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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Entering Her Service Ch. 01

fetish servantboy11 2018-01-12

"So, I was very curious to know more about the comment on your profile that you like being called "Mistress"." Scott asked as he continued to look at Denise while sipping on his drink. I have had another servant some time ago and if can find the right person I would like to do it again." Denise replied eyeing Scott to make sure that he took in her words. Scott smiled and swallowed hard knowing that he had the incentive to be good to be able to see, feel, kiss, and suck his Mistress' breasts. I want my slut dressed in panties and stockings waiting for me tomorrow night." Denise commanded as she straightened up and let herself out of the car.

Never Lose a Bet with your Wife

fetish Everyday2 2018-01-12

Julie stood there looking at me holding the panties and said "let's make it a little bet." "You put them on for five minutes and if you get hard, I win." I tried to say no, but she was having none of it and yanked my boxers down. Julie laughed and said "you better watch out tonight or some guy might take your virginity!" I told her "that isn't going to happen, you know I'm straight." I had a raging hard on from the Viagra, was dressed in a very sexy outfit and lingerie with panties that caressed my ass and would have made me hard by themselves, my cock was encased in the petticoat lace, and each step I took caused the lace to caress my hard on.

Forced Entry

fetish Darkforeboding 2018-01-11

He held his shins and feet across her calves and held her down from behind with his knife hand, and then forced her face into the pillow until she was gasping for breath and too weak to struggle further. She was sobbing again, resigned to the rape she was about to endure as he spread open her ass cheeks and laid the head of his cock against her asshole. Without giving her a chance to breath he suddenly forced his cock into her ass and she screamed as the head of his dick forced open her asshole. When he was satisfied with that he began pounding his cock into her ass, each time pulling it more than halfway out and then shoving it deep again so hard that his pubic bone hit the crack of her ass.

The Blonde and the Brunette Pt. 01

fetish HairAddict67 2018-01-11

Not even Amy or Eliza knew about my fetish, and I never had the courage to ask them if I could play with their hair. Speaking quietly so that it was guaranteed that no one outside the room could hear us, she said, "Now I know you all are friends and you and Eliza had your thing and it's over now, but I just want you to remember that women like bold, confident men. When I gave the last stream of cum, Eliza removed herself from my face while Amy kept herself on my cock for a little bit longer, making sure she had gotten every last bit of cum in her mouth and down her throat.

Caught In The Woods Pt 1

fetish bndandspnked51 2018-01-11

Then reaching into the small pack he was carrying he removed a fairly long length of rope and proceeded to toss it up and over a tree limb about 15-20 feet overhead. Once my wrists were secured he grasped the other end of the rope and began to pull downward on it which caused my arms to rise up above my head and eventually caused my feet to be upraised slightly off the ground so that I was nearly standing on my tiptoes. His fingers would slowly stroke my nipples and his hands would pause to cup my breasts, occasionally giving them a squeeze or a pinch. After several minutes of cupping, caressing, pinching, sucking, kissing and nibbling on my breasts and nipples his hands began to turn their attention to my denim be continued.

Goldenrod Prequel Ch. 02

fetish rlmmike 2018-01-11

While I was sitting, a young woman in a lab coat emerged from the nest of cubicles, and called out, "Michelle?" In response, a tall, lithe black girl stood up and accompanied her to the testing zone. Karen entered an unlit room without waiting for me, which gave me a chance to examine a wheeled laundry cart that was filled two-thirds up with generic climbing harnesses, each of which had a five-inch green plastic dildo affixed to it by some industrial adhesive. A red bulb went on over the door in the lab, and the girl immediately withdrew the latex cock, stood up on the floor, and casually strolled through the portal and out of view, naked except for the harness she was wearing. "Both of these girls can fuck a man, though one lacks spirit, and the other ability," Karen said.

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 03

fetish Lou Thomas 2018-01-11

The first time we met, at a meeting of a group to which we belong, my reaction to Eddie was almost identical to the reaction I'd had when I'd first encountered Tim many years before: the thought that, "NO man has the right to look at another man's wife like that!" I confess to shamelessly playing up to Eddie every time we met thereafter, making sure he had a good (if seemingly accidental) leg show whenever possible and, in conversation, standing close to him, touching his chest and arms frequently, and skillfully loading our conversations with just enough double entendre' to keep him guessing as to exactly how much I meant in which way.

