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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

She-Male Hookers

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-20

Kim said I will lick your cock and suck your balls till you are ready to explode, then I will suck your cock down my throat and force your cum out of your cock with more force then you have ever seen or felt. I had seen this done in dirty movies but it felt a lot better in person I was falling in love with Kim. She finally quite licking my asshole and was sucking my balls in her mouth I could feel cum slipping out of my cock when she started sucking my cock again and I cum like I never cum before.

Basic Training

fetish Toiletdream 2018-01-20

She was in the middle of her second set and I was still squatting behind her taking in the splendor of her ass, when she said, "John. "I'm sure already!" I said, looking straight at her ass. Not knowing how long she'd been there motionless, I quickly backed away and looked over the top of her and right into her grinning reflection in the mirror. Leaving my nose extremely close to her ass, I replied with a little too much enthusiasm, "Hell no! She remained motionless even after her fart had passed, and in my lust in smelling her ass, it was a few minutes later before I realized it.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 07

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-01-20

One experience that he enjoyed more than the others was when either Tatiana was giving him a hand job, or he was jacking himself off while she played with his body- -kissing him, sucking his nipples, and the like- -while he fantasized about an idealized sexual encounter. For example, one time Tatiana was sitting between Dan's legs working on his penis with both hands using lotion not only to make it seem more like a lubricated pussy but also to prevent chaffing. As Dan left the room, Ludmilla whispered to him so only he could hear, "Danillo, I am SO glad that you and Tatiana are good friends." When all three of them were in Tatiana's room, she closed the door, turned to Dan and said, "Danillo, Darla and I are in love.

Overflowing with Happiness

fetish LaceyBaby 2018-01-20

"Not all of it, save some." He nodded and I stoked his member gently holding it feeling his muscles relax as a huge golden stream shot from it and filled the awaiting bowl. Moaning he released his last bit of pee spraying my clit and soaking my already drenched pussy his rich strong stream coating it and trickling down onto our bed. I moaned and masturbated some before pulling my panties completely off and peeing my hot golden stream all over the head of his cock and watching it pour down his shaft and tummy and drench our eagerly awaiting sheets. I moaned loudly, absorbed in the sweet relief of finally letting go and he groaned at my hot golden flood all over his cock.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-20

So sit back and pull your cock out and shoot a big load of cum for my wife. Also you ladies that like to read my stories get your favorite toys out and insert one in your ass and cunt and make yourself cum real hard. I was thinking to myself if I wanted his cum in my mouth or up my cunt.Then he started fingering my pussy and getting it ready for his huge black cock to go inside my tight white pussy. I knew that when he shoved that big hard cock up my asshole that my pussy would tighten up again. I reach around with my hand and start finger fucking my swollen pussy, I can’t believe how big and swollen my cunt lips are.

A Very Special "Girl" Ch. 01

fetish christian_hm 2018-01-20

After the brief moment of awkwardness had passed, they exchanged short pleasantries and talked a bit about their classes and mutual friends; while the two had spoken on several occasions and were friendly with one another, Christian felt that he hadn't had the chance to get to know her as well as he would have liked, and her chronically busy schedule had kept his from asking her to do something together outside of school. As the pair of them ate, Christian couldn't help but notice how cute Tiffany was when she was taking little nibbles of her sandwich: the way that her mouth moved when she was chewing, the half-smile that she was forced to make when she was talking with food in one cheek, and the way her eyes shone when she was talking or listening to him…

Fill Bill

fetish cby2 2018-01-20

I entered the Midori restaurant, and as I looked up to Madame Sang's private room, I noticed Saka approaching me from the top of the stairs. As I sat there naked and breathing heavy, Saka stood in the seat of the chair forcing me to spread my legs open. "I'm getting fucked in my ass and my mouth, Madame Sang." Saka took my ass faster, and Madame Sang guided my head towards her cock faster and faster. As I realized that Saka's dildo was releasing inside of me, the shock made my eyes open wide and gaze into Madame Sang's eyes. A silky white liquid began oozing out of Madame Sang's shiny black cock. Saka removed her harness, and as she walked out of the room, Madame Sang said,

The Traveling Worker Ch. 08

fetish TimWLy 2018-01-20

I ordered a simple rum and coke, not knowing that my night of actually on the job activities wasn't over either, but luckily I didn't drink enough to end up with loose lips, and finally, a couple of other conference participants came in and joined us, letting us know that there would be another banquet style dinner, where they would be handing out awards etc. As dinner progressed, I hope that people couldn't see the lust growing in my eyes, and I gave both Mandy and Cynthia my card, letting them know I was going to retire for the evening and that maybe we could get together for a drink.


