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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Operation Pucks and Panties Pt. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2018-01-17

I was afraid what the women inside the store would think of a 25 year old guy walking into a Victoria's Secret store all by himself, and shopping for panties for that matter. Once inside the mall I took a deep breath and decided to face my fears and walk into Victoria's Secret for the first time ever (on my own). I had finally decided it was time to stop hiding my panty fetish love by buying them in person in store, rather than buying them online. My advice to any man who loves panties is to grow a pair, (no matter what size your dick is), and to face your fears by going into a Victoria's Secret store, and start buying your panties in person.


fetish alibodge 2018-01-17

On the cold floor, she lay and with the help of a mouth job and a little stroking by Ken the star of the show rose slowly for a last hurrah to its full seven magnificent inches, Ken fed it into Kay. The deed was urgent and surprisingly speedy as soon with a magnificent thrust the dead was done, They lay for just a second or two entwined savouring this last triumph then slowly on shaky legs Barry rose and stood against the table waiting patiently for them to secure him, her to his right and ken the left, a loose strap at the throat to prevent him bending forward, a strap around each of his upper arms, another pair at his wrists, a long one over his belly, two for his ankles and a the final pair just above each knee holding his legs wide open and increasing his feeling of vulnerability tenfold.

Bonnie with Biceps

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-01-17

I added two 5 five pound plates and lay down on the bench once again and pumped out 3 reps with perfect form, then my form collapsed and my arms felt like rubber. A lump came to my throat and my heart beat madly at the thought of having this beautiful strong woman clutching my body and feeling her strength. It felt like my head would explode, but the delicious scent of her dripping pussy was keeping me from tapping her leg for about 30 seconds, and my cock was standing straight up. Bonnie smiled, but did not release her hold on my spread legs, and with her large hand took my 10 ½ inch cock in her hand and gently put it into her sopping wet pussy.

Visit To The Nurse

fetish loulouuk 2018-01-17

In the room there is a desk, a doctors couch with stirrups and a light at the end. At that point she pushes the speculum hard into my pussy and my hips lift off the couch as a reaction. "So then Bitch, you get turned on when my nurse has her fingers in your Cunt?!" He slowly rubs the cube around the opening of my pussy then slowly pushes the ice cube's breathtaking and I can feel it defrosting with the wet melting ice running down my leg. I hear him move to the end of the couch, his fingers touching my clit, and then...fuck...that's his cock...he is pushing his big hard cock deep into me.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 04

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-01-17

Clothes, my darlings, are very important for a bitch. Sales sealed with cum and cunt juices dripping on freshly bought leather and lace. Soon, the bitch will have taken over your closet. And the bitch wants to wear herself. (6) TO BE A BITCH IS TO STRUT LIKE A SLUT Darlings, a bitch wears boots. Boots make the bitch, and nothing else! Leather and rubber, they are not made for walking, and fuck what the song says. You will not be allowed to feel a cock in you again before you learned how to strut like a whore. I have used their high heels to fuck asses and cunts. But being a bitch is not all about the fuck. How hard your cock will be, my darlings.

Church Mom

fetish 2018-01-17

It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot.

Joe's Driving Lesson

fetish soleful 2018-01-17

“I love the way the leather caresses me when I wear thigh boots and opera length gloves, especially when I drive. I loved watching her gloves play with controls and switches as much as I liked booted pedal pumping. Tia caressed my face with her gloved hand and occasionally ran her fingers under my nose, giving me a sniff of the leather, when she wasn’t operating the stick shift. Tia drove with the toe of her boot, enabling me to get my wrist under the high arch, then stepped down, trapping my wrist in an awkward position and forcing my face against the front, of the car, where the floor ended.

Siren in Stockings

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-01-17

It was an unusual piece that looked in the images she had seen and the write up of the item to be a kind of brooch made of a tarnished metal and set with a small black pearl. Wandering around the apartment in lingerie for her own amusement was one thing, but there was no way that a random courier was going to be treated to the sight of a nationally recognised actress in her underwear. Puzzled, Agnes poked and prodded at the pearl and soon came to the conclusion that any attempt to remove the thing would be as painful as trying to pull a fingernail from her own hand.

When my niece came to stay - Part 3

fetish Honeybabe 2018-01-17

We kissed for a long time wrapped in each other’s arms, light headed with love, lust … and champagne. We made love, exploring every inch of each other’s bodies; long delicious love, burying our faces in our pussies as we slid into a 69 position and cumming together in multiple orgasms as our mouths and lips took their pleasure. I put on her stockings for her, black sheer with a seam, enjoying every moment and then the leather dress, fitting snugly and showing off her body to a tee. Edith looked a lot older in her make-up and clothes and very sexy with the tops of her stockings hinted at below the hem of her dress.

