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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Breaking up IS hard to do.

fetish toptiger4 2018-01-11

I called Amy that night and told her what had happened and that I would be moving home to North Carolina as soon as I could get my affairs in order. It took a few nights of our carefully feeling each other out but before the week was out Amy asked me to come home. ...eased closer to my cock and, while looking into my eyes, leaned over me and let her hair fall onto me. Do you like my hair?" Not sure what question I was answering, I said to her, "Oh, yeah, Amy." She smiled a wicked smile and asked if I'd like her to do that some more and I, of course, nodded to her.

Large Panty Fantasy

fetish vinceh23 2018-01-11

I get a bit harder as she slip her panties over her feet and holds them in front of her for me to see, turning them around so that the gusset is facing me, the slight dampness of her sex visible evidence of her vagina. Do you want to wrap this gusset around your dick and cum in my panties? I watch her as she rubs her clit, a slight moan coming from her mouth as she says, "you're a dirty little boy, jerking in your mommies panties. My body shudders, my legs begin to go limp as I sit down on the edge of the chair, breathing hard as my cum fills the gusset.

Bethany, Your Pussy Tastes So Good

fetish miniskirtman69 2018-01-11

In college, I was well known as "The Tongue." And I dreamed many a night of spending hours if not days between Bethany's thighs. I was so horny because i saw her sweet pussy that I went to the bathroom to masturbate and found her just taken off panties in the hamper. As I'm sitting on the bed waiting for the bathroom to be free, Bethany comes out and throws a pair of panties on the floor, near the door where a future laundry bag would end up. And all I could think about were all the nights that I dreamed about getting between those legs and tasting her juicy pussy and wonderfully sweet asshole.

Let's Talk

fetish horndoghubby68 2018-01-11

Well, this caused jokes and flirting between my wife and this guy -- you know, jokes like, "so, what do you think? She gave me at least 2 blow jobs a day for about a week while telling me how wonderful it felt to have his cock in her hands/mouth and how sexy it feels on her tongue, how much she loves cum, etc. I really didn't like her doing it without letting me know that last time. I just kept bringing her to the point of cumming then stopping, sucking on her breasts, calling her a whore, telling her what a slut for other men's cock/cum she is and making her say similar things to me.

The Prince Who Pooped

fetish 100331 2018-01-11

Pierson spotted a bush of wild berries and ate some, ignoring Darin and Joseph's warning. Pierson wiped with a large leaf, picked up his things, pulled up his trousers, and ran away with Joseph. Joseph closed the door and listened to Pierson's ass pour liquid poop out. The 28-year-old sister, Meghan, opened the door and greeted her brother. "Sister, I beg you," said Joseph, "Let me relieve myself in your privy." She opened the privy door and said her brother lying over the hole. Julia grabbed the nearby sheet of linen and wiped Darin's hole cleaned. When Joseph and Meghan were finished washing their hands, Meghan's 27-year-old friend Catherine came in. Darin later wed Julia, Joseph married Catherine, and Pierson married Victoria, making her his princess.

Leaving the Car Behind

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-11

She thought she'd put his suggestion to the test though and then write to him, explaining that if car users people were to be coaxed back on to public transport it would need a significant investment of taxpayer's money to bring buses and trains up to scratch. Claire turned to her, trying to look and sound sympathetic, whilst thinking all the time that her old friend had scored an own goal. Claire gave her a sympathetic look but Anne felt as though everyone on the bus knew about her predicament and was judging her. Soon the bus pulled up at the stop where Anne got off and Claire followed her.

The 1980 Nissan Stinkbomb

fetish unrivalledpretension 2018-01-11

With the air in the car growing more and more foul, I tell Cassandra as best I can that I'm going to try and work the gag off of me..."Mmmgmmmtrmmm gmmmummgmmfmmph." If I can even start to breathe freely through my mouth, it'll at least mean I won't have to smell every one of Cassy's farts. As the timer ticks to 15:48, Cassandra lifts her left leg again, but this time shifts her weight as she does so, resulting in a louder, two-second-long *BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* as my head shaking gets quicker. Cassy lifts both of her legs, closes her eyes, and slowly rocks her upper body back and forth, with the end result being a three-second long fart whose duration and volume are second only to the five-second long Rorie Bomb from a minute and a half ago.

