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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jane Entertains Ch. 02

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-01-14

You pick up your wine glass, then the cuffs and walk to me, hand outstretched, a smile of anticipation on your face. I reach up and lightly stroke your face, my hands caressing your neck, shoulder, down to your soft, full breasts. I position you to face the couch, attach one end of the rope to the clip holding your wrist cuffs together, pull on the other end and start bringing your arms up. She is dressed exactly like you and Diana are; she is leaning back, one hand playing with her large lush tits, the other lightly stroking the crotch of the guy sitting next to her.

Playing Games

fetish alex_wd 2018-01-14

"Time to guess another letter," I said as I pulled her blonde hair out This time I took a rather long rope, with a noose at one end, and guards took hold of one of the girl's legs and raised it up until it was precariously, the noose tightening a little more around her neck every time "Ieh," she said, and this time when she spoke the noose was tight enough weight of her body was forcing the noose to close more and more tightly fell forward a bit so that most of her weight was taken by the guard and I placed my hand under her raised leg for a moment, taking some of the

A Goth Boy's Hot Fantasy

fetish 2018-01-14

During one of the Ministry's hit songs, as i was rocking to the instrumental, there was this hot looking girl who wore these sexy black fishnet ripped stockings, with a punk schoolgirl skirt, with a dark pink rocker corset top, and goth rebel boots. I said, "Hey, you sexy girl, come sit on Ace's lap, and tell me your name." She said, "Well, you big stud, my name is Scarlet, and I had this dream of fucking a rocker like you." I was stunned. Scarlet then proceeded to mount my cock and she rode it as hard and hot as a porn star that i see in the movies and on the internet on my tour bus. She fucking rocked and rode my cock so hard again that i moaned and she knew that i was gonna cum.

Untie Me, Clayton!

fetish Selena Down 2018-01-14

I wanted so badly to grab the back of his head and shove his face into my whole crotch, but I knew Clayton would take care of me. And I'll fuck you good and hard." He uncuffed my ankles from the bed, leaving the spreader bar on my legs. "I'll fuck you REAL good and hard, baby!" He lifted my legs up to my chest. He was thrusting hard and deep into my wet hole, his fingers twisting my nipples. As he fucked me hard, his tongue rammed deep into my mouth, his kiss leaving me in an ocean of pleasure and pain. "You like my hard cock in your wet pussy, don't you, you slut?" he said smiling.

Fucking Surprise

fetish Ally_boy 2018-01-14

Both men had held my head by gripping my soft blonde curls tightly in a huge fist, pulling and twisting on my nipples till they burned and throbbed, while I stroked the thick lengths of their cocks, impossible for me to get my hands completely around, and lovingly caressed the large balls, squeezing them softly as jet after jet of thick Negro cum hit the back of my throat and coated my slurping tongue, spraying my sucking mouth and filling my stomach.


fetish hotRobertXX 2018-01-14

On Saturday I arrived at the station at 1pm and she was there waiting all dressed up in her teams colours and I laughed as she looked like a little girl going to the football with her father. I put my hand down and held my cock against her pussy lips and slid it up and down wetting it with her cum juices. She said she wanted me and to put it in so I pressed it's head in and she moaned, still holding it I used my fingers to stretch her apart to stop pulling her pussy lips in with my cock. Ammy asked me how big my cock was and when I told her 8inches she said thank goodness she didn't see it before I put it in,

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-14

When Amy had gone home I took Patty to bed and made love to her, enjoying the sensations of thrusting into her wet slippery hairy pussy. It was with some surprise then that when I came home from work one day and Patty had already finished, as she was on an early shift, she greeted me with "Amy is coming round this Friday night to be our subby slut." "Pardon." I replied, not quite registering what Patty had said. I said, "Amy is coming round on Friday night to be our slutty little sub." "What do you mean darling?" Patty then explained to me that since our evening and meal with Amy she had been spending a long time talking to her at work.

The Hair and the Rose Garden

fetish sethp 2018-01-14

John stood up to stretch and truthfully get a better view into Millie's windows, and noticed what looked like shoes sticking out from behind a little hedge that framed a small rock path beside a row of rose bushes. John leaned forward and picked up a handful of Millie's hair with one hand and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs with his other hand. "Uh, sorry I...." John started but was cut off as Millie's hand grabbed his cock purposefully. Millie, not waiting for an answer, pulled up her shirt, exposing her wondrous breasts and large, hard nipples. John's hands made their way up Millie's back and entwined in her wet, soft hair. John started to buck his hips forward, driving his cock deeper into Millie's mouth.

