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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mom Punishes My Sissy Cock

fetish ssspspb 2018-01-15

'Yes you are you pathetic little slut!' Mom said with angry yet lustful eyes, lashing out with the ruler on my erection again, bringing it down as hard a she could. 'Yes son, I know all about your perverted little fantasy so mommy's got a nice creamy treat for you today,' she said grinning wickedly as she raised her slip and hooked her thumbs into her black lace panties. She pulled the hem of the slip up so that I could clearly see her pussy and then reached down to grab her pussy lips to pull her cunt wide open so the fuck slop started to drip out of her freshly fucked twat, then she said 'So son, you'd better get don’t want to waste any of that fresh cock cream.'

Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 02

fetish Fitnerd7 2018-01-15

Wanting to further hear her lies Laura asked, "Do you know approximately how big your man is, Maddie?" He sometimes buzzes off when his lacrosse team call him." She said this very calmly, but was clearly enraged that her prize man let her down in front of the girl that once was just an easy punching bag, but now not only was way hotter, but showed herself with a guy much more better looking than her own who doesn't just run away for no good reason. Maddie and Laura were recollecting the good ol' times, when Laura dropped the bomb, "Hey Maddie, how does it feel to not be the hottest girl in the room anymore?" I was shocked by her forwardness, but desperately wanted to see where this was going.

The Babysitter (Matt and

fetish Irishqt1980 2018-01-15

“Trust me,” he said softly, “you’re exactly what I want.” His mouth dangerously close to mine, I could smell the whiskey on his breath mingled slightly with the beer he must have had earlier. “I want to watch you,” he said, “as I make you wet, leave your eyes open.” He took a single finger and pulled it through his mouth wetting it before he slid it between my kitty’s lips, barely touching me. “Hmmmm.” He moaned his tongue and teeth worrying the flesh, “I gotta pay attention to the other one darlin’.” He said as he kissed and licked his way over to my left breast.

Jerkboy Life Ch. 05

fetish stratoblaster 2018-01-15

"Up you go, Francine." I used her given name and sure enough, her chin dropped a little and her eyes rolled up at me like a skittish girl while she sidled her mom-bottom toward the towel. Close to done, I sat back in the chair and said, "Francine, use your hand and check how it feels now." She sloe-eyed me and let one arm fall away from clutching her heaving bosom. I dared not suggest what it might feel like with my mouth on it, unless I wanted to spend the rest of the day with Sarah's mom riding my face. With her her head cradled sideways on one arm and me pulling her rump open to snip the curlies around her brownie, Mrs. Landtree told me she hadn't touched herself 'that way' in a long time.

The wet patch

fetish bobsmart 2018-01-15

I think I told you last Christmas that I've always measured the success of a sex session by the size of the wet patch on the bed sheets afterwards. I'd longed to get inside the knickers of my step-s****r, especially after I'd found that especially large wet patch in her bed after she'd had sex with her boyfriend: a wet patch so large that it could only have been made from her having ejaculated or urinated, or perhaps both in her excitement at being fucked by him. I remember well that it was Janaury 8th - Mum and Dad were out, and Bethany had gone back to her Mum's house - and obviously Sally had decided that I had waited long enough.


fetish danlbone 2018-01-15

Paul and I go naked at home, too." Then she asked, "Is the coffee okay? I thought Mary had made it." It tasted like my wife's coffee. Before she reached it, however, I slipped two fingers inside her and moved my my mouth down an inch to tongue her ass. But it also sounded like, except for spanking her sometimes ("Not nearly often enough," she said with a laugh.), Paul was kind of a dud. Two days later, I shook Paul's hand and hugged Jill as they left to return home. "The reason I wanted to talk to you was to let you know that our...well, what we did made it possible for me to handle it without going totally ballistic.

Enema Discipline

fetish amypussy 2018-01-15

"Shhhh, Francine, I want your asshole nice and clean too play in, you know that, now be a good girl while I finish filling your asshole up." Francine Had become able to hold large amounts of fluid in her bowels, and had learned to retain it, if Tom wished her to, for a period of time up to a half an hour, or sometimes a little longer. "I'm a nasty girl, and I like to get fucked in the ass by really big dicks!" Francine gasped in-between slaps. However, Francine told Tom that the discomfort of the urgency, had given way to pleasure, and she was prepared to hold the enema like a "good girl", until he was ready her let her expel.

Tales Of A Slave pt. 3

fetish azid619 2018-01-15

There stood Donna in a dark buttoned up cardigan and a jean skirt just reaching down to her knees and black heeled shin high boots, she was a pretty little blonde haired girl looks a little younger than what she is but she recently celebrated her 19th birthday, she wasn't a big girl but she did have nice curves, a typical hour-glass figure, roughly about 150 - 160lbs in weight, and light blue eyes. "Yes, Master." She replied as she stood up, and began walking over to the door, I caught her slyly rubbing her ass over her skirt as she left into the kitchen, it must be feeling very sore for her. "Hmm.." I groaned, "Lay down flat on your back, maybe I'll look even better from that far down." I grew a cheeky smile as she replied yes master and layed down next to the pile of glass just as she was told.

