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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Taking Sophie Camping

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-01-21

They'd spent plenty of time figuring out what techniques Sophie enjoyed most, and before long Joe had her gasping, working her exposed clit with deft flicks of the tongue as his hands moved feverishly over her body. Her firm, full bladder was heaving against his chest with each shudder, and it was all he could do to control his release - Sophie, in turn, masterfully worked his cock whilst thundering towards her own orgasm. Unzipping the sleeping bag, she raised herself off her lover's face and turned, leaning down to kiss him before lowering herself over his mouth, raising his head with one hand as he lifted it to meet her.

How I Learned to Dominate My Man

fetish 2018-01-21

I didn't see how anyone could take dildos of the size I saw in Anthony's videos anally, but he clearly wanted to experience the whole thing so, since money was not an object for me, I went a little crazy in my shopping. What I was after was to find out if Anthony could be both submissive and still want to fuck me regularly the way I liked and to find out if I could actually enjoy the role of dominant at least half the time. "What I am saying, Anthony, is that one of the things I really love is to strap on one of my dildos, and my man over, and fuck him in the ass just like the women in your movies.

Paint a Picture

fetish Ratsel 2018-01-21

Do you think about how bad you want to pin me against a wall, or the sly grin on my face when you walk in a room?" With one hand you grab me by the back of my neck, pull my head back, and kiss me hard and deep. I rub my legs on your back through your t-shirt and try to pull your hair, but you pin my wrists onto my stomach with one strong hand. I want to scream for you to take me but before I have a chance you pull me to the edge of the bed and tell me to get on my knees. I think about you in your uniform, picture your strong body, feel you thrusting into me, and I grin because I know I am your weakness.

Cleaning Out

fetish brackenborough 2018-01-21

The thoughts she was having where already starting to take her head to a better place, as she imagined herself in ten minutes time on the bath room floor, the warm water rushing into her. As she drove on, she kept her hand on her thigh and very slightly ground her ass into the seat, feeling her anus hole react appreciatively to the rubbing. She rubbed her front wall and squirmed her ass about in the bath wanting her fingers to go in further, but suddenly the nausea came back,... The damn broke in her anus hole and what felt like a litre of dirty water just dropped out of her ass into the bath.

Aunt Agrees

fetish pantyboy22 2018-01-21

This shocked me but at the same time I was intrigued because I've always wanted to try on panties, thongs, and other female lingerie. As we continued my favorite lingerie that she had purchased for me was a pair of satin skin colored panties, when they were on I felt like I was in heaven. As I continued trying on other lingerie (after I had put the other set in my favorite pile) I found a lovely black teddiette that aunty had purchased for me. Again, my dick got very hard and my aunt came over and rubbed it, which only made it bigger, but I did feel good. I continued to try on the rest of the lingerie but decided I that I would wear the panties with the matching corset.

Sacrifices for Love

fetish clipperdreams 2018-01-21

"Gail, when Steve left this morning, he suggested I'd look good with a short haircut, like a pixie or something. I just go about my days as usual, working at my job, and planning little things for Steve when he gets home. Once John has the length just short enough to style into the pixie cut, he puts down the scissors and picks up the clippers. All the way home, I can't help but touch my hair, feeling it so short. The clippers are right over my clit and John pushes in and pulls back, like he's fucking the outside of my pussy. John turns on the clippers and starts reshaping from the top of my head this time.

Ode to the Old, White SSBBW

fetish sweetbjames 2018-01-21

I want to grind my big black dick inside your big, wide, white ass. You are warming up your cold hands by rubbing my dick, and I'm just kicking my shoes. You think I want my dick sucked? Now you give me what I want, that big ass. And I'll give you what you want, this big dick. Pull your ass cheeks apart. Your ass ripples like a pond when I hit it. You want me to spank your ass harder? I'm leaving red handprints all over your big, white ass. Grunting, and straining, and squeezing my dick harder with your pussy every time you come. Your huge ass cheeks cover my hand up to my forearm.

College Life: Panty Thief UnMasked

fetish MadisonRoux 2018-01-21

He put his bag on my desk and went to stick the homework in it when I caught his eyes noticing my panties hanging from my dresser. "Cum on my panty you bad boy!" I said seductively as I reach out and grabbed his pulsing cock. "One more thing, I want you to fuck me in my panties!" I uttered quickly as I pulled him in for a kiss! "Do you like to smell of my pussy as you are fucking it?!" He looked at me with his big blue eyes and took a deep inhale of my scent from the gusset. "Ohh and Dan if you ever want a pair of my dirty panties...just ask me." I said with a wink as he closed the door.

