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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 02

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-01-22

Alicia picked it up and clucked her tongue, rolling her eyes as she turned away, giving me a view of her plus ass, my maid's delicious tan skin exposed for my delight. I'd finished blowing my load in her, and much of it was now leaking out around my cock, waves of thick, white spunk rolling down her thighs and stomach to the puddle on the floor, much of it slathering my titanic nuts as they rested against her gravidness. Every cubic inch of the air in this room was dripping with sex, the thick scent hanging in the air and making glistening trails roll down the thighs of my maid as she picked up my computer. "No, let me look." Arva bent over, her huge ass now exposed as well.

Steven Gets In Deeper

fetish pinkpony2 2018-01-22

"What kind were they," Susan asked at the same time that Jennifer wanted to know if it had turned me on. "OK, Susan, what would you think of a guy who would visit a woman he had never met; admit on tape to be willing to all sorts of nasty and kinky things; put on women's lingerie; let himself be put in a position to be revealed to the all of her friends; and sit in public talking to her with a blindfold so he still had never seen what she looks like; while she embarrassed him to the point where his cock grew rock hard." She was almost whispering by the end, knowing that I was hanging on every word.

The Sales Lady

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2018-01-22

Jo took one look at it and said "Boy you're kinky ain't you". "Oh well now I have to know, I mean come on Kev I work in a sex shop, I promise I won't freak out." "Well I like to sniff women's worn panties" I mean I had seen this woman around but did not think she would be anything like this. As Jo looked up at me she said "Would you mind wiping for me?" I looked down and saw her knickers for the first time, I mean really took them in. "Looks like you enjoyed the show, maybe I should give you some alone time, huh?" Jo smiled at me as I walked up to the counter and said "Had fun did ya?"

Her Inner Slut Ch. 02

fetish ldlarry52 2018-01-22

Tom pushed his cock deeply into Heather and as he held it in her he confirmed, "I can hardy wait to see you keeling in front of some guy his cock in your mouth, you lying on your back your legs spread wide like a dirty whore would so he can fuck your cunt full of cum." As Tom confirmed his kinky desires, he began to thrust more quickly and Heather responded with moans of pleasure. "I was watching some very kinky sex on a site called 'Piss Sluts.' Does it turn you on watching a bunch of guy's pissing all over a slut's face and in her mouth?" Heather asked, her eyes looking down at Tom's flaccid cock.

Private Class Ch. 01

fetish SScorpio 2018-01-22

"Miss Temple, you do look fine," Slick told her with a wide grin as she jumped, trying to pull up her pantyhose with her cunt-drenched hand. All Priscilla knows is that her cunt is being stuffed by Horse like never before, his strong fist spreading her out and sending ripples of ecstasy through her body, her mouth is being stretched by the sweetest, fattest cock ever, and somebody keeps reminding her that she's just a subservient slut by twisting her nipples until tears well up in her eyes. And as Horse powers his fist down her canal Miss Temple starts cumming - bucking her ass up and down, trying to squeeze shut her legs which are being held far apart by strong young men.

A Pregnant Visitor

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-01-22

"Did you know our windows face each other, Belinda said, as she adjusted her bikini bottom, before getting up to leave. Belinda began to fuck herself with it, sliding it in out more and more quickly, until I saw her leg muscles tighten and heard her gasps of pleasure. The vibrator was still buried in Belinda's pussy when, a few moments later, I heard the toilet flush, and saw Tanya enter the bedroom. I don't know long it was before I saw Belinda arch her neck and heard her moan as she began to cum, but long before then I'd sprayed the curtains with my juices. "Why the fuck would you want to go to Corradell?" I heard Dave ask, as I drove away.

Sniffing Her Panties: Caught

fetish 2018-01-22

I immediately knew they were Erin's, because her mother was on the heavy side, so there was no way these little panties belonged to her. "Oh my fucking god, you are going to stand there with my panties up to your nose and act like nothing has happened?" sniffing and licking the panties of an 18 year old girl. She looked at me and said, "I'm trying to figure out how to make this to my advantage!" "First of all, if you were wondering what the dried white cream was in my panties ... I want you to remove your pants and underwear and show me what your hard cock looks like." "I see you love licking my panty covered pussy little man.

Naughy Stephanie

fetish alonzo14 2018-01-22

Stephanie's breathing became faster as she felt Joe's hands at the hem of her skirt, and she gasped when she felt him pull the skirt quickly up and flipping it to her waist, exposing her silken panties. As Joe moved his hands down between her legs, Stephanie couldn't help but spread her thighs a little and when she felt a finger probing her pussy she went over the edge, cumming in a great torrent, moaning and squirming on his lap. When at last Joe stopped, Stephanie lay there on his lap, feeling the "buzz" on her butt and the oozing of her juices down the inside of her thighs.

