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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Postman Always Pees Twice

fetish LukaWolff 2018-01-18

Thinking to himself, "what the heck," Brendan drove past a gas station that he knew had clean facilities, and began shoving junk mail and circulars into mailboxes. Brendan's flabbergasted brain could only muster expletives, as she pulled her mouth off his cock and slowly teased her tongue around his head like he had the world's tastiest lollipop. There he was, Brendan Bacon, postal clerk and substitute mail carrier, with his spent hard-on slowly wilting inside the mouth of one of the homeowners on his route. Brendan felt and saw the first clear spurt gush forth from his cock and splatter Alexis's right tit. There on the floor, piss pooling all around her knees, Brendan realized that Alexis was having the time of her life.

Ten Minutes on the Mat with Kym

fetish JustLikeEwe 2018-01-18

Backing the car up and driving back the 150 or so miles to my home in Argyle, New York would have probably been the prudent thing to do since what was waiting for me inside that storefront could end up to be something I would regret, but this was something I wanted to do all my life ever since seeing a picture of a woman named Mildred Burke in a bathing suit flexing her muscles in a wrestling magazine as a kid. "No," I grunted because all I wanted to do was feel her leg, the faint down on her thigh as thrilling as the marble-like muscles that were trying to squeeze the life out of me, and she even lifted me up a little bit and dropped me back down on my ass to show me who was boss.

Something About That Gloryhole

fetish ggg50 2018-01-18

Then i ran across gloryhole vids and i start thing about that big white cock the last time i went and how much fun i had and the feeling i had. So i walked and found me a open booth down a corridor where all the booths were open and no one could get a good look at my face.I was already getting hard just from the unknown of what is gonna happen.So i Close the door lock it and start looking for a hot movie. I waited about 10 minutes after he left , i got dressed and left went home smiling and know this Gloryhole thing is fun erotic and addictive.

Night at the Bar

fetish sly77 2018-01-18

My hand finds your stocking covered thigh and ever so slowly slides upwards under your skirt to your panty-covered pussy. Removing my hand from your back, I use my fingers to pull your damp panties to the side, exposing your already slick, pussy lips. I finger fuck you through your panties as I guide your head to my throbbing cock and slip it past your lips. Pulling out of you, I undo the restraints on your thighs and remove the handcuffs allowing you freedom standing behind, my cock pushes into your asshole, I grab your hair as i am pumping you hard, I have positioned your hands so that you are able to touch your pussy and I encourage you to do so.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03

fetish Scribler 2018-01-18

I usually wait till after three and a good strong drink before I get that deep in thought." We both laughed then she said "Hi I'm Jolene Josephine's oldest sister. After Jolene left Josie came over to me and took me in her arms and said "Are you sure all this will come off before we go to the party tonight?" I asked I was starting to feel a little vulnerable at this point. Is that because of the way you're dressed or do you have another reason." Josie said from behind me. "Sure I understand and since you already said you won't marry me I have to wait till I find someone like you." I told her before I thought about what I should say.

Bi - convert watersport

fetish 2018-01-18

That was it I couldn't have got up even if I wanted to with all the alcohol, seeing the pictures of Steve and Joyce, and not having any sex in 6 months, I just sat back down and let my body take over and enjoy what was going to happening. As my flow subsided Joyce's mouth was back on my pussy sucking the rest of the pee out of my pussy, then all of a sudden I felt her push her little finger into my ass. I furiously licked and sucked on her wet panties while jamming two fingers into my own pussy, the taste was strange & bitter but I liked it then suddenly her release came and filled my mouth with warm golden liquid.

mums lovely body

fetish emma44bill 2018-01-18

I always wondered why my mates would be around my house so I had to ask them , their answer were all the same, it was because of my mum, they would say to me she was a very fit woman and if she wanted they would shag her till the cows come home, I could not see the attraction till just before my 18th birthday, mum had said she was going to take me out to a restaurant and show her sexy son to the world, I didn’t want any of it but to keep her happy I went along with her, it was that day I realised what my mates had been saying to me, I was in my bedroom in my underpants when mum came in with just her bra and thong on, I didn’t say anything but just watched her playing with her hair in front of the mirror, she had a lovely curve to her body and her cute tits nestled in her low cut bra as if they were made for them, she stopped what she was doing when she realised that I was looking at her,

My Big Cock Cravings Gay PT3

fetish 425olds 2018-01-18

"Fuck yes I will" I gasped again as he pinched my right nipple hard and slid his hand down to reposition his cock between my legs, with the head now pushing into my balls. "Fuck yeah bitch." he said as his hands smacked my ass cheeks before he grabbed them and pulled them apart, revealing my tightly clenched, smooth hole. I couldn't get enough of his hot cock, I licked and sucked every single inch clean and took him deep into my throat as he reached back and put his fingers into my ass, prying me open again. His fingers dug unto my shoulders and I felt his body tense as his cock throbbed inside my ass on the verge of cumming just as he pulled it out and brought it up to my face.

