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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shoe Shopping

fetish evilleetdave 2018-01-18

She looked to be in her thirties, decently attractive, not particularly dressed up, but she was trying on a HOT pair of Christian Louboutin slingbacks. “Unfortunately, that’s how they’re going to look great,” she said. “I will buy those Louboutins for you, if you wear them while fucking me,” I said, glad I’d gotten that out on the table. In a quieter tone, she said, “do you think I’m a whore?” “You really think I’m going to be here in ten minutes?” “Give me a call next time you want to fuck me in those Louboutins,” I said. And you already said you thought your husband would be suspicious of you having a brand new pair of Louboutins but no money was spent.

Property of Jessica's Ass

fetish JessicasProperty 2018-01-18

I stared harder, peeling my eyes as her every adjustment caused my bloared manhood to twitch and stretch to lengths I never thought possible, as my throat dried up and my cheeks burned with jealous arousal. This is for staring at my ass like a little fucking creep." She gave me a disgusted look for a second before clicking "purchase." She read out loud the message on the giftcard "this is because you still haven't learned your lesson, freak." She turned back to look at my cock pathetically throbbing in my pants, drenched in precum. She turned to look at me one last time as I broke down and started to flood my pants with obscene quantities of sperm, yelling incomprehensible pathetic gibberish at the ceiling.


fetish runningtears 2018-01-18

He walked up quietly behind her, then looked over his shoulder to ensure that there were no witnesses, then, just as someone on the other sided of the store started to call for help at their register, he drew back and snapping his wrist just so, gave her a nice little smack right on the meatiest, roundest part of her left cheek. As they headed for the checkout lanes, Michelle continued to think about the tingle she felt from the rubber spatula and how it made her feel uncomfortable for a moment but then the tingle turned into a nice warm glow that radiated all over her middle.

The Smelly Accident

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-01-18

I'm not sure what came over me at that very instant, but I took her in my arms and held her, I held my wife, her pants full of shit, and I spoke the words that I knew would not comfort her. She would need to walk through those people with her panties and stretch pants full of her shit, and they would know. She turned during her piss and I saw that the seat of her pants were brown and now completely wet with the addition of her latest toilet. Show me your dirty panties.." I took the two steps and grabbed the seat of her pants and pushed, squishing her sloppy mess back against her ass.

Daddy's Girl pt.3: All Night Blowjobs

fetish 2018-01-18

I was pumping my hard thick cock slowly in and out of my daughters wet tight pussy as I stared into Alexis' big blue eyes. I pulled my hard cock out of Heather's tight wet young pussy and moved in behind Alexis. Heather got up and knelt next to me, kissing me on the cheek "I love you daddy." She took my cock in her little hand and guided it inside her friend's twat. Heather kissed the tip of my soft dick, then Alexis did the same, only she sucked my cock into her mouth for a second. This is your house too now Alexis, you can stay as long as you like." She kissed my cock one more time before falling asl**p with her head right next to it.

My First Time!

fetish SpankerSam 2018-01-18

I noticed that as we talked she kept letting her hand drop onto my leg. Then she asked me if I liked to brag about the women I fucked. She said for me to take my dick out and let her suck it. I couldn't believe that she wanted to suck me right there on the couch. As soon as I stopped pissing she just said, "fuck me". Later on, after a hot shower, as we lay in her bed, she told me that she had always wanted to do that but had never gotten the nerve to try it. When I told her I had to pee, she got up from the couch and grabbed my hand.

The Dominissive part 2

fetish Stretchmefillme 2018-01-18

Ginny comes back a short time later, handing me the towel and a fresh shirt, some capris and a pair of sandals from her closet. Up to you however, don't want to keep you from going home to sulk or anything.” God, it was like he knew me without having ever known me. I felt pretty strange being offered to shower, in this flat, and wear some other girl who happened to be in a spreader bar's clothing. He clears his throat, pushing the door open, as I try and cover my wet slit with my hand. “And this girl, is a bidet.” With that, he turns and walks out the door, leaving me straddled on the bidet wondering what in the fuck had just happened to me.

