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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Revenge in Red Latex

fetish BrettJ 2018-01-13

"Latex should look sexy and make you think naughty thoughts," Mosh smiled as she watched Ancilla admiring herself. I know you sold her that dress, it looks lovely on you, darling," the brunette said as she took Ancilla's gloved hand. "I can't wait to see my baby fucking that sexy bitch and Patrick and I have missed you, sexy cunt!" She linked arms with Mosh while Ancilla and Connor were already 3 steps ahead of them. The hands were helping her slip out of the dress and Ancilla felt Connor's cock sliding into her pussy -- no, into her cunt, she wanted to feel like a slut tonight -- and now it was Patrick she was sucking.

Festive Wrapping

fetish oggbashan 2018-01-13

I took her silk scarves to tie her wrists and ankles to the same end of the bed exposing her naked pussy for my unfettered enjoyment. Chloe bought some Christmas pantyhose as large as the stocking. In a tight nylon embrace we coupled, but couldn’t uncouple. Chloe tied my wrists to ankles before pulling her large white petticoat bag down over me. She’s wrapped me in green silk, tightly bound, and stuffed my head inside her skirt. Chloe wrapped our naked bodies together with the sari and green silk. She has tied me in the stocking, wrapped me in the sari, gagged me with a scarf, pushed me into the pantyhose and covered me with taped kitchen foil.

Mr. Hurley was More than a Grocer

fetish pat4tights 2018-01-13

As I’m looking for a double seat and mom still counting out the money to the bus driver for our fare, I walk by a lady with big boobs in a tight blue top and black skirt with long shiny legs topped off in open toe high heels winked and blew me a little kiss as I walked by. It felt as time stood still, the eye of the storm, a sense of calm, a feeling of comfort and warmth washed over me as I looked at that yellowed ancient package of nude pantyhose with reinf***ed toe and I reach for it.

Juicy Lucy Just Watches

fetish The Needler 2018-01-12

Lucy heard the slurping sounds Harold made from Tammy's cunt, and the young woman was obviously enjoying the new sensations front and back. As she cleaned the goo off reddened skin, Henri nipped and nibbled at the tender flesh, taking a nipple into her suck and chewing lightly from time to time, making Tammy whimper and moan. She wanted his hungry eyes to devour her naked bound form, watch as the machine relentlessly turned her lily white tits into to bright red honeycombs of pain, and savage her cunt and asshole with his incredibly long cock before coming forward to spray a huge load of delicious white goo all over her face and battered red breasts.

I've Been To The Top...

fetish Bill Smith 2018-01-12

All thoughts of the cold tile floor leave my mind as I watch a single golden drop form between your inner vagina lips. As if reading my thoughts the lone golden drop falls from your neither mouth and before it hits my prostrate body other drops fall, then there is a stream, and finally a river of gold flowing from your mountain top to my awakening sex. As I watch the golden river dance on my lower body I can't help but moan out loud with the pleasure that your actions are giving me. Like the snow on the mountain top there comes a time when the flow of drops start to dwindle and the river starts to lose some of its' force.

Steph's Descent Ch. 05

fetish 62_goo 2018-01-12

Meanwhile Fitz decided that Steph needed to meet some of his friends in the tattooing community. When she wasn't seeing Fitz or his brother, Steph was spending time with Amanda. Steph especially liked kissing and licking Amanda there. Steph listened enraptured as Amanda described the beautiful pain of having needles pierced through her areolae and nipples. After the two women made love again they decided to introduce Phil to Amanda and his cock cage. Steph and Amanda went shopping for Phil. Steph found Fitz straight away, kissed him hungrily, and looked around. I fucked some huge cocks tonight and if you think I'm going to go back to your pathetic dicklet you've got another thing coming.

Linda's Mother Has a Friend

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-12

As Millie sucked and pinched my nipples, I exploded into Barbara Couse's mouth, sending volley after volley of my seed down her long throat, and not only did she take it without blinking, she seemed to be trying to siphon every drop out of me, sucking on my cock until it went utterly limp. Millie fingered Barbara until I worked my way around and climbed between her skinny thighs, and then Linda's mother took my cock and brought it down between the lips of Barbara's pussy. Ms. Couse's pussy, having experienced nothing for several years besides Millie's tongue according to her, treated my cock like it was going through the ringers of an old-time washer.

