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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

a weekend visit 1

fetish storyteller79nj 2018-01-17

White that Adriana slide the head on my rock hard cock into her mouth, slowing working up and down on the head for like 5 mins a, as she started picking up the pace, she was still working on my head, I took her by the back of the head and pushed her down, I felt my cock hit the back of her throat as she gagged. Getting up, I leaned over to kiss her, as our tounge played, I started sliding my cock in her, with a slight protest "Unxle ralf, shouldn't you put on a condom" with that I shoved my cock all the way in, as I said "I don't want a condom to ruin the feel, I'll pull out when I come sweetie" I continue pumping, in and out, listening to the sweet sound of my young nice moaning.

Best Hand Job Ever

fetish Kessler 2018-01-17

Her feet moved in between my legs and as I reached up to grab Jens calves I looked down and felt Carol's shins press against my groin. I felt Carol's shifting weight on my shoulders as she struggled to keep her balance I reached down with my left hand and grabbed Jen's cock teasing foot, pressing her toes into my cock even harder. Jen said, "Yes you do, and a very good looking cock." She seated herself between my legs again crossing her legs and spread me open as she began to stroke my cock with both hands. Finally I felt Jen find hers as she said, "Got it." Soon after, Carol grabbed my other nut between her index finger and thumb as well.

Bedroom Research Ch. 03

fetish wylite 2018-01-17

"Pink, Mandy; I think Felicity will like pink panties." Disturbingly, when I said this I felt a stirring in my groin area and I felt my penis start to grow. Having settled down Mandy said to me, "Beth wants to try out my rubber cock but we need you to politely ask to be fucked." "Please Beth, will you use Mandy's big rubber cock to give me the fucking I deserve." I kicked off my trainers and dropped my jeans to the floor. The rubber cock and harness seemed to need a lot of adjusting and after several minutes Mandy was still making adjustments and all the time needed to run her fingers over Beth's pussy and bottom to get the strapping right.

Bus Blowjob

fetish secretsugar 2018-01-17

So after shoving the damn thing into a pair of boxers and dress pants, which isn't so easy at a rock-hard 10 inches, (Impressive, I know) I made it to my stop barely on time. As I examined the rest of the people on the bus, Natasha took the opportunity to unzip my pants while I was distracted. Natasha worked her skilled fingers, reaching down my open pants and sliding the leg of my boxers up to reach my bare cock. With one hand jerking me off, she simultaneously took my entire 'mushroom head' dick into her mouth, then, amazingly, kept going. I felt the hot cum rush from the base of my cock to the tip, and down Natasha's slick throat.

Our Dirty Weekend Ch. 02

fetish indian_exec2000 2018-01-17

I feel your hands pushing my shorts down & then stroke my hard cock. You feel my cock harden against your thigh & look up, your lips half open. One of my hands dips into your bra cup to knead a breast while with the other I grasp a handful of hair and guide your open mouth to my hard, throbbing cock. You feel deliciously sluttish & depraved as you savor the wet, sticky, icky feel of my juices against your sensitive nipples, developing into an itch as the semen slowly dries out, making your bra stick to your skin; while my hand presses against the sanitary pad covering your pussy.

Blade Games

fetish captainsensible 2018-01-17

With my free hand I grab your hair and keep your head back against the pillow, while my other hand takes the knife and runs the tip down between the swell of your breasts, tracing the shape around each one, allowing the sharp blade to make contact with your skin – only slightly more pressure and the blade will mark, more than that and it will cut the soft skin of your breasts. I pull back from your eager mouth and keeping the knife held at your neck, I slide down your body and feel myself slip inside you, the warmth of your pussy enveloping my cock.

Dream Mistress

fetish REDFOXXY1959 2018-01-17

She first put the leather strap around his dick and balls then she flicked his nipples a couple times to make them hard then attached the clamps, tightening them till they were just pinching. Laying prone on the table as he was with his hard on made the strap pull the chain attached to the nipple clamps pinch a bit uncomfortably but that was soon forgotten as she ran her nails lightly over his body making it tingle. He could feel her pussy clasping at his cock, contracting in only the way a pussy about to come can do which only succeeded in making him hotter and he begged to cum and in response she flicked his balls and rode him even harder, both cock and ass.

Ashley the Escort Ch. 02

fetish BrysonCooke 2018-01-17

"Hey sweetie, come on in, I have a present for you," Daddy replied and took me by the hand to pull me in, shutting the door behind me. I could see him starting to grow in his sweats and had an idea, "Why don't you take off these sweats, Daddy, so I can massage you better?" He lifted his hips and pulled down his sweats to his ankles, showing his boxer briefs. "Wow, Daddy, your legs do look like you've been working out," I told him as I continued to massage his bare skin. Because I love you and my friends tell me that's the best way to show a guy you love him," I looked in to his eyes and gave him a pouty face and then smiled.

