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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Bondage Introduction

fetish Hosieryboy 2018-01-15

I told her that I saw the reinforcements in her nylons and it immediately got my attention. I quickly said that she looked great and did not have to change but she told me flat out that I would enjoy the outfit she was going to return in. I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for her and the coffee when she entered she was wearing a red silk robe, knee length with her black reinforced heel and toe nylons in a pair of red 5" mules. Linda took my hand and led me into the living room and we sat on the sofa and starting kissing as my hand immediately went to her nylons sliding up and down on her silky thighs.

A Debate with Man Pig

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-01-15

Man pig: Then I mean when the actions of the woman go against the cultural norms of their society and especially when they break the associated vows within their own custom. Ally: Then my choice is to kowtow to laws made by men, be subjugated in a patriarchal society, or be denigrated as a slut! Ally: Yes man pig; I am joking, but back to what we were discussing: Do my views seem a feminist bias? Man pig: Laws are written for the benefit of all society, not just men, but women too. Ally: Consider man pig, original societies were matriarchal in design. Ally: A Goddess is eternal, man pig. (Man pig withdraws and I call in the three men who will worship their Goddess as is the true nature of things.)

Cum Party

fetish jjdtx 2018-01-15

As he got near her head, his huge cock began to spray a large shot of cum, most of which landed squarely across Lisa's nose, running down both sides of her face. Just as he finished, the guy with the heart shaped trim began to shoot his load, aiming for her mouth, he covered her lips and chin completely, then fired several more shots on her neck. After the second guy three others began to unload, one coating her breasts, one her forehead and hair and the other her right cheek and adding to the puddles on her eyes. One guy added to the cum on her face, while another dropped his second load in her hair.

Should I cont.

fetish 2018-01-15

Clothes were off now and she pushed my head to her medium size cock I thought. I said" I'm not good at it, I dont want to mess up the mood" she said,"Remember this when you do it!!" She swallowed my dick for 10 mins just gagging, splittin, strokin, and keep massaging my asshole. Well that lil cock, was not so lil, and I choked,spit,gagged, and she keep sayin,"thats it, no teeth baby, you want my cum?" I didnt answer, becuz I want to try, but I didnt want to admit it. Then she starts, and I, not sure I want her cum, so as soon as I pull away, she f***es it down my throat!

Rhiannon: A Story Of Being A Girl

fetish Sateema Lunasi 2018-01-15

Looking up with large blue eyes, Rhiannon beheld in front of her, a long black limousine with smoked windows. No answer still, just a look away and a graceful and gloved hand splayed over Rhiannon’s knee and thigh. The door opened and the graceful and beautiful creature of a man stepped out first, followed by Rhiannon. There in the mirror, was the body and frame of a beautiful woman...tall and slender with small, but perfectly rounded breasts, long legs and graceful lines to her body...and strapped carefully at her hips was the intricate workings of a fake cock, currently being pumped into Rhiannon’s anus at a deafening speed and fever, behind a golden thatch of quite womanly pubic hair.

The Return of Justin D'Enfer Ch. 08

fetish The Needler 2018-01-15

Justin came around front and worked Mabel's tits over from the front, slapping them at various degrees of force, making them wobble from his abuse. "I loved pumping my tits." Mabel said as Justin encircled her breasts with five rubber bands each, snapping them in place and making here wince. Reaching into her bag, Justine pulled out a two cup breast milker and readied them with some sterile lubrication, "I do agree with you, Mabel, I like pumping these things dry. Mabel smiled, and said, "Stick it in here, let me taste that forbidden fruit once more." He stuck it between her gums, and she sucked it hard are her body started to shake, and her own orgasm build to the summit.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 03

fetish MistressMtoyou 2018-01-15

He is quite submissive and seems to be aroused by a number of fetishes, but he professes to be most interested in being gradually transformed into a sissy maid and forced to serve in various ways. That said, I realize that I have allowed the Tammy situation to go on too long and must force a conclusion even if it means the end of my control over Muffin. Too sweet for a guy like you who spends his time dressing up like a sissy maid and begging permission to cum. "You're dressed as a sissy maid and you want me to believe you've never thought about sucking cock before?"

Sexy Milky Sisters

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-01-15

As she walked back to Sammy crib and picked up the crying baby boy, Bonnie could feel his little hands grabbing at the robe that he must have recognized as his mother's. Bonnie slipped the straps down her sister's arms and the bra fell away revealing Donna's pair of huge, milk-engorged breasts. When she noticed the bottle was full Donna set it aside and returned to fondling Bonnie's huge breasts and gently pinching, twisting and pulling her big, hard nipples with her left hand as she rubbed her hard clit and fingered her wet pussy with her right. Donna reached inside her half-opened shirt and undid the other flap on the nursing bra and shifted little Sammy to her other breast.