Mary's Gassy Dorm

fetish Vera42 2018-01-11

Mary walked around campus and contemplated timing how long she could hold in the gas, until she felt the internal rumblings of her intestines. "Oh darn..." thought Mary, "I should get to the dorm before its too late." Mary fondly remembered the times she held on too long and accidentally shit herself. Mary waddled quickly to her dorm toilet, plopped her ass on the pot, and commenced dropping bombs. The noise was deafening, she would grunt and strain, and her ass would emit a chain fart of wet sounding shit. Did something die in here?" Amy swung open the bathroom door without knocking, and came to see a desperate Mary trying to flush away a severely clogged up toilet.

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 03

fetish rmlooker 2018-01-11

In the weight room she said the first thing she wanted him to work on was getting strength in his left shoulder and also good control of it. She added that he would be doing the same thing with the right arm to work the left hooks so if he wanted he could start using weights on that side also in preparation of having that arm on. Rob said good because the sight of her sitting there in her chair with her 32D breasts and hard nipples were getting to him. Sara asked if anyone was going in the pool and J and Rob said yes, time to cool off. Rob said he sort of figured that out tonight the way she and Sara were getting along so good.


fetish PaisleyWrites 2018-01-11

"That's good," she said to him as her fingers moved again, but before he could grow accustomed her hand slipped away with a wet noise of glove and gel. The nurse stepped close to assist him, and noting the patient's regard she said firmly, "face forward," making him turn away his gaze obediently. The two of them came over to the waiting patient, the nurse moving to his side, the man standing behind him at the end of the table. "A little wider now," he said with a firm push on the inside of the patient's thigh; then his hand touched the dangling penis, half-aroused during the wait, giving it a firm squeeze. The nurse leaned down, her hand moving under the end of the table, feeling for the patient's penis.

Face the Music

fetish loveto600 2018-01-11

Now I am going to slid my balls and ass, covered with your panties, over your face. I want you to lick and suck those jewels, so they load up with lots of cum." I gave his balls a nice spit bath, then drew each ball into my mouth, one at a time, and tried to tongue the sack when it was in my mouth. Now don't swallow any spit, just let it run out of your mouth and go wherever." He said when he pulls out, I better get a deep breath, because I am only going to give you one, before I jam my cock back down your throat again.

Clearence Rack

fetish 2018-01-11

I was wearing a white tee shirt, blue nylon shorts (Kathy Ireland from K-Mart) pink Vanity Fair Body Caress panties and a cute pair of unisex slides from Payless. "Yes, I like pink" he breathed lightly brushing my ear lobe with his lips "I want to play with your peter" he whispered, cupping my cock through my panties. God, I was soooo turned on, I reached over to rub his cock through his shorts, he stopped me grabbing my hand "no" was all he said. I was moaning uncontrollably, his hand was being lubed by the precum drooling from my cock, he moved his attention from my nipples to my balls, massaging then through my panties.

Heather Learns to Squirt

fetish xxevieexx 2018-01-11

She loved feeling wave after wave crash over her as she pushed her sopping wet cunt onto his face. She had began to rub her clit and when he saw this, he spanked her pussy for doing so. After several minutes of stroking himself in front of her face, he moved slightly closer and held her head to his cock with one hand. He dove head first into her pussy and began sucking her clit...sucking it until it felt like he was going to rip it off. She started shaking and he stopped, but only long enough to replace his mouth with his fingers, which he shoved deep into her pussy again. He pulled his fingers out of her and she sprayed her hot come all over his hand.

The Valentine's Day Panties Search

fetish SuperHeroRalph 2018-01-10

On those days when he was alone and lonely, when his only friend was one too many single malt scotches, as if the women were there with him, he'd go through his panty drawer and reminisce of his good times, while wondering why he never found the right woman. As if an archeologist on a dig, as if reading a chapter in his life's book, every panty in his collection saved a special memory and a story of making love and having sex, as well as a unique fragrance. In the way the panties were saved and categorized by colors and styles, each one labeled with the name of the woman and the date of the conquest, his dresser drawer looked more like a forensic scientist's lab compartment than a piece of furniture.

The Wife's Wild Ass

fetish varunpal89 2018-01-10

Caroline loved to get fucked in the morning. He stroked her cunt-lips and rubbed her cut, then gently pushed his middle finger up her cunt, turning it about inside her hot, wet pussy Caroline parted her thighs wider and waited, expecting Jonathon to fuck Jonathon began to tongue her pussy with long slurping strokes, his head inch of his cock buried in her hot pussy and letting Caroline enjoy the Jonathon groaned as he felt her slippery cunt moving up and down on his He took a slow stroke, fucking his cock into her as she slid her As Jonathon fucked in, Caroline Caroline stroked his head and whispered loving words into his ear. How wonderful to get fucked like this every morning!

