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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

He's Too Tired, But I'm Not!

fetish fantasiesinprint 2018-01-21

Feeling a bit more daring now, I placed my hand on his chest; making a soft slow circle and trying to be still so I would catch any movements that would let me know he was waking up. For some reason, I was still somewhat surprised when he let out a couple quick pants and a few short, "Oh's" and it took a moment for it to register that if I kept it up, I'd have him cumming in my hand in his sleep. For a few moments I simply enjoyed having him in my mouth, easing him in and out, seeing how much of his length I could take in and sliding my tongue up and around him, seeking out that highly sensitive spot and feeling a surge of pure feminine power when he twitched and moaned when I licked it.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 01 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-01-21

Unknown to one such young man, eighteen-year-old Danny Dawson, who was whistling happily to himself while walking home from school for the final time, one such letter of notification had his name on it. And, as young Danny Dawson, an eighteen-year-old school-leaver with no job or training to go to immediately upon his leaving education, whistling happily while walking homeward that Friday afternoon in the September sunshine, and happily envisioning a lifetime of idleness and uninterrupted leisure and pleasure at the tax-payers' expense -- just like his father -- he was totally oblivious to the fact that, come Monday, he would actually be aboard that very same Sunshine Holidays passenger jet.

The Set Up

fetish undermythumb10 2018-01-21

It only came to light months later that the girl was planted by Julie and her mother as part of their elaborate plan to turn me into a total sissy slave servicing the needs of my wife Julie, her mother Diane and my wife's daughter Beth. Finally Julie got up and told me she needed to think about things, That night I did not sleep and in the morning I got dress and ready to leave for work as normal, when I came down Julie was sitting in the kitchen and told me I would not be going to work today she wanted to talk to me about just what I was prepared to do to make her stay.

Secretarial Encounter

fetish harper2000 2018-01-21

Each time her hand brushed my leg I felt my cock stir inside my jeans and my mind wandered to visions of her naked body, riding me as my tongue explores the breasts that had so far remained a mystery. My cock was hard against my pants and aching to be set free as I started to unbutton her blouse. I pulled one side of her plain white panties aside and circled her ass with my fingers, pinching and slapping until her skin was flushed and pink. I slipped her panties off, noticing the stringy wet cum that soaked them, and started to work on the other ass-cheek. I slapped her ass cheeks and dug my nails firmly into her hard flesh as I entered her fully.

A Beautiful Computerfold

fetish eightballbum 2018-01-21

During which time, Karen finished her cigarette, and started to get another from her package. "I won't light another, as I'm starved and I don't want to slow you down." Karen giggled again. Karen gathered her thoughts, taking another drag on her Slim, and talking out the smoke. And of course knowing you, I would have massive amounts of input on that." Karen smiled and continued. I saved a small fortune on double A batteries the last year or so." Karen ended with a giggle. I started to put the leather mask on you, and my first thought was I didn't want to get it too know...suffocate you....but something came over me.

Daddy's Party Girl

fetish waraxe13 2018-01-21

'Daddy gave you an order girl,' He said, lifting me off him, 'Now get to it!' He slapped me then, as I toddled onto the dance floor. They soon went back at me, and Angel started rimming my cunt on the dance floor. 'Don't worry sweetie,' Said Jenna, as she clasped my face and looked directly in my eyes, 'Angel will take good care of you. I must of been drained seven or eight times on the dance floor until Daddy had had enough and he led me away on shaky legs. Angel crouched in front of my face and beaming said, 'We're so proud of you!' Jenna started lapping her cooling tongue against my hole and then she put her whole mouth over it and sucked it, her tongue exploring inside.

Yes, your grandmother is having sex

fetish 2thatguy 2018-01-21

Davis, SaferSex4Seniors developer, said it's a myth that men and women lose sexual interest with age. Christine Heumann, physician at Detroit Medical Center's Receiving Hospital and medical director at the Detroit Public Health STD Clinic, said people are living longer and having more sexual partners. The National Sex Study showed many seniors have active sex lives, ranging from a variety of behaviors and partner types, but adults over 40 “have the lowest rates of condom use.” In 2015, a then 85-year-old woman known as "The Condom Lady" spent time touring senior living homes in Florida, educating residents about safe sex. Seniors in assistant-living communities are still having sex, but the topic is so taboo, most nursing homes (and adult c***dren) don't address it.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 16

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-21

She had small round titties that vibrated rapidly as she walked, nothing compared to Ms. Handlesmen's heavy breasts, which swung back and forth like a pair of partially filled sand bags. I want you to carry it for me proudly, like my little man, little male doggy that is," Ms. Handlesmen whispered with a nodding smile and a softly blown kiss through rounded moist lips. Soon the girl released my tongue and went for Ms. Handlesmen's breast, I could feel her lift the soft orb from me and slip her hand under it. The girl moved to allow room for Ms. Handlesmen to roll onto her back and from the corner of my eye I watched my mistresses breasts wobble into mounds upon her chest.