Travesti Hidrocalida Sexo en Aguascalientes Mexico

fetish Travesti_Hidrocalida 2018-01-18

Darle una mamada profunda así fue delicioso, sentí como su largo pito se abrió paso por mi garganta, yo estaba súper caliente, no sé cómo me cupo toda pero llegó mi cara a chocar con su vello púbico y con su piel mientras me la tragaba toda y le sobaba los huevos con la mano, ¡¡aaaaaagggghhh!!, inclusive sentí una horcada de asco por culpa de su verga en el fondo de mi garganta, entonces me separé y me levanté un poco para descansar… Se la mamé cada vez más rápido al tiempo que se la jalaba y le decía “¡ya dámelos papi!, ¡échame tu lechita!”, él me cuestionaba “¿la quieres?” y le contestaba “¡síííí, dámela toda!” pero seguía sin venirse, por lo que empezó a jalársela él mismo mientras yo se la mamaba y se la lengüeteaba diciéndole cosas calientes para me diera su semen y aún así, se tardó al menos cinco minutos más…


Smaller Than Average Caught Jerking Ch. 02

fetish runtz4 2018-01-18

"The skin feels different, smoother, and thinner on the head than it does on the shaft." It was an odd sensation as I explored my dick with my hands, like a blind person trying to see someone by touching their face. "Good, now tell me how does your hand feel on your penis? "Just let it go, come on baby cum for me." I jerked it fast, as my breathing quickened and legs shook, flexing my stomach and finally releasing my cum, I exploded all over my hand and stomach, my face flushed from pleasure I let out a little laugh and continued to ease every drop out of me.

At The Feet of Mistress Ellie

fetish 8footlover 2018-01-18

I felt so ashamed, but then she lifted her leg into the air, showing me the soles of her sexy size 6 feet, and she shoved them in my face, just so the crease of the toes was where the end of my nose was. Ellie told me to lick her tight snatch, I didn't hesitate, I put my arms around her thighs and pulled her down onto my face, I didn't have any air, But I didn't care. I stood up and put one foot either side of my rock hard 7 inch cock, i thrusted back and forth, fucking her sexy feet, my saliva and her foot sweat providing the perfect lubrication.

Kinky Flashing

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-01-18

Usually the trees go right up to the fence encircling the course but by one area there was a clearing near one of the tee boxes. Today I knew there was a women's golf league playing so I gathered up my supplies of a towel, a butt plug, a scarf which I used to somewhat conceal my identity and finally a set of binoculars so I can clearly see who was approaching. Once I was happy with the way it all looked I stripped naked, lubed up the butt plug and shoved it up my ass. My cock that pointed straight at my face threatening to plaster it with cum was definitely in the line of site of the also.

Best Friend ? part 2

fetish loopylinda 2018-01-18

when linda came home she would be all flushed with that just fucked glow i would be waiting upstairs dressed how she had told me this normally consisted of either tights or stockings a bra panties and a slip, i would the help her out of her clothes down to her underwear all the time she would be taunting me telling me how a big cock felt and how hard and f***eful sam was as he fucked her and how she now needed me to clean her and bring her off, i would the lie under her as she brought her wet and dripping pussy to my lips as i then licked and sucked her juices she would go into detail of the fucking she had received, the as her orgasm starts to build she would push down hard telling me to taste and drink his spunk i would the get a mouthfull of spunk that she had held in.

Nanny's Day Out

fetish linpo 2018-01-18

She came three times during the journey and he spanked her lightly for getting his leather seats wet, but he did lick up all the juices as them poured from her pussy. Reaching down to the edge of the leather skirt, Nanny slowly pulled the hem up like Dean liked to do. Moving her finger around, the red inner lips of her pussy became foreground to her black skirt and white skin. Her fingers started to work inside her like Dean's tongue would do as she sat on his face. A third finger made its way into that steaming cauldron, stretching her out like Dean's hard cock would. Breathing hard, Nanny pulled her hand out of her pussy and brought it to her face.

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 20

fetish GettingItDone 2018-01-18

Upon returning to town, Sage made it very clear, that I wanted to enjoy another trip like that, I would need to earn it by showing her my complete obedience to her. Gerald proceeded to slide his raging cock into my mouth, and quickly began to fuck my face with earnest. They were the pair that Sage said really made me look like a sassy slut. Just as Gerald had earlier, Sage began to feed her cock to my less than prepared ass. I know you love get a raw ass fucking; you showed me earlier just how much you enjoy getting your rear fuckhole stuffed with fat cock.

Chapter 17 Chrissie sees Magic Mike again

fetish klammer 2018-01-17

"Look Paul, mommy didn't know you were coming and decided to invite a "Now I'm completely confused," said Paul to Kate. "I said you should thank Luke for putting me in a good mood," mommy said "Thank you Luke for fucking my wife this morning and putting her in a good mood," Paul said in a barely audible voice before turning to face clean up the mess you made," mommy said to Luke before turning to her "I want to talk to you," Kate said to mommy with some authority in her "That's absolutely clear, Kate," mommy said, looking thoroughly After mommy and Luke had left the room we sat together for a while on the

Golden Rules Ch. 03

fetish peemypanties 2018-01-17

Walking around school today felt like days you got to wear a brand new outfit or shoes. The two girls left the room and shut the door quietly behind them, even though no amount of noise was going to wake Gabriella up at this point. Before this piss flow had a chance to stop, I felt another one soaking the base of my blouse, moving up towards my tits. "Do you like getting pissed on?" she asked, but it wasn't really a question to be answered, because she climbed onto the bed and put her legs on either side of my body, her pantie clad pussy hovering over my already piss soaked tits.