A Sexual Adventure: Guess Who's Cumming to Di

fetish kinkyebonyluv 2018-01-11

You take hold of his hard shaft and place your other hand at the back of my neck, then you guide my mouth onto the cock in front of me. You kiss me hard and I feel my nipples harden and I moan into your mouth, while my body begins to squirm. Then I feel the pressure as you begin to squeeze your cock in with your friend's. My wet pussy begins to drip from your friends cum mixed with my own. I feel your tongues licking at me making my orgasm fly higher and my pussy to squirt more. Then I kiss you, deeply and passionately, knowing that when your friend leaves I'm going to fuck your hard white cock again.


fetish KinkSwitched 2018-01-11

He shook his head vigorously and cleared his mind, just in time to notice that the set of tentacles that made him cum once before were already back to work on his cock, sucking, massaging and rubbing up and down his already stiffening shaft once again. Every so often the tentacle in his ass would pull out, and copious amounts of the fluid it was pumping into him would leak out of him and down the back of his legs and because of the position he was in, would work their way around to his stomach and onto his chest. Just as he began to moan, the tentacle in front of him, as he knew it would, entered his mouth and began pumping its own fluid down his throat, and he eagerly sucked it down.

All in the Family Ch. 09

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-11

"Did she do 'that thing' at the hospital?" he asked, looking at Roxanne over the woman's shoulder as he touched her waist. He shook Roxanne's hand firmly as she watched Connie who was at least ten years younger than anyone else was. "I like the 'no panty' look," she teased and watched her sit with her knees slightly parted. "At first, they thought it was cute," Connie said, as she sat on a chair at a table slightly lower than a normal desk. You know, just before I nibbled all along these wonderful folds of skin." Roxanne lightly dragged her fingertip along one side and down the other then let her tongue follow the same path.


fetish FantasyMan021 2018-01-11

Did your left foot start inching its way up to my balls where once it makes contact you begin to flick your toes back and forth over them causing them to swing between my legs. My cock is resting on top of your foot as you continue playing with my balls for several minutes before stopping and lowering your leg. You stop your fun move your foot away and sit up, wrapping your hands around my balls and pulling me forward. Clapping your hands and laughing in clear excitement you inform me that is the number of objects in the house you are going to use on my cock and balls in your quest to make me cum 7 times.

Seriously! I went for Salt!

fetish 2018-01-11

I layed on the bed watching some 'blues' on this site, of woman being fucked in the pussy and ass by strangers, their br0thers, fath3rs and any man with a cock who comes along.....damn i want that to be me. Before the feeling abated, and in one swift motion shawn got to his feet, released his now hard cock from his boxer briefs and rammed it in my pussy. He forc3d his huge cock further up my soppy pussy with every stroke.His balls slapping on my ass as he fucked my wanting hole.His cock felt so good in my pussy after having him ravage me with his fingers. Shawn:'I gine fuck you like you want me to fuck you.You come here fa dicky not salt.

Smaller Than Average Caught Jerking

fetish runtz4 2018-01-11

"Stop!" I did as she said, "Do it like this," Angie began pumping an imaginary dick, holding her hand down to her crotch and jerking it. "Good, you're doing very good," She looked incredible, sure I like looking at new and different tits but honestly she's perfect, 32DD breasts on her petite five foot body, I've jerked off more times than I can count thinking about my own wife. Even with my little dick she has almost never turned me down for sex, but there are times when a guy just needs to jerk it; there's no expectations of performance, it's simple quick and done.

The Power of Clothing Pt. 02

fetish mandywilluk2000 2018-01-11

So, taking the plastic card from the pretty, blonde, probably Polish, girl who smiled at her in what Jo ridiculously thought was a 'knowing' way, gave her a little charge of fear, but that was accompanied by a surge of sexual excitement as she walked across the lobby to the lifts. Her heart was pounding at both the visions she was seeing and the memories of what she felt with Tom. Of course, that was it, she thought, her hands being drawn as if like magnets to her breasts. As she slipped her hands up the long tee shirt she usually wore as a dressing gown when working in a hotel room, she realised that she hadn't had sex for over a month, and that included with herself.


The Cabin Ch. 09

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-01-11

"Okay gentlemen, you now know my house rule and because you have professed your submission to these three hot babes," she said looking at them admirably and seeing them break into bright smiles, "I expect you to follow my orders." Looking pensively at one another and at the ladies, they couldn't help but notice the wide-eyed stares and beaming smiles of the three new dominants appearing ever so pleased as they watched the guys strip. "That's better boys, "she said looking at their cocks."I like seeing a man hard. "I noticed she doesn't think the same about yours." Ken said looking at Tim whose cock had already shrunk back to something less than two inches long.

Favourite Fantasies #13

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-01-11

When I wished to jerk off I would go to this room, strip my clothes off and lay on a mattress which was stretched out on the top of a bed frame and play with my cock. My older s****r, who was sixteen, laid down by me and kissed me and told me that neither one would tell Mom so to relax. In a very short time both of them had me locked in their legs and were running their hands all over my belly, neck, sides and the big surprise came when my oldest s****r got my cock in her hands and asked me if this is the way I was playing with my cock.

