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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish jeanne_d_artois 2018-01-09

Once they are clean I'll have enough time to fold the laundry and have the shower I've promised myself before Alan arrives in about an hour from now. I should put my feet and hands in first, lift the dress part to rest on my shoulders, pull the hood over my head and fasten it, then zip it up at the front before easing/pulling the dress hem down to my ankles. This suit is so loose that I can easily pull the dress's hem back up to reach the zip's fastener and the Velcro on the hood. This suit/dress is so tight that Alan might not be able to get it off.

Picnic Toes

fetish Vincey 2018-01-09

At the opposite end, hidden within a little nook, a long sturdy bench, carved from a giant fallen tree, beckoned Sarah to rest her weary body. Away from all the merriment, a pale woman with bright red hair, dressed in a cute little blue and white patterned sundress, stood under the shade of the picnic shelter next to the large food-covered table. Luke turned his head to see that the beautiful lady had indeed moved, her right arm now hanging off the bench, resting on her bag beneath her. For the next half hour, Sarah eagerly learned about Luke's backstory, regaled by the charming stories of his friends and family back in his home state, and commiserated at the relative disappointment of this town.

My boss discovers my love of stockings

fetish igglepiggle 2018-01-09

He took off my shoe and started sniffing at my stocking, kissing, tasting the scent and the sweat. He took of my other shoe and I pressed both stockinged feet into his face, he moaned with pleasure and fell backwards on the floor, I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my stockinged feet on him. My feet completely covered his face, he sniffed and kissed and opened his mouth, I inserted my stockinged foot and he took it in, sucking away. I ordered a full English and a cup of green tea, sitting there reading the papers, the little fat boss appeared, he sat down with a big smile on his face and said, 'don't worry, I wont tell anyone you wear stockings under your trousers'!!!

Me N Dee

fetish sandraCD 2018-01-09

Things started getting a bit more cozy than usual and we seemed to be sitting closer and closer and talking lower and lower until our lips finally met. After a while she began sucking in earnest, using her hand at the base of my cock working it in time with her mouth. Wow it felt great having her finger up my ass while getting this expert blow job. It felt so good to be dressed in these clothes and getting fucked at the same time. After about twenty minutes of ravaging her pussy like the mad person that I was I felt my own orgasm building from deep within me.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-01-09

"Poor woman," she whispers looking away from the slightly older woman walking on crutches with a single leg appearing below the hem of the soft yellow summer dress. "Erica, I almost think you're getting turned on." Joanne giggles and lets her hand slide down the arm until she holds her hand for a moment before letting go. I'm going to get a refill on my ice tea." Erica watches Joanne walk away and lets the straw rest between her lips. "It's not good to hold this inside." Joanne pulls Erica's hand until they are sitting next to each other on the couch. "The woman on crutches that day...." Erica takes her hand back and leans against the arm of the couch.

Jacketandheels fantasy

fetish 2018-01-09

But what I was thinking was after I covered your face in sticky white very thick cum I would quickly tie your hands to the bead posts and jump down between your legs so I can start massaging o clit with my tongue. I am so fucking hard I jump up and start to thrust my cock deep in your pussy so fast and hard I hear you moan out with every push. I want you to cum again bad so I start to both thrust and grind my cock on your clit as I alternate from smacking your tits hard, rubbing and twisting your nipples and, choking ,slapping your face, pulling your hair, kissing your neck and ears.

Friends Sweaty Girlfriend

fetish Sweatlover 2018-01-09

I have never messed around with a friend's girl let alone my best friend's girl, nor would I, but when she hugged me and I felt her soaked hair on the side of my face and the wet t-shirt, not to mention her amazing smell, I got rock hard right then and there. "Don't move, I want to know exactly what you are doing, so why do you have my shorts over your face" she said as she pulled them off I saw her face change from mad to furious when she her wet panties and sock over my nose.

A Hidden Surprise

fetish davegdb 2018-01-09

She continued to kiss me, grind against me and I could feel a poke between my legs, as I rubbed her ass I could feel the straps of her own toy that she loved a strap on. She kissed more and continued to grind, much like I had done so many women in a different world, a world where men were dominate and took what they wanted. Ohhhhh, was all I could say, as my body got used to this 7 inch dick going into my ass, she would take every stroke slow and steady as started to play with my cock working it to attention.

Inflatable Nozzle Play

fetish warmhoney1 2018-01-09

Doc sat down on the bed, holding the enema nozzle in her hand. "Ok woman, do you want to play with the Inflatable nozzle?" There were no worries about leaking and he would hold as long as the inflatable nozzle was in and pumped up. Doc released the pressure on the balloons but didn't have to pull the Inflatable nozzle. It was Monday before Doc could find time alone to try the Inflatable nozzle. Doc carressed the bulb on the Inflatable nozzle and taking a deep breath, pushed it past the sphincter. "Lets get you a little more comfortable with the Inflatable nozzle first. "I was wondering," she grinned, "Do you think Sweet has ever had a Inflatable nozzle used?"

