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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How I like you to fuck me

fetish kinkykatty 2018-01-20

Tongue tracing my hundreds of pale scars. It’s almost like I’m dangerous, like I could defend myself. Pink nipples teased to full attention. It’s the game, the one we dance over every time we’re naked. I moan into your parted lips and giggle. You know I only do so when I want you to fuck me, to love me. My hips rock up to meet your arousal, you grin stupidly and then your eyes go evil. It’s time. I lock my legs around you, and you feel how wet you’ve got me.­­ I’m melted, molten, weeping, tears of silky sticky sweet. So many scars, you think it’s beautiful. Like I’m something otherworldly. It makes me feel powerful, I moan.

Doris' Private Secretary Ch. 02

fetish ossforyou 2018-01-20

Quite simply, if he passed all the tests, Tom would become her probationary secretary, oral sex slave and personal fuck face for one month. This was why she decided to wait until the end of the workday before testing Tom. Whether clean, dirty or sweaty, Doris demanded complete oral worship of her feet by her slave. "Slave, I want you to keep licking my pussy until I tell you to stop." Doris than began to grind her pussy up and down, forward and back, using all her weight on Tom's helpless face. I want to see your face getting mouth raped by my feet slave" Doris forced her big right foot into Tom's open mouth, stretching it to the extreme, which made Tom moan.

Hard Laced Ch. 03

fetish Learningfast 2018-01-20

"I just want to reduce my waist to the minimum for my body," she told them, "I know that I can pull a belt to about 20 inches but I really would like to be tiny. Within ten minutes, Christian had almost closed the corset onto her body and she stood in front of the long mirror pressing her hands over her shape, feeling at the bones and the tautness of the fabric. Christian and Clare encouraged her to relax into the 18-inch shape for a short time and, sure enough, in the eleventh week she found that the laces pulled a little closer without extra effort.

The Headmaster's Room Ch. 02

fetish Mag58 2018-01-20

I slowly turned and lifted the front of my short grey skirt as I began dabbing at my yellow piss soaked knickers then; carefully opening my legs wide enough so that he could see my crack which was clinging to the damp cotton gusset. My legs were weak and chaffed as I slowly walked along the main school corridor to the girls' toilets savouring the stinging feeling in my arse and the ache in my pussy and nipples. The day was 'topped off' by making sure that I slowly walked upstairs in front of a group of giggling 13 year old boys on the Double- Decker school bus, making sure that they got a good look up my short skirt at my red-raw arse and who knows what else!

Shearing the Sheep

fetish milfhouse 2018-01-20

He took a handful of my hair from the top of my head into His fist, held it straight up in the air, and drew the shears across it. Tears streamed down my face, much as the wetness streamed from my pussy, as my beautiful hair was shorn, handful by agonizing handful. He drew the clippers across my pubes and they fell to the floor in a neat pile, resting on top of the hair He had shorn from my head. He fucked my face until He was ready to cum, and then He pulled His dick from my lips and came all over my shiny head, His hot seed dripping down my bald pate and into my eyes.

Ruthie's Story Ch. 02

fetish susurrus 2018-01-20

When she was pretty sure she was ready, Ruthie started moving her mouth on Dr. Smith's cock, taking him in deep, then slowly teasing him out till only the tip was held between her lips. A question flashed across Ruthie's face at that, but she was getting really horny now, between the itch in her pussy and the blowjob she was unable to complete, so she quickly squelched the hesitance she initially felt and started to undo her tight little pants. She was relieved on one hand - Ruthie hated going for checkups and having the damn things used on her, but what the doctor had *did* look like both scared and aroused her.

Maid to Last

fetish prettypolly 2018-01-20

My wife had great legs too, and I often spent long hours staring at them, she wasn't keen to wear stockings to bed so my fetish had to remain unfulfilled or else admired from afar at parties or social engagements that called for smart dress. I would frisk her nylon clad ass and feel her long smooth legs in the sheerest black tights before pulling down her gusset and silk panties and take her from behind. She wore it to the opening night of Maid to Last at the Savoy, and didn't want to look over-dressed for Sean who had managed to get a serious main part in the play.

Jenny's story

fetish 2018-01-19

Dad and I moved to another state out west, tried to start over. Dad even tried dating again, but never went out with the same woman twice. We flipped over to the local news and they informed us that another storm would be coming in a couple of hours, quite possibly as bad or worse than the one that just came through. I tried to turn my head to see if he was awake and then I heard him mumble something under his breathe. I felt his cock starting to get harder and longer as he proceeded to hump my ass. I could feel the tip of his cock coming out of his boxers and rubbing against the bottom of my ass.