The Art of Scat - Q&A

fetish jessie2015 2018-01-20

The clients enjoyed watching me chew and swallow their feces, and many even scooped up some of the excess with their hands and placed it into my mouth. While I was busy chewing or swallowing it he would smear the excess over my face and body and scoop up some with his fingers and feed it into my mouth so that they could film me eating and licking it from his fingers. Then they filmed as I laid on the floor and one by one each of the guys used a big spoon to scoop up its contents and feed it into my wide open mouth, filming as I chewed and swallowed it, licking my lips and exclaiming how delicious it was!

Naked Thirst Ch. 01: Prologue

fetish maxxxwilde 2018-01-20

The woman on the bench licks her lips in anticipation as the dark-haired beauty in front of her turns and picks up a pair of long acrylic cylinders that rest atop a small machine. The three stay bound together: the lactating beauty the focal point, the man pumping his pleasure into her eager, young cunt, and the woman drawing that pleasure from her mouth with lips and questing tongue as the milking machine pulls sweet, white liquid from her swollen tits. Finally, the man grunts and withdraws his throbbing cock, pumping it hard in his fist, sending a rain of thick, white globs all over the ass and back of the woman on the bench.

Confessions of a Hotel Manager Ch. 01

fetish Dani_Kadlo 2018-01-20

I grinned to myself on the way back to my office, we got all sorts but that was the first time me telling a guest off had given them an erection. I stepped up and settled down kneeling across his face, my hold-up covered legs bent either side of his head and my panties hovering above him. As my panties brushed his face he let out a lusty sigh, which was a rather nice sensation as it swirled over my cunt. A few minutes later after seeing to the necessary intimate cleansing and a tidy-up to ensure it wasn't obvious what I'd been up to when I got back to work I left the bathroom to see Hans with my sopping panties covering his eyes and his hand working his cock.

House of Syn Ch. 01

fetish MSTarot 2018-01-20

She rests her face against my chest, looking down I can feel a tremble in her as my hands come to rest on the soft lace on her shoulders. I feel the lace of her jacket brush my chest as she places her mouth on the bleeding wound and sucks hard at my skin. Placing my hand between her breast, feeling the red silk soft and warm under my fingers, I push her back onto the bar top. I feel her hand leave my head and the sound of metal on wood as she digs the armor ring into the bar top. I pull my hand away from my face and look at my blood covered palm.

Daddy's Little Girl Ch. 01

fetish BehindTheEyes 2018-01-20

Little girl parallels her body with Daddy's so he can play with her ass and pussy, keeping his cock in her mouth the whole time. Daddy quickly gets behind his little girl's ass, gripping his cock with one hand and pulling her left ass cheek forcibly to the side with the other, he presses his aching head against her opening pussy lips. Again without warning, little girl jumps up, gets down on her knees, and takes her Daddy's cock into her mouth. Daddy's cock erupts into little girl's mouth. As Daddy grunts with intensity only a massive orgasms produce, cum starts to spill from the corners of little girl's mouth. Daddy looks on watching Mr. Smith slam his monster cock into little girl.

Panty Jumped: Full Version

fetish Subtext 2018-01-20

Steve was always polite to her and never tried to show her up by hanging on Alice in her presence, but it was still hard for Callie to have to smell him when he came over. Steve yelled into her panties again and tried to pull her hand away from his mouth, but Callie was in a hyper state of arousal now. "Oh Steve, I know you understand how hard it is to go around all day with these feelings." She told him as she gazed into his eyes, "I hope Alice doesn't ever make you suffer. Callie pressed her hand back down over Steve's panty-filled mouth and raised a finger over her lips.

Me and my b*****r in laws wife

fetish anand011077 2018-01-20

Soon i was done helping her with excel and I needed help to satiate my cocks yearning...suddenly something happened and my hands just grabbed her boobs and started to fondle them.....she was also caught off guard and soon my one hand was inside her bra massaging and feeling her warm skin.....while my other hand was over the dress. She started to resist and fight off....but the moment she turned to fight me off....i grabbed her around the waist and placed my lips on her lips and kissed her hard.....she tried pushing away but my grip had her hugging my body and my erect cock rubbing against her upper thighs.

Lovely, Lacy Lingerie

fetish yanagirosencratz 2018-01-20

"I couldn't have pictured it looking better on any one else." I couldn't figure out what the closed expression on Jeremy's face meant so I added, "It's a sexy little number for a sexy piece of ass like you." Since I knew I wasn't going to be rejected, I felt like having my fun and it was wonderful to see Jeremy's mouth drop open at my words. "I think they're both handsome, my under wear and your dick," I said as I stroked the dick in question a few times before sticking half of it into my open mouth and licking the fleshy warm thing inside my mouth .