Tell Me How Tite Your Pretty Vagina Is. I Want to

fetish City2City 2018-01-09

Lie back. Lie down and stretch out. Not too hot I hope, you might start to sweat when I take your pussy with my tongue. I want you to be nice and cool, because I'm going to make you little pussy THROB and cum over 10 times. I love to eat your wet cum. I need my vitamins. You need my wide, pulsating cock inside you. My thick purple cock. Rigid with lots of veins, turned on and pumping, ready to pound inside your pussy. Twisting pumps up your gorgeous vagina. -My mouth and my tongue will suffice your ache for the time being. Do you like it when I lick your lovely Vagina? You drenched me. Called 'Drench' for men =)

SSBBW Encounter, part 8 - Surprise!

fetish plumpling 2018-01-09

I love the sight of your fat, naked body.” I felt his hands roving over my legs, around on my belly, over my breasts and up my chest to my face, to pause at my cheek. I felt his fingers slide into my wet slit, pulling my pussy lips and stretching them for the next stroke of the razor. As the razor dulled, I could feel the tug increase, more and more with every stroke, until I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand it until at last, I felt a warm cloth wiping me as if I were a baby. As I felt him pull from me, he said “Open your eyes.” He was holding a clear crystal dildo in front of my face.

Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 3

fetish Quin 2018-01-09

"Come in," she said, "You know where they go." As the boy went through to the kitchen Kate felt a little thrill. "You've got lovely hard tits – let me suck them." Kate sat still on the edge of the table and allowed the boy to unfasten her top and release her bra catch. Kate began to softly moan and without realising, her hand went behind the boys head and stroked his hair, her hips slowly rotated against his fingers. As the other man walked toward her, cock in hand, Kate's heart raced at the thought of what was coming next. Kate began to enjoy the feel of the man's tongue and quietly opened her legs to let him penetrate further.


Dirty Talk

fetish Sassy Susan 2018-01-09

I think a man likes to know he can do that to a woman with just his words. He shot his cum into my upturned, open-mouthed face -- spurt after spurt of his white semen. As I knelt before him, he emptied his bladder, shooting his hot, surprisingly sweet piss all over me, concentrating on my face, my open mouth, and my breasts. Rob, I would be very, very pleased (and turned on) to know that you pumped your cock while reading this story. I do this again and again, until the cum is mostly gone, leaving me with only sperm smears that dry slowly on my skin.

Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 09

fetish anon1940 2018-01-09

She had fastened the corset as tightly as she could draw it, and the way that her lower body twitched made me suspect that she had attached to the strap one or more of the several devises designed to produce a confusing combination of sexual stimulation and discomfort. Each time its tip rasped the suede roof holding it captive, I could see Mei-Lien's groin clench the same way that a man's does when he instinctively thrusts his penis deeper into the source of its stimulation. Seeing that Mei-Lien had learned the lesson I was teaching her, I began rewarding her diligence by accompanying the penetration of her rear portal with increasing attention to the bulge against which her clitoris was pressing.

Aroused as stranger watched me Breast Feed.

fetish 2018-01-08

He became flustered and I became horny, 'Can you pass me a towel', I asked him, and as he came loser to the bed, I presented my free breast to be wiped, as I was holding my daughter with my hands and she was sucking greedily on my other nipple. He walked around the bed and stooped down and took the free nipple between his teeth, his mouth and lips sucking in the complete teat, and as I watched through slitted eyes, my pinkish-brown areola, disappeared into his mouth, and I felt the start of my auto erotic build-up to my orgasm.

At The Pool

fetish Drakon66 2018-01-08

I went to the small bed room of my one bedroom apartment to change into my swim suit and grab a towel. I had recently told her about my pantyhose fetish and she said that she liked how turned on I got every time she wore hose, so she wasn't too surprised I had a hose fetish. One thing about Lisa that makes her orgasm very intensely is when she would feel me cum inside her. I could feel my balls tighten and my cock swell as my orgasm unleashed a gusher inside Lisa's clasping pussy. Lisa clamped her legs tight around me and her pussy went into over drive as my orgasm set hers off.

