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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Cousin Faith...

fetish 2018-01-09

My cock was throbbing and fully hard, I slid my hand under my shorts and began rubbing as I closed my eyes and thought of Faith. She said softly "I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had and I want you to cum in my mouth." then her lips slid over the tip and all the way down my cock taking it completely. I grabbed my cock and began stroking as I thought of Faith's blowjob and in a few minutes I was cumming again, not as much as before but it felt just as good.

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 03

fetish mamamilklover 2018-01-09

When Deb entered the room, I was lying in Erica's lap with my sperm all over my body. Deb was wearing a tight sweater and a push-up bra, which was not conducive to nursing a baby. I opened my eyes while I was nursing and saw that Erica and Deb were watching me drink. I could tell that her breasts were popping out of Erica's nursing bra. "Deb, go ahead and sit back down and keep feeding Mike," Erica said, "You never want to interrupt your baby breastfeeding. "OK," Erica said to Deb, "I think you've got the breastfeeding part down. I grabbed Erica's breasts and pulled them together and began sucking both nipples.

Dirty Whore

fetish Dmnoid 2018-01-09

It eventually became apparent that she knew how dirty his cock was; she went out of her way to make sure to suck the little brown chunks into her mouth. She faced away from me, and looked over her shoulder as I watched her scrumptious little ass, as she pulled her thong slowly down. Back down, she let go of my hard member, and effortlessly took me all the way down into her throat, until her lips were pressed against the very base of me, and her little tongue slid out to lap at my heavy balls. I glanced up at the screen, and saw a hugely endowed man pull his cock out of a tight little woman's ass, spin her around, and shove it right into her mouth.

Sophie's Feet

fetish drj1331 2018-01-09

I slipped my finger at the heel of her feet under the socks removing them gently and slowly pulling her socks down until they came the whole way off over her toes. I then shoved my nose as far into her foot as it would go, I then very very heavily possible as hard and heavy as I could gave her feet one huge deep inhale, boy did Sophie's feet smell good. I was getting myself of with the soles of her feet, I was so horny I didnt even care anymore I forgot the fact she was asl**p. It didnt take long, After a few great minutes of jerking myself off with her feet my cum splashed all over her soles drenching her feet.

Daddy'ss Girl

fetish Alice994 2018-01-09

I rubbed the area between my balls and my anus through the silk, with my other hand I began to feel my chest through the satin blouse I had on, I closed my eyes, raised my legs a little and pulled at my cock in my panties. And then the real buggering began, Austin quickly pulled out, pushed in, and out again, then in-out-in-out - his hands rested on my waist, I buried my face in the bed, panted, moaned, groaned, my cock throbbed, my legs were like jelly, Austin went deep then almost right out, plunging my depth time and time again, the sensation was wonderful.

A Worship of Female Cum

fetish soulnovicaine 2018-01-09

And my ears long to hear the sopping, slurping, squishing sound of my fingers and tongue making love to her little hole and perfect slit. And I groan loudly, press my thumbs deeper into the front of her hips, and gasp as I feel how warm and wet her lips are around my tongue. after the immediate slurping sound of her little hole devouring my tongue there is a constant sopping sound as she continues to get wetter, and as I lap deeply inside of her, twisting, twirling and thrusting my tongue so as to touch every inch of her depths, pushing her precious clit upward from inside, so I can watch it buck and quiver as the tip of my tongue teases her G-spot

The Semen-ator Pt. 02

fetish mindingutter 2018-01-09

Stan must have sent the text, Connor thought, but how did he know who Lisa was? The blonde woman thought more was going on than a forced blowjob, and was dying to know the details of Connor's new liaison, but knew she had to proceed carefully. Connor blew his nose, then described in detail his three unusual but satisfying bottom encounters with 'Stan', and felt his dick expanding as he spoke, which continued as Lisa described her making out, scissoring and sixty-nines with a skinny, pale goth girl, and subsequent threesomes with her and a guy. The young man wanted to spend some hetero time alone with the blonde before Stan whipped out his larger meat for Connor to demonstrate his cock cravings on, and worse, for dick-crazy Lisa to drool over.

My Sub Wife

fetish rjb1952 2018-01-09

He told the womans husband that they made him fist my wifes pussy a few times, and then some guys decided that he should fist her ass too, so he did. The woman just called me and told me how exciting it was watching that gang of guys abusing and using my wife. I asked how long my wife will be with this gang and the woman just said, lets say this, they will have time to beat, eat and **** her as well as make some money! They walked my wife over to the guys and told the guys that my wife had said some really nasty things about gangs, and asked if they wanted to punish her.

