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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mother-In-Law Massage

fetish champ1on 2018-01-19

I would have done anything to just go back in and get a proper kiss but the moment was soon blown away as David moved his hand forward to greet me. My cock started to twitch and if I didn't stop it soon, by the time we got to the top of the ladder, it would be clearly showing through my joggers! This was soon being rubbed over the end of my cock as pre-cum started to leak out all over my mother-in-laws' dirty panties. As we left the house and headed for the tip to dump the rubbish, Jo started to tell me of plans she had on the weekend but all I could think about was my beautiful, curvy mother-in-law.

Sweaty in the car and enticing him to fuck

fetish 2018-01-19

I was in limbo, in a shocked state, not really realizing what was happening, I somehow knew he was inside me doing the ultimate thing, but the mixture of feelings, both good and bad, were numbed by the speed in which he achieved his aim, it felt too good to want to stop, such was the physical contact between our sexual organs, but it felt like he was hitting the mark to those feelings I toiled with each night, I was being fucked and it felt good, it was what I always craved, so I raised my ass to meet his powerful thrusts, he seemed to go deeper each time, I moaned as he fucked me with my ass raised in total surrender, belying my youthful eagerness, I finally achieved my orgasm, sweeping over me, racking every nerve ending in my body, I came loudly, sobbing my thankful gratitudes, paying homage to his old cock as he withdrew from my youthful love canal, leaving deep within me his seeds, which to my horror I only realized in taking my soaked panties off, the dark white globular mess pouring from me, even then I had to revisit the feeling as I lay back and re-masturbated myself, gathering his seed and coating my clitoris as I rubbed and massaged him into my sensitive flesh.

Belt Fuck

fetish msummers27 2018-01-19

Minutes passed, (I think it was minutes, from my perspective it seemed like hours.) before Lisa and Sylvia came into our bedroom. Under normal circumstances I can usually get into it and enjoy myself but not this time, between this stupid belt and Sylvia not letting me forget that both she and the camera were still in the room I defiantly was not having any fun. Lisa then started fiddling with my belt I instantly got very excited, at least my spirits rose. The choirs of giggles that I got from both Lisa and Sylvia probably means that I'll never believe that line again. "Better get some sleep, I've got some more plans for tomorrow." Lisa said as she turned out the lights.

Plump Lust

fetish Boldstepz 2018-01-19

Simply put, I wanted to DIE in the Voluptuous Curvy Folds of a Fat-Assed, Hefty-Bellied, Full-Lipped, Big-Breasted, Hot and Horny female BBW Chubby. Letting the kiss engulf you further, you would grip her folds of big boob, full belly and soft love-handles and grip whatever you can in making her moan and groan before she takes you closer and presses you against her shirt before you slowly tear it off of her with every heave and pull before revealing all of her full boobs and jelly belly all wiggled out and exposed for you to play around with as you continuily chartered her whole soft, plumpy body in full.

Bree's Journey Pt. 01

fetish D_Lynn 2018-01-19

I'm sure it happens all the time at 3am on an empty beach in Mexico, with your friend passed-out just two yards away. And this was coming from a woman who hadn't thought about sex as far as I knew, for over five years." On the one hand, I was still having a hard time believing his bizarre tale, or the fact that he'd just sat across from me and spilled all those intensely intimate details about he and his wife. I was sure he could feel it, too, even though the only time sex had come up in conversation was when he had explained his marital situation to me. Miles started my car and took a few moments to familiarize himself with the controls before turning his attention back to me.

sexy pregnant sophie contd

fetish vinney 2018-01-19

Beth reached up and started stroking Sophie's belly, seemingly finding a large amount of pleasure from it. Sophie grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off, while Beth stood there, water slowly dripping down to the bottom of her rounded stomach and onto the floor. "Holy Shit!" Shrieked Beth, reaching forward to feel her stomach, "Sorry, but you're enormous, and you're only a month further than me! For some reason, Beth's reply actually made her feel good about her size, something which she'd not felt for a long time, "Which reminds me, I need to get some food, I'm starving." This continued for another hour or so until Sophie sat slumped in her seat, panting, unable to reach any more food as the rest of the bags were in the back of the car.

The Blackmailers Fall Ch. 04

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-19

Donna seeks out Robert and his massive cock, leaving Alice to enjoy Dan. Alice has Joe lay on his back on the floor; she gets on all fours straddling Joe with her pussy just above his face. Joe was finding himself wanting that big cock head in his mouth; he was getting a warm and horny feeling come over him as he began to anticipate Dan's dumping a big juicy load into Alice's pussy for him to eat. Joe reaches up and takes Roberts's huge cock by the base and looks up saying "Thank you sir, my mistress will be very pleased." Joe opens his mouth and licks the globs of cum and slimy mix of semen and pussy juice from Roberts cock head.