Let's Talk About Knickers

fetish aquilegia 2018-01-20

Pulling the crotch aside to finger her or to push her up against the wall and enter her hard and fast for a quickie, her clit bearing down on my hard cock, she will cum first - but only just! My cock pushed inside her knickers while she is wearing them, sharing the space nestled in the warm valley of her pussy. Red satiny knickers rubbed over her wet pussy till they are soaked and then wrapped around my hard erect cock as I wank it for her to watch. A pair of panties that she pulled halfway down and then pissed into while I stood and watched, hearing her piss splash in the bottom of the bath, hard cock in hand, pumping.

Cum Queen

fetish rugbydrill 2018-01-20

Mary, also silicone enhanced, had her well experienced, she was by far the oldest contestant, mouth and hands furiously working an array of cocks while another guy slammed his monster tool into her pussy. She was kneeling over one man; his cock embedded in her super tight snatch, while another guy held her head and fucked her mouth. She looked into the eyes of the next man and asked," You wanna cum on my face?" He smiled his affirmation and stepped forward to offer up his cock. Taking a cue from the Queen's words, Megan grabbed a man by the cock and said," You want to fuck my ass?" She was now surrounded by guys filling her mouth, hands, pussy and ass with their eager cocks.


fetish Lovebuldge 2018-01-20

Chantalle on the other hand is a smaller girl who is heavier on her chest while she too loves the high heels but has a little more of a behind, more like something to hold onto. I am not sure how it happened but I soon found myself liking a woman with a nice bum and great legs over a girl with a chest. As Chantalle pulled up her skirt I noticed her glance around and sneak another look at my hard cock. I like it!" she said between kissing the shaft of my cock which ended with Chantalle taking my balls into her mouth and licking them. I could feel Chantalle was playing with her pussy as she orgasmed a second time with my cock deep inside her.

Cuckolded Again!

fetish H piltdown 2018-01-20

The big man continued to run his huge hands through my wife's hair as she kissed slowly down to his navel. Finally, Ann looked up into the eyes of her lover, smiled enticingly and took his enormous cock into her mouth. I froze and stared straight ahead at Ann laboring on his giant cock, unable to look Louis directly in the eye. Louis continued to run his big fingers through Ann's dark, red hair. Ann rubbed the head of Louis' big cock up and down the slit of her pussy. After several minutes of slow and gentle fucking Ann's pussy had opened enough to allow Louis to thrust in and out with little restraint.

My Fetish For Panties Ch9

fetish panteeluvr 2018-01-20

Although I did once get to sniff her panties after she left her bag of dirty clothes behind once after her shift, and when she came back to do it I had two pairs of her thong panties in the back waiting for my break so I could enjoy them! I of course didn't wash them and returned them to her with my cum and Anthony's saliva in the crotch!lol Anyways, the cute blonde's panties were my favorite to cum into and put the dried up, cum stained panties back with her other clean clothes! But the sunday before I left I of course grabbed 3 pairs of filthy thongs from my hot little blonde college student and took them home with me to enjoy!


fetish EmmaLeon 2018-01-20

When I have a good female image and feel comfortable in the outfit, go out dressed up as a woman, drive around for a bit, go to a café get a coffee and go for a walk. I would want her to have a big 12inch long 3inch wide strap-on dildo and fuck me hard, and make be suck it like I would a real dick. I would also fuck her in both holes, her ass with my dick and her pussy with the dildo, pulling it out and we both lick her juice off it. I want to lick and suck her pussy, pushing my tongue inside. As I lick my way through her holes I start with my fingers, massaging her pussy and ass.

Fucked by my Friend's Dad

fetish creampielover96 2018-01-20

I pulled off and gasped for air before Scott grabbed my head and f***ed it down on his cock, I gagged as I didn't have time to relax my throat. He grabbed my panties and forcibly pulled it down and off throwing it aside on the bed, revealing my shaven pussy, while I undid my bra, exposing my tits. I started to scream loudly, but Scott quickly grabbed my panties and shoved them into my mouth to keep me as quiet as possible. "Yeah they've been trying for another k** now that I'm off to college, so they've been having sex every chance they get, especially when my mom gets home early from work, and she can get pretty loud, so I'm sorry you heard that," Jasmine said sincerely apologizing.

My Texan Workout Fantasy

fetish Co2trice 2018-01-20

deeper breathing and make you start to sweat. on as your sexy body glistening with sweat. head, looking down at you as I help you lift the bar off the rack. each rep becoming more difficult as I see the struggle in your sexy eyes… inside can't wait till you are standing over my head with those short sexy panties… you instantly notice as you can see the weight suddenly getting a little heavier as bl**d rushes down to my other head. I struggle to get the last rep up and calm myself down a little to setup torching each other as the sweat is running down our bodies. like the last hour was just an incredible workout… till our sweaty bodies