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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

PVC Honeys

fetish ayrshirebootboy 2018-10-05

Now as I said the bus stop was old and quite small so all 3 of us had to stand really close to each other to get shelter from the rain,made it easier for me to get my thrills from all the pvc and boots on show,the lady who was doing all the talking was really close to me and her pvc mac kept moving around as she was talking,now her friend put her arm around the talking lady and then just stood listening to her chatty friend,but that then let me see that she was wearing a long cuffed pair of black leather gloves which were very tight fitting and looked lovely and soft,her hand and arm came to rest about 2 inches above my crotch,so there I was drooling at the mouth and cock looking at all this pvc,high heel boots and leather gloves in front of me.

A Good Relationship

fetish Ian H. 2018-10-05

I could feel my cock getting harder as I walked on past the mansion house, I could hardly see it for the high hedge and trees that surrounded it. My cock was really hard now, I began to stroke it and wank it as I went further into the wood, pulling my panties to one side my balls and cock came out into the open it was lovely to feel the wind around them. After a while, I stood up and pulled my panties down to my knees I lifted my skirt up high and sat back down on the tree trunk the roughness of the surface and the weeds felt good on my bare ass.

Sylvie Gets Her Way Ch. 02

fetish BonViv 2018-10-05

She had tied my hands behind me so I couldn't play with my cock while I licked her cunt. "Yes, I'm an ass licker and a masturbator." She let go of my hand, and seconds later I was coming all over my stomach. I like the idea of holding your cock after you've sucked me off, of you horny and wanting me and not being able to do anything about it. I like the idea of making you spend the night with your hands tied behind you." Sylvie liked to suck my cock, and her blow jobs were wonderful, though she seldom let me come in her mouth. "If I roll a five, I'll keep you tied up but let you fuck me like that," her hand still moving slowly on my cock.

Cindy at the hole

fetish 2018-10-05

I had her lean forward and put her hand up against the right wall and I started to finger her pussy real deep and rub her clit. I moved her over to the gloryhole and quietly asked the stranger if he wanted to finger Cindy. Cindy turned and bent over facing me as the stranger now fingered her hole. As the stranger moved his finger in an out of her tight ass, Cindy started to meet his trusts. I pulled Cindy away from the gloryhole until the stranger’s hand was free of her tight ass. My orgasm built and right as I was ready to cum, I pulled out and jerked, letting huge ropes of cum squirt over Cindy’s pretty face.

MY BBW AUNT part 3

fetish jkjkram 2018-10-05

I got between her legs and fucked her pussy for a few minutes. My aunt got up to fix breakfast while grandma and I went to the living room. My grandmother got on the bed and spread her legs for her daughter to fuck her. My aunt fucked her mother as I sat on the bed jacking off to what I was watching. I put it on, climbed between my grandmother's legs, and stuck the fake dick into her pussy. I fucked her pussy with the fake dick and fingered her ass. I opened the restroom door a tiny bit and saw her sitting on the toilet fingering her pussy. We got to my aunt's house about a half an hour later and went inside.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 03

fetish Palancar 2018-10-05

I climbed up on the bed and immediately moved my lips to her sweet pussy and began licking and sucking for all I was worth. I quickly began to tease her rear hole with the tip of my tongue while she began to alternate running her finger inside her pussy and bringing it back out to tease her own clit. I began to stab at her hole with the tip of my tongue and just as I felt her sphincter relax a little she told me to tongue fuck her ass. Standing up she took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where I was told she needed a shower and wanted me to help.

Sister & Sandra & Secrets

fetish blueskyboy 2018-10-05

We moved 1,400 miles away so we could live the way we wanted, and I'm only telling this tale to set the record straight. Carol's hand was on the chubby girl's tit, and her thigh was snugly tucked between the soft flesh of her younger lover's legs. They looked happy together, and I continued to get sucked into the bizarre world of that house, forgetting a bit longer about my disheveled sister and her army bag and her scratched face. At home, I found Jamie with her feet propped up on the couch, her hair in a towel, her long sweet body in one of my old t-shirts. I sat on the edge of my bed and came three more times before morning and all the tapes of Jamie were done.

My Aunt Agnes

fetish shoeslayer 2018-10-05

"Oh yes Ron, you like being with older ladies all right." Aunt Agnes said with a smile and I had the idea that some very nice things could happen here. And if you feel you need to do something, tell me so I can lick the cum up before it makes a stiff spot on my dress and I know I'd like to see you do things as you wear my clothes. Aunt Agnes takes the pearl beaded chain for those silver ovals and wraps it around me then takes me into her warm moist and very loving mouth and is sucking me as she moves those beads back and forth and dragging those ovals under my balls and as her head is going up and down my cock, the kitchen lamp is seen in her half-square glasses.