Fight of Love

fetish 2018-01-14

I met my wife in college, when she walked into class a knew I was in love with her! Hanna was 6 feet 7 inches tall, pure muscle, short red hair. Throughout class to keep on looking at her muscles, it was as if they were sculpted into her body. My mind was on Hanna and her perfect body! All I could think of as I watched her walk away how I would do anything for her! I Cared less all that I knew was that Hanna had told me to meet her and I was going to. As I walked up and rang the bell, Hanna opened the door smiling down at me. Hanna looked down on me.

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet

fetish writemarksmith 2018-01-14

Emily then moved her feet onto my lap and asked me if I would give them a rub. At first I didn't do anything, nervous that my friend would call an end to this, but as he started to unbutton her blouse and suck her nipple and she stared right into my eyes and put her foot in my face. She moaned loudly at the sensation of having her nipple sucked and her feet kissed and then went back to kissing Brad. She puled out his cock, got on top of her, and I ended up kissing her feet and legs on the couch while my friend fucked her.

She Needed More

fetish cuckedbywife 2018-01-14

Our sex life started to get boring and for a long time I thought our marriage would not work. One night she came home late, she told me she had been out with a couple of girlfriends drinking. Just as I got up the courage to go inside she walked out with a guy and headed for her car. She stood by her car talking for a long time, at first it looked innocent. It looked like he was just walking her to her car and she was about to come home. They finished and I walked away, got into my car and left feeling ashamed but still aroused.

Messy Riding Lessons Ch. 05

fetish tarred 2018-01-14

I laughed "Oh you naughty little groom!" I grabbed a bucket of lumpy rice pudding and started to smear it over her body, taking special attention to her gluey crotch, reaching into her treacle filled panties I ensured she had rice everywhere and slipped my finger into her moist pussy, fluttering across her clit which brought moans of pleasure. I cut her bra away freeing her covered breasts, licking some of the sweet goo from her engorged nipples before coating them with runny ice cream, Sarah gasped through the gag as the icy mess touched her sensitive skin. I looked down at Sarah, covered in messy food and oil smiling, a good start I thought and reached for the buckets of gloss paint I had waiting.

Chav lads bring in new cock for me

fetish Erocus 2018-01-14

I licked Nicky’s hard sexy body licking all the way down to his dick which I went down on deep taking his large cock and licking his balls at same time, while Jamie smoked normal cigs as did Danny as they watched saying things like u sexy bitch and u fucking hot whore. Danny was drinking beer while I wanked him and it got me so wet and I was so turned on by this and Jamie banging me hard that I came really loud and had a cracking orgasm that made my body shake, I squrted (yes I can do that its pretty easy to be honest) all over Jamie’s cock.

Happy ending massage

fetish Blazzer8181 2018-01-14

Even if i went to the massage parlor and nothing happened I would still flash the masseuse my junk. I didn't like the idea of having boxers or underwear on when getting a massage, it kind of gave me a sign that they don't want to see your junk. I lifted my but in the air and she got both her hands under my belly button and started to touch me right above my junk. In one quick motion she moved her hands under the boxers and had her hands on my junk as if she was trying to massage it. I bent down a little and got a handful of her pussy, she then said tip me.

Aaron's Apples

fetish hotpup 2018-01-14

Aaron reached out grabbing for an apple causing Mrs. Peacher to yell, “Aaron, you cannot put that apple in the basket, it is my breast, now let’s finish up.” He quickly jerked his hand away as his face turned red. With that, Felicity quickly pulled her top off over her head placing one hand back higher on the boy’s thigh and the other tugging at one of her nipples purring, “Now, Aaron I could understand a little more if I had my shirt off as then at least there are stems to grab. “ Nothing more needed to be said until they got to the bedroom where Felicity pulled Aaron into her arms and gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever had.

I Gave Away A Jade

fetish subjaye 2018-01-14

Finally I agreed but asked him to stop and he said No and slapped me again and then told me that the only way for him to stop was for me to suck his cock. Her jaw dropped and she said, you lived with him for two years, Was it going on that whole time, I nodded and then she asked and what else did you do, and I told her that I sucked him just about every night and on most nights before he shot his load in my mouth he would fuck me. Jeffery told me to come over to him and suck his cock, and then he told Jade to get on the bed and to spread her legs so that he could fuck her.