I Shall Be Serving You

fetish crazygirl18 2018-01-21

I smiled to myself, rolled over and placed my hand on my newly semi-hard cock, I drift off wondering what she had in store for me this time. I stepped into the shower, and started vigorously scrubbing every inch of my body, paying particular attention to my penis and butt. I got out the pink razor and started manscaping my hair the way mistress likes, chest, pubes, and ass hair completely gone. I went out and laid the thong on the bed, picked up the lotion from where it sits on the bedside table, and started lotioning my body from head to toe. I got off the bus and walked the two blocks to mistress's apartment building, hands in my pockets and head down.

Mutual Consent

fetish raywhite1 2018-01-21

pull her arms back and away from her body...and with my other I took press my body fully against hers, punning her to the wall and letting With my body pressing her against the wall my hand around her neck a handful of her skirt and pulled it down hard, and with that, it came closer, my legs straddling the chair behind hers and my body pushing body was pressed against the cool glass, and my free hand began to with my other hand I pulled my shirt off, pressing my body against with anticipation as I pushed her forward more, her upper body pressed hands pushing one of mine away and her fingers spreading, sliding down

Trying Something New Pt. 02

fetish SapphoSoul 2018-01-21

"Damn, I'm already feeling this." She said, motioning to the blunt before taking another drag. Now I didn't know the bitch, hell I don't want to know the bitch, but I think it's about fucking time you tried something new. Once she'd taken all that I'd given her and held it in her lungs, Lauryn turned her head to the left to release the smoke and proceeded to form her lips to speak. "Shut the fuck up," I said into her ear while grinding my fabric-covered pussy against the cotton pants rising with her hardening dick. The fact that it laid between two thick, chocolate legs with beautiful half-moon hips was preparing my pussy for the fucking that would no doubt cum.

Feet First Ch. 03

fetish thezinger 2018-01-21

The girls were dressed too variably to describe, but I did notice quite a number wearing what at first seemed like white t-shirts, but upon further inspection I saw were adorned on the front with three golden triangles and trimmed in red--the tri-delt logo. "You still nursing that beer or would you like some real stuff?" she asked, pulling first one, then a second bottle from the drawer along with two glasses. All full of wonderful nerve endings that get thoughtlessly crammed into tight shoes and stiff boots." At this I gestured my glass towards Larissa's feet, which were crammed, no doubt, into those ridiculous shit kickers she was wearing.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 05

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-01-21

My mind raced as some of the other thoughts...being soaked in both Miss Jenny's and Master's urine, hours of my wife's tender cunt being punished and abused by Master's superior cock, and finally the reality of where I lay now (between my wife's legs lapping at her well fucked, abused, stretched, almost unrecognizable, puffy red pussy) was astonishing to think that all of this had taken place in a 48 hour period and I shook in both fear and anticipation at what the future would bear.

Petrol Heads

fetish ARGEE 2018-01-21

We went out to dinner and had a lovely meal and, of course, Roger wanted to know more about my exploits with the drivers (and mechanics) and so we returned to my flat to talk after the meal. The drivers and men took some time to get used to me having Roger with me on the bed while they fucked me but eventually they all accepted it as part of the overall plan. Roger felt it was almost his duty to provide his wife for the drivers and the teams to fuck and he became so excited whenever there was a race meeting in our city or nearby – we would be sure to make a booking for a good round of fucking!

Taxi Cab Confession

fetish ehough 2018-01-21

Christine told Joy that it was time to flip me over. My eyes watered as she mocked me saying, "I've had better." Joy put my legs up in the air over her shoulders and with no regard to the pain I was in from the last fucking pressed her cock into my reddened ass. Christine and Joy fucked my ass several times as the night went on. The last thing I remember is her suggesting to me that I mind my manners when it comes to women and saying good night as she covered my face with a cloth soaked with a pungent smelling liquid.

Punished at St Sade's Ch. 02

fetish Julie20 2018-01-21

During my ordeal in the annex at the merciless hands of Father Worthy and his acolyte, Sister Penitence, I had been awakened to the inbuilt kink in my nature which dreaded being hurt but also craved the cleansing power of pain. Could I endure pain to prove my love for Dearest Fortitude, could that noble act deepen the bond which we had and oh what heights of ecstasy we would reach when I returned to her arms for her to sooth my scars after I had born my just punishment. There were strict rules about undressing in the dorm and changing for gym in a way which reduced the risk of other girls seeing one's body but now I was standing defenceless just three feet in front of a red faced man who would watch my every move.