His New Panties Lead to New Things

fetish jennycnnn 2018-01-15

"I see my little pantyboy likes his new panties." He turned to grab his slacks, "Um, you are not done yet, these next." I held up the matching garter belt. I was having enough of a hard time keeping my boner from sticking out the top of my panties, the front of which are soaked thanks to you and then when you grabbed my garter, it popped out and this happened." He took off his shoes and then dropped his pants in front of me and pushed me back on the bed. He slowly began working his tongue over my soaked panties and within a minute the small fabric of the g-string was now between my lips, blocking the little area I really wanted to feel his tongue on.

Megan Learns Her Lesson

fetish wastedaway 2018-01-15

I cradle her in my arms, as my precious little girl...with the mixtures of master/lover/mentor/father all playing upon my heart...stroking her softness, her curled that she's had such a moment of exertion...and whisper into her ear..."Megan, Megan...I love you darling girl...I love you so very, very you have captured my heart like no other...and have found your place within my soul...where you are always needed...always wanted...always...loved." And with the last words breathed into her...those gorgeous eyes, that make my entire being rejoice, open up and I fall so deeply into them, into she reaches for me to hold us together in a kiss...that lasts from the time I scoop her up into my arms, until I gently lay her down once my bed...where she will be cherished and adored...for the balance of this night...and even longer into the following day.

My crossdress weddingdress and lingerie and my nei

fetish laurennenl 2018-01-15

After I get dressed, I smell the sperm air again and again makes me horny, so I pull myself again and fold the wedding dress like a pussy around my dick and put the gloves in my mouth. I'm all stuck by the reflection of a shopping window, and she loves her wedding dress a bit, she looks pretty good, I think 40-breasted boyfriend 90 C and an Eastern European model, there Live a lot in my area. I follow her and while we walk, I get closer to my house, she walks my door and turns around the corner and again, we are in the street where my garden looks and I decide to go on speak, and ask if she likes the dress.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 02

fetish Tdisk 2018-01-15

The doctor couldn't rule out further increases in her milk production; Mike was sucking her dry every time and her body would do its best to meet the demand. Mike and Becca agreed that if the plan was going to work they'd need at least five days of reduced milking to give it a fair chance and that Becca would probably find these days very difficult. Mike removed a set of leather cuffs, exhibited them to Becca and said she'd be wearing these for the next several days. In the morning on the following day Mike attached a leather cuff snuggly to each of Becca's wrists. The thoughts of her milk dissolved as Becca felt Mike's tongue exploring her pussy.

From Femboi to faggot Madison

fetish BigDaddyJSubStable 2018-01-15

While she licks it up I asked her "why did you cum like a slut being used." She told me "I couldn't help it I could feel each shot of cum in my pussy and it just happened." Frank I both laugh and he says "I have a gift for the slut" and pushes a large plug into her pussy and then locks a metal cage around her little clit tossing me the key saying "we wouldn’t want that thing getting hard." We pay and walk out, she is dressed in sissy ankle socks, lacy frilly panties, a pull ruffle dress, 2 inch heeled pumps and a top with kittens on it.

Strip for Him....

fetish saucyslut07 2018-01-15

I return to stand with my back to him, circling my hips as I start to remove my black silk brassiere and place my arm to cover my 32D breasts, my left hand slides down stomach and into my damp, silk panties. I teasingly ask "Do you want to taste my pussy?" he can just about stifle a moan, "hmmm you didn't say yes" I purred as I removed my hand and lifted my fingers to my mouth to suck my pussy juices off them "Mmm I taste good". I place my foot on his shoulder to give him a nice view of my tight, very wet pussy that is being stretched slightly open for his viewing pleasure, I run my fingers along my slit and dip them into his mouth.

Filling Her Bottom

fetish RayneDor 2018-01-15

It never ceased to amaze him the way that her anal muscles could pull him inside and he thrust deeper, twisting and probing as he fucked her with his eager mouth. She took each thrust and then, with a final lunge, he withdrew entirely, formed his hand into a point, thumb opposed to the beak-like arrow formed by his fingers, and pressed again. He paused and then formed a fist, feeling the pliant softness of her insides caress him like hot velvet, and then her gasps became moans. When he pressed forward, one inch, then two, the sensitive head suddenly touched the hot, satiny flesh inside and they both started at the incredible sensation.

First Thirst

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-15

She dropped her right hand to my tray and picked up a carrot stick. I kept my eye's lowered and watched the carrot come to my lips. Colleen's hand reached my mouth with the carrot stick. I was very confused and didn't know what to do, so I sat there with my hands on the table hoping for the best. Colleen left the carrot sticking from my mouth and stood to leave. I was looking into the deep cleavage formed by her breasts and my eye's slipped into it. I was seeing a real cleavage for the first time in my life and I couldn't pull out. For the first time in my life, I wouldn't be going right home.

