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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 02

fetish basicbitch 2018-01-22

They had spent the night at Shawna's house, and Daisy could still remember the look on her best friend's face when she had asked how to use the thing. Yet, when Shawna leaned back and ran the tip of the dildo up the crease, Daisy thought she caught a little hint of pink peeking out. With a start, Daisy realized she could see pee dripping from Shawna's vagina, but she didn't want to embarrass her by pointing it out. She thought maybe Shawna wouldn't want her to watch if she was peeing herself, so Daisy preoccupied herself with her own dildo. "All right, fine, I'll help you." She leaned forward between Daisy's thighs and, using her fingers, poked and prodded her pink flesh for what seemed like ages.


Survivor: Femdom

fetish pifan 2018-01-22

for example, giving a mistress orgasm orally gets you points. Each mistress gets a certain quota of points to allocate to slaves every day as she sees fit. You earn orgasm upon reaching a certain point balance, the goal balance is a randomly determined number, even the mistresses do not know it and it is different for each guy. For best chances, it is expected that you learn what your mistresses like, oral or penetration, public or private interaction, morning or evening orgasm, wake up sex or sleep time sex or midnight sex, slow or fast, teasing or direct stimulation, and then offer your services tailored to that experience.


fetish stig1963 2018-01-22

Josie said she would love the job, but the old man said it was not as easy as that. Another week went by and Josie was beginning to think she had been duped by a dirty old man and dreaded to think where the photos would end up. The evening carried on with them telling Josie how much they had been offered for some of the photos and paintings of her. Josie tried to explain that she hadn’t seen inside, but all that came out of the bandages was a strange sound. You won’t see those lenses once the resin is in place” Josie noticed the clear tubes sticking into her pussy and butt.

Melissa & Her Socks Ch. 1

fetish dirkpitt 2018-01-22

I couldn't help but notice how nice her feet looked, because Mickey and Melissa's mom was a clean freak that insisted everyone take their shoes off when they came inside the house. It had taken several minutes for Melissa to slowly work her foot up until it was between my thighs, so she took a little break at this point, curling her toes around the edge of my chair so her foot could hang there, allowing her leg to rest. Another stroke of luck was that I had work my thin bikini underwear under my sweatpants, and it felt like they were barely there as Melissa rubbed her socked foot across my groin.

Enslaved Ch. 01

fetish fetishstories07 2018-01-22

Mike was now hard and utterly distracted as she-seemingly unaware- teased him with her ass. Her ass remained pressed into his face, his nose in between her cheeks. Mike felt a blast of warm stinky air on his face and rush up his nose. Mike gagged and wondered how he had ended up with his face smothered and now being farted on by her cute butt. He reached for his cock to try and release but she grabbed his hands and pressed them against her boobs. As she pushed him out of the cupboard and pointed him to the changing room the word 'slave' hit Mike like a ton of bricks as he realised she was in control.

Mom's Panties

fetish 2018-01-22

Knowing that I was all alone I excitedly decided to have a look at her panties, I wasn't even sure why but I my heart was racing as I looked at all her bra's and panties - most of them white and in different fabric - lace, cotton and satin. I decided to lie on Mom's bed while wearing her panties and as I slid over the covers I rubbed my hard cock against the satin sheets. I felt a funny pressure building in my cock and balls as I started to rub myself faster and faster, breathing heavier and heavier until suddenly I felt this explosive release in my cock and a warm wet liquid soaking Mom's panties.

First Date

fetish 2018-01-22

"You know I'm not ready for that," stating what he already knew was pointless, but it gave me a chance to re-lock the door while I thought of ways to keep him around, "I bet I can think of a way to make that problem less important for the moment. With my tongue pressed to his cock's head and my mouth poised to take him, I glanced into his pleading eyes. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath to calm myself; then took the head into my mouth. "Hey, why don't you take all of it?" Joe breathed, "I know you want to." Now impaled half way down he let me breath for a moment before beginning to press me again.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 03

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-01-22

The back of her head was to the camera covering my girlfriends fact so I couldn't see what kind of kiss it was but, from the length off time it took, I could only imagine that there was some serious tongue play going on there. Ms. Nice-Boobs/Butt's hand began to caress my girlfriends breasts as the kissing continued. My girlfriend moved her legs apart and the camera caught a very nice shot of her pussy showing her fine and not very thick pubic hair barely concealing the lips of her vagina. She leaned forward and began sucking and caressing my girlfriend's breasts and then moved her lips up to my girlfriend's lips and went into a long, passionate, tongue filled kiss.

