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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Date Night Ch. 01

fetish KarenWoods 2018-01-10

That sounded right, I just smiled and nodded at Mark, "Yes my dear, and you're going to get me ready, then I'm going to get you ready to wait up for me." I turned and looked back at the mirror, "There is a bag on the bed" I told him, "There is some lingerie in it. "You may stand up," I told him "You're going to need to to help me finish." I gestured to the little black dress I had picked out to wear that night, one I knew he loved, completely backless and cut high enough that the tops of my stockings and the garters would show if I wasn't careful.

Wife and Sissy invited to a party

fetish moeclitty 2018-01-10

The driver opened the door and pointed to the main door and asked my wife to please have a drink and enjoy herself, I started to follow but he quickly grabbed my cues and said "No silly sissy, you go in the side entrance to get ready for your show". As we walked around the property I noticed a stage with a crowd starting to gather and Master Kent looked at me and tilted his head towards the stage, “Let’s go see what is going on over here.” What did I think? I didn’t even think about the crowd watching me get slammed in the ass by a Dominatrix, I was too busy moaning like a little slut through the ball gag as I drooled all over the stage in front of me.

Tribute Story for cokokisses Part 5!

fetish draksnake09 2018-01-10

No panties, no bra." Leaning forwards I kissed her on the mouth, making sure to plunge my tongue into her mouth as far as I could, wrestling with and dominating her tongue with my own as my hands dropped down to grip onto her ass, squeezing hard and pulling her towards me, allowing her to feel my thick cock throbbing against her stomach for a moment. I let out a loud gasp and I gripped the leash tighter as she started to rapidly pump her face back and forth over my cock, quickly working on the stiff rod like a pro, her tongue swirling around the underside, finding the sensitive rim, nibbling softly, suckling and all around worshipping the stiff piece of meat in front of her.

M.I.L.F. Adventures Ch. 01

fetish GeorgeGordon 2018-01-10

"You look like you're doing just fine there, darling," Brenda whispered, staring at my prick, which had been hard for so long that it was already leaking pre-cum. She would then take a long drag and blow thick smoke over the head of my dick and my balls. I gently placed my hand behind her head, just above her neck and stared down at her as I began to fuck her mouth with more immediacy. I spread my now noticeably trembling legs apart a bit and placed both my hands behind her head, keeping my eyes on hers below me, straight-out fucking her face until the inevitable happened.

The Maid

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-01-10

Once it became clear to me that she no longer feared for her job I couldn't help myself but to begin to frequently follow her around again as she efficiently and expertly performed her duties, and although she never seemed to mind and always met me with her smile it became obvious very quickly that I was the one underfoot. I played out a contemplated approach in my mind time and again before on another Friday afternoon, as I raptly listened to Maria happily recount one the twins' latest achievements while I sat below rubbing and caressing, I finally took the fateful plunge.

Hitchhiking Preggo

fetish Xploremyworld 2018-01-10

The t-shirt material at the tips of her tits were wet; it clung to her big knobs as if painted on, plastered stickily to her fat nips, clinging tight enough to let me examine the swollen veins that raced to her tight nipples, which stuck out from those big puffs like vienna sausages. I feasted my eyes on the sight of her bare belly, great curving expanses of honey skin, and dark, pink nipples with prominent veins—and her teats, her unbelievably long titty tips, fat sausage shaped milk-givers that I longed to suck on. Bathing her, pregnant and naked; soaping her swollen brown belly and fondling her slick soapy tits, feeling her huge milkers slip and flop heavily in my hands, feeling her slippery, rubbery nipples in my soapy palms.

Sonia and the Happy Ending Clinic

fetish ColetteJulie 2018-01-10

The gloved hand lifted my face until I was looking right into my doctor's eyes. Doctor Nick and Nurse Joe then pulled my gown right up to chin, exposing my whole body. 'Leave us alone." Doctor Nick told Miguel and Nurse Joe. He took out the thermometer and plunked it back into the kidney dish then my doctor grabbed my face with his hand and turned it to one side so that he could look at me. Nurse Joe pushed my legs open and then slightly lifted my ass so that my doctor could administer the enema. At a command from Doctor Nick they pushed my legs back towards my body and down at the same time, so that my pussy was spread open wide.


Neighbours Toy

fetish wvn3 2018-01-10

Emma moved forward and asked him to expose me for her, lift your dress sissy girl he said, I did and Emma saw his hands working my cock inside my panties and his stroking of my stockings, pantyhose and garter straps. In the meantime he approached from the front and waving his prick in front of my face jabbed it into my mouth and to the back of my throat, as quickly as he had stuffed it in he removed it and slammed it hard into Emma’s cunt right above my head 3 or 4 strokes later he withdrew from Emma and poked it back into my mouth and as he did so Emma leaned down and spoke into my ear, like the taste of my pussy juice you fucking tranny cunt, go on wank yourself whilst you taste me on your masters cock.