fetish SordidDetails 2018-01-17

The legs were long and graceful, yet athletic and powerful, like a dancer's. She stepped gingerly to his privacy wall (add her ass to the "profound" category), squatted, and hooked a thumb under her bikini fabric to pull it aside. She sat frozen on the lawn, looking for a moment like the gangly kid he recalled. "Is that any excuse for pissing all over my property like a stray dog?!" She sat in mortified silence. He looked to her like a petrified little boy. The scene drove her mad with arousal, but of course she couldn't let him touch her lovely little clit. The next morning he called in sick and waited by the kitchen window.

Leather Adventures

fetish zakhrov 2018-01-17

I closed up my coat and went in giving him a sweet smile and said "Thank you Uncle" in my little girl voice. "Hey Lexi, looking gorgeous!" This came from Mona, my old school friend who I suspect harbors a monster crush on Aaron. I gave her a hug by way of greeting and said "Thanks you don't look so bad yourself." Mona looked awesome in her black trench coat and boots. In his black hooded sweatshirt, jeans leather boots and swarthy complexion, he looked like the Grim Reaper himself, giving off this mysterious aura that he was a very complex and dangerous man.

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 03

fetish Suzanne James 2018-01-17

Jack had mentioned that Robin had wonderfully full breasts, and they certainly were, but her belly stole the show, causing her tits to look small in comparison. My pussy became wet and began to tingle in anticipation, and my nipples stiffened just at the thought of Jack tying me to the bedposts and shoving one of the large plugs into my tight ass before he thrust his hard cock into my eager cunt. His hard cock pressed against my ass, and he peeled down my dress to my waist and cupped my bare breasts, feeling their heft and rolling my erect nipples between his fingers.

More of The Ther****t

fetish Croozer 2018-01-17

She adjusted her position on the sofa, and said, "What would your reaction be if I told you I am wearing a slip now?" I contemplated the question for a bit and replied, "I wouldn't be surprised, I would like to see it, and I would wonder whay else you were wearing under the dress." She laughed and said, "I love how honest and open you are...I give you credit for having a great deal of maturity and character." That said, she stood up, raised her shirt, and showed me a very light blue slip which had creme lace around the bottom.

Beaten Into Submission With Strap-on

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-01-17

As she got out of the tub I noticed her smooth pussy and as she went by me she brushed my hard cock with her hand and it started twitching. Stacy was in front of me ordering me to suck on her and Janet said "you better lube up your ass Slave or that 6" Dildo is going to hurt. I started stroking and Janet hit my hand hard with the whip and then slapped my face. While Janet was fucking me late in the night, the other girls propped up my ass with pillows so that my cock was up above my face.

Ms. Tease Act 04

fetish ChumleyJinks 2018-01-17

I'm surprised by my frustration level; I feel like a horny 16 year-old again -- every cell in my body in a state of sexual High Alert, every coed interaction analyzed and secreted away, culled closely for possible masturbatory material. As I wait for her reply, I take the underwear and bring them up to my face, covering my nose and mouth, closing my eyes as I breathe through them, as if her panties were a filter, taking the scent of them deep inside me. I turn the undies inside out, locating the little padded area that presses up against the seam of her, bringing it up to my face again, breathing in through my nose for a long time before I finally smell it: the core scent of her, the secret tangy sweetness of her body.

The Office Visit

fetish WendallBlaise 2018-01-17

I became anxious, put the phone back in my pocket, and continued walking with Yoon. Nineteen painful minutes go by, and Yoon has almost pulled me back, I'm telling her anecdotes about my neighbor's cat when my phone buzzes again. Through his boxers, I pulled out his cock and reached my hand inside to cradle his balls. He looked back at me and said flippantly, "See if you can get some in your hair this time." I'm closing up my overcoat and walking back past the lady at the front desk with cum in my hair, and it occurs to me that I'm anxious. I don't know where he'll want me, or what I'll need to wear.

Bedtime Stories - Wolf

fetish eekanif 2018-01-17

Still, as you talked - and we moved along the shadowy path, deeper into the woods than I had intended to go - I traced the outline of my dagger against my thigh and found a comforting sense of safety in its lines and the coolness of the steel against my skin. As my fingertips followed the pattern of pommel to blade and back - in subconscious infinity loops over the quillions - I find my thoughts wandering back to the gap in your trousers and your thighs, and the heat of your breath on my cheek surprises me - as does the pressure of your body (so much taller and stronger than mine) behind me - as you lean in close to whisper for me to notice the rabbits in front of us, down the path.