June 21 - Part 1 of 3 - An Adult Story

fetish thebigboobbbwlover 2018-01-22

I could see a girl walking on the right hand shoulder of the small two lane road. She had a big gulp in her right hand as I came to a stop, about ten feet in front of her. I like your big truck.” Said Molly. I watched Molly reach up to grab the hand grip above her door. She lived in small white/brown double wide trailer. She moaned and then pulled her mouth of my hard cock. She turned to take a big sip of her cold Slurpee. I started to suck her newly big breast. It took her a minute before she started to rub her warm breast along my cock. Molly took a big slurp of her Slurpee again.

Blind Reluctance

fetish Peccato 2018-01-22

I can feel my wetness drip from my sweet lips and onto my stomach or hand(where ever it can go). My heart starts to beat fast as I hear movement again, ruffling of clothes as I guessed he bent over to place the dildo at the opening of my lips. My body braced for touch or feel as he rubbed it up and down against my swollen strained lips, getting it moist with my wetness. "You thought it was my dick, didn't you?" he said while he pulled out his fingers and started to finger fuck me deviously. I coaxed and pumped him till he exploded long and hard into my mouth and I kept sucking on his cock drinking my feed.

Fucking my customer

fetish pussytech 2018-01-22

i had a nice young lady come into my shop this morning needing some work done on her car. me and my guys came to inspect, we went under the car from the front. my tongue strted teasing her little pink pussy.her legs spread almost like doing the splits. i was teasing her pussy, licking her clit and fingering her cunt. she starting jerking me off, sucking my head, teaching it, licking my balls and eventually sucking my whole cock deep and hard. i told her i was going to cum, she starting sucking harder and faster. no work was done, but damn, i got a great fuck and a nice pink little pussy.

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 03

fetish Davie46 2018-01-22

Maybe after you eat me especially well, I'll let you cum on my ass, and you can lick it up, so that there's lots of cream before you start pushing your tongue into my ass. For the next week we conducted what I now call "The Cum Eating Training." Every session began by corralling him from whatever he was doing, dragging him to the bedroom, opening my legs, grabbing his head and forcing him into long cunnilingus sessions, each at least a half-hour long. Then, take your fist, hold it above your mouth, and slowly lick it clean, taking time to thoroughly suck each finger.


fetish milfleglover 2018-01-22

The young man drew closer, she noticed, now standing several feet away in the gathering darkness, pretending to sip his beer as he leaned against the railing facing the hotel, casting what he believed were furtive, sidelong glances at the giant muscular older woman to his right. He felt his cock being worked and lifted his head up off the gazebo floor, looking over the chiseled plank of thigh sweeping over his torso to his dick, which she was now madly stroking to life with one enormous hand. Again, his dick was free and twitching in the air, the head leaking pre-cum like a faucet, her hand inches above it, teasing him relentlessly as she watched it with a huge smile on her pretty face.

Panty Games Ch. 05

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-01-22

A couple of times she kissed me on the cheek and asked me how I was when I came in for work and I would often find her putting her hands on my shoulders, hips, or touching my thigh during conversations. The bar was loud and there were a lot of people there so I didn't think getting into Bob's private fantasies was really the right to do at that time. Only this time I could feel his cock had been sprung free and was now pressing into my butt cheeks, pushing the silk up into my crack. I didn't even look at Bob as I put my hand inside the tight waist band of the Silk panties.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 02

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-01-22

As for the plan itself, I was going to try to get Amber to drink alcohol for the first time in her life, and hopefully smoke a cigarette. A little stream of beer started to leak out the side of her mouth and she grabbed the base of the funnel with two hands. She raised the cigarette up to her mouth again and took a small puff, but this time she closed her eyes and slowly began to breath in through her nose. Reaching the final stretch Amber closed her eyes and continued to drink as the smoke streaming from her nose thickened to two distinct jets that indicated the strength with which Amber had pulled on her cigarette.

Pantyhose wife and friends continued.

fetish tonyhose 2018-01-22

Felicity and Pat soon got into a sixty nine, licking each others nylon covered pussies while Sue lay beside them fingering her pussy through her pantyhose. I climbed onto the bed and kneeling behind Pat as she lay on top of Felicity having her pussy licked, I ripped open the wet gusset of her pantyhose and Felicity took hold of my hard cock and guided it into Pats hot, wet pussy. I had often eaten my cum out of Felicity and now I wanted to do the same with Pat. I lay down on the bed and got Pat to lower her pussy onto my tongue and began to lick her pussy clean of my cum and her pussy juices while Felicity and Sue licked my cock clean together.


fetish Andromeda7 2018-01-22

A travel warrant had been issued by the council and making use of it I had taken the railway and a local bus to the little hamlet of Walton Green deep in the Surrey country side and at any other time I would have been captivated by its charm but today I was just to nervous with the approaching life change and didn't know what to believe about the Hu Cow programme that was now in force. I wished to take it immediately from its comfort zone and into the Hu Cow program in the quickest possible time and I had found a way that gave me great pleasure as I watched the Sow cause the baring of its own breasts.