I Can Always See Her

fetish WFEATHER 2018-01-10

I wear comfortable clothes – shoes, socks, jeans, t-shirt, and flannel shirt – and sit on one of the blue-painted metal park-style benches, my Software, Etc., bag beside me as I watch the passersby from behind my dark sunglasses. I am guessing that she is twenty years old, but almost certainly a college student given that she and her friend are talking in a low, concerned tone about tomorrow's French exam. I look straight ahead, but my eyes are focused to the far right edge of my peripheral vision, tracking her and her friend as they walk slowly past, their purses draped across their bodies. Taking her friend's hand, she hurries across my field of vision, walking quickly, and I marvel that she can move so quickly and fluidly in such form-fitting clothing and platform heels.

Mandy's Milk

fetish Enteme 2018-01-10

Extending from the base of her spine and laying gently between the firm cheeks of her branded ass was a long black and white whip like tail about two feet in length with a large tuft of brown fur attached at the end. Brandon quickly went to the control booth to monitor the process while her Father opened the gate and allowed her to crawl between the ever-changing queue of heifers waiting to be milked. The next day she entered the Control Booth and reprogrammed the switching gate to ensure she was transferred through the New Station One. With the programming change in place she used the one-way gate they had installed months ago to make her introduction into the herd for milking much easier when her heavy udders were weighing her down.

We Both Love Having Sex While Dressed In Tights Pa

fetish CockBoy1970 2018-01-10

I then bent forward more and put my face fully into the tights panty gusset making a sort of nylon mask breathing in her all day worn tights mixed with her sex juices from our foreplay, immediately my lady sensed that it had had an effect on me and a full load of man juice was about to be deposited deep in her pussy, so as i started to fuck her harder,she met my thrusts by bucking her ass back and forth onto my cock,I then took one long hard sniff of her gusset and while holding onto her tighted ankles banged my cock and balls into her and almost screamed as I let loose my jizz, it felt like I was pumping gallons of the stuff into her.

The Sex Show Ch. 03

fetish CafeExtreme 2018-01-10

Simon Cumwell: Okay Melinda, lift yourself slowly off the bed, your legs are probably a bit wobbly after that fuck so take it easy and follow me over to the wheel and when you're ready, spin again. Melinda, you are going to get into doggy style position and The White Knight is going to lube up your sphincter and work some fingers around in there to get things stretched and warmed up. The White Knight is then going to grab your ankles, open your legs up and go medieval on that asshole of yours with his huge cock. Simon Cumwell: White Knight, in your aristocratic tone, tell Melinda what you are doing to do her asshole?

Peeing on the Peeper Ch. 02

fetish adoration 2018-01-10

On the videotape you can hear me pour out this torrent of pleading and begging: "Oh please, Keisha, I beg you, please piss on my cock and balls, I love you and your piss, it turns me on so much to think that you're going to pee on me, pretty please, piss on me, pleeeease!" When I had completed my task - all of which was filmed by Barbara from close range - Keisha commanded: "And now you may beg me for the rest in your mouth by telling me how much you want to drink my piss, you fuckin' pathetic perv!" "Well," Carmel continued, "make the next one a total drink job - piss it all down his mouth, don't shower his cock and balls or anywhere else.

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 05 - Private Sessions

fetish QuietStranger 2018-01-10

Missy tries to look away, but the man reaches out and slaps her and makes it clear to her that he wants her to watch. The man pulls his fingers out, and I squirt a small white streams of liquid out of my pussy, onto the ground in front of Missy. After I stop spasming, I feel the mans fingers thrust into me again, he keeps milking me, and I can feel it quickly build up again "NNNNNNN!!" I try desperately at my restraints, pulling them and thrashing about, but there is no way out. The man pushes her head against my pussy, forcing her to lick it again while she takes it in the ass.

Wife's Pregnant Best Friend

fetish jamies20052 2018-01-10

I'm a seasoned veteran in this department, having made love to my wife many times through her three pregnancies. Well, I got home from work (the kids were at their grandparents), and my lovely wife informed me of their lunchtime proposition. My wife's friend slowly took off her clothes, revealing her beautifully slim figure with her pregnant belly sticking out. She laid on her back and I got some massage oil and rubbed her feet, working my way up her legs. I knelt behind her and pushed my dick inside of her, reaching around and grabbing hold of her perfect pregnant belly, pushing in hard, but being careful as to not be rough with her stomach.