Auditor Tales Ch. 08

fetish peelover 2018-01-09

Gertrude came in the office and suggested to go for a drink in a bar nearby as we earned something for the hard work done. As she saw Gertrude and me, she came over to us and had a look at my body. The sperm flew over her tits and Birte took my dick in her mouth, sucking until the last glob of sperm hit her throat. I started licking her piss wet pussy, put my tongue in her love hole. She started licking up the juices from my body while Gertrude was still sucking my dick. Anne turned to Gertrude and pissed over her tits. This was such an exiting few that I had to stroke my erect penis and I saw Gertrude rubbing her big breasts and wet cunt.

My Wife Made Me Her Cocksucker

fetish 425olds 2018-01-09

Yes I've told you how I used to suck off my boyfriends and swallow all their cum, deep throating them, letting them fuck my face, or jerking them off onto my tits, and all that, but I only did that because I was experimenting or trying to please guys who turned out to be assholes. I bet that husband had so much fun sucking that big black cock while his wife watched," Sarah said while I tried not to cum. Jake actually demanded a blow job from me when he got home, and my wife filmed me sucking his huge tool and swallowing down his thick load for the second time that night.

Silent fantasy

fetish 2018-01-09

I move in, ease my cock into her wet pussy, we step back one step, so she leans on the desk. Seeing that, I fucked her fast, and enjoying her tits bounce around, I start to smack her sexy ass, turning it nice rosy red. I ease out, seeing my juices ooze out, she turns her head to see me start to lick her ass. Kim turns over, exposing her wet pussy, she pulls me in close, kissing my chest, then upto my neck. Her feet still covered with my cum, still playing with my cock, I pull them in to lick her toes clean. As I'm licking my cum off her feet, she is fucking her pussy hard and fast.

Linda and Her Mother

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-09

"Without a man around the house anymore, Linda and I could never figure out how to hook up something complicated like that," Mrs. Groves said. Linda had told me that her mother had the hairiest pits in the world, and while that wasn't true - Becky still held that distinction - there was a whole lot of hair that sprouted wildly from under Millie's upraised arm; medium brown hair that had a soft part in the center of her underarm with the hair heading upward and downward from there. "Look how sweaty you made me," Millie said, running her left hair through the hairs that were pasted against the skin of her underarm, and when she heard me moan a little as a reaction to her fondling her armpit hair, leaned over and licked herself.

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 03

fetish Anal Slave 2018-01-09

I licked it for a minute then she rammed it into my mouth and said “ you love to suck cock don’t you whore” And before I knew it her fake balls where resting on my chin. I told her to lick my asshole and her tongue started fucking in and out of my hot ass. Amy yanked the cock out of my ass and called me a naughty little boy she said” look at the mess you have made, shooting your nasty cum all over the bed. I told my loving wife that I enjoyed feeling her big cock muscle up my ass and that I hoped she would start fucking me this way more often.

The Landlady Ch. 2

fetish Threesheets 2018-01-09

And with that, I pulled the top of her dress out far enough for me to see her entire breast and slowly reached behind her and gave her a loving swat on her already red ass, while leaving my hand on her bottom as we walked along. Looking at me she almost said no, then with a mischievous twinkle, she calmly turned to the waiter, and pulled open the entire top of her dress, exposing her lovely breasts to him, she moved her hands under them for un-needed support and pinched her nipples until they were the 1/2 inch hard little berry’s I love to suck on.

The Treatment of a Toilet Slave

fetish iDoll 2018-01-09

"i am the luckiest fuckpig cunt to exist, for i have the honor of tasting Your waste." I have to go, badly, and I spent all day at the office thinking of your repulsive face covered in my piss." i whimper in delight at the thought of my Lord thinking of me, and immediately tug off Your boxers. You just laugh and slap my tits, then trail fingertips through the piss and down my stomach to my shaved cunt. You leave the room, and i remain sprawled across the floor with piss and shit all over my face. When You return, there is harsh-looking rope in Your hands and a wicked grin on Your face.

Milking For The First Time

fetish Kessler 2018-01-09

Linds saw this and reached in with her left hand grabbing the shaft of my cock between her fingers and stroked it while Joan continued to relentlessly rub and squeeze my sensitive head. She smiled at me and said, "Relax now, I am going to move it around a bit so you get use to my finger." Linds continued to stroke me between her toes as I felt Joan's finger moving up down and around inside me. Joan laughed and said, "Why thank you." She then raised her right leg and gently placed her calf across the top of my cock and began to rub it back and forth.

