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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Secret Service Ch. 01

fetish HConway 2018-01-13

Jim, a financial planner, helped me set up investments for most of my money and Jen took me under her wing in setting up my house, the first "real" home I'd had since my divorce a few years earlier. Jim slipped from inside his wife and sank into the water, but not before I got a look at his cock. "Listen, Jim, I'm going to tell you something that only one other person on this planet knows," I said. "He looked at my cock and then in my eye and said, 'Let me get that for you.' The next thing I know, he's between my legs, with my dick in his mouth.

Music To My Ears

fetish footshrimper 2018-01-13

It's hard to imagine a woman such as her, so gorgeous, lying in bed naked, fast asleep and snoring like a lumberjack. I looked further and came across a sequence showing a guy with his fingers inside a sleeping woman's mouth. I let her suck and blow my cock with her flapping lips until I saw some precum leak out of my peehole and trickle onto her lips and then roll into the corner of her mouth. I watched as she swallowed and the second later she let out a loud snore and her mouth opened wide. When her mouth opened again I slipped my drooling cock back in and let her suck my noodle clean in her sleep.

Such a deal

fetish goodtmedicine 2018-01-13

What was a surprise was how hard she pulled my sack backwards, the speed in which she made me cry out, and just how fast the Wife clipped a long leash to the little ring attached to the leather strap between my balls, quickly jerking it up between my cheeks. She tongued it like a little tentatively at first, but bit down hard about the same time as Wife’s slipper hit my sack. By this time Wife had the coffee table arranged to her liking, and I was directed to stand facing it, and kneel down on my clothes, which had been thoughtfully provided to help cushion my knees.

Nurse Maid by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-01-13

"May we wander around a bit," Petra asked, "just so we can get the feel of the place?!?" "Of course," Angie said quietly, "if you have any questions, just pick up one of the phones and I'll come right back, but if you decide you want a girl, just select one in an unused cubicle and have a good time!!!" As the two of them strolled around the interior of the ball room, they could see both men and women nestling up to large heavy breasts and nursing like babies!!!

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 06

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-01-13

After a deception went wrong, Rose was forced into going to school, in place of her daughter. Rose hadn't tried on her new uniform as Janice had asked her to. 'Look at my new uniform, mom!' Rose moaned at her daughter. Now I try to wear decent school clothes, if my mom can be bothered to buy them!' Rose laughed. Rose smiled at Brian, and said, 'Don't worry, I know how to keep my mouth shut. 'You have a nice obedient pet, Brian,' Rose couldn't help saying. Rose pinched an engorged nipple, and cupped her teacher's face in the other hand. Rose didn't know whether to feel sorry for Miss Derby, or simply laugh at her.


fetish realbigsid69 2018-01-13

As he worked his way up, he wasn't sure if Sarah was sliding her legs further onto his shoulders or his hands were causing it, but by the time he was at her thighs, she hadn't batted an eyelid. "Sure Sarah, what is it?" he enquired, walking through and admiring the way her little tennis skirt covered her bum, leaving those great legs bare. His face felt great beneath her and she ground down a little, feeling his tongue trying to push deeper into her, before she relaxed and let him lick back and forth. Now lick me like you mean to leave 1st base" she said and settled back for one of the best orgasms she'd had for a while.

A Formal Spanking

fetish vixen_deb 2018-01-13

By the time she'd finished a vividly worded example of a spanking he'd known he could not only see himself, but imagining his wife up turned over his lap, bottom bared, wiggling and squealing as his hand met her raised pale rounded cheeks, turned him on immensely. The glancing stroke of velvet softness against the side of Vic's index finger as he completed the positioning of Synth's panties out of his way low between her silken thighs brought a noticeable quickening to his heartbeat. Every time she managed to lower her bottom a bit and change her position Vic would shift his non-spanking arm, or hand and bring her right back to that pelvis tipped, bottom high vulnerability.

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 05

fetish footslave85 2018-01-13

"Yes Miss I do, please let me be yours, I will do everything I can to please you and make you happy." She giggled as she leaned back, blowing cold air against my cock and shooting me a facial expression that said 'you didn't really think I was going to suck it did you?' and she smiled at me. "Just one thing to think about sweetie, ever since I mentioned my date and what was going to happen tonight, your cock has got even harder and been dripping pre-cum all over the place." She really loved all of the stuff we were doing and it really turned her on to tease, control and have me serving her, it made her feel like a real Goddess when I treated her that way and she didn't want that to change.