Scent and Scentsibility

fetish smellathon 2018-01-15

I glanced up from my concentration on my penis and was startled to see a girl about twenty feet away, watching my actions intently, but in a dispassionate way, showing no sign of flight or fright. She turned around and as I groaned my disappointment, grasped my shaft and gently pulled my foreskin over my penis head, clamping An extraordinary thing happened - she began stroking the underside of my penis head with her index finger, stimulating that rough area of supersensitive male tissue that approximates to the clitoris through my foreskin. bunched and bulged before my first spurt of semen she released my foreskin - a white coil of ejaculate hit her neck and upper edge of her tee shirt.

C.L.A.M.P. Ch. 02

fetish owengreybeard 2018-01-15

My breasts are very small, so I only wear a bra for effect, and went without today, partially because the feeling of my large pierced nipples bobbing on the silk is entrancing, and partly because the combination of the heel and peg really makes my little boobs snap when I walk, and I can reach orgasm easily with just a short hike. It molds in your fingers and moves if you shake it a little, just like your magnificent breast, doesn't it?" I shook my stump within her grasp, and she opened her eyes to watch as the ripples of motion wove across the spongy mass.

Lindsey's sexy feet part 2

fetish goofiegumdrops 2018-01-15

I sat there massaging her gorgeous foot whilst she took long drags from the joint when she then lent forward and put the spliff between her big and second toes, with a wickedly sexy grin in her face she raised her foot to my face. Before taking a drags from the spliff between her beautiful toes I started at her heel and kissed my way slowly up the sole, inhaling the hot sexy scent from her perfectly sexy foot. Whilst I was orally pleasing her feet I watched as Lindsey with her eyes shut was softly moaning as she played with her soaking wet pussy.

Brod: Bulging and Shopping

fetish Sarkopheros 2018-01-15

My strong hands gripped her thighs, pulling her feet from the ground, holding her like a wheelbarrow as I pounded her body, her hands gripping the edge of the desk tightly, the side of her face lowering against cool wood, her eyes fluttering.  I kept pounding her, bouncing her against her desk, my cock's bulge showing exactly where it was, stretching her belly outwards as it pumped up and down. "Mmm," I sighed as I put my hands on her belly, pulling back with a long schluuurrrr-pop. My cock bounced slightly, painted white, dripping precum, Droplets of spunk splattered on the floor. You're like a clydesdale!" the girl slowly got back to her feet, looking down at her soaked khakis and polo shirt, semen dripping from her hands.

A hundred and one things I want to do to a woman,

fetish 2018-01-15

Sure, I can lick her till she screams, as I've done hundreds of times before and always stopped when she told me to, or I can go to the next level, perhaps with an audience of her friends. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt her, I simply couldn't, but I know that she is wearing her pheromones (she didn't wash after going pee) and as soon as I get that taste in my mouth, I won't be able to get enough of her. Of course I'd like to get off on this when I'm done, but I know I'm not going to because this is all for her.

My fantasy

fetish moseyeslee 2018-01-15

As he squeezes I feel the pain shoot through my body and I start to suck and jerk harder...harder...gagging on that big dick. Here it comes...his cock is so huge....I start to feel the hot cum at the tip of his dick and I jerk harder, opening my mouth and looking at him. Can I eat your cum?" His cock is starting to tense up, so I fuck him harder and harder. It starts to hurt just a little as I feel his dick pulsating, filling my ass with cum. I feel the dick in my pussy wanting to cum, so I look him in the eyes, "You want me to eat your cum?" I ask.


fetish Sharina_Stone 2018-01-15

Images of Alysa's uncrossed legs under the table, her short skirt hiked up to show her crotch, thighs spread a little bit to show the lacey material that covered her pussy flashed in my head, Alysa wiping her pussy with the clean white tissue just moments ago, her foot propped on the toilet opening her legs, this napkin rubbing against her vagina for hours and my dick rubbing against her pussy...I fantasized how my cock was sliding back and forth between Alysa's bare outer pussy lips, sliding slowly into the crack of her moist vagina, inserting the head slowly...breaking through Alysa's hymen, some bleeding...Alysa whimpering, "aww...awww...ffff...sir..." fucking her slowly, gently at first, my dick going in and out of Alysa, then pounding on her pussy doggie-style, both my hands on her floral dress hiked up over her hips, her arms propped over the boardroom table as she looked back deep into my eyes, her fresh scent and the smell of sex filling the room, me fucking Alysa, in and out, in and out...all these images all came to mind in quick succession until...BOOM!

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 04

fetish Duke567 2018-01-15

Alexa had me lie back and kiss her pussy while Kate kept sucking on my locked cock. Finally, as Kate started to suck on my balls, Alexa came to another hard orgasm. After both girls had cum, Jen took my hard cock and oh so lightly rubbed it up and down her wet pussy. I couldn't believe how much these three girls, Kate, Alexa, and Jen, were able to make me so frustrated and horny, and how much they were getting sexually charged from my denial. She was naked in seconds, teasing and torturing my locked cock!" I wish I didn't have to lie to Kate, but I know that I couldn't tell her about the secret hey, and Alexa's teasing and denial sessions.