Carrie and Max: Pretty Kitty

fetish batchman 2018-01-11

She could feel fear and love spring up strong and quick in her, battling for supremecy and then, neither gaining the upper hand, combining into a fast-spreading glow of comfort and contentment that left her so very willing to follow Max's orders, knowing that he would never hurt her, never take advantage of her. This way we don't have to worry about nicks and cuts from a razor blade." Carrie had never had her pussy shaved but had been looking forward to it ever since Max told her his plans. Max looked at her, his excitement evident on his face, and said, "Now we can transform you into Sasha the tiger woman." "Now why am I not surprised that you got that so well so fast?" Feeling herself blush and knowing that Max couldn't see it under all that body paint, Carrie let out a lusty purr.


fetish TRUE111 2018-01-11

I had already been at college for a year to complete my A levels when a new Enlish teacher started, called Ms. Robbins. It was obvious to me from the start that she had a fetish for younger males like those of my age, she would turn up for lessons wearing tights and heels with red nail varnish and this was only the beginning. (Full sex and a ඍ" with a somewhat older man, not the sort of fetish that Ms. Robbins had). This included pulling "sickies" and having sex in a bush directly opposite the classroom full of students being covered by another teacher for her.

A BBW For My Birthday

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-01-11

I ordered you a beautiful woman to be your little sex slave for your birthday." I ran my fingers through my hair and slowly walked to the living room, going over in my mind what I could say to this large woman. I slowly ran my tongue up the soul of each foot, then took the big toe of her left foot into my mouth and began to suck as I caressed the hairs on top of her foot. I watched Trudy as she spread her legs above me and lowered her giant hairy ass and pussy until they were two inches from my face, and I opened my mouth. "I have one other fantasy if you are willing....I have always wanted a woman to sit on my face and let me eat her ass and pussy."

The Ritual

fetish Mister Illusion 2018-01-11

As I lose myself in a trance you can hear my words in the form of a prayer..."Lord of Darkness...The moon is full and high in the sky...It is the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of the calendar...The priestesses of Lucina are present...Let the ritual of transformation and ascendance begin." I look down between your legs and I can see the glistening of blood as it begins to pour down your inner cunt lips from your vagina. I look up to the full moon shining through the stained glass window and yell out with all the fury my lungs can supply..." My lord of Darkness...the ritual of transformation has been performed...The priestesses of Lucina by ritual of blood have anointed the thirteenth 'The chosen one'...

Nude to Seal the Deal Ch. 01

fetish Wifetheif 2018-01-11

In the time that Dennis had worked for Wilton Enterprises, he and his wife, Tina had become extremely close to Phillip and Betty Wilton. Phillip and Betty were twenty-six years older, than Dennis and his wife, Tina. Dennis switched to the hard sell, stating just how much money the Parks account would bring his firm, and in turn, how much of that money would come into his and Tina's hands. Tina struggled to keep a light mood as she, Dennis, and Betty and Phillip Wilton rode in the company van to the airport. Gazing at her, Tina was now positive that she did like the idea of Dennis seeing her naked for any extended period of time.


fetish rrspence2002 2018-01-11

While Scott and Tara wheeled their Mom into the house, Brett grabbed Nancy's bags and the aluminum walking trainer that he had signed out from the Rehab Centre. With the Nurse's advice, Brett and Nancy had decided to not let the kids see Mom's stump until she got home. Brett and Nancy both felt that they needed the first night home from the hospital for themselves so had made arrangements to take the kids to separate friends after the "Welcome Home Mom Brunch". Nancy was gently placed to ground and she hopped and adjusted herself before Brett handed her her crutches.

College Cheerleaders in Pantyhose

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-01-11

Of course the girls didn't fail to notice my big cock which was hard from watching Kelly and her friends, Brenda and Jenny, in their outfits and gradually taking off their uniform. While I was massaging her ass, I gently inserted my cock into her pussy and then fucked her, first gently, then hard, then gently again, she moaned and groaned, until we found our rhythm and eventually both came with a terrific orgasm. I went with my hand underneath my stepsister's pantyhose and spent some time first on Jenny's pussy to get her real horny and excited and her juices came out in streams. Finally I thought she was ready for the treat and I pulled down the pantyhose just beneath her ass and lubricated her hole with pussy juices before I gently inserted my cock.

Space Camp Ch. 02

fetish kcunningh 2018-01-11

The girls removed their diapers and put on their Hanes Her Way cotton underwear and street clothes and met the boys for dinner. Instructor Brad told everyone (even though the girls already knew the story) how astronauts have to wear diapers during launch sequences and space walks due to the long periods of time they are in their space-suit. The girls decided they should try to sneak down the hall to peek in the classroom window to see if they can see the boys changing. Lisa pushed Kylie out of the way so she could try to sneak a peek at some of the boys in diapers.