Mandy's Secret

fetish kewtieboy 2018-10-05

After the bottle of wine one Friday night, while I was screwing Mandy in the missionary position, for some reason I pulled the edge of a bed sheet over her head as I fucked her. I stripped her and tied her face forward to a tree with the head mask on, even though it was almost unnecessary, and then I entered her soaking wet cunt with my 7 inch uncut cock and hammered the living daylights out of her. By now I was quite hooked on this role play but something was changing in my mind in that I really wanted Mandy to be fucked by another guy while I watched or helped.

Motion Detector

fetish stateofdenial 2018-10-05

A single finger began lightly spreading the lube up and down the shaft, avoiding the head itself. With her dry hand she began making small circles on his head using the pre-cum. "I remember when you could never make it past this part." With that she pushed up more pre-cum with her lubed hand and then pressed down hard on his head with her palm and began circling. No moving or speaking until you begin to spurt your load", then she sighed, "but somewhere along the way you just can't seem to retain any sort of self-discipline." Her dry hand begin to once again swirl around the head lightly as more pre-come beaded up.

A Welcome Surprise

fetish FearlessAddict 2018-10-05

She backed up all the way so the tip was barely exposed, took a brief look at my length again and then slid her lips right back down, a little faster than the first time. She continued to squeeze and grab on my balls and ass when I lifted her head off my cock and proceeded to thrust my big dick into her throat. As I bent my head back, looking in her eyes, I glided my mouth across her ridiculously hard shaft, until her balls rested on my chin. As she began to pump my dick faster with her hands, she moved one of her knees up and finally pulled out of my mouth, looking down to my face as she did.

The Bet

fetish drew1207 2018-10-05

She smiled and I flinched as her hand came quickly to my face again, but this time she caught me by the chin and pulled it up to look straight into her electric blue eyes. Beth saw my struggle and pulled her fingers back and said, “Oh, I keep forgetting that you still need something too!!!” She knealt on the carpet, her face only inches from where my cock was once again oozing out strings of pearly lust for her. Now my wife does not have a lot of great sex skills, but giving a hand job and shooting my cock all over her large firm breasts is something we both enjoy greatly and she turned and firmly grabbed my rod and began applying her patented, ‘Rub the tip of the cock into the center of a well-lubed palm’ technique which I knew would have me cumming in a matter of minutes!!!

Back In The Swing Ch. 03

fetish Rings3 2018-10-05

Lifting her head from Sorrell's right breast, Jessie said , " fuck me with your hand Sorrell, push your hand into my hot dribbly cunt." She opened her legs wider as she bent her head to Sorrells other breast and started suckling, her left hand gripping the breast forcing milk into her mouth, with her other hand she pushed down Sorrell's pink panties and began pulling roughly at her clit untiel Sorrell was gasping from the dual ministrations of lips and fingers. Mia, had Justin's cock in her mouth his heavy balls slapping against her chin as she sucked him, as Garry lapped at her cunt, her panties a pale blue puddle around her ankle, while David was sucking on his cock and pulling down on and twisting roughly his cum laden balls.


Wandering Eye: A Cheater's Story

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-10-05

"Alexia," the boyfriend said, positioning his cock as deep inside her as he could go, "Is the reason you're being such a slut right now because you were watching Josh lift those boxes?" "Baby," she said, coming towards him and grabbing his wet cock between her fingers again, "Who cares where it came from, come back inside me and I'll make you cum as good as you made me." "I love you baby," she whispered, "But when a hot piece of meat like your buddy comes into our house, you know I just need to get fucked." "Aw baby, it's not like I'd ever go behind your back, you know it's you I love." Brandon's cock was swelling as it dug into Alexia's thick behind.

Sexy Escapades With Mom-In-Law...

fetish Osiris 2018-10-05

I licked up from the knee towards her bushy groin, pushing my face hard into the soft thigh-flesh at times and then trailing my tongue, barely grazing her hot skin. As I licked the last of my cum from her groin my nose touched her juice sopping, swim-suite cover pussy leaving a wet spot on its tip. When we finally arose from the recliner she grasped my face in both hands and proceeded to lick off all the cum spread there. Leading me by the cock again she told me that since I’d made her mess her swim-suite I was to clean it while standing in the kitchen while she prepared supper.