Kitty's Debut

fetish emmakaufmann 2018-01-13

But when Kevin had sat through the interview, making no move to leave despite the fact that Jade was wearing matching beige flares and an A-line tunic, her wrists dripping with gold chains, complete with bobbed wig and frosted lipstick—when she had finally said, exasperated, look, you do know I'm a man, Kevin had simply nodded. Jade bit her lip, hoping that Spike would not ridicule her handiwork, then breathed a sigh of relief when he said, "Wow, you look great, Kevin," as he ran his eyes over the long sleeved cream-colored dress. "I do," said Heather, leaning over to kiss Jade, savoring the unfamiliar feel of the lipsticked mouth, then Kitty, at the same time feeling that Dillon had resumed his lapping.

Fixing Jamie To The Bed

fetish The tease 2018-01-13

I had gone out to her apartment late one night and we fucked so hard one of the bed rails bent. Then, you bend over and get on your hands and knees and start jerking rods in and out of holes, if I remember correctly," I replied, reminding her what she had said, "Meanwhile, I am standing behind you, rock hard, as you bend over to take the sheets and mattress off the bed. I moved to the bed and placed my hand out with my middle finger pointing directly at her pussy. Stick your dick in my pussy and I'll make you cum so hard!" She said driving her rocking hips even harder onto my fingers, trying to finish herself off.

A Hospital Visit

fetish exaltau 2018-01-13

Jane slid her hand up and down my penis and it began to feel the same as when Mary sat on my tummy this morning, Sonja leaned across the other side of the bed tickled my bottom with her finger, then she put some of the tube stuff on her gloved hand and put her finger right in my bottom and asked me if it felt nice. Two new nurses woke me and wanted to look at my penis so they pulled down the bed clothes and took down my rubber knickers and penis out of his pouch, there was funny white thick liquid in the pouch and round my penis, they seemed to think it was naughty and said I'd been told not to play on my own and deserved a good spanking, I didn't like these two but said I was sorry and would not do it again.

The Man from Venus

fetish HaddenIndustries 2018-01-13

There was a specific one, this guy, a younger, flirty one, a good looking one, he had met him a couple times when he drove to her work to surprise her with a homemade lunch. They joke about some hot piece of ass on TV, and how'd they like to test drive him for an evening, see what that guy could handle. But most nights, after she came home from work, she'd serve her dinner, ask her -- to the brink of annoyance -- whether she'd like this or that. He tried it on, and complete with shoes subtly raised to lift his ass, he pranced about the living room, pirouetting, his hand behind his head or on his hips, and she'd say things like "damn hot" and "hell yea".

The Calcium Club - Chapter 2

fetish KCUM 2018-01-13

“I don’t really understand Angie,” questioned Kylie, “when I came here today it was because wanted to give me a baby and thought I could come here with my milk. “Thing you need to know Kylie is that the men that run the club are experts ‘bout women.” Angie laughed, ”most men think they are don’t they though! “Well yes Kylie, but not quite like that, I already had a baby girl at sixteen and I was struggling to survive but I couldn’t come here until I was eighteen but then they took me in.” Angie explained. “The club decided that Angie would need to have another baby Kylie, and they arranged for Clint to serve her.” Sara explained with a smile.

Entree Ch. 05

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-13

I was sloshing around in the sloppiness of my Mistress's hand, humping her fist like a husband his wife on their wedding night, the hallway echoing with the sloppy sounds of my happy dance, and though sure someone would hear, I didn't care. With eyes closed I kept my pelvis gyrating, fucking my lover like never before, my Mistress's left hand. "Fluffy, go say hello," my Mistress said letting me go while wiping her hand off on my back. I continued nervously wiggling and slithering in hopes of looking like a real puppy. I stopped wiggling and looked back at my Mistress for another smile, and returned to her friend quickly, when from the corner of my eye I saw it descend.

first cum

fetish tommyhawk102000 2018-01-13

if you read my prior stories. lets imagine, a pussy with 6 labia rings and a squirter. not, watery heavy cream. 6 ounces.

The Vicar's Temptation Ch. 01

fetish Misslexia 2018-01-13

Seizing the chance, Tina invited her Mum to join in and before the evening was out Rose had been soundly spanked by both her daughters! Soon Rose noticed that whenever he had the chance Father Alan would ask either Tina or Rita to stand on the table to reach down some book or article from one of the high shelves in his office. As arranged Rita flung open the door to reveal Rose Brown wearing just her bra and panties, bent over in the middle of the room, being spanked by her daughter Tina. Put these on him." As she said the last bit she elegantly stepped out of her pale peach coloured knickers and handed them to Tina, who, with Rita's help slipped them onto the vicar.