The Imaginary Bikini

fetish Rainbow Skin 2018-01-15

Even today in this heat when Mandika was wearing the lightest of her summer garments and chafing at the unwonted tightness of her underwear, cool-as-a-cucumber Alexandra was in her usual enclosure, her black hair flopping over her shoulders and getting in her eyes. 'I said pity you can't…,' Mandika began, fading out as she saw Alexandra's calculating look. With trembling hand Mandika dabbed red paint down her crack, hesitated on her anus, then as Alexandra showed no sign of moving from the submissive posture, gave one last brush right over that. 'Let the rest dry then spread your legs on that bench,' said Mandika, and a minute later she was kneeling in front of a musky, juice-flowing vulva, touching her wet brush carefully to the outer labia, making them flushed with red.

Peeing in the Company Attic

fetish leaky_one 2018-01-15

Beneath Natasha's gorgeously curved bare bum cheeks continued to play her hot golden pee stream as she squirted her pussy shower into the tub. For a second though, Natasha fantasised about the other girls she worked with, imaging each one in turn squatting down with their panties off, and showering the wall of the tub with a hot jetting stream of golden pee from their pussy lips. Natasha couldn't decide which she preferred more; pussy hairs like her own pubic forest nestling around her love lips or the schoolgirl look with a hairless crack squirting golden piss from a fully open pee hole.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 13

fetish Many Feathers 2018-01-15

With Bella up in her room no doubt changing into god knows what for dinner, and DeeDee likewise "freshening up," mom turned to me. I did ask mom to see what she might be willing to do in the way of keeping dad occupied with something else however, just in case he wanted to stay up and sort of keep an eye on things. "So come on...shall we?" She asked looking directly at me now, her eyes no longer focused on DeeDee. I knew what she was doing, and why. "Grab us some towels David?" Bella asked, and then turned walking bare-assed naked, and so very slowly towards the pool.

At Your Desk

fetish rockyandsissydave 2018-01-15

When the package had arrived at my hotel that morning, I looked inside and found a black short skirt, a white shirt, silk stockings, a black garter belt, purple silk panties, a white silk bra and black shoes, along with a list of instructions and a long gift wrapped box. As you slid your hand so slowly up my stockings, you said, "Keep working, good girl." Your hand went up under my skirt and to my hip as you pulled me directly in front of you. Your fingers move between my legs and as I kiss your neck and ear, you gently stroke my dripping pussy and smile at me as you calm down my body in your hands.

Alexis's Revenge Ch. 02

fetish WantingMore411 2018-01-15

Pulling herself away from the scene in the kitchen Wendy turned back to witness her 18-year-old stepbrother Maxwell lifting his hips off of the couch while bracing his legs on the floor for the final push that sent his sperm shooting out of his cock burst after burst of hot gooey white cum into the air towards his girlfriends face; the threesome scene in the movie had shocked and surprised her which left her mouth partially open as the first and second glob of cum landed on the corner of her lips and cheek and while she started to pull away she was not quick enough and some of the salty warm liquid found its way into her mouth and down the back of her throat, the rest of Maxwell's load landed on her face and in her hair.


fetish seththesexgeek 2018-01-15

As the group talked about the film, Bunny pushed hard for a dancing scene ( we couldn't show nudity), At first we didn't want to but eventually we worked it out provided that she could actually dance. I could feel she about to cum and when she did she yelled "Bunny loves cock!" at the top of her voice and started to fuck me even faster and deeper. "Are you going to cum for naught Bunny?" I said fuck yes and asked her where she wanted my cum. "On my face!" "Bunny wants it" She said as she hopped of my dick and told me to finally stand up. "Bunny love your cock, and wants your cum on her face." she teased as I got closer to popping.

They Can't Help Themselves

fetish zrob 2018-01-15

Randi took Ryan's cock back into her mouth, now turning her head as she sucked him, her lips twisting on his straining shaft causing sharp sensations of pleasure to course through the young man's body. Shonda's head arched back, her mouth open, her eyes squeezed shut and as her body began to spasm, Randi saw a thick, creamy liquid begin to build at the base of Curtis's thick cock as he filled her pussy to the brim. She got her chance at a double-team later while sitting backwards on Ryan's lap, his hard shaft buried deep into her pussy, while Curtis stood next to her on the couch, Randi moaning loudly as she sucked him off.

Rita's Lascivious Trap.

fetish NutSackles 2018-01-15

Rita removes herself from your face so you can see Mrs. Jessica sucking you off like crazy with her big juicy Latino lips, and Brittany standing next to her, with one of her hands grabbing Mrs. Jessica's hair, pushing her head down as far as it can on your rock hard cock. Mrs. Jessica is staring right in to your eyes, she starts to really shake her tits, moving up around your cock and you now feel the cum pulsing up your hard shaft. The feeling is so intense; the view of your cock sliding up and down in between Rita's plump ass cheeks as Mrs. Jessica is squeezing them together and Brittany clutching the base of your now swollen dick is driving you crazy.

