and deposited a weeks worth of cum into that pussy you have sat and adored since you got here, and you are going to eat it all up and clean her pussy. I knew I was beaten, so I stood up, stripped, then got on all fours and began to slowly crawl across the room to Susan. I lapped at her lips and slowly began to lick and suck her man's seed from her inner sanctum, all the time my cock was straining inside my pants.

Making a Sandwich

fetish coldamaranthine 2018-10-05

Turkey, mustard, tomatoes, romaine, a knife, a cutting board, and of course, wheat bread are out on the oak table. For a second, I wanted to rub my hand down her smooth arm, but I decided against it, and started to unwrap my cheese. I pulled her hair back, and let my lips just graze her neck before I took a step back from her. Taking her hips in my hands, I slowly pulled her cheeks apart to look at her pink core, and a small star-shaped pucker. I pulled out of Julia again, her body shivering. Putting the two halves together, I felt Julia quake below, her cunt wrapping around my cock like a taut wire.

Life's Changes Ch. 02

fetish Scribler 2018-10-05

"I'm glad you didn't I would be the laughing stock of you office if they knew I let my wife fuck me in the ass." I could see Bill was upset so I move over to him sat on his lap with my legs astride his and said Oh you should try it some time I love having Jim's tongue up my pussy while I'm talking to a girl friend. Bill must have figured out what was being said because he started to finger fuck me as his mouth was working its way down to my pussy. I guess I was getting use to it because it started to feel good it was the same fullness I get when he's in my pussy, which I really like.


fetish thetoy 2018-10-05

We both know that pathetic tiny dick of yours is useless." Or "a real woman could never be satisfied by a sissy like you" or "Oh, how I wish I had a real man with a real cock to fuck me! Licking her and sucking her clit was something I enjoyed vastly more than fucking her, and her way of letting me climax was either my masturbating for her or being allowed to rub my cock against her toes or feet. You are my sweet sissy lover in your pretty panties, and you treat me like the queen I am, but I want to be a girl sometimes and be fucked hard by a guy." "You need a real man for a lover, Mistress, not a silly little sissy like me." I was near coming.

Underwear love

fetish suster1 2018-10-05

And then I slipped them up my legs, F***, there I was, standing in front of the mirror in the middle of that private adults’ bathroom, wearing the briefs of a real grown man, hard in them, and it made feel awesome, powerful, feeling like and adult , as confident as this man felt standing in the living in front of us showing off his body and bulge. It felt like heaven, and thinking about how he would look wearing those little bikinis I was wearing got me to the edge of cumming, took my hard on out and in that very moment shot a big load that fall all over the floor and reached the mirror.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 08

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-10-05

They woke early each morning, Mistress often putting Bobby between her legs for a few minutes before sending him to the kitchen to prepare a hot breakfast of her liking. "I love your kisses Bobby, but I want you inside me. Bobby did make love and he did it for a long while; sometimes moving, sometimes stopping just long enough to kiss and tell her know how much he adored and cared. Mistress didn't want to leave the bed once she got in and so Bobby remained caring for her. When things first changed it took Deb two weeks before she conceded to Bobby's suggestion of having him lick her whenever Ty demanded service.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 09: Wed

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-10-05

Kim started to glance back at her but she stopped when Sylvia's fingers continued to slide further down, lower to cup her hips directly. Kim closed her eyes for a moment letting the younger woman prove her 'point' becoming freshly aware of how her muscles worked and how they in turn moved her. She flicked her hips left, right, rolling her slender form in a way that Kim had never seen before; she moved like water, flowing from one step to the next raising her hands over her head and twisting with the steps of a tempestuous dance that sang of waves smashing into rocks.

Lait Maternal Pt. 03

fetish BaileySparrowtree 2018-10-05

Her face was genuine, smiling, with the most intoxicating amber eyes, cute "lab tech" type glasses, and looking down was very gifted in the breast department. I'm sorry I'm not sure what has gotten into me..." Chuckling and navigating the table to sit next to her, "I bet." as she used her eyes and a quick head twitch to motion Penny back to face Ashlee. Feeling Adeline's hand stroke the back of her head, she felt her face get closer, simply whispering 'Feed from me, Penny.' I need to collect a sample of your milk and Ashlee will be upset if I don't come out of here with one, got it?" Penny nodded.