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 03

fetish MarkLazer 2018-01-17

The next morning, I didn't have class until later and when I awoke about 9 am and came out to the living room, Brenda was sitting on the recliner with nothing on but a long football jersey, used like a night gown that barely covered her panties, that black silk thong which was easy to see, and a pair of tight, white, nylon knee socks that were scrunched down around her ankles. Every time Bob would pull out, his large cock head would massage my prostate and with his constant pumping rhythm, it really started feeling great. Brenda is laying on her back in the wicker chair, with her ass on the bed, legs in the air, and masturbating herself with her butterfly vibrator, cumming every couple of minutes.

Suzy's Squirt Hole Exploration

fetish lrjustaguy 2018-01-17

I wrapped a plastic sandwich bag over the end to see how that would work at protecting the camera. Lol. I wrapped a new plastic baggie around the camera end and tied a thin ponytail around it to hold the bag on. So I work the shot glass into my pussy with the open end sticking out of me. I slide the camera end of the cord into the shot glass and I move it around to see what I can see. Finally I was to the point of I'm getting close to cumming so Larry started moving the shot glass around harder and faster and WOW! I got to see what it looks like when I cum from gspot stimulation.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 01

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-01-17

"Ah, good, starting on a good erection already I see," Mei commented as she took Jack's cock in her right hand and began to stroke it. This excited Jack even more and Mei smiled when she felt the penis in her hand become even harder. Suddenly Mei felt the penis in her hand spasm and a jet of white semen jetted into the glass container. Mei reached down and took Jack's cock in her hand and stroked it a few times. "This time I want you to ejaculate inside my vagina," Mei told him as she rode his cock. Mei squealed as she felt Jack's cock start to squirt hot semen into her pussy.

Tina Rules! Ch. 3

fetish jimmysub 2018-01-17

Lydsay handed me the phone and Tina said "I really don't have time to talk right now just be a good boy for Lydsay I'll tell you all about it tomorrow". Sara said horses; "lets play horses, Lydsay and me against the sissy and the aunt." Lauren hesitated until Sara mentioned imagine how blue balled he'll be with you on his shoulders. Lydsay said "well I'm saving the first time for Tina after all he is hers." Well I still want to wax his asshole but I'm too tired remarked Lauren. Lydsay said "Oh by the way I've given the keys to the chastity to Lauren to hold so don't think once I go to sleep you'll be able to find them and get out of it."

One Off?

fetish bill_p99 2018-01-17

Beck was sat next to my daughter and me next to my wife diagonally opposite her. Beck was opposite me and as she sat, her dress rode up her long legs and split open half way up her thighs. I didn't stare but occasionally looked with the pretext of looking at my wife's hand, which afforded me a view of Becks thighs. Again Beck sat next to my daughter, the low level coffee table in the middle, with my wife opposite on a small cushion. I was not in a good position to look at Beck's legs. They decided to go outside for a smoke and asked Beck if she wanted to come and talk with them – but she (thankfully) declined.


fetish 2018-01-17

As I stood stirring the pan, Jennifer as I found out she was called, suddenly came up behind me and started undoing the buttons on my shirt, ‘you don’t want chocolate all over your uniform do you?’, she insisted. Then as she pulled off my silk knickers, she turned away for a second, then without warning, an intense pleasurable heat came upon me as she poured that thick, sticky, chocolate sauce all over my, by now, rock hard cock and balls. Suddenly he rammed his big hairy fat cock up my chocolate covered ass & proceeded to fuck my tight hole so hard, that the table was sliding about the tiled floor.

A Further Pie At Work

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-17

With that I watched as Anne moved her hands beneath the desk and obviously rubbed her knickers deep in to her pussy. I pulled out from Anne as my erection subsided and she said "you know what to do now don't you?" I looked at her spent body lying across her desk and watched as my white sperm slowly started to dribble out from the bottom of her used pussy. As I licked and sucked on her pussy Anne seemed to push out the semen from deep within her and mixed with her wet juices I swallowed it all down savouring the metallic taste.

We're Ready for Our Hazing

fetish strangecareer 2018-01-17

It looked like letters, but no… As she came closer, Chris stared in horror as he saw that the medallion was the silhouette of a woman with a large strap-on anal raping a man on his hands and knees. Chris looked around at the chanting sisters, then he stopped pleading with Stephanie and ran to the line, fretting. The sorority sisters could tell that Smalls was close to cumming, because with each pump of his hand down his tree-trunk-like dong shaft, his ball sack would tighten, raising his ample nuts up and down, like oversized fuzzy dice in a truck driving over an unpaved road. Chris turned to look at Smalls jacking his fat cock.