Chapter 14 Chrissie Gets Some Payback

fetish klammer 2018-01-13

want to suck on a real man's cock, not a sissy's little thing. said it seemed like a one way street with the men she went out with. "I didn't think I would like being a hooker either," mommy said. "Most guys that see me want to French kiss me," mommy said with a smile "It isn't your pussy people pay for," I said, looking mommy in the eyes, "The manager thought you would like to try this new wine we just got in," "It was like taking a horse to water," mommy said with a giggle. "I'm sure I do," said mommy with a little laugh. "Unfortunately Heidi died recently," mommy said, feigning a look of

Entree Ch. 03

fetish NastyPierre 2018-01-13

I liked to excite my Mistress and moved with arms straight, buttocks high in the air and my nose even higher. The wispy material clung so well to my organ I felt choked and without air –and I couldn't believe I'd be going to parties as a naked puppy. She's an excellent seamstress and is a wonder at leather work." My Mistress turned to look at the clock situated in the kitchen and shook her head. The hands of my Mistress are redefining me and next week they would have two weeks to complete their mission, turning me into a puppy. I want you ready to dash out into the hallway to meet her," my Mistress said taking my lover from me.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 03

fetish sunniedaies 2018-01-13

Nico looked at Amadeus and then to the old crone. Nicolette looked innocent and confused, but Amadeus knew this old crone and her potions. "Done and done, Princess." The crone said as she waved her hand toward Nico's teats. Amadeus watched with horrified fascination as the crone reached her wrinkled old hands out for his cock. He refused to look at the old crone, but soon felt her take his cock into her wet mouth. "Amadeus, you will have to milk your Princess now." The crone moved back to the side of the bed. The old crone stooped and lifted the bowl of Nico's sweet milk. Amadeus felt bad for thinking it, but he couldn't help but think how the Princess looked like a common whore.

Cock bondage.....

fetish vanita 2018-01-13

His one hand wandered to her boobs and pressed them.I could see Rahul's tongue enter Reena's mouth and both of them having a long wet kiss. The cock looked all funny with the ballpen most of it gone inside --with only the tip remaining out...Reena and me , both enjoyed holding the cock admiring it and giving it a kiss for it's obedience Reena brought the coloured plastic beads which she had purchased from the market just to decorate his cock.She dipped the needle and thread in antisceptic solution and made it ready. She sat by the side of Rahul and pushed the needle with thread in his cock skin near it's mouth.

Birth Of The Goddess

fetish footkiss 2018-01-13

Her skin is pale but as she moves this way or that, golden dust twinkles all over Her. The only dark places are the bushy hair of Her crotch and the fuzz of Her armpits. There was one strong woman – named Hegemony -- who heard the stories of the forest, and of the giant who lived there. Whenever Hegemony saw these beasts of the forest, she sank deeper into the water and moved quickly on. The amount of power it took to create an entire forest, a flood of semen and energy, which had previously ripped other men and women limb from limb -- this was the power that surged into Hegemony. Hegemony took seven steps, and in that time, the whole forest withered and died away.

Submitting to Mistress Trina

fetish Subsidence 2018-01-13

After each woman had been fucked in the ass and cunt by all three cocks for what seemed like hours the were again pointed at my open mouth Mistress wrapped her hand round the fat cock and started wanking it hard the massive purple head swelling with every stroke until it jerked violently and let out a huge spurt of thick sticky white cum. He continued to cum all over my face spurt after spurt of his hot cream as his orgasm subsided the other woman pulled back on the cock in her hand it came in big long loops of cum that went straight into my mouth don't you swallow yet bitch she said.

The Landlord's Daughter

fetish thefootprint 2018-01-13

I parked out in front of the house and was going to slip the mail under the door when I see a single naked foot on top of the sofa. Jilian said she hadn't so I took her other foot in my other hand and started to explain it as I pressed my thumbs into parts of her soles. "Oh I was going to show you about reflexology." Jilian said Its OK I was just enjoying the foot massage! I wanted so bad just to raise a foot to my mouth and lick her little soft soles from the heel to the toe. If Jilian's feet had smelled of fresh young foot sweat it would have sent me over the edge and I would have pushed my nose between her toes or something.

Alex's Bulging Biceps

fetish JustLikeEwe 2018-01-13

My hippie girlfriend's armpit hair didn't bother me one way or the other at first and to be honest after a while I grew to like Becka's little sprays of hair but it looked a lot different on Alex. I nodded as Alex unbuttoned the shirt, trying like hell not to look but failing miserably, and after the work shirt came off and Alex saw me gawking she turned her back so I could see the flaming red and black tattoo of a female devil that was mostly visible in the tank-top that was actually one of those undershirts I remember my old man wearing.