a fantasy date with roger

fetish craig34str8 2018-01-14

I reach over and cup his balls in his panties, giving them a gentle squeeze and then put my hand over his bulge feeling his hard dick. its now time to get rogers throbbing cock out so I slip it out of his panties and release his big heavy balls as well. he has a good feel of my cock, pulling my foreskin back and rubbing my precum around my knob. I know it wont take me long to cum so I sit back down and we start to jerk eachothers cocks off while watching the ladyboy wanking. I start growing hard again and he gives me a quicky there and then with his wifes panties around my cock.


fetish cauchemar80 2018-01-14

Leslie slid her pussy awkwardly into her coat pocket as Shannon rolled the still-moaning Brett back into his room, hit him with a blast of blue light – a memory-wipe spell – and closed the door. "But I should at least let you know, since this is probably as good a time as any to tell you, I've always sort of liked you." Shannon stepped out of her pants, swinging her leg over Leslie's torso and straddling her on the bed. "Bet I can make it a lot more red." Shannon leaned in close, cupping Leslie's face with the hand holding her pussy.

Chastity is Rewarded

fetish AlinaX 2018-01-14

I closed my eyes and replayed the highlights of the day: Rach spanking me and making me eat her out, not that I'd resisted, but it was the way she left me there on my knees, discarded after use and desperately unsatisfied, that was most vivid in my mind; Mr Darcy forcing me to reveal myself, the humiliation of my boss seeing with his own eyes how disgustingly perverted I was... Then Tom was behind me, and with the benefit of having watched Ricky and me find a position, he was quickly in place, thrusting wonderfully into my ass, filling it with hard cock and banishing the horrible emptiness.

Lost Bet Ch. 2

fetish Pippa 2018-01-14

Jacky was even hornier looking than Lisa had described, standing there in an aerobics outfit made of Lycra that hugged the contours of her sexy torso and perfectly formed legs. While she was preparing the food for us Lisa, Jacky, Jerry and I retired to the dungeon, where we decided how best to use Pippa to the advantage of all. Jacky and Jerry smiled broadly at that information and asked, "So you really don't mind us doing whatever we feel like with the little tramp then?" Nodding knowingly to each other. "I think we ought to start her off gently." Said Jacky looking at Jerry and then smiling at Lisa and I. When she was fully naked Jacky had Lisa help her tie Pippa hand and foot, over what looked like a leather massage table.

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 08

fetish icumonyourshoes 2018-01-14

As Saturday finally arrived, I was sure to get to Emma's house on-time. Emma pays me to clean her house when I am home from school. Nikki then strolled over to the radio in Emma's kitchen and turned it on. Nikki then picked up the pace and began pumping my cock harder and faster. I was speechless as Nikki began rubbing her pussy with her right hand. I sat back in the chair and watched Nikki rubbing her pussy violently. I gave my cock two tugs and began spewing cum like a sprinkler head all over her black and white pumps. My cock started to throb and I began fucking the shit out of her.

First Time I Had A Cream Pie

fetish Linda Jean 2018-01-14

As she worked her way up kissing, she stopped just long enough to say, "This is a lip massage." Her hands kept rubbing my right leg as she went back to kissing me. It was a long time before I felt her circling my left nipple, Just as I thought she was going to kiss my nipple and put it in the her wet mouth, she moved away from it to my right breast. As I was finishing my climax, Shirley moved her tongue from my ass, and worked her way down my crack, I could feel every nerve in my lips tingle as her tongue touched them, I felt her tongue start to lick up and down my now very open slit.

Dirty feet domination

fetish johnphill 2018-01-14

Ms Roberts broke the silence she said " ok foot perv were going to some places to make my feet very dirty and your going to clean them, if not than your failing the class and getting kicked out of college understand" now I really had no choice but to do what she said. If not for every 10 seconds you don't last you get a kick in the balls, also you have to clean the cum up and ill put a chastity on you and the only way you can cum is if you clean my dirty feet again do you want to cum John?" My dick was raging hard I was ready to pop I said " yes ms Roberts I accept" she smiled she knew I wouldn't last.


fetish klammer 2018-01-14

You will be strung up in the main ball room and the guest will get to torture you all evening.After having so many prods to your nuts today, it became imparative that we give you a good rest before the party starts.The Master would not be happy if you spent the whole evening u*********s." "They are going to torture....It !Oh man, what the hell do you call what they already have been doing to It?" I asked stunned by his words. Dickie moved over to the left and the guy holding my left ankle tried to lift it.Time for panic attack on my part.My right foot was locked to the floor about a foot to the front and to the right.If they pulled my left leg apart and fastened it as far out as the right one much of my body weight would be resting on that thing up my ass.