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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Second Hand Pussy

fetish 69plus1 2018-01-10

"Oh-ho, I know what that means, want me to just leave?" I said. "Well, as much as I love being with you, in and out of bed, there is something you need to know about me and it isn't likely to change anytime soon." She continued. Tell me everything." I asked excited by this new turn of events. As we lay together my hard cock still standing straight up in her hand all I knew is there was something about this that excited me and I was falling in love with this woman and didn't want to loose her. There was something incredibly exciting knowing my cock was forcing it's was through other men's cum.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-10

"Whenever you want and I'll see you get a little more an hour." He watches her nod a few times, then smile in a different way than before - happy. Susan had eagerly called after Joan told her about the conversation with Paul and getting her job back. Paul seems overwhelmed as he takes in Susan's features - tall with nice curves, lovely brown curls, perfectly tanned skin that makes her look like she'd stepped off the pages of a travel magazine, and dressed in an business appropriate knee length dress. Susan stands and takes a deft hop then settles in the chair closer to Paul. "Did you use all the hot water?" Joan asks, leaning against the open door wearing only her sleeveless shirt.

Chaffernaught 04

fetish MistressColleen 2018-01-10

Didn't need to tell joeie to strip, he was already naked, and like an eager puppy he met me at my chair looking happy as could be. joeie slid up my leg to wrap his arms around my thigh and begin humping, staring at my breasts. I watched my male, without being told, get into position, kneeling with his ass lifted high and his nose pressed tightly into the corner. I peered between the shower curtains to give my pussieboy a thrill by yelling at him, demanding he get his ass higher so I could see my balls better, and nose pressed deeper into the corner.


My Secretary

fetish JackStark 2018-01-10

I grab the back of your neck with one hand, and lean in and tell you "you have been a naughty girl." I push you down and bend you over the desk and pull your skirt up to expose your lovely ass. I ask you sternly, "Do you know why you deserved that?" You say "Yes Sir, for teasing you." My only response is "Good girl." I grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart and slide into your already dripping pussy. I feel your pussy contract around my cock as you cum, and it feels so good, but it makes it hard to slide in and out of you. It feels so good, and I can feel your pussy pulsing as if you are trying to milk my cock.

The Mirror Ch. 06

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-01-10

and James saw that Miss Julia Carson's Associates – her five industry-trained and fully diploma'd office girls – were, as usual, all 'at it': Shoe-playing. His five female colleagues just never seemed to stop, thought James excitedly as, as the mirror panned closer, giving him the most awesome close-up views of their dark-pantyhose'd feet, he raptly watched each of the five office girls doing their own, individual and unique shoe-playing 'thing' ... And, still sitting on the edge of Lisa's desk with her right, dark-pantyhose'd leg crossed over her left, Miss Julia Carson popped her right, black leather, two-inch heeled office shoe from her heel and, in imitation of Maxine, let it dangle precariously.

Alyson's Slutty Hotel Meeting

fetish fantasyboy 2018-01-10

Alyson's first reaction was disappointment as she remembered how good it was with Roger and James but that soon disappeared when Fiona said, 'Right slut get over here and let me look at you.' Fiona forced Alyson's legs apart and her hand soon reached her pussy and could feel that she was wearing the thong. It didn't look like me, but they were my tits, my lipstick coated nipples and the feeling of utter pleasure I was getting from the vibrator was definitely me. I loved the feel as my orgasm neared and the fact that Rob and Fiona were getting so turned on by me made it even better.

Piss City Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-01-10

She was extremely tempted to let out a little squirt of her golden shower as he did so, knowing full well that he would never be able to see her hidden pussy as her pee lips parted to let out her hot golden piss spray. From her pussy lips would squirt a thick flowing stream of hot piss, jetting from her pee hole and immediately filling up the top glass. Staring at the sight of her toilet, she watched as her pee squirted over the rim of the bucket before pattering over the ice which was already beginning to melt as Natasha's hot urine raised its temperature. Wanting to get as big a thrill as possible Natasha allowed her squirting pee shower to wander over the rim of the bucket so she could witness herself pissing over the floor.

Jordy and Natalie Pt. 01

fetish jobr4pla 2018-01-10

The logo was deliberately positioned right in the center of the crotch region of my trunks so as to accentuate the impressive bulge that the many female fans, and especially Natalie, had come to love. Natalie looked absolutely stunning as she stood there in a snug white strapless dress that clung to every curve of her perfect body. I again tried to drag myself to the other side of the ring but I didn't even make it half way before I felt AGNAR's large boot press down on the center of my back. Natalie was concerned for about my condition as she stood and looked on but she was too afraid to come into the ring while AGNAR was still standing over me.

