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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Toilet Love

fetish Richard963 2018-01-16

Meanwhile Jeanette moved her hand to my penis and pulled the foreskin down and up; I quickly became hard. Jeanette held onto my head and with a cry she came and squirted her juice into my open mouth. She said how she rubbed his nose in them and then had a wicked thought and she pissed through them so that the urine ran over his face and into his mouth. I pulled her knickers and shoes off her legs in a frenzy, and I pushed my head so that I was between her white thighs above the stocking tops, with a blue suspender rubbing my cheek.

Female for a Day?

fetish 425olds 2018-01-16

I of course was looking at their breasts and was thinking out loud when I said, "Man, don't you wish you could see what it would be like to have a set of tits like that one." I of course was looking at their breasts and was thinking out loud when I said, "Man, don't you wish you could see what it would be like to have a set of tits like that one." I accepted and once on the dance floor my new female self took over and I moved just like a girl and rubbed my ass right up against his crotch. Your breast's increased in size like they were supposed too but the rest of your body adapted to the need to be a genetic female.

A Girls Thoughts, as The Cock Goes In

fetish 2018-01-16

I waited, what the fuck was wrong with the man, I was a schoolgirl, standing open thighed saying I liked to feel the cool air on my cunt, I was begging him, but still he floundered and added to the torment, he was, by his own fear, teasing me, why cant they just recognise a girls want and need and fuck me. I could feel him fumble behind me as he took his cock out, I meantime had pulled my panties down mid-thigh, and I could feel him move between my ass cheeks and labia, be both were searching for the same thing, but he kept slipping over my elusive hole, its smallness unable to accommodate his girth, establish a ridge from which he could penetrate, 'Let me', I hissed, and then his was going inside, pushing into the folds and stretching, each delectable ridge, releasing a few drops of vaginal lubrication, easing him forward deep into my inner warmth, then I could feel his pubis on my soft cool bum, he was all the way inside me.

Orally Fixated

fetish Sirs_babygirl 2018-01-16

(there have been a lot of those lately) However now, as a grown woman, with more than twenty years of oral pleasuring behind me, I can easily and honestly say that there is nothing like a fully-aroused cock to consume with my eager mouth. For a man to fully appreciate my obsession with his lucky cock, I have to have actually built up some sort of connection to him, not just physically, but mentally as well. I live for every aspect of him - mind, soul and body - and do everything I can to keep his cock happy with the use of my obsessive oral skills.


Haley's Foot Empire Ch. 01

fetish brisocks 2018-01-16

"That's much better" Haley murmured, then after a pause, "I would really like it if you could rub my feet for me." Connor refused at first, shocked and somewhat offended that this girl he had never even spoken to would even propose such an idea. Before he had a chance to get up, Haley jumped on his back and dangled her right foot, still in the dripping and disgusting sock, in front of his face, yelling "Lick it!!!" When he refused, she moved her left foot onto the back of his head and dangled her right foot directly in front of his mouth, all of her weight crushing down on his skull.

A Cuckold's Tale 2

fetish BiCucky 2018-01-16

Do you want to get beneath us and watch his monster cock stretch my sucking cunt wide open? Pants down and ready for a little lesson.” Nadya smiled and her eyes sparkled. Nadya had on occasions spanked me with a paddle but I had never felt anything like that slap. “You have two minutes missy to get back in here properly dressed.” Show Will how you have to wank it.” Immediately I took my cock between my fingers and thumb and began stroking it for them. “Yes well that’s enough of that.” Will said and struck the top of my hand knocking it away from my cock. His massive cock hung and swayed between his legs reaching over half way to his knees.

One day at school

fetish virgin805 2018-01-16

Susan blushed and said, “It’s me, Miss Margaret. Maggie didn’t stop stroking me, and some times the tip of my cock slightly touched Miss Margaret’s lips. Miss Margaret ordered Susan to put herself down like a dog and Maggie to hit her like a bitch on her asshole. The sight of Susan’s butt caned and the touching of Miss Margaret’s most hidden secrets made me hard again. I went on fucking her when her clumsy movements let my cock slip out revealing a big gape. Susan had her bottom sticking upward with big black round gape so wet and so large. Miss Margaret cleaned my cock sucking greedily every trace of sperm and Susan’s own cum.

Angry Sex (Fuck-Fighting)

fetish Alphonso 2018-01-16

The man and the woman may be distant or right in each other's faces with furious, verbal insult. A man could take it upon himself to maybe hit the woman with open or closed hand on her face without warning as he's ramming her pussy. Some women will let it go probably the first time of the hitting and name calling because they feel a man doesn't fully mean it. There are men who like to fuss with a woman and fight her especially if she's an attacker. If it doesn't work, the men who like to be quarrelsome with females will do the inevitable and fight a woman. It was definitely, if a man hits a woman for any reason, then he's an absolute punk.