Christmas Sex With My Wife

fetish mugs101 2018-01-18

She moved her foot a bit so I could easily reach her other one and then without warning she placed it on my chest right below my neck flexing her toes and continued talking like nothing was happening. I could feel the pre cum starting to soak through my pants and I think she did as well as she kept her foot there flexing her toes over the head of my cock for a while then brought her toes to my lips and forced them in. Our bed is nice and high so I stood there and grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed it up along the length of her lips pressing it hard on her clit each time.

Eve's Tower 01: Initiation

fetish EvesTower 2018-01-18

Rolling to one side I lay forward in the chair, one hand firmly gripping my cock, not stroking but gently kneading the hard flesh, a near constant stream of clear nectar hanging from the tip. There came a long satisfied sigh as I slid forward, teeth scraping lightly on flesh, my tongue taking in every bump and ridge as it filled my mouth, almost to straining. I wanted to live in this moment forever, however the peaking sounds coming from her, the sudden erratic thrusting and then ridged stance, the sudden swelling of her length spreading me still further, and the heat, oh god the heat flooding into me, the warm surge in my belly as she came hard, sent me inevitably over the edge.



fetish stateofdenial 2018-01-18

Looking down at the circle in the mirror he seen he was almost there, but he had already stopped six times and the times between edges was decreasing rapidly. In addition he would owe her an edge for every time he stopped, every night, until next Sunday. "I think I'm going to enjoy you edging for me every night again this week. You know I'm starting to think you don't want to fuck me." Looking down just in time he seen the bead of pre-cum he needed to finish off the circle. Honey, you have no idea how bad I need to come and to have the opportunity to empty my swollen sacks six times in a week is wonderful."

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 03

fetish anonymous3 2018-01-18

Molly stayed with Faye while the rest of us, minus the housekeeper, moved to the living room. Tasha drifted back through and said she'd told Faye the private demonstration she wanted should happen shortly. Then Tasha herself gently rubbed both of Faye's ass cheeks for a couple minutes. Tasha said she was probably going to have to eat a lot at lunch, drink a lot of fluids and walk, so she could treat Molly to a proper experience. Down we went, and once in the bathroom, Tasha asked Molly, "You want to sit while I torture the toilet, or you want to use the shower?" Tasha let her work for a few minutes, and even while she delivered her log, she began fiercely rubbing Molly's pussy.

Hello Ch. 02

fetish Alan58 2018-01-18

This time spraying the cream on the head of my hard engorged cock you softly lick the cream off tasting my pre-cum within it. Slowly you begin to slide your mouth along my length sucking up all the cream. I move to your other breast starting this time on the outside licking up the cream as I circle my way round. Pushing my tongue inside you searching, sucking you at the same time, I feel the strawberry and wrap my tongue round it. Licking you till you cum, my tongue starts lapping at your hard bud drawing it into my mouth were I suck it between my teeth. You pull away till just the head is in your mouth still sucking and begin to wank the shaft wanting it all.


Victorian Boots

fetish nanette21 2018-01-18

He drove me wild with desire when he was in character, strutting around on stage in those wonderful Victorian clothes - tight pants, form-fitting red jacket, white shirt with ruffles. I heard him changing into his costume and when he allowed me to turn back, voila there he stood in all his glory in early-Victorian period costume, jacket, boots and everything. "Come on, turn off the waterworks" he said with a crooked smile, feeling kindlier now that he had made his point and I had conceded his point by crying in shame. The next time you produce this play, and of course I will play the lead role again, you are going to be my personal boot girl.

Bianca Fucks Miranda (A Futanari Story) Part 1

fetish BiancaBigTits 2018-01-18

"God, I've always wanted to fuck a futa girl!" She kissed me deeply, squeezing my cock tightly. "I can tell." Miranda kept one hand on my cock, and started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants with the other. With one hand, she placed the head of my cock against her sopping wet lips, and with the other, she grabbed her left breast. "You have a fat fucking cock, Miss Bianca," she said, working her pussy on my member. Miranda's body quivered as her pussy clamped down on my cock. Her pussy, already wet, sprayed more of her hot cum onto my cock, costing me with a glistening layer of girl juices.

Kyle bets Nick can turn him Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-18

In fact, when you see a man naked your dick goes limp, no matter how hard it was before, and you get a burning feeling in your ass. As the waterfall waned to a slow drip, the large man pulled his dick from his fucktoy's ass and stroked himself a few times. As usual I have no memory of several hours after I got in the door of Kyle's house, but I will tell you that my asshole felt sore afterwards, even though the sexual frustration still remained. I was Nick, straight as an arrow, manly as hell, great cock and what-have-you, completely shaven and lying on my back with my legs curled around another man whose cock was pressing hard against my asshole, with my own dick lying limp.