Cum from another

fetish kevf09 2018-01-19

I always fantasized about seeing cum from another guy inside my wife's pussy and what it would be llike to fuck her cum-filled pussy. One day while I was walking in the neighborhood I found a used condom filled with cum. I took it home with me and used a medicine syringe to withdraw the cum from the condom. While i was stimulating her pussy, I nestled the syringe into her vagina and injected the load of cum inside her. First I watched her pussy contract...knowing that it was swallowing the cum deeper into her cervix. I was so turned on I came immediately as I buried my cock into her cum filled climaxing pussy.

One Wild Night!

fetish clarkbrian82 2018-01-19

After going to dinner and really pissing of the waiter we went to this party at some place i didn't know. I was just hanging out and talking to a few people when this really cute girl comes up to me and asked if i knew were the bathroom was i said i have no idea and laughed. Then this girl comes running out of the bathroom and i said whats up with you she said their is a tranny in there! I said let me just tell my buddies i'm going but they all had found girls of their own. I got up and she went stright for my cock and did the same to me but so much better!

Friendly Henry

fetish fantasex13 2018-01-19

About a half hour into my washing of the car, a red convertible containing a shapely brunet and a lovely redhead pulled into Henry's driveway. She smiled and took my arm, leading me to the back yard where a large pool was filled with water and Henry was sitting with Becky who was massaging his back. Henry's face was buried in Becky's red headed pussy and I could see his tongue darting in and out of the sweet pool between her legs. She slipped under the water and took my cock in her mouth and I felt her long fingernails on my ass as she spread my cheeks for Henry's cock.

Service Department

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-19

Gloria stands close behind Liz; her hand softly rests on the small of the back. I'm just a lonely old woman." Gloria's hand slides upwards; her fingers wrap over the shoulder and massage it. "I had forgotten how good a kiss like that is," Liz moans into Gloria's mouth. The other hand sooths the skin of the stump while Gloria intently watches the fingers of the other darting here and there. Gloria's warm breath blows over Liz's clit just as she reaches her tongue out to touch it. The warm summer air of the evening blows though the open window as they lay together, mouth on mouth, and Gloria's hand wrapped over Liz's stump massaging it tenderly like a warm breast.


fetish kyrie1595 2018-01-19

"What brings you back so soon seeking God's forgiveness?" Father Tom spoke calmly in his conditioned confessional tone. His voice was broken in desire as he spoke, "Go on, and confess all." His own hand now wrapped around his exposed cock, feeling it throb against his palm as he slowly stroked it. Father, the only way this could be better is if you were in here with me, doing all these sinful things to me, but because of your vows, I'm left with imagining you fucking me." Her moan could be heard throughout the entirety of the church as her pussy spilled out around her finger, staining her skirt and soiling the confessional.

Taking Chance In Kuala Lumpur

fetish coolguy2020 2018-01-19

I started to kiss her and moved from her stomach to her thighs and went down on her, she was pulling my hair lightly and moaning, she was begging me to fuck her pussy but I wanted to make her orgasm with my tongue. I was messaging her breasts and started to suck on her nipples being well rested from the night she was much louder and hornier in the morning, she was tell me oh baby I want you to cum in my pussy hearing this and I could not control myself any longer and came within moments.

Love Hand

fetish jasmine1969 2018-01-19

She moaned and shifted slightly as he used two, then three fingers to work the gel deeper inside her. He began to use slow, steady pressure to push his four fingers deeper into her. Soon, his hand had reached the widest point, the knuckles, just inside the stretched lips of her sex. She could feel a sharp increase in the burning sensation she felt, but could also feel an intense, perverse desire to feel more, more stretching, more of his hand inside her. As he feasted on her, he began to slowly rock is hand inside her, varying the speed and pressure. He slowly began to pull his hand from it's warm, fleshy prison, his fingers and most of his hand numb.

Milk Sow Ch. 02

fetish InYourDreams 2018-01-19

The milking machine had all worked so well that day that Ben had kept himself locked away, concentrating on how to market his invention. You see if we are going to be at all interested in using your machine, we need to be sure that the sow you use for your demo has adequate udder size and milk capacity. You see we need to be sure it is going to produce sufficient quantities of milk in your demo so we can assess whether your machine will work for us." Sam Small stared straight back at Ben. "If you want to use your wife to demonstrate the machine, then she should be put on a program of milk sow feed, so that she'd be able to produce milk for the test.