At The Car Wash

fetish tarred 2018-01-16

The car wash itself was a low building with huge windows which allowed the casual observer to watch the brushes and sprays clean, buff and polish before depositing the cars out shining like new with a coating of super tough polymer coating. The woman just laughed pulling her car forwards and pushing her credit card into the payment machine ignoring Jackie. Jackie snarled, reaching behind her back she pulled her hand cuffs from her belt and reached forwards slapping one cuff on the laughing woman's wrist. Jackie sighed as the business woman reached down between her legs, loosening her jodhpurs and sliding her hand into her panties before starting to use the warm polymer as a lubricant for her already wet sex.

Vampire's Slave pt 2

fetish engineerx1980 2018-01-16

Danny's only reply was a loud moan as Sylvia's mouth plunged down over his cock, her lips sliding down over his hard shaft, enveloping him in warmth and wetness. Danny quickly lent forwards, leaning against the edge of the pool with Sylvia's head trapped between him and side of the spa, his cock still buried in her sucking mouth. "Enjoying a soak." He rolled his hips a little, pushing his cock harder against Sylvia's still sucking mouth, knocking the back of her head against the fiberglass wall of the pool. Danny chuckled and reached down under the bubbling water, holding Sylvia's face against his crotch with both hands as he spun around to rest his back against the side of the spa and enjoy his underwater blowjob.

Sexy Neighbour Delivers A Pie

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-16

Sally knew that I liked creampies and sometimes when we had made love she would let me lick my juices from her used pussy. The amount of sticky liquid coming from Vicky's pussy seemed to be getting less, so I concentrated on running my tongue over the stiff little bud of her clit. As I lay back on my bed with my mouth and chin still sticky with a coating of Vicky's love juices and Rob's sperm Vicky pulled the covers back. "Did cleaning my pussy do that to you?" Vicky said looking at my hard cock which was clearly visible above the waist band of my boxer shorts.

Legal Hairs Ch. 01

fetish belab 2018-01-16

My cock was again much against my will growing hard and as hard as I tried to do justice for John and Julie Jackson the children of Mary Jackson the second wife of the late Thomas Jackson and the contending legal heirs for the billion dollar empire I was mesmerized by the bushy hair in Ember's untrimmed furry armpits. I return my attention to Ember and push my hands into her bushy armpits "Darling, I'm going to fuck your bushy armpits fill your hairy armpits with my cum." I start licking at the soft hair in her bushy underarms tugging each individual strand lovingly. Even though its not the first time I am fucking a woman's hairy armpits it feels great as my cock touches the wet thick growth of dark hair in her pits.

Sapphire Washington: Femme Fatale

fetish cowgirlblues 2018-01-16

Gomez nodded, feeling the underside of the table to make sure that the package was still attached, as per HQ's instructions. The package is safe." The waiter nodded at her as she started to make her way down the staircase, Gomez following closely behind. Gomez raced through all the health and safety implications of someone smoking in a basement linen store in his head, but before he had a chance to object, he felt a hand expertly undo the button on his suit pants, pull down the fly and reach inside in what was barely more than one deft movement. And with those words, she turned around, cigarette still in hand, opened the door and left Gomez leaning against a shelf, lost for words and not entirely sure what had just happened to him.

Rest Area

fetish rickk1 2018-01-16

I woke up feeling very horny this particular morning and decided to go to the rest area in search of some hot babes to catch me jacking off and shooting my cum. As I drove into the rest area parking lot, I noticed that I was the only vehicle there so I decided to get a hustler mag out of my hiding place in my car and walk over to a picnic table to look at it while waiting for some babes to show up. My cock was really throbbing so I mumbled to her that I was going to jack off and that I wanted to shoot my cum all over her nipples.

my shemale fantasy

fetish 2018-01-16

As she tapped and teased my waiting hole with her big cock she said "I'm gonna fucking your sweet ass good baby..hmm you want my big girl cock huh..." I moaned out a yes...fuck me sam fuck me" and without any hesitation she thrust that big mushroom head in...I gasped and groaned as her every inch spread me till she was all the way in. Sam didn't stop she slowed down and stroked my stiff cock keeping pace with her thrusts running her soft fingers over my wet head softly yelling me "that's it baby...cum, cum for your sam...let it go honey...cum with me still inside you...oh fuck do it cum cum...."those bright red lips, perfect tits and her soft hands working my cock...