My neighbor fucked me

fetish HARDBOYCASA 2018-01-19

I said - he eats me dying of horny, then he lay on top of me kissing me, sucked my neck, grabbed my leg by putting my knee up, and started rubbing his **** in my pussy, I grabbed his cock with the Hand and put his little head right in the door, then he pushed and came in hot, I was all wet and he all licked, then came in and I was already moaning, he gasped and frantically threw, as if he had never eaten a girl before, and bombarded And I groaned and I groaned I was already without the air of so horny that I felt, that big man over me wishing me a lot, suddenly I came a gigantic orgasm that instinctively I screamed, was when he let out a grunt too and jumped, I felt That jet filling me from the inside and he does not stop and moan, and I tremble with pleasure ...

Melissa's First Cock

fetish millieteases 2018-01-19

Irene, who works with Janet at the office supply store, was there with her niece, Melissa, like I said before. "By her age Melissa should have seen a naked man and his dick," Janet replied. Linda because she was kind of little and cut her brown hair short and because her nipples got hard all the time and poked through her blouses. "Horny enough that I want to see him come on those pert little college girl tits," Jessica replied. It wasn't long before Melissa got me up to the point where I felt the tingle running the length of my cock that says I'm really excited and, if the stimulation keeps up, that I will come.

The Waiting Room Ch. 02

fetish MaryR 2018-01-19

As I said earlier I could never forget that exciting time in The Waiting Room and even after just a few months of marriage whenever I felt that 'special needy way' I could get full satisfaction by just spending half an hour in the bathroom alone or if Malcolm was out I could lock the door and spend a quiet time feeling 'nice' just sitting on the settee quietly touching myself with all the curtains drawn. I saw John look at my husband and ask casually "Would you like to hold her tights Malcolm?" He asked my husband "From what she has told you Malcolm do you think it is like the old Waiting Room and does it excite you?"

A Different Relationship Ch. 05

fetish Newbottombitch 2018-01-19

"Linda went out alone and when I was about to go to sleep she came home with another guy called Bill. The couple now looked at me and Linda with amazement and it was just now that I realised that Lisa has started rubbing George's cock and that he had his hand in her jeans. Next to me I could already hear sucking sounds and when I looked over I could see Linda's head already bumping up and down on Georges cock. She pushed my head aside and I just sat there on my knees and together we kept watching Linda swallowing George's cock. "Be ready Pauley, I like that new nickname by the way, I won't swallow so when I tell you get your head here."

The Houseguest

fetish justkeeprunning 2018-01-19

His eyes drifted down to her one hand poised in a futile attempt to tug her dressing gown back over her legs, and then to the other hand as she lifted the cigarette to her mouth. His gaze held, uncomfortably, as she raised her fingers to her lips again and pulled deep, holding the cigarette smoke in her mouth for a couple of seconds longer, before exhaling long, slow, and easy. He was clearly enjoying the scene - a lovely woman having a sexy smoke, in a thin gown, leaving little to the imagination of what was underneath. As she took her third, slow, sensual drag, she watched wide-eyed as he inched his shorts down to expose the head of his hard cock.

Complete Sheer Nylon Fun Ch. 02

fetish sheerpeter 2018-01-19

Then rubbing the blue side again three times would result in the sheer suit being knitted up over my body, following every contour until I was completely covered, like wearing a silky nylon bodystocking which fitted perfectly, not too loose and not too tight. All the way home, I'd been toying with the idea of keeping my clothes on while rubbing the jewel to see what it would feel like to have the sheer nylon knit itself over my body whilst I was still dressed. I hurriedly rubbed the blue side of the jewel three times again to cover my body with the silky nylon suit and luxuriated in the soft caress of the fabric as it moved upwards from my feet, in between my clothes and my skin.

Her Toy Ch. 2

fetish Alex Valentine 2018-01-19

Brandi sucked me up and down a few more times and then stood and looked at Maria. Brandi spread her legs in front of her and Maria lowered her mouth to Brandi's lips and began to lick and suck. Brandi was throwing her head from side to side yelling things at Maria in her language and telling me to "Fuck this slut like the whore she!" in mine. I think I fell asleep, when I woke up Maria was sucking my cock and Brandi was sitting in the chair. "Maria wanted her pussy shaved like mine so we went to take care of that, now she's going to climb on your face and you're going to eat her till she grows tired of cumming.

Creampies and Marriage

fetish cpluver 2018-01-19

Then I want you to suck it out of me as I cum on your face!" she said. I love the way it feels in my mouth." she said. You can eat your cum any time you want, as long as I can ride your face like this afterward," she purred. The next evening, as Megan sucked on my dick in anticipation of our new kink, she stopped and said, "You are leaking in my mouth and you should know that you taste sweet." It tasted like ten men had cum in Megan,not one, after all of her cock teasing. She said, "Now I find out, that you love sucking me to multiple orgasms, even after and especially after we fuck!"

Up Against the Wall

fetish furryfan 2018-01-19

"Love your hairy arms too," the cop said in a guttural tone, grinding himself into Pam's ass as his hands kept stroking. The cop groaned like a wounded animal as his fingers raked through the damp tufts of hair that filled Pam's armpits, and her knees buckled as he bit into her neck, feeling his hardness against her. "Mmmmm," the cop said as his hand worked its way through the swirling tangle of hair that surrounded Pam's womanhood, and when his fingers parted the lips of her pussy she let out a groan that sent a shiver down the cop's spine. "Open your mouth," the cop said, rubbing the stick along Pam lips while his other hand held a fist full of her scalp, forcing her head up and back.