Gloryhole visit

fetish nigeltallguy 2018-01-21

The first few times it was odd but then I just took it as part of the swinging scene, and soon discovered that guys often sucked my cock better than the women. I quite like watching guys stroke so my eyes were fixed on the action on the other side of the booth wall. This time he started to thrust and without warning he started to cum and I was able to pull away so his shots of spunk went over the booth floor. As I turned back to watch the video playing on the screen I noticed movement in the other booth next to mine through the flap.

Xmas shopping in the Mall

fetish sheercouple 2018-01-21

Not to spoil his enjoyment of watching my wife i carried on chatting and let him enjoy his view for a good while and as he did so i glanced across the busy shop across the tables and gave him a friendly wink. After a while when we were deciding to leave the shop i told my wife that the elderly gentleman was enjoying seeing your skirt hitched up high showing your stocking top, she blushed and as she turned her head round to see who he was he gave us both a friendly smile and with his lips he said thank you to my wife as we left.

Nylon sissy femdom fantasy - Part 1

fetish hosierian 2018-01-21

The first thing that struck me was what appeared to be an oversize cot, big enough for an adult, that was only a few feet away from an emperor bed that dominated the room. From the bag in her other hand she removed packet upon packet of tights, stockings and school girl knee length socks in a variety of sizes and colours. With that she leaned down to me, looked me in the eye and said "you are a sissy and your aunt knows best"! My aunt then explained "I've specified Melissa to be dressed in her uniform knowing of your weakness for dominant women in uniform and specially those who wear those cute fetish knee socks with soft dreamy stockings.

Awakening of the Goddess

fetish NTRmaster 2018-01-21

Later, when Justine and Trent spoke to one of the organizers, he explained that really the idea was to create the possibility of sex, but that most normal men don't spend eight hours being hard continuously, so the heavily edited scenes one might come across in a video simply weren't possible. Her inability to express it, to know what it was, made her feel like she was letting him down, despite his assurances that he was willing to keep trying to the end of time for them to work out what was wrong. They both knew before they went that they probably weren't too interested in having sex with other people, but they were desperate to try new things to see if maybe something somehow triggered a response in Justine.

The Other Side

fetish Gabriela_Morglove 2018-01-21

Let me help you, after all, the first couple times can feel so awkward." Alexa smiled as Ben nodded. It takes practice before you can control the swelling." Ben nodded at her as he felt himself swell and press against his holster, the discomfort showed itself clearly on his face. Let me show you the picture I took," Alexa said, handing the phone to Jen. As he finished, she looked at his eyes, glazed over like his face, and told him, "smile for the camera, my little slut." He complied, a big grin beneath the juices that glistened on his face.

Slutty, Size Queen Nicky Ch. 01

fetish act18563 2018-01-21

Corey and Terrell argued about which one of us'd get to fuck her; my cousin claimed she'd probably do us all; and I told 'em that this dude Tyrone - a massive black kid, a senior who lettered in basketball AND had full ride to play football in college next year - said he'd fucked her lots of times. I must have looked as shocked as I felt - Shannon didn't seem like she got around - because Nicky went on, "I'm serious, she's fucked a few guys from the college, and I hooked her up with one Tyrone's friends..." She trailed off, but it sounded like there were more.

The maid's knickers - part 1

fetish bobsmart 2018-01-21

Our next door neighbours at that time were a Korean guy called Lee and his Filipina wife, and the relationship wasn't good...At night the whole f****y would hear them arguing - it was hot and the windows would be open and we'd hear them going at each other, calling each other every name under the sun. Suddenly, clues that she'd given over the weeks and months came back to haunt me, I remembered that one day shortly after she'd started, instead of wearing her usual jeans and t-shirt, she'd worn a pair of small cotton shorts - changing into them only when my paretns had left for work, and had once asked for the help of "sir" in moving her bed!

The Concierge

fetish djeroticon 2018-01-21

I don't know how she got my penis out of my pants so deftly (hell, just unzipping to take a piss requires me to spend some time at it), but in no time my naked flesh was feeling the cool air of the room and the warm lips of Mrs. Harris. I knew I was right when I saw Mrs. Harris open her eyes and look up at me with a disconnected gaze, as though the fact that there was an actual person attached to these male genitals was inconvenient. I knew instinctively Mrs. Harris wasn't the sort of woman you had to explain things to; she would naturally know when I was to reach my peak of pleasure, since she was in total control of it at the time.

