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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Online Goddess Ch. 02

fetish subboy129 2018-10-05

She said that if I can relocate my job to NYC (which is easy, I work for a nationwide company), eliminated all of my expenses, sold my house and car (of which of course all the proceeds go to Goddess), that she would allow me to live with her 24/7 in the spare bedroom as her domestic slave and sex slave. She tied me to her bed quite tightly, then strapped a dildo gag into my mouth and she slid a condom coated in lube on the dildo and proceeded to ride my face for 6 strong orgasms while she teased my cock in its chastity cage. After this, she took the gag off, removed my current cock cage and replaced it with a brand new birdlock chastity belt in hot pink.

father exam step daughter

fetish 2018-10-05

"Hi" she answered, "Do I have time to take a shower before we get started?" she asked as she took a cold drink from the refrigerator. I could see her body begin to tense up a little, and the smile on her face began to grow. "You made it through that just fine, now I need you to remove your panties so I can do your pelvic exam." This time there was no bashful look. I assured her, "You are only going to feel a slight poke, absolutely no pain." I began penetrating her with my fingers. Before she could say anything I looked down and said, "I hope you enjoyed your exam as much as I did."

A surprising invitation part two

fetish 2018-10-05

I rubbed that g-spot harder and harder as I felt her press deeper and deeper, her moans becoming gasps and then little screams as she began to squirt right into my mouth and I drank her greedily. Then I took a bottle of lube, covered my other hand in it, and began to work on her ass, one finger at a time until I had three inside her and my fist all the way up to the wrist. She was talking dirty now, telling me to fist her ass and cunt at the same time like the fucking slut whore she was, so I took my hand out of her cunt, lubed my other hand and after a bit of gentle manoeuvering, felt my whole fist gripped incredibly tightly by her ass.

Of Toffee Bites and Copperheads

fetish BrownVisual 2018-10-05

Pulling my iPhone from my dark green leather purse, I typed in my pass code and clicked on my photos app, flicking through them until I finally found my favorite photo of her that she sent me right after she'd come out of the shower, completely nude, grinning cockily into the camera, her dripping wet caramel toffee flesh encasing full, voluptuous curves, her soaked sombrous mop of curls cascading down her sizable breasts like a midnight waterfall, her intense silver eyes glinting devilishly as she looked straight at me, daring me to take her yet not allowing me to.

The Visitors

fetish Svenskaflicka 2018-10-05

This room had a soft blue shade of wallpapers, white furniture, sheep skin rugs on the floor, and a large bedspread in blue and white stripes on top of a king size bed. I pulled my T-shirt off, and Sean attacked my naked breasts, rolled his tongue around my stiff nipples, the left, the right, the left… My hands stroke his curly hair, and I made a mental note that he needed to get it cut. I teased him to the edge of coming, by licking that little string of skin between the shaft and the head. Sean rolled off me, and we stretched out on the big bed, panting.

Crossing the Line

fetish CopyCat13 2018-10-05

Some of them I'd been talking to for weeks and would have been OK sending them something a little sexier but I knew if I crossed the line for one of them I'd cross it again for someone else and eventually my naked pictures would be all over the internet. I took a good long look at my belly and couldn't help but admit that I really needed to start losing the extra weight if I wanted to look good for the next bikini season. I still wasn't going to give her the pictures I took but I thought maybe I could convince her to talk some other way.

The Pitch

fetish mshsrfc 2018-10-05

With a sigh of resignation and she had very few, if any other options, Annabelle struggled out the jacket once more, rolled the sheer stretch top over up over her breasts, and then rolled down the top of the skirt - no way was she taking that off and picked up the corset. Annabelle carefully stood up, undid the clips again, and lay the corset down, bending down slowly against the skirt's resistance, and using her hands, forced her first stocking foot into the pointed toe of the first boot. When she had reached her arms full extension, she clamped off the laces at the corset with one hand, and examine the results, she was a bit perplexed - She had pulled out what seemed a lot lace, but the gap seemed just as big at the top and bottom and most reduced at her waist.

Tied Up Ch. 01

fetish BradsBabygirl 2018-10-05

You'd see the devilish look on my face as I moved closer to you, moving towards the back of your chair and as I bent down to kiss the side of your neck, slowing licking across your skin with the tip of my tongue, I'd hear you moan as my touch sent shivers down your spine. Then my eyes will shift upwards to focus on your face, smiling at you lovingly as my hands spread out across your chest and I lean in to whisper to you, "You are so handsome, my love. And you'd feel the pull of your boxer shorts as I slid them down over your hips and thighs, watching them drop to your feet, and then without asking, I'd see your legs rise up as you'd step out of them and fling them across the room.