S is for Slut, Submission, Semen

fetish chanstevens 2018-01-10

Wearing my red high heels and soiled white panties, butt plug still deep inside my ass, I slide three fingers of my left hand under the panty elastic and deep into the warm wet welcoming lips of my pussy where I start to violently fuck myself such is my lust. This time 1,2,3,4 strands of watery seminal fluid is all he can manage but I am too far gone to wait for instructions – I lap it up like a whore and gulp it down into my tummy to join the first load – my orgasm is still consuming me – this is too much for any girl to bear – I want to grab him and suck his dick, lick every drop of cum and sweat off his body!

Photo Ch. 04

fetish WFEATHER 2018-01-10

Ayumi was not wearing shoes in this photograph, and her white socks fit well enough that I could almost discern the detail of each toe of her left foot; the angle of her right foot in relation to her right leg and the position of the camera kept her right-side toes hidden from my scrutiny. A deep, intense redness covered her cheeks, and it was clearly not from any make-up she could have worn, for her blush descended down her face and neck and descended inside the white blouse toward her chest, subsiding subtly as the blush cascaded down her beautiful form. Additional streams of the sticky whiteness flowed down the miniskirt and along the exotic beauty's legs, anointing the manicured green grass beneath her.

A Pie at Work

fetish DiggerDave 2018-01-10

She leant forward towards me and in a voice that was barely a whisper she then said 'I've just been fucked on my desk and I've got a lovely thick, sticky mess in my pussy that's going to need cleaning up.' 'Why not?' she retorted.' I stammered 'its nasty and messy and a fantasy is always different to reality.' 'You will clean me up' she said 'you will swallow the fresh sticky sperm out of my pussy until I come, or you will lose your job.' I went back to work savoring the great after taste in my mouth of the creamy sperm of Anne's lover mixed with her own wet juices and wondered if she would email me for a repeat performance.

My First Encounter with Rachel

fetish asahartz 2018-01-10

My eyes devoured the little angel as she slowly fell backward into a supine position on the couch, arms flung overhead in an attitude of complete surrender, and her feet swung up from the floor and over into my lap. Without a word, I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and quickly pulled them off, and she immediately swung her right leg up over my head and behind my back, so that I found myself sitting between her knees. Rachel's body shuddered and writhed as she screamed out an invocation, begging me for more, and her hands intermittently clawed at the sofa cushions and pressed against the back of my head.

The Blood Elf and the Timber Wolf

fetish AmethystMare 2018-01-10

Praying for a miracle, Heta charged a spell but the wolf, perhaps accustomed to magic use among its orcs, merely dug in its teeth until a trickle of blood ran down Heta's neck; she dropped the spell, heart beating like a wyvern's wings. Hair strewn wildly about her face, Heta gave up to the weight on her back, catching her breath as the wolf pressed down, panting with his muzzle half-open. The wolf growled though, ignoring the warning, Heta writhed all the more furiously filling the air with a stream of expletives that she would have been ashamed to utter in the company of another blood elf.


Random Milf

fetish badbarboy 2018-01-10

The two were in town for a confereance and were catching up because they were friends for a long time and now brunette has got to go home to the hubby and blondie wants my cock....she is staying at a hotel in the city and i join her....starting out on the living room floor getting undressed while kissing and rolling around on the floor and the big window of the living room is gaping open and city lights are in the sky... we get completely naked and i just need to take in her body because its so lovely....c cup boobs with big beautiful nipples and a big brown hairy bush on her pussy....i am playing and pulling on her pubic hair gently and she is moaning and we are kissing like lovers do hot and heavy.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 16

fetish milfleglover 2018-01-10

"Of course," Susan said, thinking about this delicious young waif sponging her body, cleaning her pussy and ass, and having to shake the thoughts away to continue. "No, no, of course not," Rebecca said nervously, her tension pleasing Susan no end as the girl reached behind her to flush, looking inside at the golden juices swirling away. "My feet are rather chilly," Susan said, after a long silence spent watching the girl dress her, feeling a slight but noticeable shaking of her hands as she did. She was good, her hands strong and sure, and Susan delighted in watching her work her tired old feet, Rebecca leaning to the task, her face inches from the objects of her massage.

Marie's Perfect Breasts Ch. 07

fetish Tdisk 2018-01-10

Heads means Nancy gets the panel; tails means Marie." Paul hesitated and then said, "On second thought, I'll give you both the straps and butt plugs today and perhaps both will get a few days of chastity starting Monday." As he unlocked and then removed Marie's plug he told her that her job was to get his cock hard and wet as he'd be fucking Nancy's ass as soon as her plug was out. At breakfast on Monday morning Paul said, "You'll each need several body hugging tee shirts like the one Marie brought yesterday to keep your corset from showing through your outer clothes.

