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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Ice Cold

fetish Gillianleeeza 2018-11-30

No, just a girl who can't drive." I started laughing again at the look on Mike's face. Mike came over and looked down at me laying in the snow with my snowsuit and jeans pulled down. Thankfully, Mike returned to pushing two fingers back inside of my pussy, which by now was dripping so much it was melting the snow underneath me. I watched Mike standing at the edge of our bed, slowing stroking his cock, wearing nothing but that smile I love. Pleasure from the cold, from having my ass filled, from playing with my clit and, most importantly, making Mike happy and proud that he married me. I reached down to feel Mike's cock, and the toy in my ass.

Icing on the Cake

fetish Couture 2018-11-30

I wish my husband would do more around here, but he feels like it's beneath him," Lisa said, as she dangled her shoe off her foot and fidgeted with the hem of her skirt. "Would my birthday boy like a piece of cake?" Lisa said, as she pulled her skirt up, exposing her pussy. I knew then that every time I would see Bill in the future, I would know that I had eaten his cum and every time I would see Lisa, I would see myself on my knees eating her freshly fucked cunt. Work that clit now Timmy, make me cum!" Lisa grabbed my ears and ground her hairy cunt on my face, coating it with the mixture of their spent fluids.


fetish Footwriter 2018-11-30

When Jerry came home from work that evening he was surprised to find his wife, Loren, seated, cross legged on the couch, shoes off, in her stocking feet. Come over here, Jerry, and help me put my stockings back on." Loren lifted her other leg, thrusting it forward. Jerry looked down and barely got another "um" out, as Loren said, "Come on, let's go. In the street, he couldn't help notice some of what he felt were stares of passers-by at Loren's short skirt, naked legs and stockingless feet bursting out of the new shoes. Suddenly uncomfortably aware of his erection, Jerry was only somewhat minimally relieved by the theater’s darkness… although the odd bulge in his trousers was becoming obvious as the man slid and adjusted Loren's flat shoe over her foot, holding it just a little too long.

Mermaid Ranch Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-30

This incredible vision went on and on and a small timer in the corner of the screen showed that the girl was underwater for over 2 minutes and showing no signs of needing air! Not that she could stay underwater forever, as the timer moved into the 3 minute range and approached 4; she started choking on the water and appeared to be drowning! As he was on the surface a naked woman swam down and gave her air before she started to drown for the second time. This time the man and the woman started fondling each other leaving the girl trapped underwater begging for air with her eyes.

The Contest

fetish Scorpionicus 2018-11-30

Pulling her mouth away from my cock, careful not to lose anything Julie turned her face toward the other woman and opened her mouth, showing the pool of my semen contained within. During the two weeks we were waiting for the contest it seemed like Julie wanted my cock in her mouth whenever she could get it. The man reached up and took a handle in each hand and the woman grasped his cock and gently pulled it toward the hole. Julie made quick work of the next two men, sucking their cocks and drinking their hot sperm in short order. Julie really did seem to have become a connoisseur of cum, she’d had a happy look on her face each time one of the men blasted his semen into her mouth.

Nourishing My Nieces

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-30

Perhaps due to her mammaries getting plenty of use during her college years, Dina has always had plenty of milk to go around, so in addition to keeping Monnie and Ronnie well-fed, she also helped Mom feed me throughout my infancy and toddlerhood. The fact that she continued to let her own daughters suckle well beyond that age is probably what instilled a certain curiosity within me, and it eventually culminated in me inducing myself to lactate as a sort of experiment during my junior year of high school, and by now, Monnie and Ronnie have come to rely just as much if not more on me for milk than they do on Dina.

Dante's Slave

fetish HisDarkestMistress 2018-11-30

He took his cock in his hand and I watched as he stroked up and down. As soon as I shut my mouth, he let out a loud groan and I felt his warm thick cum splash my face. My head was forced side to side and I felt his cum rubbing across my face, even sticking my eyelashes together. I felt the bed shift as his body heat began warming my back. I felt his body rear back and his hand smacked down on my ass hard. I felt him cum inside me and a smile came on my face. I saw the smile in his eyes as I walked away, sashying my thick hips like a good slave.

The Little Lady Finds Herself

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-30

Karen couldn't believe that she began to feel sorry for Em's older sister, Leslie, when she saw her between Emily's lovely spread legs licking her friend's oozing quim. Emily was apparently affected by this attitude and took her sister in her arms and began to make love to her, playing with Leslie's ample breasts and then softly teasing her now rising clit. Emily said she needed a break so Leslie took little Karen in her arms and began stimulating the girl's smaller breasts but softly massaging her thin-lipped quim. Emily got up and answered the intercom, returning to tell the girls to get dressed because it was her oldest sister, Linda, who was several years older than Leslie.