The Born Sub

fetish ShadowWhisper 2018-01-15

"No, Mistress, but I know I don't want anyone else." She stood up, turned on one elegant, black, patent heel and strolled away from him, her dress brushing against him as she moved, her perfume seducing him, hypnotizing him, tearing his soul from his body and possessing him. With no further ado she walked round him and left the room, one man opening a door to one side for her to pass through whilst another presented Michael with a piece of paper on a silver tray. The man smiled back in complete understanding and extended his arm for Michael to walk away from his name, from his past and from his ability to resist; into his new life.

Dream Sequence

fetish cavannarose 2018-01-15

"Don't dare what?" you licked my neck again, this time letting your tongue wander up to my jaw line, then brought your mouth to my ear, nibbling on the lobe. You slipped your other arm around my waist, pulling me against you, and slid a hand under my shirt to cup one pert breast, tweaking the nipple while you kept up your assault on my clit. You leaned in and captured one nipple in your mouth, flicking over it with your tongue, sucking hard as you slid your other hand back between my legs, fingers delving into my slick centre. Letting out your breath slowly, laying across my body for a moment, head resting between my breasts, you grin.

Dream or Reality

fetish mstwistedangel 2018-01-15

It seemed like hours that he kept pushing his fingers in, getting them to the knuckles, holding them there for a few moments, then gently easing them back, repeating the process over and over until finally he pushed it a little further and managed to work his hand in past the knuckles. I could feel him curling his fingers to tuck them in, once his hand was nearly all the way inside me, the knuckles just barely in, my pussy stretched to the widest part of his hand, and then, I felt him push it the last bit in and realized his entire hand was inside me, all the way to his wrist. With fist still buried deep inside my pussy, he turned his body giving my mouth access to his cock and I started sucking him.

I suck Cock Better than my Wife Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-01-15

He took his cock in hand and lifted it up as he very nicely said, "I've been thinking all night about you sucking my cock, I hope that you are ready." I pointed his cock head straight at my mouth as I licked his head with a very wet, hot tongue. He put both hands on my head and slowly (thank God)pushed his cock all the way in my mouth until my lips were flush against his pubic bone. "Oh man, I've never cum like this, I've never been blown like this" he said as he held my head while his cock was deep in my mouth. "Oh Gosh, where did you learn to suck cock like that, my wife needs lessons" he said.

Straight A's for BBC

fetish JamieLikesToWrite 2018-01-15

Okay, okay, now that I have more experience, I know that a big part of me *liked* the degrading nature of being some rich boy's back-street girl. It was an incredible fall, and I spent a delirious amount of time either on my back on or my knees, in a hotel room or a dorm room, sucking and fucking every jock cock that that came near me. Of course the state college team didn't bother to *play* in this tournament, they were way above that level, but I never really knew what that meant until I saw them getting ready for a practice. these *men* were *all* black, and they were an average of 6 inches taller than the boys at my school, and their bodies were a chiseled perfection that I had never seen before.


White Girls Love BBC

fetish SafeSexting 2018-01-15

hole rotations had made me addicted to the musk of black cock and balls. to breathe in the musk of a black cock, like a junkie addicted to sniffing sack and breathe in his ball smell, satisfying my need for black musk. smell of black cock and balls at my nose made my ass stick out still sucked and got fucked every which way, but the musk of black cock, how I needed to breathe in his big black ball smell, how I would go crazy sack and breathed in the musky smell of black cock and balls. I liked this guy, and I loved his huge cock and balls I need your big black cock up my little pussy.

The Colony Party Ch. 13

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-01-15

By the time the last kid was put into his bed and both of them returned to the community hall, the music had stopped on the terrace and Divya thought the parents would come soon return to their homes and she would be able to go home, after handing over the master key to the President. Her BF came down, with a big smile on his face and said seeing Divya, "Doesn't she look wonderful with such a hairstyle." Divya just nodded and the man went outside the building. Anjali retorted, "No, you're lying." The barber started brushing the hair and took out a rubber band.

Fundelight's First Lapdance

fetish mumfreds 2018-01-15

At different times I noticed Rick and Josh sneaking a peek at Fun. They both had steady eye contact when they were talking to her and when they thought she wasn't looking they would quickly look up and down her body. Josh, who must have felt comfortable and returned the favor and put his arm around Fun's firm waist and rested his open hand on her leather skirt over her hip. As she placed her hand on her lower back and began to gyrate her hips, moving her pussy back and forth into Rick's face. We were all fairly tipsy and the guys had a good time dancing and playing around with Fun. Under her sparkling dress she didn't have any underwear and I relaxed the rule allowing them to touch her.