Sam's Panties

fetish Quietoldie 2018-01-08

Jean says "It's okay Mike, Ken acts the caveman at times. They hear a car door slam outside and Jean grabs up her clothes, pulls on her slacks sans panties, her top without her bra, scoops up the rest of her things and goes to her and Ken's room which is conveniently next door. "Sam, you don't mind sitting in the front with Ken on the way back do you?" Jean says. Ken watches as Sam stands and quickly drops her panties to the floor then sits down again. "You mean whenever you and Jean want to fuck you can't always get a hard on don't you?" Sam says helpfully. Samantha looks through Jean's panty drawer and begins to dress Ken as a girl.

Sissies New Years Surprise – Part 3 –

fetish JSissy206 2018-01-08

Sissy looks down at her painted toes and takes a deep breath and finally responds, “Yes Mistress” and a tear starts rolling down her perfectly made up face. Sissy finally looked up with black streams going down her face and meekly said, “Yes Mistress.” “Good girl…Now let’s see here, which outfit will He just love?” sissy heard Mistress say as she started to fix her makeup that just ran down her face from the crying. Then She grabbed the pink again and held both of them up and after a moment said, “ok change of plans, white hosiery W/we are going with pink.” Mistress then went back to sissy’s panty drawer and took out all white lingerie. Now lift your arms.” Sissy did as told and Mistress started putting on sissy’s white corset.

Store Dick

fetish Hubee 2018-01-08

Each cubicle has a well hidden camera and shoppers can be watched on screens in the upstairs office – something the store manager seems to spend way too much time doing. Outside the dressing rooms is the area I call 'Sad City', because it is where the husbands and boyfriends wait whilst their partners try on the clothes. I take up my usual position - beside the entrance to the stockroom - and try to look like a husband waiting for his wife - but watching the 'targets' at the same time. The camera is full of pictures of the woman in front of me flashing in the shopping precinct outside the store.

Pussy-Licker: Volunteered Slavery

fetish tristantrotsky 2018-01-08

My mouth opens in a silent howl as I come up tight against the restriction of her throat, my penis so stiff it hurts, tortured beyond endurance as she buries it in her face, attacking with teeth, tongue and lips. It's natural for me to have no modesty before him, to sunbathe fashionably topless during long languorous Julys spent in our villa garden, the shading cypress trees and the summer-house overlooking the curve of Lake Garda, and as I mature I'm flattered by his interest in my body, although it's a warm, safe, feeling. In many ways a strong self-willed person, she yet writes of having taken pride in playing the role of 'property' from the beginning, while in maturity she is content to accept the material and economic benefits of accepting the part, almost, of an item of trade.

Heading North

fetish tinybabelost 2018-01-08

I begin to sway on my feet and feel your left hand come up to rest on my right hip, steadying me. Did I do something to upset you?" You bent at the knees so that we were eye level and put your right hand on my neck, sliding it up to rest along the underside of my jaw. "Let me see those beautiful eyes." You rest your left hand, palm open, between my shoulder blades. Your right hand slowly lowers my panties to just below my ass cheeks. "Remember the rules: Try your best to be silent and more importantly, do not move or speak." Both our sets of eyes are on your hand.

My Fun Challenge for Hubby

fetish jane1179 2018-01-08

"Sweetie, I want you to suck my new fake cock." (He has done this once or twice before during foreplay, but only for a short time) Do you agree? Now when I push and hold I begin rotating my hips in a circle, this moves the head of my fake cock around in his throat causing it to go deeper and deeper each time. Brads eyes are watering a bit, and I ask, "Was that ok baby?" Brad smiles as best he can with my cock in his mouth and nods a yes. I resume slow strokes with my fake cock and hubby is sucking away in ecstasy when I start to mimic his orgasm as I reach down and grab my fake balls.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 02

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2018-01-08

She gulped nervously as Mr. Gabriel questioned her and she pulled away from the desk, her hands behind her back and her leg running up behind her other in an obviously 'uncomfortable with the situation' fashion. Desire backed away from the desk slowly, her ears flattened and her tail tucked in between her legs. She was now beyond tears as she heard her mother on the phone...she stopped gasping for air as Desire read what he wrote in permanent marker...her body froze in what she realized he was going to do... She gave a sigh of relief as she heard his excuse but tears still fell as she heard the cell phone snap shut, echoing in the empty room as she awaited her 'punishment'.

The City Workers

fetish beatcha2it 2018-01-08

"you might say that but, we both know your feeling like a little whore today and wanted to be pumped as many ways as possible!" He reached for the nipple clamps still resting on the bed and pulling a nipple high and tight clamped the erection. The dildo was shoved deep in my cunt and my nipples were clamped tight causing a raging fire inside my body and it was hard to concentrate on a way to get out of this situation. His hands were trembling slightly as he stroked his cock close to my lips and he seemed a little uncertain wondering if I was serious about making him stop or if he could press the issue and get a cock sucking like he really wanted.