The Shaving

fetish justfred 2018-01-17

He had all the items out ready as she walked into the bedroom: the towels, the razor, shaving foam, a small tub of warm water, a wash cloth, some scented baby oil and the two vibrators. Her fingers started to pinch her nipples as her moved it over her wet entrance and worked around her greasy smooth anus. With the little vibrator humming in her anus, he started to slowly work the fat rubber toy into her pussy. She moaned and spread even wider as the fat cock was entering her, her hips writhing as he started a steady motion with two vibrators in her. Her hips started to grind back onto him, he felt the inner walls grip his cock as he pumped in and out of that lovely slick pussy.

A Surprise Encounter

fetish Orgone69 2018-01-17

By the time I arrived the desire to pee had become a desperation , a sweet torment that I have grown to love and enjoy as often as I can, the relief had been exquisite and I still felt a flutter of excitement in my chest, however, I was here for my walk so I set off on the path with the slight uphill gradient that I knew would eventually lead to a bench on the wooded summit where I would stop for a flask of tea. Her hot piss filled my face with gushing force, cascaded down my chest, forming a river that forked to flow either side of my cock and down my legs.

My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More

fetish 425olds 2018-01-17

"Oh yeah, fuck me." I said with my eyes closed, thrusting my ass backward impaling myself on the huge invader. She said, "This oiled up whore can take it up the ass like a pro, but you have another hole to fill -- don't you?" The smacking wet sounds continued as my ass was being fucked hard and fast each stroke reaching the very center of my soul turning me, changing me. I head voices then felt hands all over my body, spreading my ass cheeks. You'll end up like you are right now every night, with well-used holes, limp, unable to move, and the only thing you'll think about will be more cock, filling you up." She said as I drifted off to sl**p.

Ice Cream Orgasm

fetish girlwithadirtymind 2018-01-17

She flirted her whole body toward him while watching his handsome face, his lips she desperately wanted to kiss, and his interesting 'about me' dialogue made her moist between her legs. He kissed her tasty, full of her sexual lubrication lips and his instinct sensed her orgasm building up, from her breathy moans that she whispered beside his ear, turning him harder. "Oh fuck, I'm cuming Ross, keep it there," she screamed as his finger pressure increased, his lips gently licked against her sensitive ear, and he forced her orgasm out, causing her orgasm to ripple out. "I am going to fuck you so hard later," he moaned and she placed more tasty chocolate on his stiff rock, fed her creamy fingers into his mouth and pushed his ice cream soaked erection deeply into her throat.

Betrayed Pt. 02

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-01-17

"Really?" Lucas said coyly, "And why do you want to be a brother here?" He knew Larry would give the answer they all were ordered to. "Soon," Lucas replied, "Enjoy one more dick pic as you take care of yourself tonight." He snapped a new pic and send it to Larry's mom confidently. "im fist deep," Larry's mom said as she prodded herself deeper thinking about Lucas's huge dick. Her own cunt was pulsing with activity as she thought about Lucas in the room, fucking the shit out of Larry's mom while he pumped in the closet unknowingly. Inside the closet, Lizzie pulsed herself to her own orgasm, dripping fluids down Larry's leg as he continued to stroke his rock hard boner.


fetish johnny-bi 2018-01-17

My friends story I am just re telling it as if I were me.   I would sometimes wear girls underwear gay. One night my friends and I decided to check out a club. We were in there for a little while when i saw Stephen we talked and danced for a while. We drank a little more then started to kiss. I started to undress I took off my shirt and slid off my pants I was wearing a girls g string underneath that he loved. I reached down and grabbed his huge cock and started to jerk it. He bent over and started to suck me. I then went to suck him when he said stop. I cringed as his huge cock slid into my ass.

Meeting Cammy

fetish Ha275 2018-01-17

Joe was shocked to see her standing nude with only the signature red army cap that the Street Fighter character Cammy wears on top of her head. "Alright rookie suit up and get ready to earn your reward." she said with her hands on her hips covered in oil and some paint which Cammy has just like the video game. They looked at each other when Joe crouched and held Cammy up with her crotch and his face stuffed together. The oil and her pussy set off an odd and seductive aroma which made looking anywhere elsr impossible for Joe because all of his senses for invested in what he was doing with Cammy. Joe tried to wriggle away but Cammy grabbed his head and started smothering it with her breasts again.

In The Van Ch. 02

fetish cuckwhofucks 2018-01-17

My ego berated me with the fact that it was not just the size and shape and hardness of his cock, that Justin really knew how to use it to pleasure my wife and that I would never measure up! It was not then totally obvious, I am not sure that my friend saw it, but I could tell that, no mistake, Justin and my wife were awake and enjoying the morning sex I had been denied. She said that she had wiggled her ass in just such a way when she first got in the van as to engulf Justin's hard cock without him moving.