Laughlin fun

fetish 2018-01-12

During this time the guy next to me started talking with eat, then we heading up to our room for some good sex! Once the kiss was over, I moved away from the door just in this” but by the time I could answer, my wife had pulled out just held it there, sucking him for a minute or two, she started I sat there and watched my wife suck this guy’s cock After he stopped coming, my wife lifted her head up and removed was moving that he was pushing his cock into her. sounds of cock pumping in and out of my wife. started to cum, he pushed himself all the way in her, stopped,

A 'Stocking' Situation

fetish gadgetgrrl 2018-01-12

I pull you towards me and kiss you, my hand gently stroking you beneath the sheer fabric. My hands squeeze your butt cheeks as I reach the tip of your throbbing fella and lick your juice. I move back to your balls and take them in to my mouth while my hand takes over rubbing up and down your shaft and you groan with pleasure. My hand now rubs against your balls as I take you further in to my mouth, licking, nibbling and sucking quicker and deeper until I feel your hot fluid rush to the back of my throat. I grab and squeeze my bouncing tits and with your free hand you reach to rub my clit.

30 Days or Bust: Day 07

fetish l8bloom 2018-01-12

Fucking women, day in, day out, might seem like a fun way to earn a living. There is something about why she wants to do this thing – to lactate – that makes her different from the average client. Her soft breasts seemed to look up at me, nipples beseeching my attention like a child begging for one more good-night story. My own cheeks were hot as I laid my mouth to her peak, saturating the cup of her bra all the way to her tender skin. Her hands gripped my shoulders as I lifted that sweet breast from its cradle. I gripped her waist, sucking her breasts in faster succession, squeezing them in my hands.

And How Did You Feel About That?

fetish emil47 2018-01-12

They sit across from you in their armchair, trying not to let me see that they're looking up my legs and wondering what my breasts are like. 'Something like that,' I said, opening my legs wider until I was sure he could glimpse my crotch, which was wrapped in white silk undies. I didn't want his stuff on my hand this time, so when I felt that he was about come I pushed it back, making him spurt on his chest and belly. He took his clothes off -- far too slowly; we were more than half way through the session and we hadn't really started -- and looked at me as I fiddled with the lacy frills on my bra and stroked the insides of my open thighs.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 09

fetish gbr2004 2018-01-12

"Sure you do Stef, I have seen they way you look with a black cock in your mouth," she tells me "and I really doubt there are few things you want as much as black cock. "Will you look at you girls, don't you look so nice together," Ms Hunters says and I feel embarrassed that she thinks that I'm like him. "Yes doesn't she," Alexis says looking back behind me and giggling like a little girl. When I try that, I can feel the way my ass starts swishy and figure that is more like what he is talking about, but know I must look really faggy walking like that.

The Scorned Wife

fetish Kandy5647 2018-01-12

In her living room was her husband Brandon, his hands were bound behind his back, ball gag in his mouth and on his knees. Tears stained Brandon's cheeks as he lay there helplessly taking the cane to his chest, dick and balls. She took the gag out of her husbands' mouth not to relieve him but she did it so Carmine could shove dick into Brandon's' mouth. Alisha watched as Carmine fucked her husbands' mouth without mercy. Carmine mercilessly fucked Brandon's asshole while getting a few licks in on Alisha's breasts. Carmine couldn't hold it for long and soon he exploded in Brandon's ass unleashing shot after shot of hot jizz.

The Birthday Present

fetish BenjaminMcqueen 2018-01-12

The smile is plastered across my face like a goon and I pull the girl round into my arms. I had mentioned my love of Asian girls just in passing some weeks ago and now look, here she is presenting me with a stunning vision just as if I'd dreamt her up myself. My girl is taking me deep into her mouth and I know she's waiting to feel my hands on the back of her neck, waiting for me to force her to take it right to the back of her throat. I pull my girl round and plant her face deep into the pussy of my present. My beautiful present lowers her lips and sweetly begins to lick and suck my cum from the very place I had just so powerful deposited it.

Skiiing Tights:Got the Picture

fetish MFrederique 2018-01-12

She kissed me hard, bit my lower lip and grabbed my cock and thrust her hips up until my balls slapped her ass. ″No, what I want.″ She kissed me softly, put her hand on my cock and her mouth near my ear. And when Marlene couldn′t take it anymore, she grabbed me by the hair, hitched a leg over my shoulder and pulled my mouth to her pussy. ″Okay, I′ll go.″ I got up from the bed and put my sweater on, my semi-erect cock hanging out of the pantyhose, the tail flopping and tickling the backs of my thighs. I want to feel your cum spurt inside me and then I′m going to put my fingers in my pussy and lick it off.″

The Fetish Challenge

fetish Ambrosious 2018-01-12

I always dated older women because they accepted and loved my foot fetish and my desire to massage, kiss, lick and play with their feet. And I have always wanted to lick a girls feet clean after she’s been barefoot all day and her feet are dirty and finally, I would love to be made to a woman’s shoes off after she had been in them all day and have her rub her socks on my face and chest. “Now, maybe you can clean my feet properly,” she stated, standing up and holding her left leg up so I could inspect the sole of her foot. We went on like this for some time and about halfway through our little pee session, I noticed that Joyce was playing with herself.