Miss McMillan's Milkshake Parlour

fetish JeremyBeach 2018-01-16

Walking past a row of shops one afternoon on his way home from work, Trent noticed a sign above one of them that read "Miss McMillan's Milkshake Parlour". (He probably wouldn't have wanted to go through a door anyway, since it might have led deeper into the trap.) The only way he could think of getting behind the counter would be to leap over it, which would be difficult considering the state of his bladder and the fact that Miss McMillan would almost certainly not cooperate. At that point, Miss McMillan, presumably noticing that Trent's pants weren't getting any wetter, clapped her hands three or four times and said, in an impressed tone of voice, "Nice."

First Beer Rescue Ch. 02

fetish Darkinside 2018-01-16

As I made coffee I mentally prepared my story, checking it for plausibility, hiding my shame from myself, making sure I sounded like the good guy, not the guy who pissed on my naked little sister in the tub. Thanks again." She came around the table and stood before me; as she approached my chair I saw her little braless breasts jiggling under her tee shirt, and remembered last night, my piss striking them. "Please, Tony," she said again, but my eyes stayed glued between her legs, her fingers holding the smooth lips apart, now her other hand joined the first, spreading herself wider, more open, completely exposed.

Gwen Becomes A Pissmop

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-01-15

I made sure it was one of our tamer video's because if this went through I wanted to see the look on little miss Gwen's face when we did some of the things to her. Once the first stream of warm, yellow piss hits Gwen's forehead you can tell she's regretting doing this but there's no going back and soon a second and third splash onto her and the level of piss trapped in the funnel swiftly rises and she is beginning to realise she'll have to drink her way out of this. She nodded and reluctantly dipped her head down into the wider than usual bowl, recoiling slightly as her face contacted the piss but soon moving into it.

My Neighbor Ch. 03

fetish jeffss45 2018-01-15

When I realize I'm being teased teased by machine while tied naked to a bed in a room where a woman, also bound, is also getting teased mercilessly, I almost cum. Karen adjusts Wendy's bed so that her pussy is lined up with my hard dick. As I'm about to cum, the buzzing stops, Wendy lets out a cry and her pussy relaxes. Like last time, as I'm ready to orgasm, the buzzing stops, Wendy lets out another cry and her pussy relaxes. In the ultimate irony, the sensation of feeling a pussy around my cock and seeing Wendy writhe in frustration adds to my frustration and increases my desire to cum.

The Dental Assistant - Oral Rinse - BBBBTS

fetish therealbk 2018-01-15

She opened the door and pointed to the big black leather dental chair. Mistie was still smiling as she got out a small metal chair on wheels. I looked again to see it was Mistie who was riding my cock in the dental chair. She was screaming, moaning and her eyes got big as she saw mine open. I looked down to see a big red ball that was gagged in my mouth. After a few minutes I felt her hand touch my hard cock. She gave me a big wink as she jerked my still hard cock with her right hand. She screamed when she got all my hard cock in her tight pussy.

Cuckold Fantasy

fetish RodeoSexClown 2018-01-15

You place your hands on the edge of the tub, spreading your legs for me as I move to my knees, grabbing onto your waist I pull you back, slowly easing my hard cock into your wet cunt. You wrap your arms and legs around me, pulling me inside more as I thrust harder and harder until I feel your cunt tighten with your climax, sending me over the edge though I know better. I pull out of you and cum on your stomach then bend down and begin licking it off when I feel your lover behind me, pressing his hard cock to my tight, virgin ass.

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 01

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-01-15

So, we ended up talking for another hour in the parking lot next to his car while he told me that his wife had a fantasy of being spanked. I need to see your bedroom." She looked at me funny and I told her that if she got her spanking at their house, I would like to use her bedroom as the place where we would talk before her session. I just wanted to see if there was enough of a selection of things I could dress her in before her session, and satisfied that there was, I shut the drawer and just turned to her and said "Okay, good.


fetish MrBlack86 2018-01-15

The heat was also causing the warm rubber to give off an even stronger scent which was helping neither Lydia's muddy brain or her sexual frustration serving only to fuel her boggled mind with heated delusions and fantasies of The Mistress releasing her from her sweaty prison and rewarding her with orgasms. She could feel the cool sensation through her own rubber suit as the water ran down her stomach to her crotch, and shivered in pleasure as she felted the sweaty little slave hungrily lap it up. As the stream of water slowly stopped, Lydia clamped her mouth over her Mistress's crotch, reaching behind to grab her rubber coat butt for leverage to press her face deeper causing the Mistress to sigh in pleasure.

Letters to Jane – Naked Lunch

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-15

My turn to smile back at you as I take my time standing up, then slowly push my hand down my shorts and grab my cock. I sit back, spread my legs wide and start to slowly bring my right hand up and down the length of my cock. You bring your face in close to watch and I take my other hand off my balls and bring it to your head, entwining your hair in between my fingers. You start at my cock head, daintily licking the cum that is still oozing out of my pee hole. My cock out, I sit back and watch the slow ooze of cum leaking from your rosebud, down your crack to your pussy lips."