Naked Thirst Ch. 02

fetish maxxxwilde 2018-01-16

It read like the kind of thing her mother warned her about when she moved to California from Texas four years before - some sex maniac luring young women into his home to do god-knows-what to them. Samantha's heart sank, but before she could explain how her course schedule left little time for a job, Angela continued. Angela's husband, Sam was told, had a studio on the opposite side of the house from his wife, but she didn't want to disturb him. As they walked away Keiko's image stayed in her head, and it struck her that Angela liked to surround herself with beautiful young women. Angela insisted Sam stay for lunch, and added that she was welcome to share all the family meals.

Tasha Ch. 01

fetish futafanatic 2018-01-16

As I walked into the side door of the house and into the kitchen, I was greeted by Tasha and our mutual friends, Megan and Erin, from the living room. All three began giggling in unison as Tasha muttered under her breath, "Looks like the bikini tops are doing their jobs, girls, pointing to my rising gym shorts. Scattered across the floor of the far wall were Tasha's dirty clothes and on her bed, I saw Megan's and Erin's beach bags. Walking over to the foot of Tasha's bed, I saw Erin's bag with her street clothes on top. Standing at the foot of Tasha's bed, I looked around the room, anticipating a hard slap as I lifted the silk panties to my nose and sniffed lightly.

Another Day

fetish redgirl93 2018-01-16

Watched naked girls suck cock for an hour and a half, smoking cigarettes and drinking last night's left over beer. His effect on her world, his control of her, turned her on as much as the sight of him, and now she was watching his filthy cunt getting fucked, the weighted ornaments from her nipples swinging over the basin. The faces of the goddess arrayed themselves before him; big-breasted butch blondes in pink lurex, beautiful Mexican girls with champagne bottles up their arses, college girls called Michelle sucking 'plumber Dave' off, old women bent over Zimmer frames with cum all over their wrinkling backs, cheerleaders drinking steroid-laden jock piss for twenty bucks, tight-fleshed Hollywood whores with inflated mammaries and stiff plastic lips, pouting as they open their beautifully coiffed minges to the world.

Round Two: Face Down and Ass Up

fetish st0mpballs 2018-01-16

I should have came when fuck buddy was eating me out but watching him grip fuck buddy's ass cheeks and start pounding him out was enough for me to cum. Fuck buddy grunted the whole time, he wasn't able to continue because his face kept jerking and slamming into my pussy behind the f***e of my friend's thrusts. Good thing he wasn't eating me out because I kept cumming just looking at fuck buddy's juicy ass taking such a sexy beating. That stamina lasted long, my friend sot his load on fuck buddy's ass then went at it again. My fuck buddy and I were exhausted, he nearly missed his lunch time cut off, I showered and told him he could have another chance at me.

Cheating Boyfriend turned Gay GayMaker

fetish 425olds 2018-01-16

I snapped my fingers and Arron watched in shock as Trevor walked over to me, dropped between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. I pointed out the truth, "Actually, Trevor here is married with a couple of k**s, he just also loves having a cock in his mouth, isn't that right, cocksucker?" I explained, "Reality is, straight guys who suck cock always do a much better job than any woman...likely because we all have the same equipment." Trevor took Arron's cock out of his mouth and pulled his phone out of his suit jacket. "For the record, I suck cock better than Trevor," I said, "but I have a rule that I always come first."

Me, 2 guys, and a speculum

fetish 2018-01-16

“I’m going to have to check.” While Steve continued to violate my mouth, my boyfriend slid his hand up my skirt and inside of me. I think we need to give her what she wants.” Steve finally stopped and said “Fuck yeah man. Pull her skirt up, man.” Steve did as instructed, and my boyfriend began rubbing the speculum up my leg and closer to my pussy. “Wow man, I can actually see my cock in her ass by looking at her pussy,” Steve said. I’ll stay in her ass.” Steve continued to pump me as my boyfriend took full advantage of my open hole. I think my boyfriend realized this because he asked Steve to also put his cock in my pussy.

Doris' Private Secretary Ch. 04

fetish ossforyou 2018-01-16

Many women loved having their feet licked, but what made Karen's special desire different was that she wanted me to lick and suck her pee from her feet, as she forced her feet into my mouth and throat. Tom opened up Tina's envelope and like Karen, she claimed she loved all kinds of oral worship but her special interest was having her ass licked and sucked by a slave as she sat on his face. Like a good slave, Tom begin licking and swallowing the chocolate as Tina grinded her ass on his helpless face. "Start licking slave." Dawn grabbed the back of Tom's head and began to grind her pussy up and down against his face.