A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 1)

fetish tcg 2018-11-30

Many men, upon meeting her for the first time, were hard-pressed to remember her pretty face, because they were unable to get their eyes up that far: although she was trim and agile, she was voluptuous, with high, full breasts, a long, slender waist that curved gracefully out to ample hips, and a firm, rounded bottom – Jamie's high school friends had used to call her "little bubble-butt". Jamie was imagining that a lot these days, as he watched Heather leave for school in tantalizing outfits guaranteed to tease cocks. As she watched, licking her ice cream, she absent-mindedly opened and closed her knees in time to the music, and Jamie was being teased to distraction by the repeated peeks he was getting between her legs.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 05

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-30

"Diane, I accept your offer, I will go home tonight, tomorrow I will come back with my clothes and other personal necessities and live with you for a while."Bridget said. "Slave on your knees beg Becky and Alice for the privilege of cleaning their ass." "Witch one would you recommend, I want a stinger, he needs to fear it." Diane said. I will see you at home." Diane said leaving Bridget at her car. She was enjoying his tongue up her ass, too bad she had taken that laxative last night, she had emptied herself this morning; she did not have any shit to push in his mouth.

Jill - Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-11-30

I propped her casted leg on a stool, stole a glance at her toes and handed her the remote control. She kicked her pump off and rested her right leg on the couch, then glared angrily at the cast. “I like this predicament of yours,” I said and knocked on the cast. “I know you can’t forgive me,” she said and withdrew her hand. “George, how long do I have to wait?” she said just before I handed her the t-shirt. Five minutes later, she appeared, leaning on her crutches, and dressed only with a t-shirt and a cast. Don’t be silly!” she said, and her casted toes curled up as if to convey some kind of emotion.

Winter Break

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-30

Sometimes Jenna will make me sit on the floor while we watch movies or she'll rest her feet on me and ask if it's alright even though she knows damn well that I love every second of it. I got on my knees next to her bed, which wasn't even weird since she knew I liked being on the floor, and I was there to rub her feet after all. When I took off her lightly worn converse, Jenna told me that she was too tired to shower so she was sorry that her feet smelled. When we hugged goodbye, Jenna handed me her sweaty socks told me, "I know you'll enjoy these more than me."

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 01

fetish SirNathan 2018-11-30

I said I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. But like I said, I was shallow back then, and after a week of shit from my friends about Stephen's wrinkles and receding hairline, I'd started to wonder myself. I want to be your baby girl, your innocent, nasty little plaything, Daddy. Stephen tut-tutted before saying, "Daddy's little girl sure is excited. "Don't think for a minute that you can just walk around here pulling on your nipples or showing off your vagina any time you like, young lady. By the time I kneeled by the side of the bed, looking up at him and feeling goose bumps breaking out all over my skin, I felt like I'd run a mile.

When Women Rule Ch. 09

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-30

No doubt having been able to sense my slight disappointment, Liz explained why she had not demanded that Denise remove her panties for punishment, and I had to accept that. How we became excited when Matron announced Denise was to get three strokes right on her wide-open pussy as a punishment. He turned red and almost plaintively, said, "Darling, don't make me wet myself and everything." I did love him for being so sweet so I took him into the bathroom and told him he could do his wee-wee while I watched. I was slightly taken aback when Liz took her turn and sat on the toilet, her legs apart and her pussy open to my view.

The Warden's Protection

fetish Gudzinya 2018-11-30

She only fell asleep around four-thirty in the morning because her mind and body were too tired to go on any longer.  She was stunned when she was woken up only an hour and a half later at six a.m.  A commanding voice was telling inmates to be dressed and standing at their cell doors for inmate count.  Breakfast was forty-five minutes later.  At seven-thirty, it was time for inmates to go to their work details, but Beth was taken to the Warden’s office. She stood up and he walked with her to the door.  He opened it for her and the guard was waiting outside the office for her.  As she exited the room, she felt the Warden’s hand grab her ass.  She looked back, slightly shocked, but decided against saying anything.  The guard, a middle-aged woman, didn’t say anything either, though Beth was certain she’d seen it.  She wondered how common that behavior was.

My First Time in a Chastity Belt

fetish gemstory 2018-11-30

I start to wonder what Kendra wants and then she moves and looks at the computer screen and says “Good night Sylvia, hope you enjoyed watching. Sylvia moves a chair in for Kendra to sit in and kisses my cheek and says “Drew sweetie, it would be a good gesture if you knelt beside your wife now.” I look a little shocked but for some reason, I obey and kneel. Sylvia smiles and says, “I heard you love to lick her pussy, let’s see you in action.” I lean in and start to worship Kendra’s pussy and I hear the girls talking in the background like I’m not even there.