Another First with a BBW

fetish lbtraveler 2018-01-19

Since I started looking at porn online my tastes started to vary and I wasn't so hung up on any particular body type (or gender as I would later discover) and I really enjoyed the larger, curvier women a lot! With that she attacked my cock as she ground her sopping wet pussy on to my face and I came like I'd never come in my life! Now here I was with no clothes on looking at an enormously fat woman trying my damndest to get hard enough again to fuck her! So here I am going down on this woman and trying hard not to pass out from excitement when I start to move from her pussy down to her asshole.

Hand Job Hanna

fetish Bakeboss 2018-01-19

After they cum I like to play in it, it makes me feel nasty but I don't care. Most of the time I'll hold the boys pecker over his belly when it squirts but sometimes when I fell like giving my boyfriend a charge I'll let him shoot off on my face. I know that wouldn't work because of all the boys I've given a hand job to once they shoot off they don't want you to jerk them anymore. It is kind of fun so maybe I will write a book and maybe I'll title it "A Thousand Poles, the Story of Hand Job Hanna." So what do you think, would you read it?

My First Time as Sara... Pt. 03

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-19

I'm hesitant but when he leans back into the couch and gives me the same smile that made me fall for him, I decided to forget all of my worries and decide to do the things that gets Steve hard. I want this man more than ever and when I get to the couch, I drop to my knees and with in seconds, I have Steve's pants down and his hard cock in my mouth. As soon as I slide his throbbing cock out of my sissy mouth, I look up into his eyes and smile. Ropes and ropes of Steve's cum fills my tight hole and even before he finally pulls out, it's starting to leak.

Intimate Exploration

fetish OnyxRose96 2018-01-19

He planted a passionate kiss on the drenched tip of Jared's cock and licked off every last drop of precum he could before he moved his lips further down and wrapped them tightly and his friend. Brant leaned forward and brought his hands up to spread Jared's ass cheeks and was happy to see that his asshole was just as hairy as his cock. He withdrew his tongue and kissed the hairy asshole passionately before Jared turned around and forced his cock into Brants lips. Brant felt his cock pulse the second the first wave coated his tongue, and when Jared's orgasm finally ended his mouth was full and he was almost ready to cum.

First Spanking

fetish bigmama717 2018-01-19

With your right hand, you rub my ass, anticipating the spanking and the feel of your palm striking my tender bottom. You tease my clit, flicking your fingers back and forth a few short times, then you pull your hand back to my ass again. I can’t imagine what is coming next, but I am beginning to learn to do what you tell me, and no matter how embarrassing this position is, at least it’s not painful, except for the way my ass stings from the spanking I’ve gotten so far. I can feel your weight on the foot of the bed between my legs, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Pooh's Perceptions

fetish erotic_pen 2018-01-19

As though she knew my thoughts, or maybe it was her next desire....I felt her hands on my shoulders as though guiding me downwards to further taste and feel with my tongue and lips. Moving Mary onto her back, my question was answered when her legs and thighs seemed to part almost automatically, allowing for me to lay between her thighs, my newfound manhood, instinctively seeking entrance into the wet honey pot. Both of us exhausted....I rested upon her chest...gazed into her eyes, and as my body began to relax, I could feel a strange sensation coming over me. I knew what lay ahead, and not being able to do anything about it, I simply closed my eyes, cuddled up on Mary's chest, to awaken a few moments later the Pooh Bear I had always been.

Health Girl

fetish songwriter503 2018-01-18

Usually she hesitates with this question, having to try to come up with something that she feels like being that night, but this time she had clearly already decided on her role earlier in the evening. She is in her role now, and maintaining a professional calm that makes it immediately clear that this is no longer Sachi I'm lying there with, it's Health Girl. I don't know if Sachi is thinking I'll accept the parameters of her Health Girl role without pushing the envelope, just come in her mouth and let her sleep, but as pleasant as that would be, I can't let her off the hook so easily. Much as I'd like to come in Health Girl's mouth, Sachi and I are trying to get pregnant.

Breast Enlargement

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-01-18

'So the pill to lose weight, wherever you want to, actually works?' Gerald asked. 'Here, Kathy, just take these pills for me, I want to see if your tits grow,' he said, to the coffee pot with a snort of derision. You want to look around?' Watson asked. 'Could you be a pet and put them away, I know it's an imposition but I'm late,' Kathy asked, with a pouty-lip expression that couldn't be refused. I'm sorry, I was just so anxious,' she said, and made a hand signal asking if he wanted more coffee. I'm sure you've got lots to do, and won't have time for me,' she said, looking disappointed. 'Shall we start with a bed bath, Gerald?' Kathy asked, sounding innocent and reluctant, knowing he would like that approach.