Halloween Party 2015

fetish Drakon66 2018-01-22

"It's your design, and I want to get it right," Pam stated with a big smile, taking Dana by the hand and pulling her in the room. Dana's right hand gently touched Pam's leg and slowly moved over her warm nylon encased flesh. "Mmmmm...I like this color," Pam said, pulling the new hose up her leg and pointing her toes at Dana, "And these are nice and soft too!" "Do you want me to stop?" Pam asked while looking deep into Dana's eyes. His eyes traveled up her thigh high Lycra boots and glossy hose covered legs, over the metallic leotard and silver gloves to her dramatic make up and long black braided hair.

Sex with aunt PT 2 - Outdoor

fetish Johnb20 2018-01-22

So it was getting late and late about 11:40 everyone was leaving so my cousin asked me to stay for a little and play video games like old times. About an hour later someone is shaking me I look up it's my aunt she said get up hurry, so I got up she opened the back door and held my hand and walked me into the backyard shed. Shen then said let's do anal this was my first time ever and her's too so when I sticked my dick inside she started to squeal and moan my dick felt tight but we eventually got it to work e kept going for at least 2 hours then I cummed inside her ass.

Cyber Sissy Ch. 01

fetish missvicky53 2018-01-22

I found a bra, a pair of panties, a garter belt and seamed white stockings, all in a size that appeared would fit me. I fastened the garter belt on the second hook, that seemed to give about the right amount of tension to it and took each of the stockings in turn and rolled them up my legs. I knew what was coming next, the instruction to put on the lacy panties, the only item left, so I clicked on the next link. She was right, the sensations were incredible as the slippery nylon slid easily over the stockings, caressing every inch of my legs as they made their way up and over my cock and balls.

The Amazons

fetish Gender Player 2018-01-22

In ancient legends it was said that the Amazons were a society of fierce and proud women. Jarod loved wearing anything tight and black, and she had a special wedding gift for him later. He had on a pair of tight blue jeans that hung low on the waist, a black camisole, and those yummy boots Katrina was just thinking about. Although Katrina preferred to be nude most of the time save for her pink thigh-high boots, she appreciated how Jarod's tight clothing clung to his body. Before Jarod could recover, Katrina positioned him on all fours and rammed her tongue deep into his asshole using his own cum as a lubricant. Katrina smiled and said, "I love you Jarod."

Roshni Ch. 04

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-01-22

The pressure was building, unbearably: my eyes were on Roshni's beautiful dark face, her mouth around my cock, her bobbing ponytail, her shining bare shoulders and her slim bare arms with outlines made fuzzy by the fine hairs that covered her body. I was hot as hell and ready to lick, suck and kiss every last inch of this amazing girl, and as I pushed my tongue inside the tight grip of her arsehole, Roshni began to cry out with her pleasure. The dark fuzz on her arms was slicked by an oily shine of sweat that polished her brown skin, her tiny breasts squashed into the tabletop as she sought to push her arse harder against each thrust.

Sam Valentine

fetish wordyone 2018-01-22

Oh my, Sammy have you been dancing the whole night long to perspire so much that the toes of your nylon hose have become so salty and stiff and fragrant?" These were just some of the things that I was liable to say as I fulfilled my fantasies in a world of apparent domestic bliss with the saucy smalls of my beautiful sexy flatmate. Then I went down on one knee in front of her and took one of her pretty little hands with her elegant fingers and red painted nails and drew it towards me before placing a single kiss on its upper surface and I asked, "Please Sammy will you be Sam valentine for the day.

Asian Amber Picks Ch. 01

fetish aguycelmar 2018-01-22

Ralph the driver and Shane continued looking back at Amber's tits but I noticed the young guy in the wheel chair was still drifting off into outer space. Amber then looked up at Herbie and said, " I don't know whats fucking with you but you will cum and I will get to that fucking gas station". Amber continued to suck like a champ and now Herbie was kind of looking at her but still off in some sort of daze still and said to her, " yea yea fucky". It wasn't' long before Ralph started bucking and pulled Amber back clearly releasing his cum inside her, almost at the same time Shane began to shoot his load in Amber's face, she licked and swallowed and took as much as she could.