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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

After Dinner Drinks Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2018-01-15

I tried to finger the cloth aside on one leg to gain access to her hole and Diana got up quickly, slid them down entirely and sat back down naked over my mouth. Then, my orgasm still raging upward and incomplete and me trying to enter her ass while still in the thrusting phase, her sphincter pushed outward and my mouth filled with a huge sudden glop of thick syrupy whitish goo. "Oh, Diana, you are wonderful," I responded, "now I've swallowed his sperm and you can't accuse me of fucking her husband!" and then I kissed her deeply for about five minutes, swishing our tastes into a mélange of sweet, pungent, and salty.

Young Master Ch. 03

fetish bi_hengst 2018-01-15

I was ready for one more try at kicking that football, as I slipped on her panties and felt the lace rub my cock maddeningly...her stockings kissing my legs continually with softness...the garters she helped me put on tugging at them in constant reminder...a corset clinched tight around me in a lover's embrace giving me a slightly womanly curve, making me light headed and giddy from lack of breath...the short ruffled skirt and low cut top, made for only just covering my girlish ass, that is until I twirled to turn around or bent over to pick up things...the little bonnet, so innocent and erotic at the same time.

Proud Holders Ch. 01

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-15

Should you choose to leave us before completing the course I must warn you that we are regularly approached for references and we have a duty of candour to those who approach us in good faith. Please note that all bathroom and toilet use will be strictly supervised at all times - either by Matron or myself. If any of the ladies foresee that happening you must tell Matron and she will issue you with our approved sanitary protection, your use of which will take place strictly under our close supervision." You're all adults and Matron and I firmly believe you should be able to view whatever you wish during that generous allocation of 'me time' which we've worked into the timetable for you.

Chloe Ch. 02

fetish SplendidSpunk 2018-01-14

The ladies room was big and not empty, a couple of women were at the sinks reapplying their make up or washing their hands as Liz had me pull my dress up so she could change my diaper. I was afraid of what a "sitter' might be and while I relished my time with Liz and Cathy and felt shocked by the ways they were finding to humiliate me, I wanted still to be with them. Cathy shouted and both Liz and Claire fell quiet and looked at me between Louise's legs and at my wet mouth and then at Louise's red and swollen cunt, her cum dripping from her labia and onto the coffee table.


fetish PleasureDaddy 2018-01-14

As you unzip your jacket I slide my arms around your waist, Holding you close and kissing your neck, I smell the cold in your hair, and the linger of perfume. I rub your neck and slowly run my hands over your breast in the towel, massaging gently. Leaving a towel wrapped around your waist, I take the other towel and dry your back and shoulders, rubbing your arms I gently nudge you towards my dresser with the mirror. I slowly stand and begin to firmly rub the towel between you legs. I place my hand on your back and kiss the lovely Y where your ass begins. I pull you close, kissing, my hands rubbing, feeling your back, your cheeks.

Helen's Face Slave

fetish ossforyou 2018-01-14

"Dear Helen, I am a very submissive man who truly loves being face sat by big aggressive ladies. "Hello Ed, From your last e-mail it appears our desires might match, but I want to ask you a few more questions and if I like the answers we will set up a meeting some place to discuss things before I decide to use you as my face slave. As I mentioned before, Aunt Marge's favorite way of being orally serviced was sitting on my face, so I am ready to service you in that way Helen. Aunt Marge was also a control type of dominant woman, and would often secure my arms and feet as I orally serviced her.

Fetish Revealed Ch. 2

fetish ausielover69 2018-01-14

We raced into the house Sharons tongue found mine as we kissed ,my dress was raised my panties pulled aside and I felt Carols hot mouth envelope my cock . Sharon took her dress off revealing firm breasts and no panties , her pussy was trimmed and glistening .We found the bedroom and we fell onto the bed launching into a wonderful 69 .Her juices flowed as I pushed my face into her steaming cunt , her moans were muffled by my own as she took my whole cock down her throat.

Carsick Christie

fetish CJPorter 2018-01-14

So while we're waiting for it to happen you should say some stuff like 'oh I don't feel so good' or 'I feel really car sick'. "I don't know" roger said to Christie, in his terrible acting voice. I feel pretty nauseous." Christie said, clutching her stomach. Christie pressed her hand to her pink lips, and for a moment, I thought she was going to be sick, ten minutes early. "Oh NO!" Dave shouted, realizing Christie hadn't gotten out of the car like she was supposed to. Christie nodded, and wait for the next wave, she managed to look at the camera and say, "Oh gosh, I sure was carsick. Dave got a towel out of the trunk and Christie wiped her puke off herself.