Soft & Hard

fetish Varrus9696 2018-01-19

She knew that her soft touches in the right places would bring her to white-hot orgasms that would leave her shuddering in delight but she knew that her lover's rough hands, tight skin, and hard body would do things to her that she only dreamed of her hands ever doing. His mouth mashed roughly against hers and they kissed deeply, her body still wracked with orgasms as his fingers left her nipples and slipped beneath her body to squeeze her ass and pull her close. She gasped in pleasure as she felt a tingling sensation between her legs that was more than her orgasm and her sex erupted in a hot stream of moisture that bathed his swollen balls and thighs.

Training Him to Take Dick Ch. 01

fetish magic_tantra 2018-01-19

Grinding my vagina muscles around his cock, Claire choked off his air with her pussy lips over Carl's mouth, we fucked him into submission. Waving the dildo in his face I told him not only was I going to fuck his tight little asshole I was going to make him suck my cock as well. Lubricating the nozzle with my own pussy juices I told Michael to grab the shower head and hold on as I pushed the nozzle into his virgin anus. I stroked my cock with pride warning Michael that I was going to get a lot of frequent flyer miles out of my own dick fucking his asshole.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 10

fetish thecloned22 2018-01-19

Before he could ask what was happening, Mrs. Cena hurriedly pointed to the fusing arms which now were a fused blob of flesh at shoulder height. Just as she left, the girls now laying on their backs lifted their inner legs (Anna's left leg and Mary's right), and as they did so, a semi solid stream of liquid cum squirted out of their vaginas. Then their lifted legs shriveled away into their bodies as Anna's left hip and Mary's right fused into one another. Mary then used her right arm to grab onto the back of Anna's head as she ferociously kissed her new body mate. Another shell hit the Cena's house causing the roof to collapse downward right on to Mary/Anna just as their pussies merged and they suffered a titanic orgasm.

All Aboard?

fetish drab_man 2018-01-19

"Oh, thank you, I have been dying for one since I got up." Her eyes smile this time as she reaches up and takes the pro-offered cigarette from my hand. "I shouldn't think so, not at this time of day." I take a chance and ask her if she would like to come back to my house for one. She smile's and nod's, never taking her eyes from me, I can feel them boring into my skull from behind as I pour the milk into our mugs. The biggest shock of all was when she looked me directly in the eye and said...."My pussy is dripping wet John, I can feel my juices running into the crack of my ass"

Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 07

fetish Giln 2018-01-19

I looked back to Stacey trying to find words but instead I found George's semi hard dick in my mouth. "Whhrrt!" I tried to pull back but George moved his hips forward and Stacey's smile only got bigger as my own desire overcame my shock and I started suckling the head of this newest cock in my mouth. I kept looking at Stacey until George was at full mast and then just gave into the moment, closed my eyes and started earnestly giving head. I opened my mouth wide showing Stacey the last bit of cum George had given me. As I closed my mouth and eyes, she watched as I finished my second load of cum that night.


Mother Futa Ch. 06

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-01-19

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Laurel said, looking over at Martha with that smile that made her body tingle. Laurel sat riveted, hearing about Martha impregnating a woman in college, raising their daughter, Katie, whom she impregnated in turn at age 18. Martha found it a bit concerning that Laurel was looking at Adam as if he were some kind of leper. Martha stood in the doorway while Laurel went towards Adam like a lioness approaching a fat, juicy gazelle. Martha watched as Adam ran inside of her bedroom, followed by Laurel. Not only did Martha pull Laurel out and away from Adam, she pushed her roughly to the floor. "That sounds like a good idea," Martha said as Laurel exited the bedroom.

A Night Full Of Dicks

fetish cooljohn 2018-01-19

It was pretty exciting & was very much glued to the screen & all of a sudden I realized that the person sitting next to me had his cock in his hand & was pumping it very hard...I got very excited with this & felt like holding him. I kept sucking his cock till he came in mouth & I took every drop of it & was very happy to taste my first come of another man......BUT I was not through..I wanted more.. The moment I got straight to see what was happening on the screen, the 2nd gentleman just came in front of me & pushed his dick in my mouth & started coming .........This was the third come of the night....

The Cabin Ch. 08

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-01-19

Once settled in the car with Katie's to-do list complete and after purchasing several small gifts he wanted to give the ladies, he made the call and got the address to Tracy's. It was as if the spontaneous role-playing at the doorstep telling him of his need to submit and her desire to Own him followed by him meeting a dire need she had, along with complying with her wish to have a him stay and finish off a bottle of wine on a most beautiful night, triggered powerful emotional needs that completely clouded all rational thoughts and actions.