Quick office fuck

fetish Tokyomans 2018-01-21

They came at the same time Tina did, finger fucking each other, their mouths locked in a deep French kiss. “I want your come in my mouth.” She panted David pulled out of her dripping cunt and she engulfed his cock just as he came spewing his load down her throat. She loved the feel of his hard cock in her mouth and continued to suck it, taking it deep in her mouth, gagging herself, shoving it deep down her throat. She knew it would be a big orgasm and looked up at David saying, “fuck my cunt fuck it hard!

The Land of Milk & Semen (POV:She)

fetish dicko9point5 2018-01-21

Steve came to the company a few years ago and he and I clicked right off even though we were both very competitive. You know, it’s a little strange now that I think about it...” I said, suddenly becoming lost in thought. It seemed like everything suddenly came crashing down, and the noise was deafening; it was the sound of everything on our floor falling over, being smashed, crashing into the walls and windows.... “Lauri, we need to try to get some sleep.” Steve said. I’m scared but also really tired.” Steve said. “I do.” Steve said to the voice on the other end of the phone. Steve also sat down, both of us looking at the floor, both naked.

Now I'm Their Slave

fetish GeminiMoon66 2018-01-21

In their email they said they were looking for someone willing to play their slave and must submit to both of their desires and I would be expected to do as told immediately or face punishment. Some of the other rules I was to follow were that I wasn't allowed to walk, everywhere I was told to go or do I was to remain on my hands and knees. Waiting for her return on my hands and knees, Liz walked up and stood over my back facing my naked ass and told me spread my ass cheeks. I could hear the dogs barking out back and Liz told me that it was time to feed them.

Thank God I'm a CUCKOLD

fetish luvmyhotwife 2018-01-21

Even though this lifestyle has caused my wife to divorce me, the sexual intensity and addictive joys that being a cuckold have provided help me to not only understand why my wife of 12 years would divorce me, but when I think of how she chose her "Owner's" big cock over our relationship it usually turns me on and I'll soon be stroking my little dick until I cum. At that point in our relationship I was no longer allowed to have sex with my wife, though I cleaned her bull's cum from her multiple times each week and heard her and occasionally watched her having sex in our home.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 16

fetish black saphire 2018-01-21

Brenda lifted her legs further apart as she slowly pushed the strap-on into Steph's pussy. Stephanie felt the panties around her face being moved slightly and then Dave's cock was on her lips. "Time to muzzle the bitch Dave" Brenda said softly as she started thrusting faster and deeper into Steph's tunnel. Steph could feel her pussy being penetrated deeply with every thrust of Dave's cock into Brenda. Carefully Brenda scooted over Stephanie and placed her cum filled pussy over Stephanie's mouth as Dave pulled the panties covering her face off. Brenda sighed and began to tug at Stephanie's nipples as she ground her pussy harder on to Steph's face. Brenda slowly rolled off Steph and turned around, moving up the bed to cuddle Stephanie.

Bondage in the kitchen

fetish tonguelasher69 2018-01-21

His cock-head appeared on her tongue thrust through the ring. Her thighs sting in response to his hand that has made it's way to her sizeable chest now heaving with sharp breathes. His cock appears once again in her mouth carrying with it this time a taste of chocolate and mint. He pulls out, lightly slaps her face before kissing her open mouth. His thrusts become erratic and he trembles pulling his cock back into her mouth to fill it with his seed. A little trickles down the side of her mouth as he shivers again and pulls his dick free. He leans forward and kisses her, licking the semen back into her mouth as he releases the clasp of the gag.

Scarf Memory

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-21

"You ought to be able to answer that question yourself, Paul," Hazel replied. Hazel followed me, untying her scarf and pulling from her head. A dark blue heavy silk scarf flashed past my face and was dragged tight across my mouth, pulling the panties deeper. I grunted as Hazel tied the scarf very tight behind my head, bringing the ends forward and knotting it over my filled mouth. Hazel rolled and heaved me so that I was face down on the blanket with my gagged head just above the crest of the bank. "Now you can try to speak, Paul," Hazel said. Hazel, naked except for a scarf wrapped around her body like a sarong, is about to impale herself on my erection.

Food & Oral Pleasures

fetish jwc10010 2018-01-21

Her breasts press into the fruit, I can see her try to pull up, uncomfortable with the contact to the wet flesh, but my gentle hand on her back prevents her. This time I held her hair and turned her head, forcing her lips to open as I shoved my cock in a bit harder this time. Looking to stimulate it before removing my cock and reaching from more fruit to taste myself. I hand her the fruit from her pussy, telling her what it is and watching as she turns her head from my balls to accept it without letting go of her pussy. I watch as she turns, her eyes glassy, her mouth open, her face sticky, stained, and a canvas of brunch.