The Best Present Ever: Pegging my Man

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-01-18

Over the next week, the final week before the Christmas holidays, I did a few things: I read more articles online including: 'If You Want a More Thoughtful and Considerate Boyfriend, Try Pegging Him', 'Everything You Need to Know About Pegging', 'I Pegged a Boy and I Liked It' and 'Pegging Tips: A Guide to Safe and Fun Pegging', just to name a few. "Look honey, your gift tonight is to receive a good hard fucking," I said bluntly, stroking his raging hard cock and knowing it was time for me to take control. "Good, because I think I like being the one doing the giving," I said, as I watched the cock go in and out of his ass.

Are You Wet?

fetish allyourpleasure 2018-01-18

You spread your legs more and bend at the knees slightly as you comply by sliding first one, then two and finally three fingers inside your wet pussy. You hold like that for quite a while placing me in suspense, then you let out a little moan as the first trickle begins to flow from within you and sliding hot and wet onto your fingers to drip into your panties. As I stand to approach you, you withdraw your hand all wet and glistening and looking me defiantly straight in the eye, you bring it to your lips and slide your index finger into your mouth...

My Journey Through OZ

fetish 2018-01-18

That evil witch always showing up again trying to take my ladies away wanting me for herself. As my journey continues I find I am looking for one that would be an equal combination of all of my ladies with the mix of the evil witch. This story is different, as he takes all of the ladies on my quest and makes one ultimate submissive, this gives them what they are each looking for and myself the pure sexual enjoyment of the country girl, combined with one wanting me to verbally and physically abuse her, adding the a****listic b**stess who loves it rough and hard, but he knows he is not done with her.

Everybody Say Merry Christmas Ch. 02

fetish Davion 2018-01-18

With that Kelly felt the gag dildo stop, and the next thing she knew Mike was unscrewing it from the locking ring. But before she could even finish the thought of how disgusting this was, Mike had pulled the dildo out through the ring gag, and before Kelly could even make a sound, had thrust his still semi hard penis back in its place. With that she felt her gag dildo being unscrewed and pulled from her mouth, but despite any noises that she could make the 6" dildo that had been in her pussy fucking her for twenty some hours, that had marinated in her own juices, and her own cum, and now with Mike's semen covering it, was shoved through the locking ring and screwed into place.

Letters From Alisa

fetish rick_oh 2018-01-18

When I told my ex that I was going to spend a week with an old boyfriend, he fucked me three times. Afterward, he asked me if he could go inside me, and I said no, we're going to dinner first, get dressed - I never realized I'd enjoy hearing a man beg me to let him cum. Still, since that was his first cum in a week, I guess he got the strength to do what I told him, and he ate the pussy cream pie. Just as he thought I wasn't going to let him enter me that night, I bound his hands behind him (I still didn't have full confidence that he would willingly eat the pie) and gave him access to my pussy.

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 01

fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-01-18

The latter two years had seen her develop her qualities and specialise in a number of modern therapeutic practices for treating personal problems. A role she sometimes volunteered for was to receive a highly intimate medical examination, which included the answering of detailed and very personal questions and demonstrating the bodily functions of urination, defecation and masturbation, in front of a class. The Institute operated a number of its graduates and Louise was asked if she would like to set up and run such a clinic. In the smaller office she removed all the shelving and installed a bed with a rubber sheet and rings and cords to restrain those clients who needed such treatment.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 15

fetish milfleglover 2018-01-18

Susan now pulled the face to her crotch, slamming her mouth to the piss-soaked suit bottom and held it there by clamping her powerful old thighs around Laura's screaming head. "Holy fuck!" Brett screamed, arching his own back to meet the increasingly fast strokes of Susan's fist clamped around his cock as she jerked him and he watched his mother suck piss from the old lady's suit and the orgasmic gel mixed in with it. Susan laughed and let them both go, Brett crashing back into his chair watching his mother sit back trembling on her haunches, her face soaked with piss, swallowing what was left in her mouth, the rest sheeting out of her lips to run down her front, drenching the top of her sensible one-piece bathing suit.

The Miss-adventures of Michelle Section 1, Chapter

fetish Thickness38 2018-01-18

Dan and Simon each gave me smack on the ass as I opened the doors for them and said we would talk later on in the week to set up next weekend. As I shut the door and looked into the living room, I saw Tonya sitting on the sofa, completely naked rubbing her pussy watching John slide his huge cock into Jennifer’s pussy from behind. Tonya instructed me to crawl under Jennifer and whenever John wanted, he would pull his cock out and slide it into my mouth. A few minutes later John’s paced quickened and then pulled his cock free from Jennifer’s pussy, gave his cock a few strokes with his hand, and shot his second huge load of cum for the night all over my face.