The Girl Living on the Floor Above

fetish Heel 2018-11-30

“Shut up, Sophie!” Jessica said, then looked at me and added,” I need some painkillers. When her feet touched the floor, a soft whine escaped her lips and her left cheek started to twitch. Jessica curled up her toes, hesitated for a second, then said,” It’s fine”. “I need an ankle,” she said, gasping.” “You are driving me mad, Sophie,” Jessica said to the cat, then slipped her hand under my shirt, her cool fingers rubbing my chest gently. “My ankle feels much better now,” Jessica said and thrust her bottom up to meet me. “What’s the problem?” I asked and looked down at her ankle. “Poor little tootsie!” I said and started massaging her thigh, just above the cast.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-30

She realized that disciplining this handsome young man was definitely a turn-on for her—in fact, her panties were already wet as she thought about having him over her lap again—but she also wanted to impress Claire Kendall that her nephew was complying with the directions Claire had set for him and which Karen was supposed to be enforcing. Now the blonde Karen's face grew crimson at the compliment and she said, rather sternly, "I'm here at your aunt's request to supervise your behavior, Jamie, so you had better not try to get me to let up on you by complimenting me. Summoning up his cool, Jamie merely smiled and said, "Yes, Aunt Claire, I have done this for your friends when they asked me."

Alternative Therapy

fetish rafael 2018-11-30

I was terrified by Kathy and at the same time my little cock throbbed like never before. "Don't kid yourself you little tow rag I'm not going to fuck you but I want you to get a sniff of what you've been missing and what you'll never have you puny toss pot". You're not a man, look at this, pathetic!", she gave my stiff little dick a bit of a slap with the back of her hand. I climbed onto the table as she ordered and suddenly felt her gloved hand squeezing my balls and then the longed for contact with my little soldier.

Granny Bombs

fetish Nathan 2018-11-30

Myra stayed with her granma rita and aunty sofia. Sofia was not as hot as rita but she could definitely make a guy whistle. Me, myra, rita and sofia And her colleague all had dinner together and went off to sleep. Ahh nothing son, needed something, i think i found it she said and walked away. I found rita in tge kitchen having coffee. Its fine son said rita stopping me in between. I was shocked and said No rita, and this is wrong. May be myra will if i tell her about you feeling my ass she said. Rita stood up and walked away saying i want to use the bathroom so i will talk later. I grabbed my coffee and went to my room.


Computer problems

fetish Heel 2018-11-30

A young woman was sitting behind the desk, looking intently at a document, and nervously clicking her pen. As I came in, she looked up at me, giving me one of those formal smiles that I hate so much. “Oh, sure,” she smiled even more formally, and didn’t even look at me this time. Her toes rubbed against my hand, and I pulled back with a start, banging my head against the desk. My hand moved up and started to massage her calf. When I placed my hand over her knee, she clicked the pen a couple of times, but didn’t stop me. She rolled her wheelchair to the door, then looked back over her shoulder and said:


Piss Doctor

fetish Bad_Therapy_Man 2018-11-30

Then I yelled 'Do you like that you little fucking slut, Ashley?' She was melting and could only say 'mm-hmmm.' I spend 15 minutes fucking her doggy style at that kitchen table and she must have cum 3 times, she was gushing wet and her pussy was contracting around my cock but she wanted more and more. My balls were slapping against her and I suddenly pulled out and was like 'Well, now Ashley is going to see if she still wants more after we play the ass fuck lesson.

81% piss

Cindy's Revenge

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-30

He was seated at a table watching the door when Cindy walked in the bar looking gorgeous in her bright red dress showing her hourglass figure and long legs. You have to look humble and behave as a slave." Cindy answered digging in her little bag again. When the car stopped and he heard Cindy's door open he was ready to get out of the cramp space he did not know that he would have to wait a few hours. "Cindy you have a secret admirer!" Amber said laughing. I answered your questions and you are not to speak again." Cindy said walking away. Stay there slave I think Cindy has a treat for you." Amber said as she was standing up.

Celebrate Black Power & Erotica

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-30

Larry and Mindy Watson, as the redneck couple was called, were trying to get to the State House. Well, they didn't seem to be too suspicious as to why a well-to-do black couple would spend time with a pair of loudmouthed rednecks who didn't think much of liberal Massachusetts for voting a black man as their current Governor. Racist rednecks like Larry and Mindy Watson will think twice about calling our hard-working black political leaders a bunch of politically correct uppity fools. Right now, Sharon is sucking my long and thick black cock while slowly shoving a dildo up my ass. Lots of big beautiful black women have these huge, fantastic-looking butts seemingly made for anal sex yet most of them won't let a brother's dick anywhere near their asses.