Sniffing Stinky Ass At A Concert

fetish panteeluvr 2018-01-14

She dropped something on the floor, and when she bent over to pick it up, I saw dark brown stains on her white shorts, where they had been wedged up her crack! Her friend left and came back five minutes later handing the smelly-bum girl two beer, one of which she put on the top of her folded seat, the other she held on to drinking. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she grabbed some tissues from her purse and shoved them down her backside, wiping up all her ass sweat!! When I was close, I looked around, and grabbed the girl's beer from her seat.

I don't know what to say...

fetish Kanabelah 2018-01-14

I want to press my forehead against yours and sweep the hair that frames your face to the side, and gently rub my nose against yours, and let my hands rest against your powdery soft, glowing skin, and kiss all the breath out of you. And I want to get drunk, and kiss you, and press you against a wall, and hike one of your stupidly gorgeous legs around my waist, and bite at the skin of your shoulder and your décolletage, and run my hands up the inside of your thighs and not even bother with your underwear (which I'm sure would be super cute, and pretty, just like you, and oh god did I just write that?

Hottest 3way part 1.

fetish niagaraguy72 2018-01-14

"Mmm" she said, "I love a man that shaves" She licked and sucked my balls and kissed up and down the shaft of my cock, teasing me, never actually putting my dick inside her mouth. "Because you were so good, you can either fuck my pussy or my ass." I told her I wanted to lay on my back, have her ride me to I could have my hands free to play with her tits and ass, but I also wanted her hubby to stick his cock in my mouth. Her husband lowered his half erect, sticky cock into my mouth and I started to pump her pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Entree Ch. 11

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-14

It was here, amongst the heavenly objects created by a just god, I would find her, my lover, my mistress' left hand. Over and over the wicked hand brought me to the brink of orgasm only to stop me short, while this lady started telling me of a game. I was allowed to be myself, or at least the way I saw myself through the eyes of my mistress and her hand. We learned our places in all worlds, in all relations to our mistresses and played to win the game in each. My mistress followed me and came to stand over me with her hands on her hips, legs spread, feet planted firm.


Payback from his BBW wife.

fetish amazonfan 2018-01-14

He gasped, "Please get off me darling, you are hurting me".He was surprised at her tone as she replied, "No chance David, I am going to stay at least until I have finished my breakfast and then if I am going to systematically go through everything I found you looked at while I was not with you". As she finished her breakfast she sat back, "I bet it is really starting to hurt now David, is it turning you on to have me crushing you" ? "Welcome back David, I am going to trample on you now, I have seen that and it looks great fun and it must really hurt".

The Fall of Batgirl

fetish dargiffe 2018-01-14

Fastly Poison Ivy takes the vial of kryptonite and pour it in the heroine mouth, slowly life goes back in Barbara's body and the change works so well on her, her skin becomes so pale with pinky lips and her eyes are so green. Poison Ivy cums so hard and Barbara drinks all the liquor "Rise now my love, you're now Ivy girl" says Poison Ivy. To these words Ivy girl stands up and stay still, Poison Ivy goes down takes off the panties of her lover and taste them mmmm, then she gives to Ivy girl her new outfit a pair of green pantyhose and a green tight suit which shows her tits, her sexy body and her cameltoe.

100 Confessions of a "Straight" White Male

fetish Enterracial 2018-01-14

I like the fact that my penis doesn't feel so small when I slide into girls' lingerie because the front area where my little boy clitty hangs is way tighter than men's underwear. She made me tuck my penis back underneath my butt asking with pushing my testicles in-between my legs after shaving my pubes as smooth as a baby's ass and invited her older sister and hometown bestie to laugh at how I looked like a teenaged girl with my wide hips and fat ass. There's no better feeling than the thirty or forty-five seconds I'm pulling apart my ass cheeks, spreading my girly bubble butt as far as physically possible, and having a random big black guy I just met get a perfect view of my tight little helpless asshole.

the shrink -pt1

fetish lustydog 2018-01-14

she looked pretier than ever in her tight pants revealing a cute ass,and in a more smiling mood.most of the times i avoid to look at her face cause whenever i do i lose my concentration and i sounded like a broken record or an infant. it was so clear that she realised that and enjoyed it very much, many times i had caught myself trying unsucesfully to avoid eye contact, the follow up of the c***dish talk and her shiny eyes would usually check my hands that started to create shapes in ther air, far away from the table and any position of tranquility.