Milk Club Ch. 03

fetish Britguy45 2018-01-21

"Yes," said Natalie as I continued to sip my wine, "I have actually thought that I might get my labia pierced, you know, just a simple gold ring in each one. Natalie moved to the other end of the sofa so Alan could lie the other way and suckle on her other breast. Alan came out of the bathroom, walked up to Natalie, pressed some money into her hand as he kissed her on the cheek and left. I want to taste it, I love the taste of cum." Natalie lay on the carpet right in front of the sofa as she gave me her instructions."Just straddle my head and lower yourself slowly onto my mouth.

Steven's Commencement Ceremony

fetish anglerterrora 2018-01-21

Marcia walked behind me to assist while Debbie stood up, turned her back and said laughing, "And someone needs to attend to my corset," as she started to unzip her dress down to the tight lace-up retro-look corset with high black lace-up leather boots with wood block heels. Betty excuses herself to exit to the ladies room and hands the phone to Marcia who then picks up the bowl so she and Debbie can help themselves to some fruit. Marcia tugs on the chain and stands beside me as she slides fruit slices, nectarines, and the like into Debbie's pussy and strokes the hair on back of my head as I lick at and awkwardly swallow the fruit treats.

The Wives’ Revenge Part 2

fetish masterebony 2018-01-21

The first wife carefully chose her weapon, it was a red crop, She swished it back and forward in the air, the sound brought a sudden stop to the smirking young woman tied down, up until now she thought they just wanted to scare her, then with a sharp pain searing through her body, she realised this was real, she screamed for help but the guys who had just abused her had left for they lived in fear of their wives and to them she was just a fuck..

Enema for a Bad Slave

fetish MasterPatrick 2018-01-21

You then feel the nozzle being pushed in you ass it is feeling like a small snake crawling inside your bowls to the point of no return you think. Stop looking at yourself it seems you're so vain." I continue "I think your going to have to keep the water inside of you for at least 30 minutes. I need to clean the crap out of you." I put a spotlight on you and take a cable in my hand, as I turn off the overhead light and walk out of the room you hear me say, "I will be watching you from the TV in the living room so you better not move and think of your misgivings."

Short Office Chronicles Ch. 02

fetish Sodomite 2018-01-21

"I just got to work and was grabbing my orange juice, before I headed up to the office to start my day. "If you know of a way for me to pee and not all over the floor, I will gladly swallow your cum!" she said, with a pleading look in her eye. "There is no way I can drink this right now, I would piss before I finished the bottle," she said while looking defeated. Only a couple gulps were left in the bottle, and I looked down wanting to see this beautiful girls mouth wrapped around my cock. I quickly finished the bottle, pulled my cock out of her mouth, and handed it to her.

Lone Time

fetish G_Low 2018-01-21

It took a moment for the sensuous images to start dancing across my mind. I didn't wish to stare in their eyes when they pleasured my body but if I wanted to, I could look up and see pure humaness to every last molecular detail. it had started with a tingle in my toes, and now came in waves over my entire body. I noticed I had been instinctively rubbing myself against him, my entire body following my pelvic movements in seductive, blatantly sexual motions. It didn't take long for his body to begin to shudder, and for moans to escape his lips as he experienced the first stages of pre-orgasmic ecstasy.


ROTC slave M/M

fetish 2018-01-21

It all started very early Saturday morning in my first semester here at build as I was but not too bad either. 3rd or 4th week of the Semester, we were both waken at 6:15am! and started yelling at him. snapped to attention. talk. Not too bad tension and anticipation was going to kill me real soon anyway. smart comming early. comming from that I smelled downstairs. inspecting me, feeling my arms, my head, twisting my tits. guess so" I answered, in a way I didnt know why I had come and in a way I He snapped on me, "YOU GUESS SO, life like this morning?" on my knees I crawled to the foot of his bed and kneeled at attention. Come on Talk

85% dick

Getting into Marie's Pants

fetish _Baubo_ 2018-01-21

Putting all my effort into it, I tried again to move my lips, and felt a slight quiver, prompting another giggle from Marie, but there was no way I could articulate words, and really, all I wanted was for those fingers to come back into my mouth. Marie was lying on her back, and I again saw the pink mass which I now recognized as her hand come floating down to place itself over my face, a fingertip naturally resting itself between my lips, with another finger on each side of my mouth. At the same time, I felt the palm of Marie's hand press firmly against my top lip, releasing all kinds of sensations from my little tongue.