Wedding Bondage Ch. 04

fetish oggbashan 2018-10-05

I wasn't too worried about exploring bondage with my wife Jane, but what did I know about Cecily and what she might do? "You were right, Helen," Jane said, "and I'm sorry for what I did to Ian, but you were going to say what Cecily's next steps would be." "After you had already pushed Ian to the limit the first time, Cecily would explain, ever so sorry that she hadn't before, that there ought to be a release word and signal, as she should have told you from the first." "Jane, if you had followed Cecily's latest scenario to the letter, would Ian have been able to use the release word, or the signal?"


fetish LilCiara 2018-10-05

I was like ''i putted a finger between my legs and it hurt'' he asked y and i said ''cause it was getting wet for no reason'' Then he saw the picture on the computer and we had that long boring sex talk and how boys are evil. Anyways rolled me onto my back and he put my feet on his shoulders and he started rubbing the tip of his dick on my butt hole (i still say butthole cause im still a wittle girl :3) and i was like ''daddy!

Secret Nightclub

fetish Safetystars 2018-10-05

Her body began to sag from the indescribable pleasure was indescribable, but the top heaviness of her new D cups above a slimmed waist was soon righted by a boom from below. Anya was so engrossed in the song that she was unaware when a hand as large as her guitar shifted on to the stage and a huge finger began to rub her crotch through her jeans. Anya was long beyond any sane control, and she could not even see Ivan behind the horde of busty females surrounding where his kit had been (and presumably still was, because the sound of the drums still crashed over the music), so Janks knew she would have to try and do something herself.

Revenge is Golden Ch. 01

fetish abashed-dreamer 2018-10-05

The movie was kind of stupid, 'baby blue,' and the stud next door got it on with this young wife; it showed them screwing, and afterwards she was like, all dozy, wiped out; could hardly move, and Mr Stud just pulls up his pants, says goodbye and is out the door. When I looked at her, she said, "Your sister's right you know," patting Sis on the thigh. "Macho dude, here, is going lose," says Lara to Sis, "I'd bet on you any day ... I'm thinking, "Well she can't crush my balls or rape my ass, so what's to worry." I feel my cock harden a little bit; don't know if it's fear or excitement.


A Pregnancy Check Up

fetish SEX_VAMPYRE 2018-10-05

After what seemed like an eternity,the thirty three year old doctor finally walked out of his exam room with an attractive young Hispanic woman who was also in her eighth month. "Yes doctor." Brenda lay there quietly while Doctor Roberts squirted generous amounts of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle touch began rubbing it all over her paunch belly. This is so you can nurse without pain when your baby comes." The doctor asked as his fingers twisted and pulled on the erect nipples. "Pudendal massages make your labor and delivery so much easier Brenda." Doctor Roberts answered as he placed Brenda's legs in the stirrups. "Ohmmmmph" Brenda moaned as Doctor Robert's pumped his penis deeply into her pregnant womb.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 03: Uhoh

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-10-05

It doesn't look very good on you, not at all." Sylvia's gaze settled on Kim with a sudden wolfishness, a sly little smirk parted her lips. The entire time she could feel Elliot's gaze on her back as she worked, and for a while she thought maybe it was wistful imaginings- childish though they may be- but when she looked back at him by sheer coincidence, she saw both of the McKennas watching her with catty little smirks of their own. On her way home, Kim stopped at a convenience store and shop lifted a couple of candy bars- in action movie heroine style, when the clerk inevitably caught her clumsy ass attempt to stuff them in her coat pocket, she looked him in the eye and shook her head.

Red Lace and Raindrops

fetish curvycupcake 2018-10-05

She made a fist and grasped the hair in her hands and pulled his head back a little. Mouth still on her tit, he reached in with his free hand and pulled out her other breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers. “Oh, you really love being a little slut, don’t you?” He pulled his finger out and quickly placed it in his mouth. She squatted there in the alley, breasts pulled out of her bra, skirt hiked all the way up and placed her lips around his thick, hard cock. She quickly obeyed and before she was all he way turned, he’d grabbed her hair and was pushing her down.


fetish Pyro 2018-10-05

To ease matters and be able to concentrate, Cindy had the Grorick's niece, Eleni, over during the day to help her with the baby and with cleaning the house. Eleni would follow me around the house whenever she didn't have sitting duties or, when I was working on the apartment above the garage, she would act as my assistant and hand me tools when I needed them, make my lunch. "I am not like those others, Tim," she said in a soft, little-girl voice as her eyes locked on my crotch, "I would do anything for you."

My Break-in fantasy

fetish DW2011 2018-10-05

Then after lots of hard fucking, they would ram their fists into my pussy! Massive, thick gooey loads of cum filling me up to the brim with my hubby f***ed to watch tied up to a chair. Hubby would have to sit at the bottom of the bed and stare into my gaping, cum filled pussy. After hubby's cock is spent, I like to imagine that he leaves me tied up with my ass in the air, and three huge loads of cum leaking out. He would grab one of our large dildos and ram it into my pussy to keep all the cum inside, then just walk away and leave me tied up.