My Toy Nancy Ch. 01

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-21

First thing though, it looks like Mark used a condom when he fucked you, is that true?" Nancy nods her head in agreement. "Nancy, next I want you to work your finger into Mark's ass. Good, now work it in and out a few times until it becomes easy." I watch as Nancy fucks Mark in the ass with her finger, and wait for it to get easier to push in. Looks good Nancy, I think after tonight you are going to be getting a new hairbrush. Pop it into Mark's mouth because I think he looks hungry." Nancy did have to use her teeth to untie the condom, her one hand was too slick with the Vaseline.

The Switch

fetish cpluver 2018-01-21

I asked Joe, when the girls were in town shopping, if he ever thought about sleeping with Donna. When she pushed me on my back, Donna looked at me and said, "I want to try something different tonight. She said, "Listen, when Joe told me about your plan I immediately told Donna. She said, "If you eat me out until I have had enough, I will switch back with Donna after she's done getting stuffed by your best friend. She said that she wasn't sure of this whole plan at first, but now knew that she wanted to switch with her sister all the time. Don't worry about Julie; she said she would never tell Donna."

Evening to Remember

fetish Tripper_Dude 2018-01-21

You tell me Tripper I’d like you to meet 2 of my girlfriends, this is SUE, (Sue is about your height and very busty with short red hair, wearing a very tight fitting cotton dress, and I can think that she is not wearing a bra because I see a perfect outline of her breasts.) and this is LISA, (Lisa is a little taller than you both, with brown hair and dressed in jeans and t-shirt, she is not as well endowed as you and Sue) You go on “ I was talking with them this week and told them what I was planning and they just begged me to let them help me.

The Customer has rights

fetish CND 2018-01-21

I couldn't believe how good it felt, it was the best blowjob I had ever received not only because it was a long time ago since I had one, but also because this mouth around my cock showed that giving head was something this woman really loved to do. My body felt weightless, as if it would float away in mid-air if it wasn't for the mouth around my cock and the pussy in my face. It wasn't meant to say anything other than that she had a face I wouldn't mind seeing on the other side of the breakfast table for years to come, but I realized that she could take that as a sign that I wouldn't want to see her body.

MarbleHead Max Ch. 3

fetish laabaa 2018-01-21

She yanked it hard and yelped in pain Max was now fully erect at twelve inches and took a hand around Kim’s neck. Long firm legs, childbearing hips, pert young breasts and eyes that didn’t whisper come to bed, but demanded that she have her brains fucked in. Kim had a look of fear as Max approached with his dick in hand. Max picked up the still hot coal off the floor and held it in his burnt hand, much to the shock of the retreating brunette. Max looked up and smiled as Kim kept her eyes closed in pleasure and pain, writhing in ecstasy. The panel politely told Max he wasn’t what they were looking for, as the flustered girl got her breath back.

My Wife's Surprise

fetish 4nickeightor 2018-01-21

It was awful, it was disgusting and it was the most humiliating moment of my life but I knew this evening was just getting started and that realization had my cock getting engorged again almost immediately. "Good, now you better get dressed so I can start your makeup" She said with a grin as a stood there mouth agape. I couldn't believe she intended to drag me into the hotel spa dressed in that outfit, but I had agreed to obey and wasn't keen to have my balls kicked again so at this point I was willing to do anything she asked so I quickly donned my outfit and presented myself to her.

Elevator, Part 1

fetish 2018-01-20

I've found myself in this situation many times because of my training, waiting in anticipation for your next unspoken command. Having been punished and denied many times throughout my training, I'm keenly aware of what to expect next from you, as I fixate on my Mistress' toes and feet before me. The magnficent shape, size, placement, polish, and lightly-perfumed fragrance of each individual toe, slightly pale but perfectly even skintone contrasting against the polished red leather packages - a work of art I simply cannot comprehend. I've been denied many times in my training by not recognizing this subtle movement as your command to proceed, but not today.

Tickle Fetish

fetish turner1116 2018-01-20

The girl in the cheerleading skirt is bending over the bed tickling my bare feet with the bristles from the paint brush. Some times when the bristles hit the soles of my feet it feels like a nice silk cloth, but that only last's for a split second. You tell the girls that I look like a need a little break and they can leave now cause you want me to yourself. I'm starting to kick my feet uncontrollably, laughing so hard, squirming as every little bristle come into to contact with me. Still looking into your eyes, I can feel myself start to cum.