Grab a Groom

fetish tarred 2018-01-14

Rich was pushed on and covered in rancid milk 'Three weeks old...' sneered Harriet, BBQ sauce which Kate sprayed in his eyes and smeared down his legs and boots, and margarine from Pauline who took a catering container and shampooed his blond hair, she roughly scrubbed the thick fat into his locks until his head was heavy and unrecognisable. Hilary wiped his eyes clean, he looked around and saw that he was covered in thick, sticky tar and the wheelbarrow was full hiding his legs and burning crotch. 'He managed to crawl back to the yard about four hours later, he looked like a walking muck heap.' She smiled to herself. I looked across to the yard and saw a smiling Richard surrounded by the female staff in the outdoor arena.

A One-Time Encounter Ch. 01

fetish oster0000 2018-01-14

Before the door closes, my hands are exploring your ass, your breasts and your dripping pussy as we lock in a passionate, open mouth, panting kiss. Knowing that I needed a few minutes to get control of my body, I lay back on the bed and tell you I want to eat your beautiful, bald snatch. With one hand you rub my head and the other you reach back and stroke my cock and rub my swollen balls, allowing your nails to continue teasing my now sweating flesh. You squeeze my sack with your hand, then lightly scratch with those long, pink nails, and we both feel the contractions start to begin.

Liza's in Control

fetish shyones 2018-01-14

"Well, I'm beginning to forget what panties feel like," I laughed. Ms. Thomas wanted to know why you were running around without panties. It all made perfectly good sense to me now as I sat there holding her, as she played with her panties. "You're going to have to press really hard, there, to prevent the accident that is headed our way if you don't let me up soon, though," I joked, trying to get her to understand the gravity of the situation. When my pussy and butt had both been cleaned, she drew the panties back over my mound and continued to suck, making them smell of her saliva, my urine and cum.

Tommy's Further Adventures

fetish lsa3 2018-01-14

When he finally pulled out, Tommy was right there to clean Scott's cock with his mouth and suck out the last bit of cum. She asked him if he was clean and he said "yes, with Scott coming over, I didn't know if I was going to get fucked so I wanted to be ready." She then helped him into the sling and started putting the restraints on him and fastening them to the loops on the support ropes. Meanwhile, Darnell and Denzel felt like they were completely inside Tommy (which they were.) They were working with long strokes, both going all the way in at the same time while holding Tommy's head and waist.

Sandra Gets Off Line

fetish Karen Kraft 2018-01-14

Sandra took a dispassionate look at herself in the mirror and decided that she would never be tall enough to model high fashion, but she was determined to work in front of a camera if her life depended on it. "Oh, no, I didn't mean it that way," Sandra said, wiping a genuine tear from her cheek, "I just meant that they made her up the way people shave poodles for dog shows -- you know, so they look more like clouds than dogs." As the modeling jobs grew more and more scarce for Sandra, and the client's business kept him away for long periods of time, Sandra became restless and began to feel guilty that she had not done the work necessary to discard "the kid thing" and re-invent herself in some other productive form.

Natalie Is Kidnapped

fetish thefootprint 2018-01-14

I couldn't help but notice your cute little feet in those hose and high heels and I couldn't help but wonder what they looked like" I answer teasingly. "Well won't mind if I try anyway, will you?" With that, I pick up the feather and begin briskly brushing the end across your soles. "Ahhhhhh perfect...Your feet look so cute when your soles are wrinkled up like that". I get on my knees (face level with your feet due to the blocks under the bed) and place my face in both your soles. I place your feet back on the bed before getting up and walking away. I again, command you to point your toes so that I can see and feel the soft wrinkles on your soles.

Joey's Powers Part One

fetish Ahorny1 2018-01-14

You in collar with a leash, you in a private school outfit on the computer and playing with you lips, and you fuck your twin s*s’s brains out with a strap on!” He said yelling and pointing at each woman in the private room. “Y-You really keep seeing that?” one woman said. It looks like there’s something on your mind…” asking with concern. “I had known some things that I never really noticed before” she said think back into her days. As he stretch his legs, he saw that candie isn’t at her office. then candie came in and asked "she didn't really had a spider on her shirt did she?" "well she gotta earn that pay check one way or another..." he said.

Auntie's Milk

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-01-14

I could hear Auntie making little noises as she nursed her baby. And she seemed disappointed when the baby drifted off to sleep without relieving Aunty of her full bounty of milk, or her obvious arousal. But this has little flaps to expose my nipples." She pulled one flap back and there, sitting a foot from me, my Auntie exposed a huge, dark expanse of tightly wrinkled aureole and a nipple that looked like a plum. I felt Auntie's hand on my thigh, close to my cock. Auntie moaned like she did when little Jessica fed, but louder and lustier and right in my ear. As I gulped and swallowed Aunties sweet milk, I felt her release my cock from its confinement.