slave of 3 girls

fetish vikaz 2018-01-10

I di that and was leaving at 6:30 am,, she said" take a laeve from work today,, it is friday, come today at 8 pm , u will serve me for saturday and sunday, Dipti's husband is out , and she needs u for whole house clean up" Vaishali ver sarcastically:" Ohh Dipti U have hit him hard,, look at his palms,, if i hit again, they will be bleeding,, Ok I think i will not hit on these palm,,, come on bastard turn your palm" at 11 am , vaishali told me :" I am going out for some shopping,, by the time i come u stand on the toilet Sit,, If i come back and not find u there ,, u know your fate"

Girls fucked me with a baseball bat!

fetish 2018-01-10

Every now and then I have a fantasy of many people having nasty all-in sex in public.I take my pants off and see girls and guys getting off. One busty chick is starting to suck two dicks at the same time and fingering herself. In the meantime girls are getting big baseball bats and starts to lube them up. I'm bending over in the ground and girls starts to play with my ass. One of the girls starts to suck my dick while I'm getting fucked by a baseball bat. Girls love it, they want me to cum everywhere. I see that this skinny girl with a blue cap has a strap-on and she is ready to fuck guys.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. 5

fetish Scotsdude 2018-01-10

Natalia came over to me, her face covered in James’ cum. Meanwhile, Claire laid James on the sofa, and began to piss in his mouth. Then Sara untied me and told me to get my head under James’s skirt and put my mouth around his penis, but not to do anything. When I was ready, Claire instructed James to piss in my mouth. I was still finger fucking him when he came into my mouth. I took my finger out, and went down and tongue fucked him up the ass. I came just as I felt James’ warm cum up my ass. I spent it having anal sex with my new boyfriend, and drinking his cum and his lovely piss.

Stranger on the Couch

fetish VeryDirtyMind 2018-01-10

"Yes. The game got shortened by rain so we're under the bleachers and I make the offer in front of Emily, and give her an easy out by asking her if she was too tired, but she said no that was fine," Gary tells the analyst. "It looked like she was resisting at first but Tyrone let go of her wrist and Emily kept rubbing the bulge in his sweats, and she's making noises as they kept kissing. "I have it committed to memory but Tyrone was kind enough to send it to me so I could enjoy hearing whenever I wanted," Gary sarcastically said as he handed Dr. Tuttle his phone after cuing up the message.

Lunch Time at the Hole

fetish Billgh01 2018-01-10

As it came through the hole I took it into my mouth and let him feel my warm tongue and a gentle sucking. I sucked him for just a little while and just as I pulled his cock out to inspect it some more, he shot a long rope of jism that landed on my face and in my right eye. I traced my tongue down his crack to his hole as he said "oh fuck that is hot." He bent over a bit giving me better access. I grabbed the base of his dick, and kept bobbing to the rhythm as he grunted “eat that fucking cum” and started to shoot his load into my mouth.

Slut wife: First day at work

fetish Whoreowner 2018-01-10

As soon as the door was closed her boss moved away from the desk and dragged sarah out, he threw her down on the desk on her back, he ripped open her blouse and yanked her tits from her bra, he grabbed and mauled them as he pushed her skirt up and yanked her panties to 1 side. By the time she left the work that day she had been fucked by her boss again, sucked off two of her induction tutors and flashed several workers as she practised picking up items from the floor, one of whom had reached up and removed her panties and then left with them saying she could have them back tomorrow.

MY Horny Ass

fetish 2018-01-10

"If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!" I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-01-10

I couldn't help but smirk as I caught a little look of annoyance flicker across Ophelia's countenance, I think because she noticed my tits were the pair drawing the majority of stares now. She'd had enough, and soon she was trying to force the issue, tangling her fists in my long red hair she shoved my face for her nips, clearly angry when I turned this way and that, denying her, letting the mortals in the club get a good view of her inadvertently titslapping the ever-loving hell out of me. "I win." I blinked a few times as she leaned in and kissed me deep, sharing my juices with me, then as she pulled back she said, "Let's pick some mortals.

I never thought I would

fetish uniqelyme57 2018-01-10

As it got to closing time he asked me if we could perhaps go back to his place for a drink. His head then dipped and his tongue appeared, hardly touching my cock but adhering itself to my sticky precum. Then it happened, his right hand slipped just a little lower and I felt the nub touch my bumhole. He knew what he had done and grasped the backs of my legs pulling them up to my shoulders, my cock slipped from his mouth and he looked at my vulnerability. Why, cos I didn't expect to be drinking with a guy who ended up a trap and then to be completely unprepared to have fun with a twenty odd year old tart.