Would I be happy if I could remember...

fetish 2018-01-12

We finally got to the condo and it was just as Shelly said. felt like it had went so deep into my thigh muscle, but I guess I need to Shelly continued, "You are going to love Isabella. huge dicks pounding away at the girls asses started arousing me. "I believe you've been tied up long enough my sweet little sissy." She said. must have been thinking out loud because Shelly gave a chuckle and said, orgasm you are going to get a mouth full of shit!" Shelly sneered. shower your filthy ass," she said as she walked out of the room. working for a lot of men when we first start but we are going to change

My Panty Fetish

fetish therapist 2018-01-12

Every day four more pair of sweet scented panties added to the mix. I would grab a pair of panties to wrap around my cock and another to smell the sweet aroma of four virgin pussies, explode in a pair of cotton panties and return them to the pile of dirty clothes. How there mother never noticed her daughters panties covered in sperm I'll never know, at that time I would go in the bathroom to masturbate in their panties two and three times a day! The youngest girl, Rose and I would play in the basement. As her little pussy would pass over my face I would press my lips tight against her panties over her little virgin pussy and gently blow.

Wife & Daughter Cuckold & Humiliate

fetish AnythingGoes2008 2018-01-12

I watched as Ray and Sara dropped to their knees in front of me and began sucking the 10" cocks in their faces. I looked up and noticed that Daren had walked over and placed his slightly limp cock in Sara's mouth. Tim had taken my seat on the sofa and was having his cock cleaned by Ray. Ray let his cock slip out of her mouth and said, "Sara, your pussy tastes so good. Sara moved off of me and walked over behind her mother leaving me looking up at Daren and his big cock. Ray let Tims cock slip out of her mouth, "good job honey. Ray was still sucking Tims cock as Sara now has two fingers buried in her mothers ass.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 08

fetish leaky_one 2018-01-12

With the little amount of light that reached forth to the sewer walls, Tan was able to see enough to position himself in such a way as to boost himself upwards into the narrow toilet shaft. The blond girl laughed out loud and clapped when suddenly a squirt of clear coloured pee erupted from the naked pussy of her friend. Tan watched on with growing excitement as the stream of piss exiting the girl's vagina continued to grow in size and strength becoming a constantly flowing arch of golden urine down into the wash basin. Her flowing shower of pussy relief wavered in the air as she laughed and the blond girl had to follow it around in the air until her hands entered her pee stream.

Daddy's Girl pt.2

fetish SafeSexting 2018-01-12

"Do you think I look good daddy?" She came over to me and gave me a hug. "Thank you daddy, you're so cool!" She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and ran over to the movie cabinet and started fumbling through our collection. She continued looking at the pictures as my finger slipped under her panties and rubbed her young puffy pussylips, getting them nice and wet. Heather started to cum, her small body quivering and her pussy convulsing as my fingers did their work. Please daddy!" She screamed as I pushed my hard cock farther into her soapy wet anus. "You're a bad boy daddy, fucking your little girl in the butt!

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 07

fetish asianspankee 2018-01-12

It must be absolute humiliation for Jing to be laid across a girl much younger than herself with her milky-white bottom completely bared waiting to be soundly spanked. Then you also pause to rub my nude body all over, like what Rick is doing to Mei. While the fondling feels sexy and lets me catch my breath between your hard smacks, but it also makes me feel very embarrassed because all the other spankees can also see you caressing me just like how a man would caress a woman's body. Not only must her endure the painful paddle-whacks from her enthusiastic young tormentor, but Tammy actually burst out in giggles watching Jing's mature rounded backside bouncing after each impact.

Slave week One

fetish 2018-01-12

I already started feeling horny at the thought. hand up and down my thigh, occasionally rising to feel my ass. noticed that I was enjoying this and told me that I was going to have a lot back Then he told me that he was having a friend come over to have some fun All the while he kept feeling my ass, and sometimes shoving one of behind me, lifted my skirt over my ass, pulled my panties off, and spanked me He then told me to kiss and lick her pussy. girl off, and had her kneel next to me and had her lick the rest of the cum He had us both put on these really tight leotards he had bought us.

I Need You

fetish JacobGoody 2018-01-12

I would often talk dirty to her, filling her head up with all sorts of stories and scenarios, which would seem to bring new life and imagination, the more it tended to drift off into my bisexuality, the more turned on she would get. I need your intent and desire to be clear, as you push me to my knees in front of you, I need you to look down upon me with demanding eyes, as instructions to begin... I need you to slowly build, to ride me at a growing pace, to look me dead in the eye as your hand circles my neck, I need to understand how badly you want to use me, to get me off, to fuck me.