The Boarder

fetish klammer 2018-10-05

Frieda pulled the panties up my legs and then fastened them about my waist, stroking my penis and balls and ass several times. After I shut door, I touched my dick and I was now rock hard, thinking of her smile and her looking at my crotch. Frieda was rubbing my dick thru the panties and acting like I was her prize poodle. After I shot for a long time, big ropey strands of sperm all over my stomach and her arm and hand, Frieda leaned over and kissed me again. Both Olga and Jane liked touching my dick and getting it hard. "Now let's show Frieda's friends what a good girl you are and what a big load you can shoot for Mommy?

Panty Club

fetish BeeJay69 2018-10-05

They stand facing each other and the woman introduces herself as Sandi and the two men as Alexis and Uri. She turns her back to her helpers and tells them to take off her coat. Alexis takes the coat, folds it and passes it to a member of the audience for safekeeping before returning to Sandi who now stands before us in a black satin basque, matching black satin panties, seamed stockings, high heels and a black satin ribbon around her neck. Sandi pulls both cocks out simultaneously and begins to suck them in turn, going backwards and forwards between them, pulling them deeply into her mouth whilst gliding her hands over their arses, coaxing them to grind their cocks into her.

Cheryl's Extra Credit Ch. 2

fetish cthulhu 2018-10-04

I brought my face tantalizingly close to her pussy and ass, breathing in her musk, and then, lowering my head, I let my tongue slide out and taste the flesh of her inner thigh. I reached down with my free hand, tugging her panties completely off and wrapped them around my cock, nearly cumming at the feel of the damp cotton on my shaft. The slut in her was fast rising back to the surface, letting herself go, giving in to the pleasure of total surrender, the feel of a strong hand pulling her head back by the hair and a thick cock in her ass.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 05

fetish nylonleglover 2018-10-04

Gwen's fingers, covered with the same sheer nylon lace as her legs, was like a pantyhose delight as she slid two fingers firmly over Alice's clit, parting her wet lips and gliding down to dip barely into her wanting hole. Alice felt her legs get tighter still and looked down to see a pair of gray lace sheer pantyhose covering her white ones. Here was a beautiful blonde young woman standing in the middle of a stone and dirt path in an ash forest, while dressed in a gray and silver tea party dress, with shiny gray lace nylons over white pantyhose in silver flats wielding a dangerous looking umbrella held at the ready to smite anyone.

Daughters Boyfriend

fetish 52remdiver 2018-10-04

I’ve seen the way this boy has looked at my body and I’ve got a good idea what he would like to do with me, I like the idea and if the chance comes up I’ll let him have me. Anyway I was at the door with my house coat on talking to the boy and he wanted to wait for my daughter to come home from school they were to go to an early game that night. I went to him and started to suck the pre cum off his cock and he came in my mouth, he tasted good but being so young he didn’t last long. The last time my husband got home early and he found us on the bed; he was a good husband and let him keep going.

My GF and I Love BBC

fetish 425olds 2018-10-04

I was so fucking hard thinking about that big fat black cock pounding her pussy. She then asked my buddy if he liked the way I sucked his big black cock. He said he loved the way I worshipped his cock but that he wanted to fuck her pussy. His hands had a hold of her ass cheeks and she was moaning and saying how big his cock was and how it filled her cunt. You like watching me fuck your bitch real deep with my big black dick?" he said looking down at me. While one of us is on his cock the other is sucking his big cum filled balls into their mouth.

Learning to Pee Ch. 01

fetish diapergrrl 2018-10-04

Standing naked in front of the full length mirror, I pulled the white diaper up around my hips. In a state of near orgasm, I crouched down in the aisle and felt the hot diaper press against my pussy. It was impossible to put enough pressure on my clit to come in the car, but I tried anyway, as more piss flowed into the diaper. The liquid already in the diaper spread towards the front and the back and the new hot piss took its place against my crotch. Soon, the diaper had enough and dark piss spots started spreading across my jeans.

Bible thumping Becky blackmails, bribes and begs t

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-10-04

they started taking out their cocks, and they told her to get on her knees and jake told her that since he was the oldest at 19 he got to go first, he said, don't be nervous, i'm sure you have probably sucked dick before, here I will help, he grabbed her by her head and proceeded to just use her mouth as a fuck toy, after about 10 minutes of this, with tears running down her face and her makeup all smeared, spit all over her face and dripping off her chin he told her to leave her mouth open because he was going to jack off into it, and she had to show all the guys and then swallow and then clean him off and continue on to the next guy, she was scared, grossed out, but trying to be cool and the guys were calling her all kinds of names but cheering her on, and she felt very wet in her panties.