A Playful Bet With Daddy

fetish Pompeii 2018-01-09

I smile at you as you look at the woman in the grocery store, she's by the produce, near the ground grown vegetables. "How about her?" I ask, my teasing smile already adorning my lips. By the time she looks back, trying to collect herself, your hand is already holding the produce to her. "Hey, excuse me, are you looking at those apples right there?" He asks shyly. I smile faintly and look back at you, seeing the woman, who you've started calling Cynthia, grow more warm near you. "No. Daddy never loses," you simply state, looking down as suddenly I feel the pressure of that domineering air. "Daddy just doesn't like seeing her babygirl uncomfortable .

Dr. Baxter's Bizarre Practice

fetish VeryDirtyMind 2018-01-09

"Mom's going to ask you isn't she?" Becky asked as the doctor looked down at the jungle that grew way down between the teen's legs, and Becka cupped her hands behind her neck so she could watch as well. "No, he pulls his dick out right before he cums," Becka explained as her torso slowly rocked on the table, and when she saw the look on the doctor's face she added, "Mr. Taylor - I mean Don, he likes the way it feels without a rubber.

How we took Reena to climax....

fetish vanita 2018-01-09

He used to push the vibrator deep inside my wet pussy and control it with remote, to quickly bring me to orgasm. She just smiled and wanted me to tell her, how to use it...I told her that it had to be pushed deep inside the Girl's pussy and then the remote used to set it in vibration mode. Rahul took the vibrator and I opened the folds of her pussy as he slowly pushed it in. Reena was lying with her eyes closed and enjoying the orgasm.The vibrator was still in her pussy. We could feel her trembling body and knew, she too was enjoying her second climax with the vibrator doing it's magic deep inside her pussy......

The Stars Are Ours Tonight

fetish owengreybeard 2018-01-09

Her right stump was the worst of the two; only about four inches long, it had a mind of its own, twitching and flapping like a tiny wing nearly all the time. With only a little hesitation, Cassy leaned forward and offered her short stump to Tom. He leaned toward her and she stroked his face with the soft saggy tip where the bone didn't quite reach the end. Cassy stood before Tom, shifting slightly from foot to foot to keep her balance and said, "I could probably manage this by myself, but I was hoping you might like to help me change?"

Cream of the Crop

fetish HookedonPhoenix 2018-01-09

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret..." Tara leaned forward, brushing a stray lock of hair out of the way as she gently flicked her tongue up along the entire length of Hallie's shaft. What do you want me to be tonight?" Tara turned her head to look behind at her, putting a lone finger on the tip of her lips and putting a pouty face on, "Am I just an innocent girl who had too much to drink? Am I your dominant bitch, who fucks you till you can't feel your private parts?" Tara grinded her hips against Hallie's cock, her lower lips lightly kissing the shaft.

Can I Have Your Autograph

fetish Barnaby 2018-01-09

One week’s paycheck says I’m right, she’s hot and I get well into her pants AND panties before she even speaks on Sunday night.” “Not yet little boy!” Tossing the feather aside, my captor pushed her head up between my legs, briefly lapping my ass with her tongue before nearly succeeding in getting my entire, engorged nutsack into her mouth. “Oh, ye of little faith”, I said assuredly as I pulled the smelly baby blue panties out of my pants pocket and tossed them in his lap. “Ladies and gentlemen, fellow managers, tonight’s guest speaker, Miss Penelope Mayfair.” I applauded loudly as I watched for my lover to come out but the only person who walked out onto the platform was the little old lady I had bumped into earlier.

The Mansion (Chapter 7)

fetish wastedaway 2018-01-09

There is no real extra pressure and you feel more or less weightless, like caught in a net, now hanging from the ceiling, swinging in free air, unable to move and unable to change your situation. Swinging back and forward every now hand then, just hanging here like a piece of meat, a toy that can be used you are unable to concentrate or bring some sort of line into your thoughts. All you know/feel/think is that you want to be left like this, unable to explain it. Supporting you with one hand I untie the ropes that connect your ankles to the beam and very, very carefully start to bring them down, until you are in my arms. I feel the rope begin to pull my hair and the pain is like nothing I have ever felt.

Pregnant Itch

fetish hockeydude 2018-01-09

Today we planned to have lunch at a nice restaurant in town and I wanted to know all about her recent visit to the Dr. where she had gotten an ultrasound on the baby, the first. The pale white of her chest against the black of her bra, I just wanted to run my finger along the edge of her bra, to slowly caress her breast. Wow, she had never meet me on a flirt of this magnitude, was she just playing or might I get to run my finger along the edge of her bra like I wanted? Soon I moved between her legs and with my hands rubbed my cock lightly against her clit and the outside of her pussy lips.