Story written by WilStrike about my sexy wife!

fetish longnailfreak 2018-01-16

She smirked....then said that the test would involve "harvesting" my ejaculate into a beaker to measure the volume, and to see if I could cum on demand as I claimed. She bends over me and in a husky sexy voice said ..."come on stud fill that beaker up with your jizz I want to see what you got in that ball sack". Releasing my balls she grabbed my cock and started stroking, aiming it down to the jizzed filled container with her finger up my ass, she blew her hot breath into my ear and started to nibble on it.

Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 02

fetish Clausimotto 2018-01-16

“Does mommy want more?” Kelly said as she got off the bed heading towards mom. “Now show me how big girls play with their tits.’ Joan pulled off her shirt and began to rub her tits in front of Kelly. “Does mommy want to show her baby how big girls piss and shit their pants?” By now Joan was caught up in the dirtiness of it all. With her hands now on Joan’s ass, Kelly asked,”Now show me how big girls mess their pants.” Joan tried to resist and moments later, a yellow stain appeared in the panties. “Does mommy want to show her baby how big girls shit their pants?” Yes Baby, mommy needs to go now.” Kelly pulled up the panties and leaned over Joan.

Roommate Intweview

fetish daddys-little-girl18 2018-01-16

"Its a pleasure to meet you Jenna, this really is a lovely apartment, shall we sit down, get to know each other, discuss the details?" he asked, reaching into his jacket pocket, pulling out his glasses. As he was pulled down, Alex dipped his hips and grinded his still covered, hard cock against jennas aching, still covered pussy. Alex moaned lowly and grabbed a handful of Jenna's hair. Alex smirked and dipped his hips between her spread thighs, "Want daddy's cock inside your tight pussy baby?"he purred, rubbing his cock against her dripping wet slit. Alex finishe cumming in her cunt and grabbed her by the throat as he put his cock infront of her face, finishing his load on her lips, swollen from biting and sucking.

Randy Ballards Domination

fetish AmaturePhotographer 2018-01-16

garter, hose, black knee high boots and white lace panties, she looks into her thrusting black love muscle, Missy was beginning to seek the pleasure that was Randy let his own huge muscled body fall to the floor, following Missy's Missy felt the black cock leave her tight constricting asshole and the "Does your wife fuck black men very often white boy?" mocked Big Sam. Correction Officer John Jones did not answer. What if his precious Missy's love box was stretched by the hard Black Cock that When the trio entered, Randy Ballard, ordered the white guard to man the the end of his black cock, Randy made one last mocking gesture to the white

The Neighbour Ch. 02

fetish mw0212 2018-01-16

Naked but for her knee high cream coloured boots and one singular leather glove which now was wrapped around the first cock she had ever seen, let alone held or tasted. Mr. Allen reached out to hold Jessica's hand, slowly raising her to her feet. Slowly the sensation abated and she could barely raise her head to see her master, Mr. Allen, kneeling, looking down on her smiling. Working his cock deep within her mouth, he reached over and grabbed her leather gloved hand. Jess was finishing her toast when Mr. Allen walked back into the room holding a pair of knee high 4 inch chunky heel tan boots with a buckle strap across the ankle and a zip at the back.

Company Christmas Party - First Fuck Of The Night!

fetish volupval 2018-01-16

I could feel his whole body tense each time he thrust forward and I tightened my pussy around his fat cock trying to suck the cum from him. We kissed tenderly for a few minutes and when I finally came down from my high, I noticed my husband was standing in the shadows on the other side of the courtyard, watching everything. I didn't say anything about it and Nick eventually pulled out of me, I felt his cum drip down my ass crack so I quickly closed my legs to hold it inside me. Opening the back door he laid me on the back seat, lifted my dress back up and then sucked and licked Nick's cum from my sopping wet pussy.


fetish shama1977 2018-01-16

View my legs dressed in stockings, plus my ass in panties , tender , delicate , excited me so much that I finished , having barely touch the head. So, this one shout , called his b*****r , and I'm alone at home and in " shock" and do not hear , of course, nothing is , but it is becoming increasingly comes into the yard , because the gate is open - it means that someone has a house ( this he told me later all ) . So, we sit with Rustam ( my b*****r he has previously given to drink at home , and they came to us , put it together with me to sl**p ), see " VCR " and the guy asks if we have porn .

Shawn Worships Mommy Ch. 04

fetish SPARTAN047 2018-01-16

Her enquiries were laced with double entendres, like 'Does it feel good stretching this muscle?' , 'Could you help me with working one thing I always have trouble with?', 'I want you to work me over good since I'm afraid of becoming fat, and there's only one way to avoid that!', or even, 'I want even my son to look at me like a woman when you're finished with me!' She constantly teased and pushed his imagination to the edge as she talked, her voice changing from a purr to a soft, sensual whisper when she asked him what exercises would be best for her legs, ass, hips, and if there was a way to make tits bigger in the gym.