mum & boys

fetish emma44bill 2018-01-20

While they were busy showering I stripped off and slipped into my silky dressing gown, I tied it loosely while I sat there waiting for them to come back, was I doing the right thing with my boys, I knew it was wrong but the moment had completely taken me over, anyway, we were all enjoying the experience so it must be a good thing, about five minutes passed when they came back, both were naked and horny, they had their fun, now it was my turn to enjoy the fruits of their young bodies, I patted the bed and they sat down, without and word I knelt between them and softly caressed their hard cocks, with Carls cock in one hand I went down on Josh, he let out a soft whimper as I sucked greedily on his cock, I had been a long time since I had a cock in my mouth and it felt so good even though it was my son, for several minutes I sucked that cock of his, then I turned my attention to Carls waiting cock, I was on it like a flash, sucking him just like I sucked Josh, when I took my lips away from him I noticed that the loosely tied robe had gapped open exposing my tit for them to see, I didn’t attempt to cover up, that was not my intention,

Beautiful Butts of the Princesses of Layland

fetish bryanLL 2018-01-20

The second thing that sets Bryan apart from other men is is that he wanted to use his great wealth to honestly and truly honor and help girls of all ages, from the youngest all the way to their forties. One of those things is that he will want me to ask how far they got on our webpage which leads girls and their mothers from one level of understanding to the next until they reach their maximum tolerance for the subject or until they get all of the way through it. I do see Bryan's buttsniffing desires as very odd and incomprehensible but then, there are 221 girls who would come in right now and let him sniff their butts if it meant getting into the princess program, so who am I to judge?

My wife Lucy started a new job today

fetish garyandlucy3 2018-01-20

My wife Lucy was started a new job today, cleaning in a local office, and before she left, we were in the bedroom trying to decide what she should wear. Garth obviously wanted a better view and asked if Lucy could clean the coffee rings off his desk. “I hope you don’t mind me saying but you have an excellent body Lucy, and great tits!” Garth said “Why are you trying to cover them up?” Lucy could not help herself as she stretched up to grab hold of one of the friends cock and started to wank him off. With that Garth said to his friends “Time for a beer then!” and as they all walked towards the office he told Lucy that he expects a similar effort from her next week.

The Diminishing

fetish horuvex 2018-01-20

She said her friend Alice had told her that men had to have a job so they could feel superior and arrogant, and that she didn't want John trying to push himself to be the head of the household. Janet smiled and approached the bed where John sat, moving between his legs she cupped his head and pulled him to her, stroking his hair gently. Janet looked thoughtful and then she kissed him again, and John felt a rise in his pants, he was enjoying this new sexual mood that she was displaying and gladly kissed her neck. John found that boxers were the best things he could wear with out looking like a freak and so he ate a breakfast/lunch in the living room and sighed, hoping Janet was having success.

The Eating Challenge

fetish sugarcrybaby 2018-01-20

His favourite thing is watching me smear chocolate cakes with cream all over my fucking face over Skype. The Daddy's Girl in me loves this outfit. From the first bite, the thing fucking explodes in my hands, covering down to my wrists in grease and tomato sauce. There's no way the whole thing's going in my mouth after its initial collapse, so I leave it on the plate and just start grabbing at it, forcing scraps into my mouth as quickly as I can. He sprays every inch of me, blasting ketchup off my face, soaking my big, hanging tits, lifting my skirt to spray my ass. These things are fucking lethal, but he gives me what I need.

Hannah & Kay

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-20

I thought I was safe from Hannah and happily married to Kay. But with two women loving me, even if one is dead, life can get complicated... On a Friday evening about six months after our marriage Kay asked me to bring tea through to the living room of our house that used to be Hannah's. Hannah as a ghost was far more perceptive than Kay's poor boob of a husband. I could potter around the house but Kay suggested that I took one of Hannah's cars and went for a drive. I like my breasts but being able to use Hannah's big knockers when I want as well as having my perky little ones for show is the best of both worlds.

Fantasies of Katrina Ch. 01

fetish mntnmanor 2018-01-20

Softly, keeping in character, and still following my mothers lead and giving an out I said "Kat you need to move your chair back some, and scoot forward in it if you want me to go any further". At this point she returned to the story line and said : "You haven't fixed my problem yet, and my mouse still needs cleaning. With this Kat slowly scooted forward, still keeping her legs closed until her beautiful full ass cheeks came to rest at the edge of the chair. But alas, I must follow the story, take my time, and build as much excitement as I can in hopes she will want more.

My outrageous beach Glory-hole Fuck

fetish 2018-01-20

He stopped moving as my hand touched him, he was waiting for my reaction, but I was doing this in my supposed sl**p, it was cat and mouse stuff, all tease which would eventually lead to penetrative sex, but I wanted him to think he was fucking me as I slept, I wanted to give him the thrill of getting inside me and let him hear me moan to orgasm, but my 'Jilling around', back-fired, I finished up with a cream-pie on my bum, as a reward for my endeavors, no fuck for me that night, and when I checked out in the morning, I deliberately smiled and thanked the old clerk, for a pleasant stay.