pregnant and lusting part 1

fetish vinney 2018-01-10

He withdrew it and pushed it in again - he did this a few more times and then inserted two fingers into her - she tensed which made it even harder to gain entry. He bent his head and started licking and sucking gently at her tits, all the while finger-fucking her with three fingers. He hit what felt like a wall inside and squeezing both her nipples hard, he pushed hard and felt the wall tear and then he was gaining entry. When Saturday came, Candy was on tenterhooks all day anticipating the walk home and coffee after babysitting. When they returned from their night out, the husband again offered to walk her home but they hadn't got very far before he stopped and pushed art

A Country Teenager (Part 2) cont.....

fetish 2018-01-10

and as I stood almost like some deer caught in the headlights of a car at night she was saying to me "Paul come closer and reach under and hold me up a little bit OK baby...." I did not need to be asked a second time and took at step closer to her and then reached under her waist and held my hand up under her now, OMG it was so erotic to actually now FEEL the soft wet material of her swimsuit under my fingers as I stood there.

The Ex's New Toy Pt. 03

fetish Urtoy2be 2018-01-10

I should have said no I am fine but without thinking I returned a text saying, "Yes I can't think about work thank you very much, my damn dick is hard." Hitting send I thought maybe I should not have sent that, to late. As my orgasm ended I knelt down on the dirty restroom floor so my face was right in front of the camera and started licking the hot cum from my hand. As I stood up and stopped the video I realized I had just stroked my cock off in the restroom at work and eaten my cum. I can't have you in the office looking like the cock eating slut you are right now," ordered Mr. Shire.

30 Days or Bust: Day 01

fetish l8bloom 2018-01-10

Mark's hands, his breath at the nape of my neck, held my attention completely. Next thing I knew he parted my already open white coat, and soft as a whisper, began to finger the flesh near my breasts. He wove different patterns, lifting and gently squeezing my mounds, sometimes devoting both hands to one breast, then the other. He met my eyes, as if making sure I was okay, then returned his full attention to my breasts. I wanted to kiss him but he gave all his kisses to my breasts, testing them and teasing them, nipping and squeezing, until I could stand no more. He patted my breasts with the soft cloth and seemed to be looking them over for any marks.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 01

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-01-10

Was it that black, fat-assed bitch you are married to?” The anger spread across his face like an brush fire, his body tense, his hands clenched by his sides. Chrissy turned and lay her head on his stomach, her fingers reaching out and pushing through the kinky hair above his cock. Timmy didn’t wait to see Chrissy straddle her brother’s face as she leaned forward to suck his swollen cock into her mouth. Timmy didn’t wait to see Bobby push his face into her messy ass and suck Tony’s cum from the gaping hole. Timmy didn’t wait to see her tongue snake down between his cheeks as she licked Tony’s cock as it slid into Bobby’s ass.

Ben & Dona

fetish rmlooker 2018-01-10

Ben said that they had a mechanic that had a repair facility right there in the basement to service the cars of the doctors that worked in the building and he would call him and have him look at Dona's car first thing. When he answered Ben asked if he had any plans and Bruce said no he could do whatever was needed today. They got to Dona's place right on time and Bruce went up to her door to get her. She and Bruce got around to the other side of the car and Bruce stuck his arm out for Ben. Ben said to Dona after you and they followed her to the door that was being held open by the receptionist.

Dom/sub Take Care of Each Other

fetish RachelLP 2018-01-10

The white sheet from our bed is wrapped around me, covering my breasts, tucked up under my arms. You're thirsty to suckle the milk from your sub's soft breasts and erect pink nipples. I reach my hand out and softly pat the left side of the bed, "Lie down, Sweetheart, it's time to rest." You lie down next to me, turn on your right side and use your left index finger to free my breasts from the sheet. You return the affection by cupping my soft, heavy breast with both hands to guide my nipple to the center of your mouth. You sleepily arouse for a moment, eagerly fill your mouth after one final tug of my nipple, the last drop of milk slides down the back of your throat.

true story of me pinching ex work colleague's

fetish lovetightsman 2018-01-10

in the morning when i first came into work i noticed she had a skirt on with really sheer natural tan tights on and very shimmery and glossy and looked great on her legs and heels. then a short time just before i had to go upstairs to the training room i noticed she came back into the office wearing different clothes and had changed into some tracksuit/jogging bottoms and trainers! later in the afternoon when i finished training i came back downstairs and back to my floor i noticed her team were back and there seemed to be a strange atmosphere.

My wife and her new doctor

fetish fernando_f 2018-01-10

My wife was loving to have her ass hole massaged, enlarged and penetrated by my finger. It was very horny to feel her hot and wet ass hole pulsating on my cock. I bet my wife loved to have fingers of her doctor and his nurse inside her ass hole, but she would never tell me about it because she is very shy. After that my cock entered whole inside her ass hole while we were watching a very hot anal scene on a porn movie. I filled her ass hole with a lot of hot cum while I was touching her clit with my finger. I was imagining her doctor´s cock doing the same inside her ass while his nurse was licking my wife´s clit.