A NIght Out

fetish cginboston 2018-01-09

Soon Ray's finger reach you and together we begin playing with your clit, parting your lips and sliding a finger or two in you. All through out dinner Ray and I continue to play with you - sliding your skirt up hiring, putting our arms around you and coping a feel of your tits or pushing your legs wider apart and inserting our fingers in your cunt. "Good girl now walk to the car." As you do I can tell you are nervous because you keep scanning the parking lot, and as I see you doing it I give your ass another hard whack. As you open the house door and stand outside next to it, Ray and I take our time walking from the car to the front door.

Standing on My Aunt

fetish Dangerous Feet 2018-01-09

I felt a little awkward about it, because standing on women is a real turn on for me, but I nodded and said, "You're crazy, Gloria!" I was already barefoot, so I stepped down on her thigh with my left foot and then quickly shot my right foot onto her right shoulder, putting my hands on her head for balance until I could get my feet onto both her shoulders. I heard her grunt just a little, then got her rounded shoulders under my the balls of my feet. I was getting way too turned on, so I moved my feet back on her shoulders a little and got ready to get down.

Honeyed Feet

fetish GirlOnBlazingTrenfire 2018-01-09

"It was like you were kissing your sister," said the girl whose foot Cammie was attached to. Stefanie's attaché liked to dance for three hours every night, and sometimes kissed girls on the dance floor. On the seventh day, after Cammie was forced to French kiss Stefanie, lick her boobs, spit on her belly button, give her a hickey on the other side of the neck, and put her tongue around Stefanie's center, while her pants were down, Cammie's attaché asked her to give Stefanie a farewell kiss. One day they would be the right size again, or maybe Cammmie would end up on another girl's foot and Stefanie would be on another girl's foot and they could meet that way, the girls whose feet they were attached to not knowing that they already licked each other.

Examination Desperation

fetish Seuler 2018-01-09

But today the library at Darlingdale Senior High School is especially quiet as the calculus students sit their university entrance exam. The young woman turns her attention back to the exam, but it soon wanders back to her full bladder. She may or may not be able to hang on till the end, but if she walks out on this exam, she will definitely fail. She continues with her exam as best she can, though she frequently has to stop writing to concentrate on holding her bladder; continues for forty minutes. She runs out of the library, ignoring the increasing laughter, runs to her car, and drives home, not caring that she will fail her exam and not be able to go to university.


fetish PTPhotoguy57 2018-01-09

It was during this phase where she would do things like lick his balls, swirl her tongue around the crown, stick the tip of her tongue into his pisshole, swallow the entire rod, “swoggle” the tip (that’s where she’d take the glans into her mouth just past her lips and then repeatedly do circles with her tongue around the tip… oh that was hot!), do a top-to-bottom “bounce” (repeated briskly and with authority), do hand-and-mouth combo strokes, squeeze his nads, and of course apply a blistering jack-hammer mouth pump salvo (usually reserved for the build up or finale but on occasion demonstrated in the prime-time phase as a “primer”) and depending on her mood, use his cock as a paint brush, swabbing her face with his erection while teasing him with moans of delight.

The lighter

fetish 2018-01-09

wo days passed since I'd last seen her that night at the club, I rember her well: I could not forget those two little feet with glazed black toenails that caught my attention that night. I nodded my head and leaned under the table, putting myself on all fours to look better for the lost lighter. She changed from a quick movement to starting to massage my swelled glans with the toes of her right foot. I wasn't able to hold it much llonger and after a some more minutes I let out five shots of cum all over the floor, with her laughter as a consequence of the act. After she left the owner caught me sitting cross-legged under the table.

Old Flame In Hose

fetish sullivan96 2018-01-09

I couldn't believe I was kissing her after all these years, her tongue tasted like a delicacy. She was nude except for a pair of black thigh highs and a cunning smile; her head turned over her shoulder like an orb. I couldn't believe my tongue was diving inside the cunt I wanted for years. As they hit my knees she leaped and planted a sloppy kiss on my head, her hand guiding the base upright as she licked. We made eye contact as she swallowed my head and slowly began to bob. "I thought I'd give you some inspiration." She stepped with her legs apart and brought her hands over her head; she bent over slightly and grabbed her knees, then her ankles.

Encounter with an Angel

fetish SmokingGoddess 2018-01-09

I parted my lips and was going to kiss her deeply, when she pulled away, paused, then moved in once more, teasing my tongue ever so slightly with hers. I needed some sensation on my cock so I slowly removed my fingers from my Angel's pussy and began to jerk myself off as I continued to suck and lick her. Lowering herself to her knees, she removed my hands from my cock and teased the head with the tip of her tongue, licking up my precum. She didn't reply, just gave me one more smile, grabbed my hand briefly and releasing it, turned and walked away into the night.