It's a Slave New World

fetish spunknwagnels 2018-10-04

Ruth reached up and gave his balls a playful tap, "No silly, get your tongue in there and suck on things." Not wanting another tap reminder, Jessie dove in. Can you let me out of this thing?" Sam asked about a humbler keeping him bent by a split board with a hole in the middle holding his balls trapped behind his thighs. "This way ladies." He led them out through the sliding glass doors to the patio with Sam waiting on hands and knees, the only truly comfortable position to be in with his balls in a humbler, drawn back, tightened and exposed behind him. Judy left and brought back a teardrop cock ring for the back of Sam's penis and nut sac to provide a more aesthetic display.

Cuckold's First Time

fetish rdt25 2018-10-04

When the man grasped him by his hair and tilted his head up and said, "You like sucking that cock, don't you boy," he found himself nodding without thinking about it as he felt another surge of excitement between his legs. The stud then turned to him with a look that said "well, what are you waiting for?" He reached out and grasped the large cock and guided the head into his wife's dripping hole. The stud stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out, and said to him, "Lay down on the bed boy, with your head facing this way." His wife moved and he laid down in her place.

White grandma worships black cock.

fetish rawblkcock4u78 2018-10-04

Clifford Adewale, a tall, good-looking Black man of Nigerian descent in his early fifties moved next door to me with his wife Veronique, a tall, sexy Black woman of Jamaican descent. I wouldn't want some horny older woman interested in my son so I refused to get involved with Adam, even though I found him insanely hot. One day, while his parents and f****y were away, Adam Adewale came over to borrow one of my sons action-packed DVDs. I gave him the DVDs...and a lot more. This was my first time having sex with a Black man since I got married to a Japanese guy. A middle-aged White woman getting fucked anally by a sexy younger Black man.

Tease Ch. 01

fetish Ms_Jane 2018-10-04

Make sure your legs are well spread, your arse displayed, your hand fisting your cock slowly but a little harder than before. Just licking for now, knowing that I need your fingers to come really hard, but wanting to prolong the taste and the feel of it, your body between my legs, feeling them tense, feeling my skin against yours. After all, your finger is in your arse, your hand on your cock, your mouth a little open, your eyes closed, then forcing them open again to keep reading. If it wasn't for the fact that you have to read this, you could be on your knees now, head down, arse in the air, one hand pumping your cock, the other pushing another finger into your greedy little arsehole.

Strip Tease

fetish rrspence2002 2018-10-04

And for 5 days, Ross and Jonni enjoyed total relaxation, stimulation and arousal as they explored the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the Greenhouse and gardens and the surrounding area from the boat that was moored off the Gazebo. The second time they explored the gardens, Jonni slipped a bottle of rubbing and loving oil into her shorts. Hopping and heel-toeing to keep her balance, she whispered to Ross that "this is much more satisfying when it is your hand here but right now, you are just going to have to wait your turn." She began peeling her pant down from her waist after unwrapping her stump from its pocket and kicking it a few times.

The Water Baby

fetish bigpreggoman 2018-10-04

His breasts growing pendulous and milky, leaking through his bras, making big wet stains and causing people to look away, hurry by and avoid eye-contact with him, and pretend they hadn't seen him laboriously waddling toward them, his massive breasts soaked, pendulous and drooping either side of his obscene impregnated belly, and cum streaming down his legs. He drove himself like a locomotive, crying out in aching pains as his pregnant belly contracted and his sphincter stretched tight around the plug; all the while he caressed and rubbed on his tits and thrust his pulsating cock hard into the seat, bringing himself toward orgasm.

Dick-sucking B-Mo Ho's Ch. 01

fetish thick9 2018-10-04

Totally oral this girl would cum extremely hard and often while she was sucking my dick. Dragging her off to my bed, Sylvia's mouth and tongue action only came up for air when she got a big orgasm and would then stuff my dick all the way down her throat and ride out her cums, gagging herself as she vibrated around my dick. Sucking me just long enough to ensure my dick was very hard she would then demand her pussy or bubble butt be plugged and filled by what she worked so hard on and I would stuff it in her very tight holes.

The Bigger Step Brother Pt. 02

fetish thetinybrother 2018-10-04

I smiled and laid back down in bed, ready to go to sleep when I noticed a text from Adriana: "Good night, lil girl! After a few backward steps, I fell on the couch right next to Liz's bag looking up at my gorgeous, smiling girlfriend. Liz walked towards me, grabbed me by the hand and slowly led me out the door, leaving Nizar and Adriana inside. "You really do look good, Alan," Liz said as soon as we left Nizar's room. My girlfriends thighs were spread wide open just like my little brother's, but when Liz gave me the command to crawl, It was my own natural inclination to plant myself between his strong, muscular legs.